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My friend has a bunch of crazy theories about...
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My friend has a bunch of crazy theories about a large sun-like object coming near the earth and causing increased earthquakes, flooding and volcanoes.

Scientifically there's some basis here. Floods and earthquakes have skyrocketed in recent years when looking at a chart of 100-200 years, for example.

He also implied that much of our ancient stories and religions are directly tied to the occasional visiting (into our solar system) of an extra celestial body which is being kept secret by the authorities and silenced experts of the various fields of study.

He is very serious about it and even more convincing. He can bring up about 1000 points which really make you wonder finite 100% true.

Then, when I hear him saying it to other ppl nearby, it's even more convincing... and he starts bringing up 500 other intriguing points - which are then new to me at the time - and which further support his ideas.

Perhaps one ofnthe best parts, he doesn't even need to invoke the Sumerian or Zechariah Sitchin in his ramblings. He's just as content mentioning the Egyptian accounts and ones from ancient Greece, wherein they referred to the celestial body as Phaeton. The are even Celtic accounts of the visiting celestial body, apparently. Some mightbrefer to items The Doomshape or the Destroyer, he says.

An astronomer named Carlos Ferrada, through his studies of the planetary movements, (has accurately predicted earthquakes) proclaims such a visiting body exists. He calls it Hercolubus.

I'm now wondering if I should open myself to such theories. Any advice on whether I should accept these theories as 'plausible'... or should I get my friend some mental help?

Pic related from a video he showed me today.
Dear OP. Your friend is just bat shit crazy.
People can talk and talk and say that the Earth is flat from just how charismatic and confident they are.

Unless they say "This accredited, peer-reviewed scientific journal stated this result, observation, or fact," you can't take what they say as absolute.

Your friend sounds like is entering the early stages of schizophrenia. Is he in his late teens or early twenties?
I'm going to flamebait a bit here, but I'm willing to wager money that he's one of 2 things

1)pre right wing nut job
2)is pre-psychotic and a smidge paranoid

He would say that the flat earth theory is disinformation to discredit ideas on spherical planets, therefore discrediting the idea of a visiting celestial body. I.e. Even the people talking about flat earth knowns bullshit. There distracting and further confusing the matter intentionally.

No. He is not in early 20s. He's a full grown man in mid 30s I guess with his own ideas as well as in-depth research.
He would say that the peer review process is controlled and nothing would get thru.

Negative. He is none of those things. From what I've seen he's perfectly sane. Ever since he's spoken to me about this, all he has done is get healthier in every way. Fitness. Eating right. Perfect understanding of would events. Not socially challenged. Wife of 10 years. Etc..
Conspiracy theory nutjob it is.
dude is an insane moron.
>My friend has a bunch of crazy theories about a large sun-like object coming near the earth and causing increased earthquakes, flooding and volcanoes.
Like what, you're mom? Lol

With what I've seen, i'm not so sure. This guy is extremely smart. He fixes people computers No MATTER WHAT has gone wrong with them.

He also mentioned the fact that Immanuel Velikovski had direct communications with Albert Einstein regarding the subject matter of his books. Eg. Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval, Ages in Chaos. Appenrently their talks, as well as the content of the book(S) support the idea of a visiting body.

There is even a correspondence available between the two. Something like "before the day breaks".
>Unless they say "This accredited, peer-reviewed scientific journal stated this result, observation, or fact," you can't take what they say as absolute.

in other words, unless it's been pre-approved for public propaganda purposes, it's crazy.

peer reviews, lmfao, can you imagine getting your peers to review your own insights into life?

the way you talk it seems like he's obsessed with this thing

anyone who is overly obsessed with something is not trustable imho

they got so brainwashed that they can't think of any other possiblity

Yeah that's kinda what he's saying. Such things are vetted for public consumption. If it doesn't fit the narrative of whatever they're teaching you in school or on the news, it doesn't get out tobthe general public.

I wouldn't say he's obsessed. Maybe well-read. I guess you have to be there to see him in action. Even the velikovski books alone shine a very bright light on the subject. Nevermore the correspondence with Einstein.

