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I need help with making a decision. This...
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I need help with making a decision. This is my case: Yesterday I was surfing on the interwebs and one of them had an advert for a dating site, with a couple of real accounts that are there, 5 men and 5 women. I realized, that one of those women is a girl I used to go to the college with (not the same class, but the same year and we shared English classes together (I'm from a non-english speaking country)). Now we are 23 both.

So in the college I kinda didn't like her. I mean yeah, she was beautiful as angel with super pretty eyes and sexy lips, but IDK why I didn't like her. Not really hated, nothing close to this, and I felt she didn't like me too, or anyone from my class actually (it always seemed like her class and our class were kinda feuding, IDK). But anyways I wasn't thinking about having a girl back then and definately never considered her as a probability when it comes to dating game.

So I clicked on her account picture thinking right away that's her (she uses the same picture on fb and that dating site). Something touched me when I was reading everything she wrote on her account. If it was a totally unknown girl to me I would make a account and write to her instantly, but it's her... I don't know what to do because of that. But everything she wrote on her account is real, she seems so nice in my eyes now because of that, and I agreed with 100% what she said there (and those are things I thought no other person could think like me, so that's even more amazing, but I won't go into details). Why I'm still considering whether to write to her on facebook or not? I'm kinda scared. This whole situation is weird as hell, I'm scared that she will laugh at me if I try to holla at her. We never spoke, AT ALL. I wouldn't even know what to say to her. Tell her the real reason why I'm writing? How she may react to all this? I wouldn't like anyone of her friends to know. What do BROTHERS? (and SISTERS if there are any here)

NO, I won't give you her pictures.
I meant to say I was attending high schol with her, not college.
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This is /adv/. Most of us have jobs and/or school (minus neet generals) so it's a slow board.

Anyways this sounds ridiculous. You're being a tool.
Thanks you asshole.
And I kept bumping because I thought I have to in order to keep my thread alive like in some other categories. I dont kniw how 4chan works because I rarely come here. You asshole.
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You're kidding right?

Ooohhh you really showed me. I need to reevaluate myself for trolling kids on the internet now. What have I done? :(

Look, there are three options to your "problem"
Ask the girl out
Don't ask the girl out
Be a faggot.

I'm telling you not to pick option 3 like you are. That's top tier advice man.

Oh so if I only call you asshole and dont go ape shit calling names and swearing Im a little kid? Fuck logic right?

Anyways anyone wants to bring something worthy to this thread?
Read your post and tell me you aren't being a faggot.
>bring something worthy to this thread?
I think I have a diferrent definition of "faggot".

Dude you are on 4chan. Patience and understanding from people here is a gift, not a given. Most of us are cranky and will insult you right back if you call us assholes. Take a deep breath and remember where you are.

Anyway. Regarding your post, just go and hit her up. Say hello, do you remember me? I'm _____ from (whatever class/school). If she freaks out and doesn't respond, then whatever, that's just how it goes. If she does respond, great! Continue.

Don't think of her as someone you're trying to fuck; think of her as an acquaintance you're trying to get reacquainted with. And go from there.
Thanks. Not thinking about sex ATM, I'm just totally confused SHE has such views as she wrote on her profile, I always used to think she was shallow. Or maybe not shallow, but definatelly not like me.

OK if I write to her - should I tell her that I have seen her profile? Should I say that I liked what she wrote there? How should I play it out?
Ahh okay. Hmm. I guess in this situation it's probably best to be honest, since she's going to find it weird that you're contacting her out of the blue anyway. Hell, maybe even contact her through that profile directly instead of on Facebook. Be honest and say that you can't help but admire the side of her that she shows there (but probably don't say you disliked her before or whatever). That you haven't talked in a long time, but seeing her there makes you realize that you never really got the chance to know her in the first place. Hell, just say what you said in the original post, that you agree 100% with the things she said and that you're amazed that someone else thinks the way you do.

I do think you should contact her there so that she gets the sense that you're also the user of that site and that you're not just like, randomly stalking her or something. Subconsciously it'll help her relax, instead of freaking out that you found it.
Quite a lot pro tips there I wouldn't think of I guess (not that I'm an idiot, but I'm stupid socially I'd say). What you are saying seems reasonable, especially that I shouldn't write to her on fb. It could come out as weird. Ok I will register myself there and create realistic profile.
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You're my definition of faggot OP
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