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The stress of university is tearing me apart....
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The stress of university is tearing me apart. I'm 19 years old and I'm so fucking lost as to what I should do. Okay, so I graduated high school as a B student. Not too bad, could have done better if I applied myself more. I decided to major in Computer Science because I heard Computer Science majors make bank. Well, turns out I fucking hate coding. Never in my life have I dealt with this much frustration trying to learn a subject. Computer science just isn't for me and I know that now. I LOVE organizing data, I like statistics, I love history, philosophy, debating, political science, ect. THOSE are my passions and I'm just struggling to find a suitable major. I'm trying to take intro to business and accounting next semester, but I'm hesitant on whether or not accounting will be for me. Please, I could really use some help. I've been having such a tough time going to sleep lately and I think stress is a main reason. I keep fearing that I'm going to experience sleep paralysis.
i was in the same situation. you should just do what you love, if you're a creative mind you will find lots of opportunities with your major, and you're never too old to learn.
i would suggest a generic business major before going into philosophy/whatever you wanna do anyway.
been there, done that. i studied philosophy for about 3 semestres now, and am going into industry/car design late fall because i found out this is what i'm really good at, what i like, and what i can make money with. but really there's tons of ways to survive and make cheddar. be patient with yourself and your interests, you're only 19. the world today suggests you start as early as possible, but in most cases, you won't know where you wanna be at 35 when you're only 19. you're still growing inside and out.
maybe you should do some internships, participate in some courses, or check out all kinds of lectures at your university/online, or contact a professional who will help you with your choice.
i remember when i worked at a car production company not too long ago and met someone who's 34 and still unsure what to do. he's studied for 10 years and still didn't graduate.
or one of my former best friends, she's 22 and just traveling the world.
try out everything you like, make it your bitch. you'll find what you love, anon!

Thanks guys! Do you have any advise on some possible jobs that might suit my skills? Really just any ideas might help. This is what I'm most worried about. I'm living at home right now commuting to university, and to be honest while it's nice and peaceful coming back home, the stress of not finding any groups at college is getting to me.
You are just a lazy faggot, you are ditching the opportunity of your life. Get working fag, nobody said it was going to be easy. As long as your GPA is below a 2.5 you can still do it.
>I LOVE organizing data, I like statistics, I love history, philosophy, debating, political science, ect.

sounds like you would be a perfect analyst. for politics or media, business.
You could apply yourself basically anywhere
it's really about finding your own way, do your research about all kinds of jobs in those fields. you need to start somewhere, you won't be a well paid professional right afterwards in most cases. if you study philosophy or history you do it either because you're passionate about it and financially well off or want to teach it at school/university, or you write books and work a part time job to make a living. there's also companies who take any university graduates for a completely different job but i wouldn't rely on that. or you work as a writer.
if you want something that'll guarantee you a well paid job, apply at a bank/spot where they have a lot to do with finances, statistics and stuff.
like i said do a couple internships before you deicde.

What am I ditching exactly? I'm still going to university I'm just not doing computer science anymore since I don't enjoy it.
I do manual labor/service type jobs and am an aspiring classical music performer. I would like to start volunteering when im confident

I plan to finish college for some type of music degree, just to have a bachelors degree. I figure i'll take the easy route for me and do what I feel is easy to work at

All things are hard work and time. Its just how you handle it. What ever you come to know you will like.

I'd tell OP to stay doing what he is doing. At 19, its better to not fart around if you have already committed yourself.
You are ahead of the game since most people wish they took the harder paths in life so itd be easier later.
Medical analyst here. OP, you would love analytics, business logistics, and auditing/fraud/BI (business intelligence).

The market for those who can make sense of giant shit tons of data is growing. Yes, coders are essential. You need someone who can build the database or crunch a 16GB csv file, but most importantly, you need someone who knows the answers that the data is supposed to provide.

I get to bus every skillset in the book for my job. Business relations skills crossed over from years in hospotality, social media management and company document publication comes from running a small 1person businessential in the side. My passion for secure data and hipaa compliancy comes from knowing what real asshats grew out of this cesspool that now do it for the lulz. I learn a bit of medical coding, design functional databases in access to provide ad hoc reporting, and otherwise do the hard grunt work of data validation and verification.

I am never bored.

If you take classes specific for an analyst position, and want to make a shit ton of money, go get your CPA. Yes, it's accounting, but it is also the holy grail for opening doors for analytic work
You sound like you're hardcore fedora core but I'll help you out anyway.

>Organizing data
Perhaps you could give database administration a try if you're still interested in a computing field. Although you will have to learn SQL and the ins/outs of various database flavors they can make lots of money.
That being said, there's a lot of good certification's out there you can look into that are going to be core skill's that any project manager and analyst will need when working solo or with groups

CompTIA A+, network+, security +
Agile or scrum certification
Microsoft office Professional certification...aka learn the shit out of tools you should already know by now.
Learn quickbooks for personal and business finance.
Start watching ass tons of webinars for the field you're in. I easy attend 10-15hrs worth of webinars each month on data structure , security, icd10 medical coding, etc. Knowing VB and SQL will be lifesavers when working in excel and In access. I shit you not
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