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So here's the deal. I'll write...
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So here's the deal. I'll write it in greentext for ease of reading
>last year around new year my friend and room mate died, I knew him for 27 years.
>this new year, my girlfriend and I joined a group of her friends on a trip to the sea
>one of her friends is lesbian
>my girlfriend has bisexual tendencies
>this girl is obviously into my girlfriend, tries flirting with her a lot
>later on I mention this to my girlfriend, kind of jokingly because I'm not worried about it
>she laughs and says there's no chance anything will happen
>skip ahead to new years eve
>everyone's pretty drunk
>It's kind of hard because I have to think back about my buddy, and being drunk I get kind of emotional so I go for a walk on the beach alone and have a little break down
>when I pull myself together I go back to the house, and this chick and my girlfriend are standing outside, pretty close together
>I'm feeling pretty fucked up so I go inside and lay down in bed
>about an hour later, my gf joins and asks if I'm ok
>I ask her about what happened between the two of them
>her first reaction is 'nothing' but after I push a little she admits they kissed
>big alcohol fueled fight ensues
Now, I realize this was just a drunk kiss, but it's got me more fucked up than it should because of the timing of it, because of her initial insurance that nothing was going to happen, and because of her initial denial. Good relationships are based on trust, and when that fails so does the relationship. She's sorry about it, but still doesn't think she did much wrong, even though I extensively explained to her it wasn't JUST about the kiss.

How would you handle this?
i honestly

some girls are so pretty your heart starts to hurt and she is one of those

imagine how lucky that guy must be that has her for himself
Jeez fucking girls man.

It's more common than you think. Had an argument with my ex once because she said she'd snog a girl friend in a bar to get free drinks. Absolutely couldn't understand why this would annoy me. This was also the same girl who was 100% straight but had a relationship with her best girl mate for a few months, scissoring and all.

It's more than likely an attention thing in your case. She was drunk and it felt like a naughty thing to do, a quick thrill. Or there were people watching so they did it to cause a scene.

It's very unlikely she actually fancies her. Girls do all sorts of dumb shit for attention. She knew you'd be mad so she lied, stupid thing to do I know as it's actually worse than the act itself. However if shes genuinely sorry then consider forgiving her, if shes not then you have some stormy seas ahead my friend, selfish girls will crush you hard, especially those you grow to love
I would break up with her.

>just a drunk kiss
How can you "just a" infidelity? There aren't degrees of it. She cheated.

>her initial assurance
Yep, she lied.

>initial denial

>She's sorry about it
And I'm sorry when I fuck up too. That doesn't erase the consequences of my mistakes. My guilt is part of the price that I'm supposed to pay. The rest of the price are those consequences.

>doesn't think she did much wrong
That's not what being sorry is.

Simple thread, simple answer. Now go away.

First time attempting greentext.

A little story similar to yours

>Me on new years eve
>Fem anon and Bf anon
>Both get real drunk
>Fem anon hits on me getting real
>Think about bf anon(she was his first gf kinda sluty 7/10)
>I shove her of me
>One hour after that
>Second attempt this time i was about to kiss her but stopped
>Fireworks everybody cheering etc etc
>00:04 a friend of mine hugs fem anon and kisses her
>look at the sad face of bf anon
>Sory mate looks like sheila is a hoe

If that was my bird,and someone did that to her i would get real real mad.Dump her sorry ass for being a drunk hoe' and fuck dat boy up.
Thanks, I appreciate your input. Just to clarify, it wasn't an attention thing, it happened outside, away from everyone.
I do think there are degrees to infidelity though, kissing someone and letting them peg you in the ass are not on the same scale. That said, you make a convincing argument.
Ask her why she lied multiple times. If she doesn't have a good reason i'd dump her. Untrustworthy.
For lying the first time her answer was
>I didn't plan on it happening, because she was a girl I felt less threatened and let it go farther than I should have
For lying the second time her answer was
>I don't know. I did admit to it
Please respond
a final bump before I let this die
Did you lay out flat ground rules about her?
Implicitly before, and extremely explicitly after
How implicit?

How long have you two been dating?
Dude I wish my gf would fuck other chicks.

Y'all niggas insecure
Is it because she doesn't even fuck you?
Something similar happened to me before, we talked about that early on in the relationship and I told her I don't want that. We've been together about 4 years.
OP if she's was willing to do that she's willing to do way more. And
>bisexual tendencies
Your girls and the anon s you replied to are sluts. Don't forgive. You dump her now and get a better quality. She's not sorry will never be sorry and will see you as weak for putting up with her shit. If she's she's done that she either has or will be soon riding another guy. She doesn't respect you and isn't worth your time
>girls are whores

Get out before you have to prep the bull
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