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About PUA, or "Venusian Arts"......
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About PUA, or "Venusian Arts"... Do you think it's all bullshit ?

I mean i was into this for like a year or two, i found it really interesting, especially Mystery's stuff, i read a lot, and even though i never really practiced it i've felt more confident around girls thanks to this.
I got over it and looking back, i'm not sure if it was actually good to pick up girls or straight bullshit.
Seriously it's a lot of theory for... What exactly ? Can we really theorize seduction ?
I feel like being just myself with girls works as well as all this stuff...

And i have a friend, literally every girl wants him, he fucked more girls in a year that i'll probably ever fuck in my whole life, and when i look on how he acts, this has nothing to do with what pick up artists teach.

What do you think of that ?
I mean i think it's good for making you more confident with approaching girls but once you're confident enough you should just act natural. Everything seems so mechanical the way they teach it, it's freaky. And i'm pretty sure girls can sense it when your approach isn't natural
I think that if someone is willing to gather up that much time, courage and commitment, it would be better spent becoming some kind of walking demigod. Sure, you won't be able to tug the strings of any girl you run across but you'll have enough flocking to you to sate your ego and libido. But I guess some people really do prioritize fucking EVERY girl EVERY year. That's fine. They can take whatever approach they want, be it PUA or not.

To me PUA has always seemed like a shitty game of telephone. Generations ago there was a set of core lessons about how people work, but every time it got passed down it was a little oversimplified and scrambled. "Friendly teasing" became "kick a person's ego to keep them from thinking themselves too good for you." And that's not just for men either. I think the women who like pickup artists have experienced the same thing. Basic lessons about getting along with guys got fucked up over the years.

PUA shit works great for nerdy dudes with low self-esteem, with a propensity for analytical behavior. It's very qualitative, and easy to apply if you have no ability to improvise.

If you're just inexperienced with women, but pretty decent otherwise, then what you have to do is just change your perspective on women and being social in general. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to naturally develop skills that will help you achieve your goals.

I mean, just look at that nigga Mystery. He has to rely on his magical personality, goofy ass clothes, and television persona, makeup and extra shit to compensate for what he is- a dork. He gets pussy and that's great, but the dude is a dork.

PUA is a stupid culture

Getting girls isnt something you have to analyze and think about. It comes naturally.

You can learn it, but PUA is not the right way. Cofidence and self love is the right way

Its about attracting a girl to you by displaying how awesome you are. Not playing games in her head to trick her into liking you
How does your friend act?
All of these techiques are especially "designed" to work on a specific kind of girls. And since not every girl is like that, you will still get rejected. Just imagine it the other way around for once. If you want to get a bf as a girl and there would be a whole culture of people telling you how to achieve that (but it only works on neet anime weeaboos, but they clame it will work on EVERY guy!). So, you learn the techniques and then you apply them. To that sporty guy. And he's appaled. So now you feel like shit. And start to hate men because you "did everything right" but men are just "pigs". You see how that's not going to work out?
Just to play devil's advocate, I think one of the premises of PUA (and "the new dating game") is that women no longer recognize classic signs of "awesomeness" as being attractive or relevant. The claim is instead that they have an attraction toward feelings which aren't grounded in any realistic or even real human qualities. That is to say, they're turned on by being made to feel a certain way when virtually nothing in this world actually exists which can arouse that feeling. The only approach which remains is to manipulate the woman's feelings, either by bringing her expectations back down to realistic levels or creating those unrealistic feelings in her through a performance.
OP here

to play devil's advocate as well, i think PUA culture changed and now more people praise self-confidence and stuff more than stupid techniques. At least people that don't have an agenda (i.e. not the stupid coaches that want you to pay some e-books or whatever, but people giving advices on forums etc)

I don't know, i guess he "has" a thing, first. He's not particularly handsome, although he says that the fact he has a beard and good clothes must help a lot. When i hang out with him i can clearly see most girls are attracted to him even though he doesn't do anything special.
Secondly, i think he's good with conversations. He's just an interesting guy and he always has something interesting to say or to ask.
I might seem jealous of him but i'm really not, he's one of my very best friends. He's more of an inspiration, really.

That's the conclusion i came out with after looking back to all this stuff. At that time, i thought Mystery seemed like a really interesting guy even though i never idealized him or anything. I felt like it was possible to become like that and thought it was really cool. i still think he's not a "hack" in the way he wrote a lot of interesting stuff and is not like all the bullshit coaches around, at least he's got some unique content and points of view, but i figured out he was really likely just a douchebag. I don't want to become like him, at all.
here's how to pick up girls.

1. know the kind of girl that will like you. it's kinda like in college orientation when you meet a bunch of dudes and you meet one guy and you're like "oh i bet this guy will be my friend."

now do that with girls--have a good sense of your own personality and find girls who you think will appreciate it.

that's all. that's it. don't pull some shit like peacocking or "negging" some random person.

find a partner you want to experience life with and don't try to be a salesman
Learn how to be yourself. Then learn how to express your sexuality. Look around. Even in bars before everyone gets super trashed and you'll see how rare self expression really is. Once you can no filter what you feel things will start moving. This is where PUA is trending atm.

This so hard. Find your niche girl and it'll be obvious who you'll click with

Unless you're better than average looking, then it becomes slightly complex when other girls of other archetypes dig you too

>Tfw want nothing more than cute nerdy librarian type gf to be in a ltr with

>Welsh party girl that shuffles like a god in clubs (like legit actually dances, to the point where everyone else is staring at her foot work) and takes designer drugs wants to fuck you

>Torn between sexual attraction and lack of desire for relations with someone you know you wont fit with

gotta disagree with you there bro. I'm not talking about tangible things that some men want like "oh i want a GF who loves star wars like me."

I'm saying if you can talk to the person and click and have a wide ranging convo and you just carry on, i guess?

look for girls who aren't a list of the things you're interested in and find someone you want to talk to about anything really.
PUA can be helpful in getting your sex life started or back on track, but don't expect to build fulfilling relationships using it.

Nerdy librarian doesnt imply interests as much as it implies a certain type of girl though

I mean the girl I was describing actually exists, and she doesnt know anything about star wars and actively hates spiderman for no good reason, but shes still the sorta girl that falls into the archetype is what I mean

Its hard to explain
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