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>20yrs old
>kinda skinny but not in any shape

I want to start running and exercise, also eat healthier. Problem is, I don't know where to find reliable info about how to do all that properly.

I did try to do situps for 2 months but obviously that's not an allround fitness program.
Everywhere I look on the Internet I see paid gyms or books focusing on specific things.
Do you have tips or a good way, to find out what's the best thing for my body?
For shame. Just a couple boards down we have one dedicated to fitness. Go check it out. Read the sticky. Lurk. And stop doing sit ups.
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1) go to /fit/
2) ask questions - get told to read the sticky
3) read the sticky
4) ???
Since I'm bored, I'll try to make this as accessible to you as possible.

To be healthy (and look good, which is by the way what gets you pussy) you have to exercise the whole body. To exercise the whole body, you need to know your whole body.
>pic related is the most simplistic division of muscle group you will need (I maed it srry for overlapping lines)

So, you need to exercise your whole body, which means doing many different exercises that will use up your whole body.
For example, if you wanna exercise at home, you need to do:
1) Push-ups (chest)
2) Pull-ups (upper back)
3) Sit-ups (abs)
4) Hyper-extensions (lower back)
5) Squats (quads and gloots)
6) some sprinting (for hamstrings)
7) Handstand push-ups (for shoulders)

That's all I can think of right now. Once you get comfortable with muscle groups, you can find your own exercises that you like for certain muscles.

If you wanna go to gym, it's even easier that way. You can do almost everything with a barbell and dumbbells and several benches, so be sure to cruise around /fit/, or read some books about weightlifting.
Starting Strength - Basic Barbell Training would be good for beginning:

Feel free to ask questions if you're confused. I'll make sure I'll be here to answer eventually.
forgot to add pic
thank you for that! Very much detail on that
I have a question though, how about eating and dieting? Is it enough to just rely on the calories I need per day, vegetables, right amounts of protein and stuff, and to drink much, or do I have to do that differently when working out?

Would you say, that running or swimming contibutes more to a healthy body, or is that completely different from each other?

Also my sleeping cycle is fucked for 3 months now, is that a fitnesskiller?

sry if some of those questions are stupid, I just want to get them all out
just read the /fit/ sticky, it's good for beginners. Also if you want read The naked warrior
>Everywhere I look on the Internet I see paid gyms or books focusing on specific things.
So? It's a fucking commitment. Many people do this.
There are people who will take any advice they can get, and discuss it with anyone at length; casual. There are also, then, people who try to optimise. The thing is, people from both categories will tend to consume /fit/ literature.
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You'll find everything you need right here on fit. They have very good information about muscle growing and even the great Zyzz started from there, so there are plenty of people who know what they are talking about.
In case you're unfamiliar with dieting, your food consists of three main nutrients - protein, carbs and fat.

Carbs (carbohydrates) are "lighter" sources of energy - they are useful because of their quick absorption in your body, so they are useful as a pre-workout meal. You want to avoid simple carbs such as sugar though, because they mess with your insulin levels and are generally not healthy and can be very addictive because of their pleasant taste.

Fats are heavier sources of energy, and they are very good sources of energy when eaten IN MODERATION. If you're not a pro bodybuilder who aims for ultra-low body fat percentage, you would want some fat in your diet.

Proteins are building blocks for your muscles - they are a must for any fitness enthusiast. More protein in diet means faster development of musculature, more strength, better looks etc.

Foods that are rich in carbs are grains, bread, spaghetti, fruit, cereals, snacks, potatos and such.
Foods that are rich in fat are bacon, egg yolk, red meat, butter, chocolate, cream etc.
Foods that are rich in protein (which is what you aim for) are meat - all kind, especially chicken and fish, milk, cottage cheese, eggs (both whites and yolks, but yolks contain fat and whites don't).

As a beginner, just make sure you eat enough protein while you exercise. If you're not a fat fuck, no need to watch your diet too strictly.

