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Any advice on going on a date?
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So there is this girl on my class I'm 18 and I'm sure she's into me. I'll ask her out but idk what to do in it because I've never been on one before nor had a girlfriend.
I'm confident she will accept but what should I (or not) do?
I'm expecting something like:
"Since it's the first time you take this girl try and do weird shit to impress her"
"Be chivalrous"
or "Don't eat chipotle you'll shit your pants".
Also keep in mind I'm broke I have near no cash to spend

well first you got to decide what the date is. keep your budget in mind. you arent giving us much to wokr with.
'im broke' and 'near no cash' are two different htings. are you asking for ideas of free dates?

a lot of free dates are considered cheesy, like going out for a picnic or stupid shit like that. one thing you can do is research local events as there are often many free ones and ask her to go to one of those but its hard to say what she will respond well to.
Hey! Picknicks are awesome! You can actually enjoy nature, be free and get to talk. Unlike so many events! Fuck you!

im sure you do faggot
When I say near no cash I mean that I could get a 1 topping 14" pizza at little cesars and that's all puff! my money would be gone.
I really have no idea about what much could be planned I live in a city if that helps in anything.
Also I have no pets And there are some parks around but they suck
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Miniature golf
Fap before going on a date, chew bubblegum, be clean, and be yourself
Neither of our birthday dates will be soon. There is a circus that just came that might help a bit, but I worry that it will be dirty af.
I'm reading some ideas for "free dates" on buzzfeed that might work but... let's be real for a moment, It's buzzfeed.
I believe in you 4chan :^)
There are none as far as I know.
If it were summer It could be at the beach ...

All right. Sounds good and easy.
If it is nice out, get a coffee each and go for a walk in a park or by the ocean/lake (you mentioned a beach). Checking out local free events is a good idea; sometimes art galleries or museums have free or by donation events. Same with concerts or ballet. You could go for tea at a fancy tea place - you can usually get 2 teas and a couple scones for less than $20, if you can manage that.

If you know her well so it isn't creepy, and you think she might be into it, you could invite her over to play a silly couch co-op game like Mario Kart or Sportsfriends or Spelunky or many others.

See if there is a local board game cafe in your area, that would cost you a couple cups of coffee if it exists.

It really doesn't much matter what you do though, if she likes you she'll have fun doing (almost) anything.
That's the best thing I've read this whole hour, thanks anon.
So I'll take her to this nice coffee place. We drink a little and get some desserts. Then we start walking to a park nearby we talk and do stuff. Sounds excellent!
Should it be around noon (It's winter so it will be fresh) or later? She lives really far and I have no car.
Should I invite more people over and do it like a double date?
Do you think It's a bad idea?
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Dont worry about $.
1. dont call it a "date", because it will put you both in this brain path of having to act your best and proper and stiff.. and she will begin rationing out the pussy per date.. which will lead to $ getting involved eventually.

2. The "date" idea.. though we already agreed not to call it that can be as simple as: "I gotta buy a birthday gift for my cousin SARAH, you want to go to the mall with me and help me find something for her?"
3. Go to the mall, you will learn the shit this girl likes... make fun of some of the stuff she picks out, agree with.. ok.. yea you might need to buy stuff.. keep receipts make sure its returnable.. and then just come back and get your refund... thus no money really spent.

It isnt a date... its just a routine event.. and this is really what you want to achieve spending time with her not on a DATE.. but on normal shit...

Atleast give her a hug or some kind of positive reward when she acts cool towards you.. punish bad behavior too. Dont be a faggot and let her walk all over you. Get a kiss early... or it will be much harder and awkward the longer you late.
In fact, if you got the balls... greet her with a big hug and a smile.. with confidence.. get her trained now to accept this. If you think its weird, she will think its weird... so dont think that.
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just going to add on to this tactic...
the going to the mall for a gift.. makes THAT the event, not her. It should never be an event directed for her approval. You are asking her to come out with you on something you already gotta do anyway. Much, much more easy for a girl to swallow.. then "Lets go out on a date to a coffee shop and sip coffee and chat." fuck that.. chat about what.. there is nothing dynamic going on after the stupid interview type questions have passed. Atleast with my idea.. you can be constantly moving and new environments / stores. Every store.. where you are guiding her to the next location.."fuck this.. lets go to clothing section of Macy's" ... is a mini-date upon itself. You are leading her.
This probably the easiest fucking "date" you will ever be on.
Regarding the cousin... come up with a bullshit story of how you save her from driving home drunk... or some other form of protective of love ones.
By the end of the night you should know:
-name of her best friend.
-Living situation - roommates, parents.
-Job / ambition
These are all things that qualify HER to YOU... she might actually be a turd. Least you didnt spend any real money on her.
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Wow man reading this I grew another pair of balls...
It's like you just the light. I don't understand how I could be such a beta this long in my life.
Now this whole deal sounds so superfluous when it's as easy as spending time with this girl doing stupid shit to have a good time.
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