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Been dating girlfriend for a 1.5 years. About...
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Been dating girlfriend for a 1.5 years. About 6 months ago she got a birth control implant.

Sex has dropped exponentially. We used to have great sex at least twice a day now it's down to once every 2-3 weeks. I feel like a fucking sex fiend. I'm literally always horny. I jack off like 5 times a day.

I just hate feeling unwanted. She rejects anything sexual. ANYTHING.

She used to love it when I played with her bobs now she doesn't want me to do that or acts like I'm a creeper whenever I grab her them even though she loved it when I randomly grabbed them.

She always has stupid excuses and always seems to go to sleep conveniently when it is the best time for us to have sex.

I kept asking her to tell me what's wrong and why until she yelled at me that she was sexually assaulted when she was little and now she blames us not having sex on me because I asked her what was wrong to the point of her letting out such information about her past.

What in the fuck man. I felt horrible but then I realized the frustration I'm feeling is normal and that I didn't do anything wrong to try to figure out why the person I love so much doesn't even try anymore.

Before the birth control we used to have sex all the time, as mentioned. So why is it that after the implant old repressed memories started to come out?

Someone please help because I'm getting really tired of this. I'm insanely unhappy but I feel horrible for wanting to break up with her over this.
>got a birth control implant

This is where you fucked up. Bad.
What? They used implants like that to sterilize unwanted black Jews in Israel. Those are really bad for your health. Your bone density crashes and you're in constant arthritic pain

Instead of worrying about your penor, maybe you should think about your girlfriend
Kek boobs*
>>16720051 >>16720049

What the fuck, really? We got it at a Planned Parenthood. I assumed those things were safe. I keep telling her to take it out but she will not make an appointment. I don't worry about just my penor. She's been a different person. All she does is sleep and she has really long periods and they annoy the fuck out of her but she refuses to get it out because she's stubborn as fuck.
There is a lot of theory and explanations to bless you with here but the simple fact is that she is not attracted to you. She may get some back if she dumps the implant but the simple fact will probably reveal itself that the sexy part of your relationship is over.

The main thing you might like to get your head round is - how long will you wait before you give up. Set yourself a date to decide then stick with your decision.

Search sex starved marriage in Google... Its quite a revelation.
Okay, they actually use Depo-Provera, but it is basically the shot version of those implants

Just Google Israel sterilizes black people or something
OP, are you black? Those implants have fallen out of favor for various reasons, but I can see why people push them onto the poor population
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Could be a million things. She could have mental issues (like depression) or maybe the relationship just isn't working out. The birth control affects her hormones which is always a tricky business and often not something worth messing with, but I doubt that it's just that, it shouldn't be that extreme.

>she was sexually assaulted when she was little and now she blames us not having sex on me because I asked her what was wrong to the point of her letting out such information about her past.
is definitely her being retarded.
I'm on the pill, I read the side effects and one was losing the desire to have sex. It was suppose to help my period, but I'm extremely bipolar before and after my period
>Planned Parenthood
>I assumed those things were safe
Have you watched the news any time in the last six months?
OP Here

We really love each other. I blame it on the implant because literally it was as soon as she got it like clockwork.

I remember really well that the week before the implant we had tons of sex and because of that we talked about getting the implant (as we had a pregnancy scare before that). I guess she could not be as attracted to me anymore but like I said, sex dropped after the first week of her getting the implant.


I honestly don't know why she would do that. It made me feel like shit. I asked her before if she's not attracted to me anymore or something because frankly I'd like her to say that to me rather than not let me touch her sexually in any way and not have sex in any way. I'm just so frustrated at this point I'd rather break up and be single than be a relationship where I keep getting rejected for sex. Sometimes she teases me and stops and says "just kidding" and it just makes me wanna rip her clothes off.
Have you? What you're referring to has been debunked.
>now she blames us not having sex on me

Every single woman will do this if she's not putting out.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter WHY she is defective. Defective is defective, find another woman if sex is what you want.
Any birth control that uses hormones has a very decent chance of lowering libido.

