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Couldn't get it up to lose my virginity
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Basically, I'm 18 and a virgin, met a girl off tinder, masturbated about 20 hours before it came to fucking her. We had quite a lot to drink on the night before so pretty dehydrated and stuff but my dick wouldn't go hard when I was on top the next day not drunk.It was fine when were just kissing but it wouldn't go properly hard when it came to it I couldn't stick it in. Could it be because of the alcohol? I'm meeting her again on Saturday, what do I do to make sure I can actually fuck her this time?
But then also I don't wanna last like 10 seconds
were you drunk. if not then its not the alcohol. Its ED.
Take things slowly. Also if your ED is because of your frequent masturbation then youre fucked and wont ever be able to get it up until like next year.
>worried about lasting long when you cant get it up
Oh virgins. Not getting it up is literally the worst thing that you can do to a girl. No one expects a virgin to be good at sex.
It looked like this: Went to see her 9p.m, drink aboout 0.4 litres of 40% vodka in like an hour so pretty fucking drunk. Didn't eat much before going to see her and started drinking straight away. Then I couldn't get it up at about 2 p.m on the next day so I wasn't drunk obviously still but dehydrated and hungry. Was it that or am I just fucked and theres something wrong with my dick?
She has no idea I'm a virgin though lol
Whiskey dick is because you are intoxicated and your brain cant realize you need an erection. Not because you are dehydrated and hungry.
You have ED of some sort. There are multiple ways of fixing it but depending on what the cause is your could have fucked up your dick
Do you watch porn
Do you masturbate incorrectly in some way
Do you masturbate frequently
Do you start masturbation limp
Do you masturbate
If the answer to any of those is yes, then that could be the cause of it. Normally though with time and patience with a girl you can work through it.
Thats your fault. Again, not getting it up the literally the worst thing you can do to a girl. She takes it as an insult to her.
Best case scenario is that you tell her youre a virgin and need to take things slow because you like her so much youre nervous and rushing sex with the girl you like is why you cant get hard.
Stroke her ego as much as possible. Again not lasting long is so trivial comparatively. Only a virgin would even worry about that when they cant even have sex.
Wait how do you masturbate incorrectly? And um hardly ever more than once a day and not every day. After that incident ive masturbated once and it was a week ago. But yeah I watch porn while doing it, could it be because of that? It's not like I masturbate so much. But yeah she didn't even help like she didn't stroke it or give me a blowjob or nothing she kinda left me to it just on top and I couldn't get it up it would get like semi hard but not hard enough to stick it in
Well she can't be too offended if she wants to see me again. I can't tell her fuck that too embarrassing
Don't worry OP, something similar happened to me, except minus the drinking. I just couldn't get it up my first time due to nerves. We tried again later and I took things slower so it gave me more time to get comfortable with the situation and it worked out.

If she's not coming over just to fuck, try watching some TV with her and cuddling for a bit just to get comfortable, but don't focus on trying to get hard, focus on the tv show. It'll probably help a lot.

It's kind of like trying to fall asleep. If you focus on trying to sleep it's not going to work, you just need to redirect your focus and let it happen.
But I don't think I was nervous like I was confident enough just to like lay there with her naked on flop cuddling and stuff haha but when it came to the act when I was on top it wouldn't go up and that's when I started to get nervous like "oh fuck please please go up". Thanks for the advice though. Could it just have been the fact that she didn't really play or touch it I just had to kind of do it by myself?
>Well she can't be too offended if she wants to see me again
HAHAHA ow wow virgins.
Not getting it up is an insult to the woman in her mind. Because its her fault that she wasnt sexy enough to give you an erection. Thats how women see it. Go read about what women say about limp dick guys. She wants to redeem herself. And when you fail again shes going to become spiteful. This is how the story always goes. If she knew you were a virgin her wrath would have a chance of being quelled.
Lol even for a virgin no guy should honestly believe that a girl would take it well. I wonder if I were this bad before I lost it.
I don't give a fuck about what she feels lol all I want to do is fuck her I have no intention of being in a relationship with her and she probably feels the same way so this is irrelevant
Stop masturbating and watching porn NOW. It'll be very difficult, but you MUST do this. I couldn't get it up during my first time either, I did nofap for two weeks and I was cured.
>yeah I watch porn
GG. From your description it seems that you only get hard from watching porn. Furthermore Im going to assume you have to touch your self to get an erection because you expected that of her.
These are both symptoms of ED. You shouldnt have to touch yourself to get an erection. If you do youll go limp very quickly even if you get the erection. You also shouldnt need porn to get an erection. Stop fapping to porn because thats pretty much the most likely cause and is the easiest thing to fix. Ask her for a nude pic and try fapping to that. Not porn or sex. She'll work with you on your ed if she cares.
>I don't give a fuck about what she feels
Prepare to have your name spread as a limp dick faggot. You know how many stories I hear about guys who cant get it up. Women talk about this and it spreads. Being in a relationship has nothing to do with it.
I hate when women mock virgins like you as if your virginity is why. Watching someones name be dragged through the mud is such an ugly site.
If shes some whore you hired and has no way of interacting with the people you interact with you places you go to then yeah her feelings dont matter as much because youll never feel the repercussions of her anger.
That's not the case, I can get hard just thinking about her in bed with me( well I probably do have to touch myself a little bit). Or sometimes ill just get horny in bed out of the blue and get hard then. But yeah I will stop fapping to porn just in case but its a bit too late now that Im seeing her again on saturday. Do I just get some viagra ? haha. But the thing was if we were laying flat and just making out I would get hard so I don't really understand, maybe it was just anxiety? If so, how do I tackle it?
She doesn't know anybody I know, she studies in a city where I live at but I study else where so yeah. Are you planning to help me so I can actually fuck her or just make me more anxious about the whole thing? hah
Im trying to help you not get fucked over as hard as possible from this. You gotta make sure these things dont come back to you.
>well I probably do have to touch myself a little bit
G fucking G.
>Do I just get some viagra
Probably at this point. Its very likely you have the type of ED that takes a while to cure.
You're telling me you can just get hard out of the blue without a single touch to ur dick? Fuck that sounds scary
Yeah, because I dont watch porn anymore or masturbate soft. Needing to touch your dick is a symptom of ED.
I used to do those and couldnt keep an erection for more than like 15 minutes if I were wearing a condom during sex.
Its the more common form of ED and a girl can just stroke you a bit to get you back hard. But I dont need that anymore.
Youve probably been like that your whole life so it doesnt make sense to you, but its possible to ejaculate without having your dick touched. Not that you would want that.
I'm hoping it's not ED and that I was just nervous and whatever because just laying there making out I would get hard but not when I got on top of her it just flopped. But just in case I can't shall I just get some viagra?
Unfortunately ED from porn will do that to you.
While making out and lost in the lust of kissing you dont have time to think and so the boner can just naturally occur. But the moment you have time to think the boner will fade. One thing about watching porn is watching multiple women. So you start masturbating and get a high, then calm down and switch to a different vid and repeat.
Fuck seriously? What do I do apart from watching porn? Is my only solution viagra if Im meeting this chick on saturday? How do I take it without her knowing lol
Try having a porn vid playing on the tv while you have sex?
Try being naked making out first with hours of foreplay so that you can try to get a natural erection and she has something to grab stroke while you finger her. neither of these are guaranteed to work. Just suggestions. I have no experience with viagra so I cant help you there.
Thing is I did finger her last time she didn't even grab my dick or anything no help from her at all
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