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I once bought Tinder plus (yes I am ugly so I needed the ugly tax for more matches but thats not the issue right now)

I was planning on using it for a month. But now I see that google has AGAIN pulled off the money from my account. I did not say this was ok, they somehow automaticly pull this money of my account.

How do I stop this and how do I get my money back? I only wanna bought it once, but now it has pulled money from my account again!

thanks for the help, i fucking dont understand shit from smartphones and I cant find anywhere where to disable this thievery

thanks alot
Most subscription services are auto-renewal. Welcome to the world. Nice to have you with us.
Youre a fucking idiot.
now we all know why you needed tinder plus in the first place. you are an idiot
i did not subscribe to anything i wanted this for a month

how do stop this and get money back?

i sue paypal

yes i know that thank you
thanks for stating the obvious i wasnt aware of this myself yet eventhough i said so

now can anyone help me get my money back?
can anyone help me???

ui fucking dont understand shit of this, i cant find anything in my smartphone settings how to disable this

No money back, it was all in the agreement and emails you didn't read and agreed to.
what emails? i didnt even fill in any emailadres, i once bought something and now it buys it everymonth??
tinder doesnt know my email

now can anyone help me please how to get my money back?

lmaoing @ ur l4fe
yeah fucking hysterical am i rite?

can you please do /adv/ now or dont respond?
Google knows your email.

And just google how to disable it you fucking idiot.
Google unsubscribe you fucking mouth breather.
i fucking tried i cant find anything where to disable automatic debid for google shit

and the smartphone is a fucking maze too, i want to disable them from ever pulling money from my account ever ever

Look over the terms and agreements. Don't say that there were none because there ALWAYS are when you pay money to something as official as tinder. If it states that it automatically renews it then you're not gettin it back man sorry
I'm sure tinder has an email for such questions
ok so im fucked?

pretty sure it doesnt say anything on the tinder page that it automaticly pulls auto debid from your account every month

probably when you click and click and click and then read the fine print on some weird ass page but nowhere clear enough does it say this

it says very clear how to pay it and how much it is for a month but it says nowhere a warning that it does it every month
This thread is a joke right? You can probably unsubscribe in the app itself.
im fucking jewed out

goddamnit this is the last time i ever pay something through mobile

it fucking sucks

does anyone know how to seperate or unmount your paypal from your smartphone? with everything?
OP is underaged fag who is worried mommy n daddy will be upset about funds missing from their bank account or being 3rd party charged to the cellbill.

Nothing to see here. Move along
What do you think a SUBSCRIPTION is?
nope it doesnt say anything about money or account in the app itself

no im not i havent just never ever paid something like this before, im simply mad that they pull out 8 euros of my paypal for no reason

and i wanna disable this for future too

so can someone please say how to unmount and disable my paypal from everything in mobile?
it isnt called a subscription

it literally says: buy tinder plus for a month


its really vague about this and if you have never experience with paying on mobile before it is not crazy that you suddenly are jewed out

so please can anyone tell me how to forever block and disable money on phone???
How was it for no reason? You subscribed.
Are you blind?
Dude thats what the fuck im asking

stop being a smartass and either give the answer or dont

im looking to forever block off my paypal from my phone
I did not do a subscription i did something that was called buy it for a month, not buy it for every month
It's your problem if you don't read the terms.
I found it

Open the Google Play Store app.
Search for Tinder and select Tinder in your search results.
Select Cancel or Unsubscribe.

holy shit thats the fucking last place you would fucking look

they make this shit as vague as possible goddamn i hate these fucking cocksucking jews


no you actually need to search for the app in the playstore, who the fuck could come up with that?>??

ok now it dont have tinder plus anymore but they still got my money, so am i getting it back or what?
what terms? there arent any terms. it is literally say: buy tinder plus for a month

nowhere it has terms and conditions where it says every month, its just buy it for a month it say


not every month
It's literally the first for anyone who has any idea how apps works.
have you seen this? lol
When you accepted it for the month, they must have displayed some terms and conditions.
well i dont know shit about smartphones, im good at pc's not this google facebook jew kike shit

probably some fine print somewhere, it is very misleading

shame im not an american cause i would have been able to sue them

i hope in other languages this is more clear

here it says buy for a month, not buy every month
Does anyone know how to dismount my paypal from my smartphone?

that I can never buy anything in smartphone again?
How old are you? These try for a month deals are usually subscription services unless you cancel after the month.

and as i said it doesnt said buy every month it says one month

in my own language it says buy for one month

here in my country you should legally say so if it is indeed an every month subscription, but it says one month, not every month
They did legally say it, you just hit next and ignored it.
pretty sure i would have seen it unless it was hidden under a link with some 10 page textbook

it said buy for a month, not buy every month automaticly which is legally should if its the case

but i unsubscribed and made an sanction to paypal so they are gonna try to pull back the money to me

does anyone know how to permanently block your paypal from your phone? i cant find any settings
Stop being retarded. When you're giving out your money you read what for. I'm pretty sure it said 8euros per month. You just interpreted it as being for one month.
oh great you cant

you need to call them but they are closed now to close your paypal

they do this shit on purpose, goddamn i hate these american jews
nope it literally said buy for one month

and u cannot remove your paypal from google once its there, you can add them with no problem but if you want to delete your paypal you need to log in and then read a 10 page book about shit which you HAVE to accept otherwise you cant delete it. and if you want to delete it you cant because they are closed and its only possible through telephone

really nice this shit

i fucking hate smartphones
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