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How do I learn to be a man? More specifically:
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How do I learn to be a man? More specifically:

How to have a sense of self-respect and dignity.
How to take responsibility for my actions.
How to be a productive worker.
What counts as manners?
The ability to think logically.
A good opinion of myself.

I was raised by a single mother, and she told me what she thought a man is, but as I'm a visual learner and she never showed me these thins in action, they never sunk in.

Also, I need to learn to respect women too. How can I do this if I have the (justifiable) reputation of a perv and a creep? I just can't help but think of nothing but sex. All my friends laugh and make fun of me for being a creep who is constantly trying to get laid. I just take it, because they're right.
OP make a video of her showing you how a man "takes over" in the bedroom
Look for a good, manly figure. There are tons throughout history. Remember, all men have their flaws. Admire them for their bravery.

Get a manly hobby. Technical guy? Mechanic. Tough? Rugby. Adventurous? Mountain climbing. Everyone should have one good hobby, don't be afraid to dabble in other things. If you have something to focus on, you'll think less about sex.

Want to respect women? Easy. Don't go too far out of your way to help them, be polite and sincere, and for the love of god don't be that guy in a fedora that says M'lady. Remember that a woman is mostly you with a vagina and maybe some breasts.

Manners are simple. Never make assumptions, master a good handshake, look people in the eyes when you talk to them (don't stare that's weird), and be honest with people. There are a few social norms you should probably know, that it's nice to hold a door open for people, or offer your seat to a woman (especially if they have a child with them), those sorts of basic things.

Self respect comes from liking who you are. Don't be a pushover, but don't be a brute. You aren't the most important, but you're up there. The golden rule is "Do onto others as you wish done to yourself". If you treat other people nicely, do you not wish yourself to be treated nicely as well?

Own up to every mistake you make. Don't let pride overtake you. "The buck stops here".
On that note Teddy Roosevelt was really manly so go borrow a book on his life some time. Good luck.
A man protects and take care of the ones who he likes. Take is as the motto of your life. You want a great movie showing how to be a great man? Watch La vita รจ bella (Life is Beautiful), the 1997 italian movie. The protagonist protect his son against the horrors of a nazi concentration camp. This is a real man.
Isn't that the one where the kids wants a tank or something
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my dad was a scumbag, I learned a lot of being a man the hard way

you start by picking the values that are most important to you, look to the failings of others and people who have their shit together

you get your self respect by living by your values

being productive is about caring, if you take pride in your work everything follows; the craftsmans attitude
if you don't take pride in your work (because lots of people dont and you don't have to) you can value hard work for it's own sake regardless of what you are working on; that's the mountain climbers attitude
or you can work to be better than everyone else, to be a part of a team or part of the community
everyone picks their ow path in that regard

manners are just what other people think you should do at the end of the day, but that still makes them important
you just learn them by example

thinking logicaly is simply recognising your emotions and setting them aside, clever and dim people can both do that
bu honestly it's counter productive sometimes, most people never need to

respecting women= common courtesy+ tactful approach to getting sex+not upseting girls+not offending people who might happen to see
smoke crack
that's not a joke man, you havn't seen what crack does to families
1) Remember that no one has life figured out, and the difference is just how well you make that known; Don't lose your shit just because a decent looking girl starts talking to you, remember there's only one spot on varsity and ask what makes her worth your time, albeit do not go overboard, just saying value yourself while respecting her, exude confidence.

2) Looks ain't everything, nor is sexual experience in a woman. Find what it is you're looking for as a partner, and work from that. Don't be a rescuer, that shit is bound to fail. If a woman starts talking to you about her problems, best response is "I'm really sorry that you're going through that, that sounds awful", as opposed to "What can i do to help?". I've done the latter in the past and what it does is puts them on a pedestal and not as an equal, 99% chance likelihood that will end up with you getting cheated on or simply used/friendzoned.

3) Don't start skill-dropping in your first conversation or even early in a conversation. It gives off the you're trying vibe, which albeit humors women, doesn't really get you far, and hey if you're a doctor sweet man, that'll probably get you the one night stand, but I'm going off the assumption that you want something more permanent.

4) Reversing that reputation of being a perv/creep... whatever you did to earn it stop doing it, but also get some friends who will help build you up not just be there to rip on you. Couple great friends trump a metric shit ton of fairweather fucks. As for being a creep, if you come off as wanting something you're going nowhere in a conversation. Try having a decent conversation with NO ENDGAME IN MIND, and once you reach the end of a conversation and you feel like you need to do something to "seal the deal", try this: Say "Well thank you for the wonderful conversation, I must be going, it was nice talking to you" and leave. Get good at doing this and you won't come off as a creep or thirsty and you're more likely to make progress.
>Remember that a woman is mostly you with a vagina and maybe some breasts.

>taking advice from this guy about gender roles

Wait a minute...

Is this thread full of NIGGERS?!? Some of you sound like NIGGERS!

Prove you are white right now!
>implying this isn't good advice to someone labeled as a creep

I went snowshoe hiking today.
Furthering on this:

When a woman:

5) Picks on your style, whatever it may be, do not either back down or respond aggressively. If you act sheepish and just let her walk on you, congrats you're uninteresting. If you go all third reich militant response you're likely a person who can't take constructive criticism, but do take the time to discern being tested from constructive feedback, albeit it's hard if you're interested and you'll take some things personal, don't unless it's apparent it was meant to be so.

