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Good Weight Loss Tips
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Allright /adv/ Im 19 years old about 230 in size Im not really fat but im on the chubby side and climbing I kinda want to be healthly you know I want to start doing natural stuff like drinking tea and stuff but I also would like to lose abit of wieght maybe get down to 180-190 im 6'1 -6'2 dont know whats a good weight for that height. Any overcomers good some good healthly advice that can help me lose some weight. Note: Not in the financial position to hit up a gym.
dude a gym membership is like 10 bucks
6'1 230 is a 30.3 BMI, which means you're obese. First step is stop lying to yourself. That includes "not being in the financial position to hit up a gym." Gyms are cheap as shit. If you actually care, you can find the money in your budget.

If you're really anti-gym though, there's plenty you can do. Walk/jog/run. All the fucking time. Pushups, pullups, situps, planks, squats, lunges. Basic shit.

And don't forget weight loss happens in the kitchen, not the gym. Put a calorie counter on your phone and actually update it. You'll be unpleasantly surprised at first, but it will help.
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you dont need a gym fatty, run or do shit at home
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Alright, something I can give advice in, finally.

Tards all over the media obsess over weight. Weight does play a big factor, but it's not black and white as to how much you weigh if you're underweight, overweight, or healthy (usually people are pretty obese 250<). I'm a pretty good example of this. I am kinda chubby right now, and I was really chubby 8 months ago. However, at my heaviest I was only 163 pounds, and I'm 5'9. That should be just little above the average range (around 150-155), where people could see a bit of fat on you but wouldn't label you as fat. However, if you saw pictures of me, I was basically a fucking pig. I was the classic example of a "skinnyfat". I had a very low lean mass (weight without fat), but I had so much fat that it made me look about average. I had no muscle, just fat. That was a long tangent on just to measure if you were overweight or not, so I'll add a tldr.

tl;dr weight isn't black and white, depending on how much muscle you have that can tell you how overweight you are.
If you want to really know, it should be around 180-200 lbs.

So on weight loss: There's one thing set straight. YOU CAN'T RUN FROM YOUR DIET! No matter if you run the whole way from NYC to LA, if you eat like shit, you look like shit. You can probably shave off lots of lard by simply eating healthy. First thing on doing that is counting calories. You're a big guy (4u), so you can probably get away with a 2000-2200 calorie diet to lose weight. You have to abide to it every single say unless it's some big ass holiday like Thanksgiving or Xmas. You have to resist temptations. No more than 2200 calories (100 calories more isn't death, but you really need to limit it anyways).

Drink lots of water and/or milk. They can curb hunger pretty easily.

Buy some cheap ass step counter. I have a fitbit, but I understand you're broke as fuck, so any step counter will work. Try getting 10,000 steps a day. If you don't try walking a bit more.

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1. Go to your local sports megastore
2. Buy the cheapest fucking adjustable dumbbell set you can find. Each dumbbell (if it comes in pairs) should add up to at least 10 kg (22 pounds I think)
3. Start doing random exercises with them daily -- like 15 minutes per day THAT'S IT

Start with low weights (even empty dumbbell) and then progressively add more and more weight.

That's it breh get dem gainz xd
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Pt. 2

Also, jog for 30 minutes. Be true to your jogging, realize that you'll look better if you do it. Try to minimize walking to around 5-10 minutes, and just jog the rest of the time.

This is optional, but highly recoemmended. If you're really adamant about not going to the gym, just do your workouts at home. 100 pushups (in 10 sets of 10 or 5 sets of 20), 100-200 curls (chunk it into sets like pushups), 400 toelifts/calf raises (go all the way on your tippie toes, then back down, but never touching your heel onto the ground until you're done with the set)(again, chunk it into sets), squats (idk do as much as you think is necessary), and pullups if possible. Drink/eat something high in protein right after.

Hope this helps, I spent a fuckton of time typing this shit up.
PFFT, not around here it ain't. Not OP, but our gym down here is bare minimum 40 a month, plus sign up. More like 10 for a day pass.
Read the sticky at /fit/, 3 or 4 times. Literally the best advice I can give without writing an essay.
Just start cutting out the unhealthy foods here and there.

Want to go to McDonalds? Try hitting up subway instead. Want a soda? Try some iced tea with a little sugar, or maybe even some coffee.

Put lots of fruit that you personally enjoy in your fridge, in plain view.

Try getting some lean protein in the morning with a cup of some good wake up tea. The protein will fill you up, the tea is (potentially) healthier than coffee and will give you a small energy boost.

Try getting up at different times (Very rarely is it that someone is a true night owl, and the majority of us feel better getting up before 10 in the morning)

Make small improvements to your sleep. Get a good pillow/memory foam, and get in a habit before bed so your body can recognize when it's time to start releasing the chemicals for sleep.

Walk more, starting slowly and building up. Also, give your body time to heal if you injure yourself, but DON'T let it get you back into a lazy cycle.

Basically, unless you're one of those people that do better by just going cold turkey, just slowly replace some bad habits with some good ones. You'll feel better which will make you feel motivated to do more.
Ay I'm a runner (not OP) but wanna start building up my upper body. What are some good dumbell workouts?
1.Cut out carbs (breads, sweets, grain ect.) as much as possible and limit your calories.
2. Eat fruits and veggies in place (particularly leafy, deep coloured
3.Cut all drinks but water, tea, and coffee from your diet.
4. Exercise for 30 min a day
I second this.

It took you a long time to accumulate that amount of mass, and it'll take a long time to get rid of it. But if you track your calories and weigh yourself once a week, you'll see progress and it'll motivate you to keep at it.

Some things I found useful:
Don't try to change everything at once. Baby steps. I started out with cutting out all drinks except water, coffee (plain black) and tea (no milk or sugar either). It's ridiculous how many calories you can drink, and one you're used to water it's no problem at all staying away from sweet drinks. If you want your water to taste like something, try slices of lemon, orange, lime or cucumber in it. Once I got used to that, I quit all kinds of candy, chocolate, chips and all those things. Go to the store when you're full so you're more likely to resist temptations, and stock up on fresh fruit and veggies to snack on at home. Once I had that down, I started working on my meals, and cut down on the fat and carbs, making sure most of my plate was veggies and lean meat.

I never work out, I just started walking everywhere, but diet is the main thing you need to work on. I lost 13 kg in a year, and I'm starting at a gym in a couple of weeks. You can do it Anon!

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