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anybody else have a hard time cumming from...
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anybody else have a hard time cumming from sex? personally I'm a man and almost every girl I've fucked cums eventually... but it's actually really hard for me to have an orgasm from sex. I feel like I've death gripped my penis so much it's impossible for me to cum without porno or my own fucked up style of rough masturbation. I'm also circumcised which might adds to the lack of penile sensitivity.

A lot of the time sex for me just ends after I've made the girl cum at least once and just feel tired/sweaty from fucking so much without being able to bust my nut. I don't know if it can be called erectile dysfunction or nerves or what, reminds me of the scene from Birdman where the girl Edward Norton tried to fuck on stage said "you can't get it up for 6 months but now you want to fuck me in front of 800 people!?"

It just feels kind of unsatisfying. My current girlfriend has the birth control where there's basically no way she can get pregnant, enjoys unprotected sex (we're both clean, no history of VDs or anything like that). Basically I'd really enjoy being able to cum inside my girlfriend a few times, she's also said she feels bad or like she's being "selfish" because I'll make her cum but somehow I can't cum myself.

Any tips on how to regain penile sensitivity or condition yourself to orgasm from sex? I know other guys have had this problem before.
I heard from someone who was circumsised that he uses a device to keep his glans protected like a foreskin should, and he states that to him it's a "20% increase" in sensitivity.

Maybe you should try one of those. Sadly though it's probably because you've been mutilated. Do you even have a frenulum?
>anybody else have a hard time cumming from sex?
Yup. Too much alone-time with porn.
I had this issue. I fixed it by trying to enjoy the sex more instead of focusing on cumming. It took a while but eventually it fixed itself. Masturbating doesn't help obviously
i'm like 99% sure it barely has anything to do with me being circumcised (otherwise like 50% of the planet and 90% of America would find it difficult to reproduce) and everything to do with me conditioning myself to jerk off too aggressively. I don't think any girl's pussy can grip my dick the way my own hands can. And yes I have a frenulum, i don't see how I wouldn't unless they literally sliced my dick in half or something.
that's encouraging

yeah i think i'll try to refrain (or at least drastically reduce) that stuff.
I used to have that problem sometimes. It's a combination of nerves and too much masturbating.
Protip: Women fake it when it looks like it won't really be happening.
Cut out porn, change your way of fapping.
Takes 90 days on average to fix if you do it right. But youre going to fail so expect this to be a long drawn out process.
Took me 70 days to fix but I apparently was lucky and went full cold turkey. When you first change your way of fapping youre not going to cum. But where others fail I managed to go 2 or 3 weeks of edging everyday without managing to climax and no porn until I successfully ejaculated. Which was really hard because I used to cum 3 times a day. They say that no fap involves no mental images either just the feeling, but I disagree as long as its maintained to 1 girl. Hopefully the girl you like.
Women don't tend to fake it before the guy cums.
jerk off less or quit jerking off all together...
i have had issues with busting from sex but have always to managed to pull it off.

Work on your conditioning so you can bang her hard/fast/long enough for you to bust.
If he's not cumming and it's awkward for everyone they do.
Uncut bro here. I've had the same problem so I doubt being circumcised is the issue. I've had sex countless times with six different women and only came once. I feel masturbation is related but it's been since last summer since I've gotten any myself. I'm in a similar boat op and wanna know how to Cum with a woman despite me being able to cum in mere seconds sometimes by myself.
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Orgasm less frequently to build up a supply of semen. Eat walnuts and zinc supplements for the same reason.

Also, if you are afraid of getting a chick pregnant, that could be part of the reluctance. A test of this is to bang them in the ass, preferably without a condom; if you cum hard and fast, consider yourself pregnancy-averse.

depends on the ass i fuck desu. i was worried abotu the whoel death grip thing but desu i find it often easier to cum if the ass is more loose. somethign abotu that soft relaxed warmth on my dick is nice, even though when i m asturbate its hard squeezing.
Having the same issue, I went cold turkey on masturbating about a month ago (though i didnt do it much to begin with) and i can't finish, or even get a full erection during sex/oral sex. I'm 18, diagnosed with depression but quit meds two years ago after they gave me a seizure that nearly took my life.

Anyone have any advice other than edging? When I did masturbate I couldn't finish to anything other than the thought of what used to be my female best friend, who i still see and talk to.
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thank you for all the advice guys

my girlfriend has the birth control implant, so we can happily have unprotected sex together.

i did not know about the walnuts and zinc, I'll take this advice and thanks for it.

all of this is strongly making me want to stop watching porn at least. i want to make sure my next orgasm is while i'm inside her.
ive had that exact same scenario bro. honestly swapping positions and stuff works best. or get her to blow you, swapping stuff worked for me when ive lasted like an hour without cumming
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