Running and swimming are both aerobic activities, which mean they engage your heart more to sustain the longer but easier exercise. They are very fun activities, they raise your cardiovascular health, lung capacity and overall happiness through serotonin and dopamine release.
Running alone, however, is not enough to achieve a nicely developed body. Swimming might be, but it takes years of serious training to do so.

For muscles to develop, you need AT LEAST five to six hours of sleep per night. Eight hours would be ideal.
*comment too long, will continue*
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When you exercise your muscles, you're basically creating a micro-tearings in muscle tissue which gives brain a signal to repair muscle and make it bigger and stronger in the process.
So when you sleep, your muscles relax and your body starts repairing muscles.
Less sleep = less muscle repair.

That could eventually lead to overtraining.

There. Hope I inspired you to start training.
Training is a wonderful thing, it's a reason I wake up 6:30 AM every morning even though it's holidays. It's the reasons I'm not totally depressed.
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To continue even more, if your primary goal is to look good (which is why many of us started lifting in the first place), I would recommend going to gym.

"What am I going to do in the gym? I don't even know what exercises exist!" - you may proclaim.
Don't worry, though, Internet is full of information you can use for your everyday training. I will start by presuming that you have never been to gym, don't know how "the whole gym thing" works, and don't have any experience in lifting whatsoever.

First of all, gym is a place with free weights. Nothing more than that, nothing special, nothing grandiose or ultra-organized - it's just a place where you can go and take some weights and lift them.
You can come whenever you like (I prefer mornings because the gym is empty), you can do whatever you want as long as you're not making damage, and you can leave whenever you want. Most guys in the gym are quite friendly, although you may come across some assholes now and then.

So, when you go to gym, you usually want to have a "plan".
"What is there to plan? I just come there and exercise." - Well, you plan what muscle group you will workout on certain days.
"What? I don't do all muscles every day?" - No. That would be a ticket to overtraining, because you would be sore from last training every day. Instead, you divide your muscles in several groups and you choose when will you workout what.
Those are called "split training" plans.

The most popular split training plan for beginner is UPPER / LOWER BODY plan.
Basically, one day you workout all your upper body muscles, and the other day you workout all lower body muscles (read some references, ese! http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/upper-lower-split/ ).

After a few months you should become strong enough so you can switch to brosplit.
Brosplit is a /fit/ slang word for multiple-days muscle split in which you do only one major muscle group per day.
*comment to long, will continue*
For example:
A) Chest
B) Back
C) Shoulders/Traps
D) Legs
E) Arms
And you just cycle those muscle groups. One day you do chest exercises (benchpress, incline benchpress, dips, barbell flies), next day back (lat pulldown, pullups, T-bar rows, Pedley rows, deadlifts), next day shoulders etc. etc.

Hope you get the main idea.

Again, feel free to ask again if something is still confusing you. Hope I didn't overflow you with information.
I wonder if he died looking for a workout to make his face look like it belonged on an adult.
If I wanted humor I would ask what your 1RMs are
If I wanted to humor you I'd pretend you're not still fat.
nice projection m8

>inb4 dyel
>fuck off
>Implying he does lift.
>Implying anyone on this planet want an adult face besides children who are not allowed to buy alcohol.
>I bet your in your 20s already looking like you have been through 3 weddings and your silver wedding.
>In b4 your adult face is the only thing you can be proud of
Better fat and strong than skinny and weak fag, I see why you're here and not on /fit/.
thanks again for the input, I will save all u said and look into the topic further.
I don't have any questions, you were very helpful :)
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what did people do before the internet and books? it really is so much more simple than it's made out to be now. eat good shit, balanced shit, real shit. the produce section, etc. not the shit in the isles in walmart, or half the shit in the isles of a place like wegmans. eat a multivitamin and you're good to go. i would advise avoiding dairy.
>what did people do before the internet and books
They did 10kg curls until they could do 120 reps. Then they moved on to heavier.
when i was about 17 and i had a shitty dumbbell set i would do like 50 reps of 5kg curls. i was in bliss.
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