She may want to talk to her doctor about alternate forms. There are various types of pills with different hormones. I had one that sunk my libido to zero. I had another that made me burst out into tears randomly and unprovoked. I had another that kept causing yeast infections, finally I found one with minimum side effects. It lowered my libido slightly, but not to the point where I just didn't want sex anymore.

There is also a copper IUD. As far as I know it's the only birth control that doesn't affect hormones and it's very effective.
Videos are 100% legit, deal with it. Planned Parenthood is kill as soon as Obammy isn't president anymore.
>Videos are 100% legit
Literally proven wrong. Deal with it.
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>complete absence of proof

Proof is when you sneak in and take a video of what people are saying. Proof isn't "I never said what was on that video of me saying stuff."

I don't even sympathize with fetuses, but I'm going to be laughing my ass off when PP is defunded.
Are you literally retarded?


>cnn writes text
>therefore specific people filmed on camera said none of the things they were filmed saying

I don't give a flying fuck about your opinion, because I know how much your opinion is worth.
Two minutes of googling will show that the videos were full of shit.

I don't even give a fuck about PP, but I find it annoying when people harp on things that have been debunked several times.
I don't even know what to say to this. Did you not even read any of that? Did you not go to factcheck.org?

You obviously just have your fingers in your ears and refuse to budge even when presented the truth. I think it's obvious to anyone reading your posts that your opinion can be disregarded.
He's either purposely trolling or delusional. Either way, whatever.
All hormonal birth controls have side effects and they all affect women differently. Some women report an increase libido, others the opposite.

For some people these side effects fade away within weeks, for others its months. When I started the pill I did nothing but eat and sleep for a week.

I believe tgat the implant and the shot are the ones that report the hughest number of negative side effects, for some people it's temporary for others it's not. The implant is NOT the same hormone combination as the pill (although it has been proven that the implant is the most effective hormonal contraceptive), so she might have to switch to pills and find one that works for her. It's very common for women to have to switch between multiple brands and dosages to find one that works for them.

Good luck, OP
>Sometimes she teases me and stops and says "just kidding" and it just makes me wanna rip her clothes off.

hahaha what the fuck has to be going on in a person's head...

honestly op, she sounds 12. that and the childhood drama. is she a feminist too? you're a saint, dude.

personally, i never would have gotten past the second date.
seek medical help even if you have to drug the girl. if what you guys have really is love, you know it needs to happen. fuck the stubbornness.
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oh it's brutal.jpg
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Alright. It's not fair of her to tell you it's your fault for something you didn't do. Right?

So what I would do is this. Say something like this to her;
>Hey, y'know I've been thinking about what you said, and if you really think I'm to blame for just asking you "what's wrong?", I should get out of this relationship for your sake
And I know it sounds like a pussy sentiment. Thing is, if she really wants to be with you she'll tell you, and if she doesn't the guilt will come back to bite her in the cunt while you're spearing another whale on your harpoon theeeere.

Hang on a sec, lemme call Nia in here. NIIIAAAA!
>I found one with minimum side effects


Anon it sounds just like what happaned with my ex wife.

She's cheating on you- she doesn't want sex with you because it feels like cheating on her lover.
Birth control destroys women's sex drives, fucks with their hormones very badly, and can even make women unable to orgasm.

Get the implant out, asap.

Also tell your gf to research shit before she has it implanted into her body. Birth control is the death of modern women.

If she doesn't get it out soon, her sex drive could be gone PERMANENTLY.


Also, when she gets off, it takes a few months to go back to normal. Don't pressure her into sex, let her come to you. Pressuring her will only push her further away.

good luck
Lemme tell you anon, I have been rejected sexually by my woman just like you....and if another woman does it to me I want to murder her.

This is the right answer. Fuck how are channers so fucking dumb.
You're an idiot they're safe...
Looks like birth control is working kek
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