6) Asks you about your dreams/goals, be honest and realistic, if you say some shit like "I am going to do X then Y then Z", that's great and all but you rarely build yourself much room to breathe when you get to re-evaluation periods in life, and also that sounds very naive; ask every high schooler what they're gonna do after they graduate and you get "I'm gonna get a masters or doctorates in ____", life ain't like that, the world runs on failure, and whether you make the cut or not isn't the issue, but saying something more like "I would like to do ____, and to achieve this I'm going to do ____, but I'll cross that bridge when i get there", sounds much better. Take away from this: Showing that you have a plan of action is much more valuable than being a dreamer with no tangible plan, and realistically think to yourself, which would I consider more attractive?

7) Asks you about hobbies, etc. do not mention sex, exes, sexual endeavors and/or bedroom antics. Unless she's already made sex a discussion, don't bring it up. If she does ask you something about your kinks or something along that lines, a great response is "I consider it impolite to ask a question you're not willing to be asked yourself", as it's a great way to have a conversation instead of being interrogated, not that that's always the case.
basically do the opposite of everything this fucktard is saying and you will have no troubles with women.
Sorry good sir, I misread the OP, I thought it was asking how to have a sense of self-respect and dignity, asked about respecting women, and not being a creep, I clearly misread and upon further inspection I see it says in plain English: How can I most easily acquire skank hoes because I'm a thirsty fuck.

I can't imagine how I got that confused but I'll try not to do it again.

>Hur alpha
First step in being a man, OP.

Don't expect anyone else to spell out how to live your entire life for you.

Make your own decisions and take responsibility for them. That's a good place to start being a man.
unrelated to OP, but anyway

>be white, white family
>lawyers are preachers
>family comes from wartime england, all white
>we have a coat of arms
>distant cousins own a castle in the highlands
>my senpai goes directly back to william the conqueror, and not some half cousin twice removed shit either
>one branch moved to africa, sudden panic
>all good, they owned slaves on a rubber farm
>like 150 slaves
>branch in australia started a cult of hardcore pro-white christians

my family hasn't had niggers in it since man mover north of ancient messopotamia
Define perv and creep here? You like sex so you're a creep? You were born how again? Don't fall into their weak little frames.
Being a man is easy, you just have to trust logic over feels, work hard, and do what you want with confidence. If you do it right you should be able to get a job, status, a girlfriend, everything this world has to offer basically.
>we have a coat of arms
Hm impressive, very good.

>my senpai goes directly back
Oi, wait a minute...
Food for thought

If you attach your manhood to your status, it can easily be stripped from you. Being man is a philosophy. Set the rules by which you live your life. Guidelines that will lead you to decisions you can feel proud of.

On respecting women. You need to envision yourself in their place. You need to understand that they are human, make their own decisions, feel their own feelings, and that you cannot exert any form of control over them without showing you do not respect their feelings or decisions. Do not look at traditionally sext, manly role models as an example of how to treat women. Look for a sensitive, calm, and understanding man to be your role model. James Bond < The Beatles.

If your goal is to get laid, understand that this is not something to be ashamed of. You desire what everyone does, own it, temper it. Do not be afraid to say it, but do not flaunt it, learn the difference. Understand that sex is the goal, not the journey, and that much of the fun is in the journey. The thrill of flirting, of directly expressing your desire with language, is a wondeful thing. Slow down, and enjoy it while you can.

A friend (female) once told me i was a ladies man because "you aren't trying to make something happen, you just go with the flow and encourage it along." I liked that. The irony, is that I really, really wanted to get laid. Hot damn did I want some booty. But, Going back to the first section, a rule I have for myself is, to treat women like men until they show an interest in me. This works for me. I don't seem like I'm flirting with everyone, and the ones who I do flirt with, are treated as if theyre people.

I'm tired of this how to, go study some philosophy, and most of all, women are the same as men, they're just taught different things by society.
I'm... At work?
all you need... faggot.
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The ultimate rag for the modern metrocuck nu-male*

* Run by a jew, not that that has to mean anything, why are you making assumptions bro? What are you a nazi?
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This website helped me a lot when I was in highschool, as well as stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a few clubs. I ented high school as an awkward kid with poor social skills and no friends. By the time I graduated I had honors and was a Pres and VP of two clubs. I'm now a physics major in my first choice college.

The most important things I found to being a young man is having honor, integrity, confidence, and a strong and healthy mind and body.

My direct advice would be to exercise and read regularly, join a club focused around self-improvement and brotherhood (a fraternity, Boy Scouts, bike club, military, men's bible study, etc.), and find a job where you learn a trade or skill.
Listen you kale eating, lactose intollerant piece of shit, cuckoled by a gang of niggers on your dead girlfriend...
I am not talking about that faggot over at alpha.m on youtube. You goatfucking, cow ball swallowerer. Die in a microwave accident.
You can only be a man by trying to act like a man. You can't wait to feel like a man to take your place among men.


Create a man's code of honor, and live by it, day in, day out. The only reason it will not work is if you do not stick by it
Thank you all for this advice.

I can't say I'll use everything, but I'll keep a diary to track my thoughts and actions throughout the day.
A man never gives a fuck what others think and does what is justice with honor
My best advice: say what you mean, and mean what you say. Stand by your words unless you fuck up with someone you truly care about enough to apologize to. Always be brutally honest and be the guy people know will tell them the truth no matter how much it hurts either of you.
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Show us your dick
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