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>inb4 just bee urself

I'm an embarrassingly small man (5'4)
My dating prospects are fucked because women don't see me as a potential sex partner. They see my like a little kid, because even highschoolers are taller and more manly than me.
I have a fucking squeeky voice like skrillex too so that doesn't help. Even shorter women than me prefer a guy that's taller than me.

It doesn't just stop there either. Male friends don't respect me. I'm not one of the guys I'm just the pipsqueek tag along.
And I've met some cool dudes online that I'd like to go to a 4chan meetup with but I'm afraid of disappointing them. They all think I'm a normal sized human being

Is getting /fit/ the only way? Or is that just a meme?

Is this a troll? Trust me, your height is the least of your issues. Your confidence and self esteem is in the toilet and women pick up on that much faster than they do anything else.
The reason no one respects you is because you don't deserve respect. That's why you don't even respect yourself. You have more power than you think but criticize yourself as worthless when that's not the case. Bruce lee was only 5'7.
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How is one seriously supposed to feel confident when they are emasculated by the mere presence of other taller men?
And if you really try hard at it people think you're "compensating" or have "napoleon syndrome"
Getting fit will only make it look like you're compensating. I see plenty of guy that short with GFs, and I'm talking about guys in my year at uni not one couple in the street once in a while

Fuck off back to /r9k/.
I know that feel but crying wont make you taller and like ... you gotta man-up ... voice, height and all these things don't matter. its your character and personality that counts. I've seen 5'3'' people with such personality, confidence and charisma that they are admired. so don't degrade yourself and hit the gym. break a leg (Y)
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The cut-off for manlethood is at 5'7
Id say that Bruce Lee was NOT a manlet
And I'd kill to be a semi fucking decent height even if it were just 5'6 or 5'7

The only remedy I've seen for this shit is short men who have achieved "great" things in one way or another. But im nobody, just a regular guy.

And this "compensating" thing is fucking dangerous
At what point am I not allowed to work out because Im short and people think im compensating?

Uh huh right...I'll have to give props to the first guy who came on 4chan and started this manlet meme about how anyone under 6'0" should just give up, he really destroyed lots of men's confidence with such a simple troll.


Clearly didn't say this, you should always be trying to improve yourself. Mentally and physically, it's better to be an in-shape "manlet" than one who is fat or skinny. Kevin Hart is a literal manlet but he goes to the gym everyday. Not to say that going to the gym will get you girls, but it will make you feel better about yourself which will boost your confidence.

There are a lot of people on this site who are 6'2"+ and have never kissed a girl. You're simply using your height as an inability to get girls, whereas it puts you at a disability, it doesn't make it an impossibility. You either make the conscience decision to stop being a coward and start putting yourself out there or you keep wallowing in depression and alone making threads on 4chan about how lonely you are. The choice is really all up to you. Unless you believe in reincarnation, this is the only life you'll get to live and spending it being a coward is no way to go.
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>anyone under 6' is a manlet meme
You don't seem to understand
I dont give a fuck about that
Im not just a guy on the shorter side
Im fucking 5'4. I've been given shit about it my whole life and I'd like to see you not be emasculated at every turn because you're easy pickings.

And I've tried "putting myself out there". Ive set up a few dating apps and shit but that only hurts me more. Every woman on here is taller than me and I've even had girls message me saying "your cute but too bad you werent taller"

I'm short too (5,6) but what helps me is that i have a kinda deep voice(people say that my voice doesn't fit my appearance).

Being short and have a squeaky voice is overkill imo, people will always see you as a kid who skipped puberty.
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Id settle for even that

5'4 is dangerous midget territory
Even petite small girls are already 5'-5'2 so I'm not even much taller than them
I have to admit im into smaller girls too but maybe its just because it makes me feel manlier idk
Im fucking done with /r9k/ it has ruined my self image and my life
Become gay, manlet memes doesn't mean the same thing with gays.
You could find a gymbuddy lanklet bf that will envy you because you put on muscle mass better than him and he will always protect you against people giving you shit.

Oh so you've chosen the coward option.

>Dating apps

That's not putting yourself out there, that's being even more of a coward.
I think you should try to look fit but not buff. Like Bruce Lee since you talked about him. I have friends who are around the same height as you and look like they put foam in their clothes, that's so ridiculous.
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And how exactly am I supposed to "put myself out there" nig nog?

Show up to a bar by myself? lmao
I'm not going to college and I work late shifts like 50 hours a week. I'm not exactly hanging around qts to flirt with
Well t b h I think it's even worse since most people on dating apps judge by looks only. Bad choice here OP
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Well fuck I was just trying out what everyone seemed to be doing
Its shit anyway everyone on these apps are thots and single mothers

>trying to date at 24 anyway
Maybe Im deluding myself thinking there's women out there at my age that rent used goods with baggage. I guess this is my punishment for starting dating too late
*that aren't used goods with baggage

You know what, have fun being alone. I can see why no one wants to date you, you're a chore to talk to.

