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Split up with a gf 2 months ago. Day hasn't...
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Split up with a gf 2 months ago. Day hasn't passed yet where I didn't think about her. It's just like before we broke up, first thought in the morning is her - but she is no longer around now. I never had this before. I never felt so much for the other in my life. And even though I know it wasn't all perfect and diamonds I still miss her as noone before.

I tried it with two girls after we broke up, and it was just not there, even after I spent a night with them, I still didn't care about them at all. I don't care about anyone in my life really, and I don't mean it in edgy way, I just don't. My family, my friends...I'm not really interested in their lifes, I'm not seriously interested in what they did last weekend, I don't honestly care about how they feel.

I only did feel it with her.
It was the first and the last time I ever felt something like this towards other human beign since my childhood.

What does it mean /adv/?
Am I a moderate sociopath?
When will I stop thinking about her?

Sometimes I feel like yeah, now I'm over it, but then it crushes me again...shit sucks guys.
Get a new girlfriend, thats what i did when i was heartaching over ex. New gf was more attractive and nicer to me, literally forgot about ex the day i had sex with new gf.
But love would be meaningless then. How can I love somebody again? It just doesn't make any sense. I got some after we broke up but at the end it didn't help any.

I just want to forget her and get some occasional fuck. I don't think I can love ever again.
"what about your first love huh, she played it cold didn't she. Made a nigga shed a tear and she changed a nigga. Now we fucked'em and duck'em, never trust'em or love'em." -some nigger
Just realised it was exactly two months today. You would think that it's a lot of time...damn.
This, there's nothing else to do.
I'm about 3 months after a breakup.
Time is weird yeah.
How you feeling though? Are you still really thinking of her all day?

I think of my ex often still but I'm doing much better than 3 months ago. are you seeing progress??
2 months isn't really that long of a time. It also depends on how long of a relationship it was. The general rule is that it takes about half of the length of the relationship to get over someone (but this is completely general and everyone's different).

My advice is to just not beat yourself up because you're thinking about her. It may be annoying or frustrating, but beating yourself up over it is only going to make yourself think about it more and stop yourself from moving on correctly.

As for what you can do in the meantime- I'd say you could try to hang out with some girls that actually interest you, instead of ones you just want to fuck. Then you may realize there's other people out there for you. Or, just work on yourself and find some new hobbies and ways to feel good about yourself.

Just saying, 2 years isn't a long time. I still think about ex's from years ago sometimes. It's just life.
2 months*
Yeah I do, I try to make myself stop thinking about her but, persuade myself that she really wasn't that great anyway that in the longer term, it'd just die anyway...that it really has passed and there is nothing else to do but to move on, but there is still a little sparkle inside me, hoping that she might come back. She was supposed to move to my uni this september...

And I can't help myself.
I understand. I'm in a similar boat. And my ex started messaging me again as she wants to be friends or at least wants me around to open up to when she needs... and I was like "okay I accept this" but sometimes I still want her back.
It's tough but you just gotta keep trucking on and it should get better. People say "oh fuck another girl", lol, I CAN'T just fuck another girl the next day. If I could I probably would be giving no fucks, people here don't understand that man. Either way, work on yourself. Work out, read, grow, etc. You'll feel good about yourself which will help move on.
I don't know if you are lucky if not when she started to text you, on one hand it'll ease your emptiness, on the other it will only add to the lust you still feel for her.

I wish she'd text me though. I was such an idiot that I send her some pathetic text when I was drunk. She didn't reply to them. I was desperate. She wished me happy birthday which was a week after we broke up and also she texted me on christmas, but whenever I wanted to expand it to more than a reply on the greetings she backed up.

I hope I'll never text her again because I feel how selfish this has become, it must be hard and awkward for her too. I wish I was more adult. Fuck.


OP, that's one of my favorite movies. Nice choice.
"Or maybe we will meet again in a sunny Paris."
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