Also, he thinks of so many possibilities apart from this. Like how even this narrative could be a huge trick; All evidence pointing to it over the years has been carefully planted and hinted at to spark a conspiracy theorist's dream topic.

Add about 20 other concepts in between.

Of course, he doesn't blv that to be the case... But I suppose its a convenient back up if nothing happens in our lifetime.
Ask him, "if you're so fucking sure about it, buy an amateur telescope and show it to me. I mean fuck, [paranoid friend], it's not like you can't observe this kind of thing yourself. Anyone with a telescope could."

Now watch as he justifies why ooh, oh, we can't see it because [X stupid bullshit reason]. Tell him that's not all the proof you need, and speculation means about as much as the turds in his butthole to you.

Already did. He said no point in buying a telescope, we will see possibly 2 objects with our own eyes very soon.

One of which would appear as a comet and get brighter and larger over almost 3 months. The other of which he has apparently already seen with his own eyes.

The non-comet object appears at sunrise or sunset depending on atmosphere and position. It appears as a smaller, dimmer and more distant sun... But another same time it looks like it's mainly being illuminated by our sun, not itself.

It can be seen on YouTube as well, but trolls or whatever have flooded YouTube with faked videos to further confuse the matter. He only believes so strongly because he has seen it himself.

YouTube: "nibiru new York sunset" or planet X new York etc... Also "parana Brasil nibiru" etc. But if you ever fall for the click bit and encounter a faked video I can't help you.

Here is one tiny example video:


Is that the Sun of Righteousness?

Is it going to pass by after the destruction with healing on its wings?

An astronomy major could explain it better than me, but that's just not how celestial bodies work. A body like that has no reason, for instance, to be present beside the sun itself, and there are plenty of atmospheric phenomena that would create a kind of afterimage of the sun nearby. The fact that it's a set of still images and not an actual video is even worse.

It's also telling that you think "trolls" and such are trying to prevent the idea from spreading. While no doubt CIA and other organizations perform their fair share of disinfo, you'd think they'd be able to take down a Youtube video of transcendental importance, wouldn't you?
Planet X

It's not beside the sun. It's in the general direction of the Sun from our perspective.

There are many videos which are not still images as well. I could link them but I wasn't sure if this was the right place since I was mainly asking advice.

They don't need to take the video(s) down as they have already sufficiently muddied the waters regarding this topic.
I realize that. Sure is convenient that it's the exact same size and shape as the sun. Sure is convenient that it only is visible at sunset. Sure is convenient that it has the exact same luminosity as the sun.


I see. So only you know the truth, right? Everyone else is just muddying the waters against the one true knowledge.

This is literally cultist behavior, you know that, right? Why won't you accept that your friend just likes being a conspiracy theorist and that you were taken in by him?

I don't know what vids u are watching where it's the same size as the sun.

The sun is too bright to see past in regular conditions. Combined withthat, he object is not bright enough to see since it is not self illuminated.

I'm sorry I thought these were obvious. Try looking past but near the Sun when it's real bright lol. Being sarcastic unless u want eye damage.

Plenty of phenomena?

Then why won't science explain it?

All they have is sun dogs or lens flare excuses. Actual accredited scientists have been approached with videos like these and could provide zero explanation.

Its so obviously an object that they couldn't even use the standard bulshit excuses.

I guess we will see. I'm not the guy who has done the reserch on this so I couldn't say. However, I do note the parallel between Mayan drought of 7 years around the year 707. We are going through our own drought of 7 years from around 2012. Supposedly. The object passes half way thru the drought period?

The incoming object is causing the drought as well as the increased earthquakes, floods and volcanoes.

Time will tell.

For all we know, the object beyond the sun never gets much closer than it already is. Perhaps it has an orbiting body which comes much closer to us, at first looking like a comet.

The topic has been so suppressed and convoluted, it's hard to know for sure.
op video found


Forgot the loud trumpeting sounds which are being heard around the world and will become more widespread and possibly louder.

Maybe unrelated but I doubt it

Or this one...