PS: Girls already have a pussy, they don't need another one.
>you're a chore to talk to!
>because you aren't going to college and work a lot I don't have any advice
Everyone does their dating scene is school it seems but I never went.
Don't worry anon, of course if you just want to fuck around your height might be a problem but it doesn't matter in a romantic relationship.
I don't think you should focus on it too much though. Are there no women working with you? Your guy friends don't know any girls?

If that can make you feel better I'm a 21 yo grill who's still a virgin even though I had a few bf before so "unused goods" still exist though I'd appreciate if you didn't talk about grills that way.
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>are there women that work with you
No I work a labor type job
>Guy friends know any girls
Well sure but none of them seem to be interested so far. I like to act completely uninterested until the girl shows some kind of interest in me first because I dont want to come off as desperate. So nothing so far

And when I say "used goods" i dont necessarily mean virgins, but at my age it seems like women (and men) have long romantic records by now. They've had kids, got married, got divorced, had nasty breakups, a lot of partners and a lot of sex, while I've just got started.
Im not even that picky I just dont want to date some single mom who fights with her ex still or some shit.
I personally know a dude who's your height, well, he's an old dude, like 60. But he's had one wife, and now has another, who's like 15 years younger than him. So I'm sure some girls would see you as a potential partner, you just need to connect with them through something else than the attraction to how tall you are?
> Male friends don't respect me.

Speaking as the tall friend of a pipsqueak, this isn't true at all. There's no automatic loss of respect for being short, what loses respect is when that short person fails to deal with what life has dealt him like an adult and cries about it or develops a petulant complex about it. THAT is a failure as a man, and that is what I don't respect.

I don't make short jokes with my buddy, but my friend is friends with another guy who's even shorter than he is, and whenever we're hanging out together, my friend is a complete asshole to this guy about his height. That lost him a lot of respect in my eyes, not being short (he's a good dude otherwise though so we're still friends)
>Id settle for even that
no you wouldn't
You should STOP GIVING A FUCK. Go to a bar or club and just ask as many girls as you can, forget rejection. You are at the bottom. You can't get any lower. Try a cold approach. Have 4 shots before you go and tear shit up if you need some liquid courage. Scared to go alone? Hit up your friend, tell him what your plan is and just go. You need to take action

I'm 5'4 too btw.
5"5' bro reporting in, don't let this shit get you down. I have no problems with women. If they say I'm short I say "but my dick ain't though ;)" or I clapback and point out their flaws.

The only people who really give me shit for my height are other dudes and I could honestly give 2 shits for what the next thinks of me.

Pick up some hobbies and work on your personality bro. Let your height be your only problem, going by your posts you seem to have r9k mentality, and a slew of self-confidence/self love issues.

Ask me anything as well m8
Your problem is you're worrying about something you have no control over
Yes, I have a question.
When will they learn?
Come to LGBT we LOVE manlets there. Bonus points if you are hairy.
This person has never seen how short people are treated romantically.
Thank god Im 6'1. I had a friend who was 5'6, shortest amongst us (all 6' and up). He literally could not pick up girls.
The girls he liked would literally tell him that the liked taller guys (aka one of us).
We'd try to send girls to him and theyd literally say
>the short one
and laugh. Like I know they say short guys overcompensate with muscle, but if you dont overcompensate women will never see you as more than a boy.
having a squeeky voice is pretty much going to make it impossible for you. Learn to but some bass in your voice. Even if you have to fake it. There are female voice actors who voice male characters. You damn sure better make sure they dont sound like more of a man than you.
So are you fit?
Where do you pickup girls?

What other strengths should short men work on to counter their weak height?
Why not check out third world countries? People arent as actively shallow or vain then in entitled countries like the US or UK.

Returning back to South America as a US citizen felt almost godly. Manlet hispanic here btw
Fuck life, I'mma go get drunk.
i have braces and i'm 24. what do i think? well who cares, if a girl turns me down because of my braces then i'm glad i didnt end up with her in the first place. that's how i feel about being an ectomorph, and every other negative trait i have.
1. Get fit. This will help mitigate the physical disadvantages of being short, because you can gain confidence by shitposting about lanklets.
2. Be funny. Like fat guys, another way to augment the lack of attractiveness is to have an amazing sense of humor. This can make you well-liked by everyone else with a sense of humor.
3. Get a high-paying/prestigious job. Having lots of money can at least get your foot in the door long enough for you to charm her with your personality, just make sure that she doesn't stay with you for the $$$ and actually ends up liking you.
Come to south america, almost every woman is 5'4 or below.
I'm jealous. You can date a moderately tall woman and bury your body im her flesh.
Sorry you were dealt the manlet card...
First you got to learn.
Your crybaby attitude is the problem. You have the typical complex where you think everybody cares and notices. They don't. Same way most women will never understand that they aren't fat. The average person isn't spending 2 seconds thinking about you.

Fix your fucking attitude and mindset. No amount of posturing or being fit is gonna make you likeable. Women hate insecurity and you reek of it.
But its a fact 90% of woman like guys taller than them. Being 5'4 doesnt give you a lot of choices.

I dont really act insecure about it on the outside. People probably dont even know its an insecurity to me
If getting a high paying job was that easy being short would be the least of my concerns
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