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What's up? What's potentially troubling you...
Just drop a line here and see what happens..
I want to make a troll post, but I'm afraid nobody will reply.

Is a troll still a troll if nobody responds to him?
My neck hurts
I'm making the steps to contact a therapist.

He's taking forever to respond.

I really hope I have enough strength to stay alive tomorrow.
How do I stop tripping and assuming the worst in regards to women?
I'm scared because I'm leaving my ex with whom I have a child with because I don't love him. I got a new job but no place of my own and I'm not comfortable bringing my child around the place I'm staying, so I won't be seeing her as often as I like. I've never been out on my own before. But her dad and I have been together for 4 years and things just continue to get worse. I just want to be happy and I want my child to be happy. She will be staying with her dad primarily until I have a place that will be safe for her, and then we can carry out the custody arrangement we set in place. I'm just so scared.
Assuming the worst can prevent heart break, but it also prevents any chance at happiness. Proceed with an air of cautious optimism and let them prove to you whether or not they are worth your time instead of writing them all off before they have a chance.

So you're seeking a psychologists/psychiatrists aid, are you?

I've been meaning to myself, but I find the process of doing so exhausting, even if it is partially subsided by the government here.

For the past three months, following a period of heavy sedative abuse, and possible concussion, I've been meaning to consult a health professional/neurologist regarding the possibility of damage/dopamine deficiency.

I haven't had a particularly easy road for a variety of reasons, but the last few months have worn me down to practically nothing. I've never cried so much, or contemplated/attempted suicide so often..
I'm here for you.

I can't offer you much. But I'm here to talk about contacting therapists if you would like.
That's the thing. I feel like I'm already heartbroken this won't last. It really can't given my situation but there's a possibility in the future but way distant future only because of distance of universities.
i've taken ibuprofen for headaches for years. about a 2 months ago i took it and i broke out in hives and my eyes got swollen. it is possible to develop allergies that youve never had before?
its 5:36 am here, 20 years old.
last couple of months were great. but got kicked out of school, nothing to do now, nothing planned in the near future. besides friends and shit I have nothing productive to do.

fuck me, that's more than a line..
My current gf, the only grill Ive ever actually cared for, is going to die young.

Don't worry dude, I've been doing virtually nothing since 2010/11 (aside from the odd gig here and there) and my life is all sunshine and roses my friend!

But seriously my advice would be to get your shit together by the time you've almost reached the 6 month mark, even if it's not in the chosen field you had desired. There's wrong with working in hospitality for reasonable tips, and you could use it as a means to fund your potential travel endeavours.

Until then, keep off meth/cocaine and enjoy your down time with your buddies, perhaps.
I've moved around my whole life. multiple times a year since I was a kid. Money issues. I called someone my best friend and believed it was a life thing or whatever but I moved away and she has more. horrible relationship with my mom. I got fired. My boss and another supervisor are racist. I overheard a conversation. My mom's new bf is trying to take over the apartment as the man or whatever. I'm 20. Not in college. Dropped out got 12th grade my ged. Idk what I would go to college for. It's hard enough being human now I gotta be black. Can someone just say something

Have you ever thought about a career at Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Who /doesn'twanttosleepbecausenightterrors/ here?
Thanks buddy, gonna try to enjoy the ride.
its just that my surroundings wants me to do shit, you know? like they suddenly look down on me for "doing nothing"

but you've made me curious, how come you have been like that for 4 years now, how did you "survive" if we can call it that.
Night terrors, cute.

Please tell me you're gay, I'd gladly snuggle you to sleep if that were the case. Or we could just rest beside each other screaming and yelling obscenities throughout the night, y'know, whatever..
I just cut myself for the first time. Nothing serious, only drew a few drops of blood. But boy did it make me feel alive again. I got sacked from my job some two months ago for showing up late too many times. It was a Casino so even being late 3 minutes counted. The silliest part? I know I'm feeling down because I literally have nothing to do, but I'm also starting engineering studies in a few weeks. The money is temporarily tight for obvious reasons, but I've managed food, rent and bills for now. Currently I feel nothing, and I've lost interested in almost everything that is dear to me. I've managed to keep a good facade up for my girlfriend, but I think she suspects something because I've been very irritable lately. I just hope that going back to school and getting a routine going will cheer me up (I hesitate the term depression). If not, I dun goof'd. Really don't know what to do if this doesn't blow over by then.
I dunno, I wake up in the middle of the night just about every night. I'm used to it and my memory's so shit I usually don't remember what it was that woke me up. I find myself procrastinating sleep though because I hate that feeling of waking up, the transtion is so hard. Getting there, going back, it's something I dread every day unless I'm just exhausted after work but even then worrying about what could happen there causes me to stay up sometimes. Also laying down in silence gives me nothing to do but worry and rumage thoughts in my head. I start worrying and thinking about death and what I would do if certain people died but I can't find an answer. I feel like I'm watching my life go by from a screen. It's hard to feel like I'm in the moment. It's hard to feel.

