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I can make up things very easy, WITH LOGIC
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Hello, this is the first time i post on advice and i would like to know, better if it's from a psychologist or someone studying psychology.

Well, this is it, i want to know what is this called.

I can come up with logical explanations for things that could either be bad things or good things, well i don't know how to describe it.

It happens randomly, i don't know if it's inspiration but something activates inside me, today i was looking at a movie, a little amateur short, very well made and all that, it was about a nuclear war and a survivor soldier and all that, my friend passed me the link and he told me he started to think things about how a nuclear war would destroy us, how the humanity is fucked somehow or how a survival thing would work in a post apocalyptic scenario and all that.

Well i didn't pay attention to that to be honest i could care less but i started to see through how the movie was made, the position of objects in the movie, the usage of enviromental effects, the thematic of two soldiers, one a girl and one a guy from different factions trying to kill each other, the little small details and other small things, i started to analyze it and came up with that the short was about homosexual propaganda and sex and in the end i told all of this to my friend and IT MADE SENSE IN EVERY WAY.

This happens in my real life too, i can make up very twisted logics from things that can just be, normal .... my logic always goes to the twisted side of things and i can even make up stories THAT SOMEHOW MAKE SENSE and someone who listens to me would believe it all.

Like let's see a common situation, let's say the cat from my neighbor went into our garden, so if i start to think and get "inspired" somehow i can make up a twisted story on why the cat went into our garden, even tho it is all fake, it could be fake or not.
But i can't control it, at all, it's like it activates when it wants and i start to make up shit that could be believed by others and it would have ALL THE LOGIC OF THE WORLD.

I also, when angry when someone, i tell them things about the problem in question and always come up with very twisted logical explanations or harsh reality logic explanations, like punishing them, always twisted and cruel.

How is this called? how i can control this? why it all makes sense? even for others ... it's like i make up fake logic that makes sense or something but i dont know how it is called.

Please help me discover what this is, this may be an ability i have and i want to make full use of it.
you have a condition called "autism"
Explain more in depth, please.
You're just weird. The way you think reminds me of a Simpsons episode. You know, how they start out with one thing and then after 10 minutes, the plot is completely different, and after another 10, it's changed again? Yeah, it seems like you think like that.

Oh, and it's also called 'free association.' You might actually have autism, but I think it's more likely that you're just weird and creative. It's not necessarily a bad thing (autism doesn't make somebody worse either, but it honestly is inconvenient for the person who has it). Just know when to express it, and when to chill.
>Psychoanalysis assumes that people are often conflicted between their need to learn about themselves, and their (conscious or unconscious) fears of and defenses against change and self-exposure.

>When used in this spirit, free association is a technique in which neither therapist nor patient knows in advance exactly where the conversation will lead, but it tends to lead to material that matters very much to the patient. 'In spite of the seeming confusion and lack of connection...meanings and connections begin to appear out of the disordered skein of thoughts...some central themes'

The first quote describes me a lot, i want to learn about me because i really don't know who i really am, how my personality and sometimes i act out of impulse while i see other people say "i am x and i don't like x and i am x and i don't like x" like their signature when they are asked about themselves, while i just don't have a concrete answer for all that, i could be very random.

The second quote is what mostly happens when i am analyzing things, like in the movie short, i started to write in the chat to my friend a lot of things that made sense, and the more i write the more it makes sense and i even convinced him because all the points started to tie up and make logic and ended up in something very logical, even info on the internet about the guy who made the short acted on my behalf, now this is just ridiculous but it made sense i don't know how.
You seem young. How old are you?
OK, normally I try not to be rude on /adv/, but since you seem pretty fucking pleased with yourself I'm going to go ahead and say this: I was barely able to get through your post. It was so scattered and poorly-written that I almost navigated away like three times instead of finishing it.

Even having read it, there's not much of a question here. You're a mildly creative daydreamer. Congratulations. It's not a superpower like you seem to think it is, but I hope it brings you joy.
I am not young at all, i think, i am 26 year old male.
You really seem like you have your head in the clouds.

If you can learn to concisely summarize your thoughts and experiences, you may actually be able to put this creativity to use.

Your OP, for example, was not concise. Honestly it was pretty difficult to read
Sorry, it is because i was so excited to know about myself and receive advice from others that i just wrote pretty fast.

>You're a mildly creative daydreamer
how does that work?
Making stuff up that sounds like it could be true but isn't? That's called being a good bullshitter.
This definitely sounds like autism or ADHD.
I am self aware of these, it could be a lot more of things mixed up to the point info from the internet is only 70% accurate.

I have some symptoms of a creative daydreamer, i love music too.

My great wish before i die would be to make or change something in the world drastically in order to bring it peace, much people suffer everyday and i just want to give them happiness, people kill each other everyday in the world and i would like to end it all somehow.

If i just had the opportunity to make a change of that magnitude, this idea makes me very happy, emotional and i wanna cry because i am just a little no one in this world.

I also like pleasing others, i really don't care much about money, i know its necessary and i dont say no to it, but i feel bad when i receive money from doing something.
I think you've just had a bit too much 4chan and internet in general - do you frequent /pol/ alot? do you tend to indulge in philsophically-inclined film and literature?

As the other person said, you are performing 'free association'. When on drugs, I've personally named it 'parallel thoughts' or 'idea-chaining' - basically, you have enough knowledge to be able to loosely-relate ANYTHING to something else and probably apply some sort of philosophical issue as the underlying meaning for it..

Not saying that there isn't some level of worldly grandeur behind the smallest of things, but, by and large, most things tend to be exactly as they appear and descending into free association isn't all that productive.
I tend to talk to myself about "deep" things, how this world runs, why people do this, why they do that, how can they live up with the madness that is life everyday and much other things.

I never never browsed /pol/ maybe one or two times but thats it, with a little help of 4chan maybe and the internet i discover new things about how this world moves and i even see other people at my same age as kids, they seem too unaware of things and have feels about it.

>you have enough knowledge to be able to loosely-relate ANYTHING to something else and probably apply some sort of philosophical issue as the underlying meaning for it..

But i am not aware of the knowledge, i can't control it or remember it, it triggers when the switch turns on but normally i just can't remember.

>philosophical issue as the underlying meaning for it.
I don't even know how i gained some philosophical knowledge, maybe being an sponge of the internet for almost ten years? and either way i cannot remember anything about this knowledge, maybe 10% of it at most when i am not triggered.
>and have feels about it.
*and i have feels about it.
Seek the answers. As a starting point, I recommend


I'm half-serious

Don't complain to me if ghosts start to haunt you in your sleep
Sorry but i don't believe in these things, totally ridiculous.
Psychologist here. You're just intelligent and very creative. Differently from what most people believe, the best use for creativity is not all the usual "arts" bullshit jobs; creativity is a great resource to achieve success and happiness in life.
you are underage


I stopped reading the thread at this point.

OP, you are just creative. A lot of people are, but in order to make use of it, calm your excitement a tiny bit, and learn about discourse.

Go read about Matthew Barney's work, and see if your amazing skills at making up bullshit logic compares to that of a great artist.
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