Actual accredited scientists don't give conspiracy theorists the time of day. If someone barged into your office and kept asking why you weren't studying Planet X and Nibiru, you'd say tell me about this proof of those. Then they'd present a time-lapse Youtube video, and you'd tell them to get the fuck out because you can't be wasting your time with unclear data from an unknown source.

Look. This is crap. All of it. You want something to believe in because you're gullible and not getting meaning elsewhere in your life, so you justify it by saying "Hey, I may not be big, but I know a big secret, and I'm going to tell everyone!"

Then people like me come along and say, "that's bullshit," and you say, "science hasn't explained it!" as if that were as good as guaranteeing Planet Nibiru is going to pass by earth in 2019 and bring a new age of blah blah and Mayan calendar and destiny and the modern equivalent of Biblical Revelations.
Does your friend also talk of an Israel - Iran war essentially constituting ww3?

Does he tell about the idea of a cyberspace attack which will knock out the Internet?

Does he speak of escalating world events and other distractions preventing us from delving into this issue further?

Does he say the power will be knocked out at some point? Economic collapse? Flu-like virus making the rounds but killing ppl? Forced vaccines or quarantine/fema camps? Family relocation centres? Shelter in place? Martial Law?

He's a conspiracy theorist.
Yeah I used to subscribe to ideas like that, maybe in a half serious way, but I now know it's all bullshit.

Nibiru shit is nothing new, that and similar ideas have been floating around for decades. Many predictions have been made, and none of them have happened. Hard evidence is always just around the corner.

Consider this: a large object in our solar system would cause perturbations in the orbits of all the planets that would be very noticeable, by a lot of people. I know you'll say 'coverup', but in reality it wouldn't be something that could be covered up.

It's bunk, sorry to bust your bubble. You're going to have to keep soldiering on in the fucked up world.
>everyone calling OPs friend insane

dude, he is just one of those "the ancient people were so fucking deep" type morons who is brainwashed by the history channel into believing all this newage fucking bullshit

you would be surprised how normal this is
>Any advice on whether I should accept these theories as 'plausible'
If your friend has not been able to convince a single reputable scientist in the world then what makes you think it's a good idea to be convinced by him? What do you think is more likely:

Option 1: He is the single smartest person on the planet, nobody in the scientific community can come anywhere close to his level of awareness, he is the messiah of this generation, the most important person in the world, and there is a world-wide conspiracy to pretend he's nuts

Option 2: He can't convince anyone reputable with a scientific background because he's wrong as fuck

lol you clearly don't understand the topic

>if this is true it's also a religious matter
>he believes he is trying to get the message out

i.e. if any extremely fucked up shit happens in the next few months/years you can likely blame this topic


anyway my friends name is ___ and he studies (mostly) the work of Gil Broussard. Or is my friend Gil Broussard? (Or am I Gil Broussard?) He calls it planet 7x because he thinks its 7 (6.5-7.5) times earth diameter. He has a youotube called Planet7X.

>thats my guess

>but Gil doesn't think there have been valid sightings
>he is still waiting on the comet object
>so your friend is not Gil
The moon is hollow and whoever put it there is aiming for a decrease in population/polution.

>not good advice
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soho satellite.gif
17 KB, 787x533
I've studied some astronomy and astrophysics, so I'll tell you why he's bullshit.

The simplest reason is that space is actually very very simple.

Consider a flag flying in the wind.
How do you predict which way it's going to flap next?
You can't.
It's too chaotic. Being tossed around by the wind like that. Too many factors.

Space is not like that.
When dealing with movement, it's very very simple.
You can use laws written 400 years ago for interplanetary travel and be absolutely fine.

It's like working on the flattest, most frictionless billiards table in the universe. The ball will go where it goes.

Planetary movement is so predictable that we've discovered planets in our solar system just based on the deviations of the orbits of the others.

What I'm getting at is that we understand planetary motion very well and that you don't need to see a body to know its there.
If there was another "sun-like object" in our solar system, we'd easily be able to see it via its effects on the orbits of everything else.

Furthermore, we have satellites a good way way from Earth watching the sun.
Even if the object was coming straight at us out of the sun, thus seeming "invisible", we'd easily catch it at an angle.
Never forget that Ben Carson, an amazing neurosurgeon, thinks that the pyramids were for storing grain.

