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I need help with my spaghetti
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Hello /adv/, I'm looking for some girl advice.

You see, there's a girl that I adore, I love talking to her and being around her makes me feel so happy. Last time I seen her she called out to me, ran over to me and gave me the greatest hug I've had in years. I want to date her so bad, but I'm not sure if she feels the same way. I know she has strong feelings for me as a friend, she's made that clear, but I'm not sure if that's enough.

I'll hopefully be spending the day with her tomorrow, I'm going for my license an if I pass which I think I will, I want to take her somewhere nice. The place I have in mind, it's a Forrest walk that leads to a fantastic view of a massive valley and waterfall, I want to ask her to be my girlfriend here because if this goes my way, our first moments as a couple can be ones to remember.

So girls of /adv/ how would you feel if a close friend put you in this situation? I really don't want to make her uncomfortable, I'm pretty shy and awkward, so this will be a bit of a struggle for me to approach. So any advice is much appreciated.
Dude here, sry bruh
A romantic gesture like that could get you out of the friendzone if you're in it.

But, it could also go terribly wrong, and you need to come to terms with that. Doing it this way could completely demolish your friendship too.

Weigh this danger carefully. This could also be used as a first date, eith a picnic basket/etc.
Don't worry, guys are more than welcome to. I just think a girl could give a little more insight. Trust me, I'm all to aware of this, I've been losing sleep over it for the past week. it terrifies me. A first date is a fantastic idea which has crossed my mind. I just lack the confidence to think that just asking her will get a good response.
What concerns me is if she says no, after you've brought her out to a secluded forest. It's like going for a hail mary in football, either you win big, or you lose big.

Personally, I would look for an opportunity, or make one, to ask her out in a way that there are no downsides to saying no, but upsides to saying yes. Or in other words, she won't feel guilty or frustrated about the situation.

You could say you're starting to feel romantic feelings towards her, and you'd really like to go on a date with her this saturday (arbitrary day was chosen). Tells her your feelings aren't strong, so that she won't feel too awkward being friends after, if she says no.
Tell her you want to fuck
The drive there is about 45 minutes. In the car I'll be driving about 20. On top of that, it's about a 30 minute walk and back, so if I get shut down it would make for a very uncomfortable walk/drive back. There's no way I'd leave her there, no matter how bad I feel.

The last thing I want is to make her feel bad because she doesn't feel the same way. She's very sensitive so if she turns me down i have a feeling that that will be the case.

I've only had one girlfriend before so to say I'm hopeless with this is an understatement. That is a good way to approach it, although I'm a bit past just starting to have romantic feelings.
If this all goes well Ill do more than that.
you could get an sshd to save money, and install a water cooling system for overclocking
fuck wrong thread
I have a raptor boot drive and a fuck load of fans. The gear in my pc doesn't really call for water cooling or overclocking
All good. Thanks for the tips bro.
Dude here. If you take her to a place like that she will surely know something is up, so if she lets you take her that far chances are she probably likes you back. I say do it man, If you never try you'll never know.
I agree with the aspect of trying to ask her in a way that she won't feel frustrated or guilty. Asking her right away can probably make her nervous and probably catch her completely off guard and make her try to escape the situation.
Try to ease her into, say how you've started developing feelings, and if she's okay with it and willing, to try going on a date to the forest walk. She will appreciate that you've given her a chance to not be pressured into a choice immediately.
She will also not be overwhelmed by your emotions for her. Toning it down can help alot for decision making and help her being alot more honest to you and bring down any anxiety one can get when trying to respond to someone's feelings.
I think it would be best to ease this on to her after reading yours and>>16679561
Posts. You've given me some great advice thank you.

She's told me she suffers from anxiety and the like, it makes me feel bad for not being with her when these things happen, she's being going through a few rough patches lately and I want to be there for her. I've told her that if she ever needs me I'm only a phone call away, I'll always answer to her.

Giving her time to think it over is a must, but I still don't know how I should go about it, should I do something special? Or just ask her before I drop her off at her home after spending the day doing nothing in particular?
Bump for insecurities
The latter. Don't make too big a deal about it; that probably won't help with her anxiety. You don't have to do something grand to make a moment special; a moment is special because of the people in it. So if she likes you back, she'll have a positive memory about it no matter what you do.
Sold it for me, Thank you. That's what I'm going to do then. If this thread is still alive I'll post results.
You can't ask someone to be your girlfriend on your first date, that's so fucking weird.

Don't. Just, don't.
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