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What does /adv/ think is a good career field...
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What does /adv/ think is a good career field to consider entering? Everything seems so limited and kind of boring:

>Academia (good luck lol)

I understand that it's important to not let your occupation "define" you, but I really desire a strong and stable job, where I know I will be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. I just don't want a career that is painstakingly boring and tedious. I have a strong interest in foreign languages, but translators aren't in demand and it doesn't strike me as a very stable profession.
Pick the engineering and get a nice stable job with plentiful opportunities. It is the simplest to get in terms of all you need is a degree and you are set.

Now granted it can be boring I hear but you can always switch to another career midway through.
History is good as you can become either a civil servant or specialise in law afterwards, not to mention the fact its very very interesting.

Computer science is great as well, as the employment potential if youre good at it and network is massive
How are any of those limiting? There are many different kinds of engineers, for example.
I've been leaning heavily towards engineering recently. I want to get a second bachelor's, but I'm not sure if it'll be ChemE, MechE, or CS/CIS. I have a lot of things I want to do/pursue and I think engineering will allow me to do that. I'll really have to study my ass off studying maths in college (only took calc 1). I've also heard horror stories about ageism in the industry (i.e. set yourself up to retire by 40).
History is fun. It was one of my majors at university (I graduated last May). The only problem is my family doesn't have legal connections, and I'm not a very good standardized test taker (no matter how hard and how much I study). I had great grades at uni, but I know the LSAT is the most important part of your app. I need a solid career that will assure me job security (i don't want to be poor again), and I'm fairly certain that I won't get that in either academia or the law schools I would be admitted to, probably t50 at best.
What country do you live in? Engineering is the best bet. Medicinal is about to implode on itself in the USA.
Tech/Trade is also decent.
Limiting was probably the wrong word to use. They just seem so routine and uninspired:
>Go work at company x
>make good impression
>do overtime if you can
>suck up to boss's son
>hope to get a good letter of reference so you can continue your career after you're replaced by someone who is younger, will work for less, and is more up to date with current skills and trends.
Obviously you can make a great living in any of these fields and live very comfortably for a long time, but I don't feel like they are really pushing you to reach your full potential. Getting paid is great though, and we all need to take care of ourselves eventually. I'm just a little worried about my life's work being confined to an office chair or a pair of work boots.
History is the most boring shit in school.
Go become a PharmD. It has the smallest growth rate out of any medical profession so you're forced to do your best. Even with good impressions, letters of recommendations, great internships, perfect GPA, and a great interviewing personality... you'll still get the shit stick.
USA. Engineering and trades really seem to be all that are really there at this point with the current state of the legal market, finance, and just about everything else.

You make a great point about the medical industry. Why pay for a physician when you could use a PA? Or why bother with an anesthesiologist when CRNAs are so widely available? But, I do think geriatric care is going to skyrocket in demand in a few years (if it hasn't already peaked already).

I vote for nursing. You can get an ICU job for when you want to feel important and help people then you can float to med/surg when you're feeling lazy and want to sit around all day and collect a shitload of money.

Disclaimer: nursing school is a motherfucker, so this may not be an option if you're retarded.
Nursing is definitely a good stable career, but i agree with >>16665233

I think we are about to see some big changes in the medical field in the next few years. That's not even accounting for the rapid growth of robotics, something that is growing at a very staggering rate.

I don't see any evidence for RNs becoming irrelevant. Those statements just seem to come from people who are ignorant of patient care in general.

I don't know who made it but this >>16665268 post has nothing to do with RNs going away, it makes an argument for more RNs. I'm not sure if that was the point they were trying to make or they don't actually know what a CRNA is.

>>16665268 was me (OP). I didn't mean to insinuate that RNs would go away, I just imagine that the medical industry will be seeing a lot of big changes in the future as we move towards a (possibly dramatic) new system in the US. I expect to see more RNs and PAs, just as I expect to see a lot less Anesthesiologists as their practice becomes antiquated with the popularity of CRNAs.

Honestly the change happened years ago, people who aren't in the industry are probably only now hearing about it through Forbes articles and such. LVNs and CNAs are gone, only RNs and maybe techs are in the units. Even Kaiser urgent care facilities only have a handful of physicians on the premises.

People were told six years ago to go to college and move up to the next tier or they would be fired, a lot chose to ignore that.
Engineer here. Don't go into an engineering degree half assed or it will rape you. At my uni our graduation class was under 1/3 of the original cohort. I find it to be an extremely satisfying career since you face different challenges every day and there really is no limit to what people will/won't let you do. Plus the hours an pay are better than most others on your list. Only draw back is initially gaining employment is extremely difficult and so you need to start networking very early on. I've seen a lot of young engineers struggle to hold down work due to a lack of network
There are a few things that particularly motivate me to study engineering. One is MechE related, and another is in Software development. Bioplastics makes me want to study ChemE too. I just want to make sure that I am 100% sold on engineering before I start studying it. I have never engineered anything in my life.
Engineering is just using math and science to solve problems. If what you want is a job in R&D then I'd probably avoid it since it's unlikely you'll go down this path
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