Smart people can be just as crazy and ignorant as anyone else.

>expert can't explain it

>you think you can

I'm just saying that if there was any evidence what so ever, it would be evident to everyone.

Look at Cassini here.
If there was another large mass out there, it's orbital trajectory would have been disrupted.
But it wasn't.

It threaded that needle several times.

There's nothing out there.

The lightest bit of research makes that obvious.
What kind of body would affect the Earth so much to cause Earthquakes, but not deviate spacecraft trajectories?


perhaps you should look into the ferrada character or any number of other sources who have literally observed the planets and found perturbations indicating an unseen body affecting planets and comet orbits

>there is also Robert S Harrington who was not mentioned ITT. A U.S Naval Observatory character who confirmed a lot of this and then died shortly thereafter.

>any number of experts have admitted that such a body could and probably does exist.

>even the work of Andy Lloyd 'Dark Star' manages to tackle the subject with ancient references and science.

>the works of Immanuel Velikovsky are absolutely amazing. Even caused a stir in tthe science commuunity everywhere called the Velikovsky Affair

>Wooly Mammoths frozen with being chewed and some barely digested in stomach, indicates a sudden 'pole shift' scenario whereby the arctic circle 'extends down' due to a 26-28 degree earth axis tilt.

>Past Earth Floods, Earth Crust/Continental changes,, Meteor strikes

>and any number of other avenues of research...there are so many angles to this thing it's downright uncanny

OP, your friend could be on to something.

i should look at some of Gil Broussard stuff when I have time and maybe you should too

some of these guys are putting their necks on the line for no reward, just to "get the message out"



I'm sure it has been said already ITT, but I have to bring up the obvious truth that if there was a star other than Sol in our system you would be able to see it. There are also a couple other points about orbits of the planets and ellipses and such that wouldn't be possible if there was another gigantic celestial body present in our system.

Your friend may be mentally ill, but I am more concerned that you are apparently stupid enough to have believed him.
>>the works of Immanuel Velikovsky are absolutely amazing. Even caused a stir in tthe science commuunity everywhere called the Velikovsky Affair
Uh huh.
The guy that tries to explain literal Biblical events with planetary events?
Like how the tower of Babel fell due to Mercury?
Or apparently that Noah's flood was caused by a planet that Earth was orbiting exploding?

Yeah, ok bud

not quite but nice try
this thread might get you dead!


It's disturbing that your vote, and your friend's, count as much as an informed vote. NASA is not hiding planets from people.
>What kind of body would affect the Earth so much to cause Earthquakes but not deviate spacecraft trajectories?
This. If it causes earthquakes then it has a huge effect. If it doesn't deviate satellites then it has no effect. It makes no sense for something to have a huge effect and no effect at the same time. It's like saying there is an invisible object in your house that cannot be detected by any means and this undetectable object is the REAL reason why you randomly slipped on the floor one time five years ago, when it suddenly became tangible and solid for one second and then quickly vanished backed into invisible weightlessness. It has both an effect and no effect and it's triggered depending on whether the evidence is reliable. Does that sounds credible? If you don't believe in such an object then don't believe in invisible planets.
better hide , the government is coming after you
Isaiah 47:13

Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

>such effects are being observed

>for information and news you are relying on the very authorities who are keeping the secrets

>e.g. NASA , gov't controlled science
>e.g. news , gov't controlled propaganda
File: 8.png (1 MB, 1638x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1638x904


pic related, and it gets much much worse
This is useless without a vertical scale.
>>e.g. NASA , gov't controlled science
There are thousands of universities out there.
Space isn't hidden away.

Anyone can look up.

The basic formulas used in modern space travel were deduced by single guys with medieval telescopes.

You don't need satellites to do observe bodies in our own system.

So where is this extra planet?
And why has no one seen it?
If the american government cannot hide when their president is getting his cock sucked in the oval office then they are not manipulating worldwide scientific data

>anyone can look up

and soon they will be seeing some amazing sights

that was intentional clinton propaganda
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