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She broke my heart and is now talking to...
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She broke my heart and is now talking to me about the man she loves. How she will do all the things for him, I said I would do for her. She doesn't even realise it.

It hurts, yet there she is. Not realising it. Do I just distance myself and throw a rage fit at her. How dare she?

I hate myself and her so much right now

>how dare she

by your current account she hasnt done a single thing wrong. i mean you say 'broke my heart' but if ur chatting casually about who shes dating it sounds more like

>i somehow 'fell in love' with a girl i never dated
>her rejecting me is a huge offense
>she is horrible for not loving me

but ur there in her life listening to her. its your own fault nigga. unless its your own fucking sister you can just remove yourself from her life, and if it is your sister, you have bigger issues to worry about.

get out, go alone, move on.
She has some nerve. Talking to me about it, when she knows what she meant to me. I love her, but damn it hurts.

Nobody's forcing you to listen. You could just walk away, or hang up, or log off, instead of standing there like a little bitch, pretending it's fine, and bottling everything up until you're full of rage. You assume she should read your mind and know when you're upset, while she assumes that you have the basic ability to make it known that you're upset. Since you lack the courage to do so, she keeps talking, and you keep listening.
Did you ever date her? Yes or no?
It's not courage. I love her. I can't distance myself because I don't want to miss out. She is human I am human she can tell when we are upset. I can Ajwad tell when she is.

God, It doesn't she rejected me, it hurts how after all my efforts. I could never get her to talk about me the way she talks about him. I am fucking wirtless. Fuck
I won't call it dating, but we saw each other in a way. The English language is terrible at describing the kinds of affairs.

Well, I don't know what to tell you man, you're bringing all this pain on yourself. Just because she doesn't see you that way, doesn't mean another woman wouldn't. But it's clear that SHE DOES NOT SEE YOU THAT WAY, it's unlikely that will change, and you shouldn't pin your hopes on it. It's unhealthy to remain attached like this after being rejected. You need to get over her, and like most people, you're going to find it extremely difficult to do that if you're spending a ton of time with her and trying to be "friends"

No, we have a good word for it. You were friends.
Friends who slept with each other. Spent everyday with each other, flirted every moment we could, and gee always talked about where we would be without each other.

I wouldn't really do that with a "friend" per se.
I'm just a little hurt about how inconsiderate she is being, by choosing to talk to me about it. I have really sidetracked here from what I wanted advise on. Which was, should I just be a nice guy, and just soak in all in and eventually just let him have her, it yell and make my discomfort obvious. Which is a dick thing to do, but hey she won't live me. So which seems appropriate?

I feel like yelling no I don't want to fucking hear about it. No fuck you, fuck him. Fuck this

But god, I don't want her start yelling you fucking asshole at me.
"Slept" as in, did you have sex? That would be friends with benefits.
That's not rejection.
Sound's like you had her, and there was something about you she didn't like but gave you the whole "let's just be friends" thing.

Move on anon. At least you got something out of it.

Neither. Fucking neither option is appropriate. You shouldn't try to bottle it up, because it's not going to work. And you shouldn't explode on her, because she doesn't deserve it. There are so many sane middle-ground options that you're completely ignoring.

>You could have a calm conversation with her, explaining that because of your feelings for her, it's uncomfortable to have these conversations about her new boyfriend

>You could put your energy into finding a girlfriend for yourself, so that it won't bother you so much to hear about your FRIEND'S new boyfriend

>You could walk away, stop hanging around her so much, because you're just torturing yourself because SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU
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There's competition for the same females in this world. Sometimes we're outmatched by a girls personal preferences, other times we're out done by more competent competition. However, I wouldn't place your entire self worth on whether a girl you love, loves you back. You're not the first and you won't be the last to be a spare wheel in the back of somebody's car.

You weren't given the option to be one of the main wheels on the car, so what are you still doing trying to be one for this model? Move on, have some respect for yourself. You can't control who you love, but you can control how much time you spend feeling sorry for yourself for not receiving that love back.
I agree with Anon. If you like her enough that you still want to be her friend then just talk to her and tell her you would rather not hear about her potential relationships.
If you only ever want to ever be in a relationship with her then it sounds like you're just putting yourself through some unneeded pain since she already turned you down, also try to figure out if you Love her or Lust her.

You can control who you love anon.

I know exactly who and what I love and I steer far clear of them and now my normal average qt gf makes me happy
You can choose the environment you subject yourself to, which controls the people you encounter. But if you can control who you love, why wouldn't everyone choose to love everybody else?

Loving people can be very painful, why would you want to love everyone you meet?

You'd die of a broken heart
It hurts me to love her. It really does. I'm
Disappointed I fell for her. Spare wheel, she has used something similar to describe me, though not as plain or said in a way that might sound offensive coming from her.

Either I should pop her tyres or find a new car.

Not easy to just get over a person you know.
If I try option one: we might get I to argument like we have in the past over how I am being petty.
Option two: I would feel too guilty dating someone while I love someone else
Option three is what I want; but I ain't distance myself from her. I called her names things as everyone I could to get her to hate me so I don't have to see her but I am
Such an idiot I got drunk as ended up apologising to her

I can't
I know it's not, nobody is suggesting it is. However, it's your feelings for her that matter to you. Your feelings. As in what is important is how you feel, not how she feels. She's not interested in your romantic love for her and this has been made clear to you, which you understand. But you place more importance on YOUR feelings for her than you do on her feelings towards what she wants.

Any love where you chase somebody that isn't interested is not a love you should be chasing. You said in your original post though that you desired to rage at her.

Should she be held responsible for her lack of passionate feelings towards you? Why would you hold yourself to such a deserving, entitled standard and yet stick around after knowing she doesn't feel that way.

If you wish malice towards somebody you love out of hatred for the feelings you had because you were rejected, you're once again placing importance on your own feelings and prioritizing them over somebody you apparently love.

It's closer to obsession when you act and feel so selfishly towards somebody. Nobody owes you love.

We all know it hurts, you're not the first person in the world to be rejected or the last.
Be better next time and somebody will love you the way you love them. Filling your heart with envy doesn't help you move on though.

This is not good for you, and it's only going to get worse. You must have known she'd move on eventually and find someone else. As things progress with her new boyfriend, if you stay close to her, you're only going to get angrier and angrier. You think she wants a ticking time-bomb in her life? A "friend" who hangs around stewing in resentment, wishing for her relationships to fail, constantly making her feel guilty just because you can't MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE? By the sounds of it, it's already getting bad, and she just hasn't worked up the courage yet to say "please fuck off and leave me alone."

I'm sorry to be so harsh, I really am, but nothing else is getting through to you. She doesn't want you. That doesn't mean NOBODY wants you. But the longer you spend, pining away for someone who doesn't return your feelings, you're destroying your self-esteem.

Things aren't going to get better. She won't change her mind and fall in love with you. You need to leave her, and find someone new.
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Thread images: 2
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