I really don't know how this works. That made me laugh lmfao. I also went through a depression where I wouldn't step outside for a year. I find it hard to smile. Everyone thinks I'm an asshole now. Fuck
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I'm not gay, but I like tomboys and reverse traps if that counts for anything. I already have a best friend (female) who would be willing to sleep by my side.
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I understand that. I have had nights where I woke up about every fifteen minutes for about 5 hours. That was a long time ago and it has gotten better, but I still get them nearly every night.

Even if you don't want to strictly think "long-term" -- it's a wise suggestion to have some ideas/plans in mind for the future nonetheless. Take advantage of your youth, man. (It's a lot easier to gain employment when you're younger)
Although you needn't run yourself ragged, either.

I live in Australia, our welfare is phenomenal and I also happen to live with my parent(s). I sold weed for a significant period of time, too. Until I got arrested, I was making about $1500 a week..
I wouldn't recommend doing so in todays climate, but, if you CAN make a career out of it, then by all means..
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I have psychosis NOS, it's similar to schizophrenia. My symptoms are getting worse and I'm worried I may go catatonic and have to go to the hospital. I'm terrified of going to the hospital and never getting out so I'm planning to kill myself if it gets that bad. I've decided to tell my therapist about this plan though so I'm pretty sure she's going to have me locked up anyways. I'm probably too much of a pussy to have done it anyways. Just enjoying my last moments of freedom.
Are you quiet? Do you think to yourself a lot? I'm just curious to what might be causing it. I stay inside my own head nearly all the time and it's not something I like to do but it just seems like a challenge to be super involved in the world around me. I mean I respond to people and see things and feel them and stuff, but again it's really hard to feel in it. So I think in my case, it's my subconcious processing and developing these things for me to recieve when I sleep or something. Cause I usually don't find caution or anything to worry about in things at present. It's always in retrospect or foreseeing that I imagine what could go wrong or realize what I didn't do right
Are you the black kid?

I know how it feels not to be able to crack a smile, much even be able to legitimately laugh. This could possibly be why I've taken to abusing opiates lately. Not to categorise myself into a league all of my-own, but my depression is extremely treatment resistant and difficult to address, so if there's anything you think you can (in good conscience) do to pull yourself out of this depressive phase, then I thoroughly recommend doing so.

Sometimes you don't know how soul-destroying depression can be until you open the next dark chapter - which is something you sincerely do not want to be doing..

Get help, or help yourself. Meds shouldn't be the first COA for treatment, either.
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I'm not really quiet. I am actually quite talkative, but not with my family (staying with parents while doing community college). I do think a lot though. I rarely stop thinking and that could be part of why I have night terrors. That being said I didn't have nightmares consistently until I got out of an abusive relationship with a crazy girl.
Yeah that's Me. Can't smile. I'm ruining conversations before they really even start. I was on pail for two months. Not back to back. Maybe I should have. My mom made me feel like shit for taking them. She called them crazy pills and that messed with me. I ended just needing them for a new job I had because I just felt so unhappy. So I finally got my refill. I haven't seen my doctor since he prescribed them. My mom told everyone about them. It kinda ruined them for me. I don't have a car, money or friends here. Just family that won't do anything for me. I think about suicide. I probably won't do it. maybe I should ask for more pills but I don't want am addiction . I've got that with weed and ciggarattes. Almost alcohol now too.
I'm charming enough to flirt with women but I never approach. I'm not terrified, I've done it before and I know in my head even if she tells me to fuck off, it's not that bad and no one around me cares.
But whenever an opportunity comes, I say, "umm not now, maybe later".
I won't make myself do it and it's actually driving me crazy.
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I've been witha guy for 5 years, engaged for 2.

I'm starting to get cold feet and its freaking me out. I feel like I don't love him anymore at times, but then a couple days will pass and I feel like I couldn't live without him.

I'm having some thyroid problems though that my doctor is going to help me with and I'm hoping (praying even?) that that's the actual cause of these weird mood swings and not me falling out of love.

But it scares me ..I know there's no use worrying until I get the treatment for my thyroid, but what if after I'm back to normal, I still feel this way? I don't know what actual 'cold feet' feeling really is, or if that's what I got, and I don't want to make a mistake and break his heart and mine...

I'm scared. I'm honestly scared because I can't tell if this is actually me or just my hormones not being correct. And I'm terrified I'm going to make a stupid mistake and saying something about how I feel to him when I'm drunk or something.

I talk with him when I have problems, but this is something I DO NOT want to bring up yet until I'm sure.
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