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How do you figure out what you want to do...
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How do you figure out what you want to do with yourself, mostly career wise. I'm 28 now and have recently recovered from a decade long slump that put my life on hold for many of my establishing years. I'm on my feet but need a purpose and something to work toward for the next step. Advice? What did you do?
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There is no "do", there is only happenstance.

most people are naturally drawn to something and they seek a career in that field.

if you are not naturally drawn to anything think about what YOU want out of life. about how much do you need to make to live comfortably? how much time do you want to spend? something comfy and low profile or are you a man of exercise? need to support afamily? an expensive hobby? something that matches your education level?

once you know the answer to those you start researching various careers that would suit those particular needs. you'll never find one that suits em all no matter how great you are or how hard you look. but from there you can take a look at whats the least important / whichcareer might soundf un.

some people are find working a not so real office job where they can dick around on the net most of the day. others NEEED some big fulfilling projects. find out what you are.

but if you cant honestly think about what kind of field you even havea desire to work in, you just need something that will pay the amount of money you want and cater to your lifestyle.

as for me, i moved to los angeles with the hopes of working as a writer for TV. somehow i ended up managing an office for a psychic. its good work and pays me well enough to create web series in my spare time.
Not OP but guy in a similar situation but a few years younger.

I'm completely unsure of what direction to take and paralyzed that I'm going to make the wrong choice. Every time I think I have what I want to do figured out the other options seem all that much more appealing.

I'm torn between going to school and becoming a physio therapist or doing something with my hands and becoming a tradesperson either a stonemason or a welder or something like that.

On one hand physio makes decent cash, but I have to do 6 years of expensive schooling. But the other I can start work after a 1 year apprenticeship. Also I feel like the trades teach so many practical things that actually benefit you in your day to day life. Having knowledge of the body is cool, but being able to make and fix your own shit seems extremely useful.
Here's some advice:
What you think that some career's like from the outside is often quite different from what it's like in the inside.
I'm aware of that which is part of my choice paralysis. Someone once told me, "you don't know a job until you've worked it for 5 years." So its like, even though I've job shadowed a few people, what seems novel now might make me want to blow my brains out.

I have a friend who is a carpenter telling me I'm romanticizing the trades and that It will just become boring hard work after a year, then I have another friend who owns a gym telling me physio will just end up with me treating seniors for scrapes and boo boos.

So I'm left thinking I have no idea what the fuck to do with my life.
Yeah, odds are that your friend's right.
It's the second time already I've started doing something that I thought I'd enjoy but in reality I am not.
Well, thanks for the advice. Glad to know I'm not the only one in this position. I gotta figure something out by September though so I can start some form of job training and get my life going.
You should find students and workers of those careers.
It's hard to find students as I'm living in my hometown right now and all the students live off at school.

I've talked to a few physiotherapists and I've never heard any of them say anything put positive things about the job. Other than some shitty clients some times. And that you can get a little tired of rotator cuff injuries. But other than that it looks promising. But again there's the issue of 6 years of schooling and probably $40,000 in school debt.

Trades, from the people I've talked to seems to be about 50/50. Some love it, some hate it.
Tbh I'm interested in physioterapy too, but I'm idealizing it by thinking about doing massages and reabilitation and never getting tired of it.
Tbh, I was interested in physioterapy too, but I'm probably idealizing it by thinking that I'll never get tired of doing massages and reabilitation. I like doing that, but who knows how I'd feel over the years?
Shit, fucking 4chan android apps.
is there any job that won't bore you after a while? it's about how you deal with it. it's about what you do on the side and how much time it'll "take" from your day.
what you study/being trained in doesn't necessarily have to be your profession your entire life. if you're hard working and smart, you could have other people very happy with the same job working for you
All I can do is give you my two cents from my personal experience...

Out of highschool I planned to become a carpenter. I had taken several classes on contruction trades and I loved working with wood.

Learned a couple of things pretty quick:

>Working outside on a nice spring day is great - On a hot/humid summer day... Not so much.
>Working with your hands is very rewarding but swinging a hammer for 10 hours is exhausting and leaves you in lots of pain.
>Having free time is nice but being laid off through the winter months and being out of work everytime it rains sucks.

In the end I decided I wanted something different. Carpentry is a great profession but not for me.

A friend recommended that I get into the healthcare field (job security, growing field, good benefits). I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try, so I got an entry level job and found out I loved it.. Now I'm a nurse.

>I work in a comfortable air conditioned/heated hospital. The people I work with are great and the work environment is nice.
>Still work with my hands but now I use them to help people. I make a real difference in peoples lives and go home everyday feeling like I've done something good with my tike/skills.
>I work 3 days a week (12 hour shifts) so I have plenty of free time. I have time to spend with my family or pursue other interests. I can also take extra shifts for over-time pay if I want.

I also still do woodworking in my free time. I make children's furniture (rocking chairs, desks, etc.) that I donate.

I guess what I'm trying to say is - You gotta try different things to find your own path.
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