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any doctors here? i would elaborate on the issue if anyone is willing to advise me. Main issue - chest pain
Explain.. exact location of pain, intensity, radiation
Does it get worse when you breath in?

Like sharp?
It reminds me of waves, its sharp for a while, then subsides and comes back again. It sometimes gets worse when i breathe in, but not always. Also, sometimes i cant feel my left arm when it happens, or the pain comes after i start to feel my arm numb down...
They found a nodule in my thyroid, the heart is absolutely fine. Im a 19 year old female, if that is needed.
They say that it might be anxiety and gave me xanax for really intense episodes but sometimes it doesnt help either :( every time it happens, i feel like i might be dying
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If the doctors say you're fine, you're fine.
well, that is what i would love to believe, but the pain cant come from nowhere, right
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Looks like the symptoms of an heart attack, you should seek medical help, the sooner the better
i have called an ambulance once, they didnt even take me to the ER, just got a syringe in me with tranquilisers (that just made me sleepy, so i guess i slept it off in the end)
It was really weird.
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You are having panic attacks.
Sound like a panic attack.
Are you sweaty? If so, where? Do you have fever? Are you short of breath? Do you feel like someone is sitting on your chest?

>They found a nodule in my thyroid

Explain. Did they do blood work on the thyroid? Do you know if some values were fucked up? Thyroid produces chemicals that control heart function, that's why I'm asking.
Not sweaty, no fever, but it is difficult to breathe, and sitting on chest - yes

They did some bloodwork, turns out my anti-tpo value is way too high, but TTH is fine, so im on my way to hypothyroidism. They said to get tested once a year
Sometimes stuff like this happened to me too, never bother enough to see a doctor

Maybe just anxiety attack or poor choice of food plus lack of exercise(I know I do). Nowadays never happen again tho
oh and the nodule... they didnt do anything about it, so i guess its not a threat.....?
oh did you make any significant changes to your lifestyle since it stopped?

Hmmm... and probably no goiter then (yet).

So, based on the information given here, it does sound like a panic attack. Have you tried to talk to a therapist about it? I think there are underlying causes here you have not told yet or might not be aware of.

As for the situation now, if you really do not trust it, go to the hospital. Even if you choose not to be submitted, you can still sit or walk around the hospital. That might calm you down and this way there is also a health care professional nearby if shit really does hit the fan.

But, as others have stated here, the chance of you having a heart attack at 19 with otherwise perfect health other than a high anti-tpo and panic-like symptoms in the past is really really REALLY small. The doctors who have examined you seem capable and have likely drawn the right conclusion.
Not really actually. Still eating the same stuff but now I jog at least once a week.

So, no. No significant change, hha
thank you:) well i guess i shouldnt try to treat myself if those are actual panic attacks

Ehh, I have them too. I got hospitalized 4 times based on suspicions of heart problems, but all tests were negative every time. One time I had to be sedated because I was out of my freaking mind.

I'm currently talking to a therapist. I've got some youth trauma's I never dealt with. I'm 24 and apparently now is the time that the things of the past are having an effect on me. Maybe a therapist could help you?

Some recommendations for the future: eat well, sleep well, exercise. A lot of people have low vitamin D and vitamin K. The latter is important with heart function. So eat some spinach or green leaf vegetables twice a week. Do cardio exercises 2-3 times a week. The heart is a muscle after all and benefits from training.
ohhh thanks! ive been seeing a therapist for two years, and the full blown pain thing started after one of my friends died in her sleep because of heart problems :( i get anxious very easily now

See? That's the power that trauma's can have over a person. It makes you oversensitive to set-backs of any kind. :(

No offense, but it sounds like you have a shit therapist if all he does is give Xanax and has not helped you overcome this problem in two years time. Maybe consider switching to other therapist?
well my gp gave me Xanax, and ive stopped seeing my therapist now since I quit school.. maybe I should find another one..
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