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>summer 2013
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>summer 2013
>been hanging out with a whorish girl for a couple of months due to homies moving away
>has a beta male boyfriend
>says she likes me more than her boyfriend
>tells me how deep I am and how he is stupid and is friendless with real autism
>tells me that she stays with him because she says he will kill himself
>he is addicted to alcohol and will go into replapse if he doesn't drink
>constanly cheats on him, but says she wasn't in her right mind and he always takes her back

here's the shitty part about the girl that lead to a situation
>addicted to herion
>always needs five dollars
>sucked dick for money in the past
>been caught recently prostituting herself to a couple in the small town we live in
>kicked out of her parents house
>is leaving town to live with a drug dealer
>wants me to drive her to a bad town 40 miles away,
>I refuse
>says she will suck my dick
>hang up

>she comes back to town,
>wants me to drive her to live with another drug dealer
>been kicked out of her house again for stealing money for heroin
>gets placed in a psyche ward for three months
> holds me accountable because I didn't drive her to the dealer
>I cut her off completely
>she is still dating the beta male bf

Should I have taken sex from her and did what she asked?
I was honestly afraid of STDs and didn't want to risk it,
pic related
that's her
>getting your dick sucked by a street whore junkie, ever

i suppose you'd eat eat a burger out of the dumpster too
She's nasty. Stay away. Heaps of other women out there.

This is the dumbest thing I've read. It was 2 and a half years ago and you're STILL wondering if you should have let a drug addict whore suck your dick for a ride somewhere?

Get out and do anything else. Literally anything else and move on.
This is a board for advice. Your question is about what you should have done three years ago.

Why are you asking that question? Why do you care about her boyfriend at all? What the fuck?
was in contact with her till mid, 2015 when I couldn't take it any more she was too insane.
Ok, but why the fuck are you asking now? You already did the thing. You don't have any diseases and you aren't dealing with her shit. It's over.

A. You never mentioned that.

B. You're still fawning over an incident from 2013.

Find a new girl. Play Second Life or fall for one of those Craigslist bots or something.
I kek'd a little
idk I just want to hear your sentiments on this and if I did the right thing.
You didn't fuck a junkie whore. That's a good life decision, man.
Now start avoiding junkies and whores completely and you'll be going places.
to tell you the truth she was the only junkie I have ever met. I spent most of my life avoid ing them.
At first she seemed like someone who genuinely needed help, and was in bad part of her life with no one to turn to. But in the end she just turned out to be a whore.
Exactly this. You made a good decision. Furthermore she sounds like to me someone that doesn't have a bottom and people that dont have rock bottoms you can't do much for. Yeah I'd leave her alone to figure shit out on her own. Sounds like if she's being committed to psyche wards something has to give at some point in her life anyways. The circus will come crashing down on her sooner or later.
Junkies are the worst, anon. Best case scenario you have some emotionless sex with someone who is using sex to purchase favors or in exchange for cash. Worst case scenarios include getting an STD, getting murdered because some junkie/dealer discovered you fucked his bitch, and her murdering you because she is a crazy bitch (junkies will do ANYTHING for smack, anon).
we lived in a small town in the countryI met her through a mutual friend who told me what a nice girl she was before she changed.

She was always nice, or at least pretended to be. Honestly I hung around her because I thought I could turn her life around. I made her go into rehab, but she relapsed. Her parents didn't give a fuck about her because she was adopted, and her beta male boyfriend is a basement dwelling derp.

She would often break down and cry about how ashamed she was of herself.
>couldn't get a job because of anxiety
>living off of government benefits
>In and out of psyche wards she was mess

I think she might have been mentally ill

she drove 60 miles upstate and lived naked in the woods for a week because she thought that airplanes were coming to get her.

I only wanted to help but she wouldn't change
Apart of being a man is having dignity. This women is a piece of trash. I would never be around her, or even think about sleeping with her. You are better then that, get the fuck away from piece of shit people, and hang out with people that actually do things with their life.
you did the right thing, both morally and for yourself. you probably would've gotten some std from her and driving her to a drug dealer's house wouldn't be doing her any favors. she has to break her heroin addiction and in order to do that she has to realize how hard life is with an addiction like that. your reward will come later. don't worry
Thread replies: 17
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