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gender dysphoria
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gawd I'm so desperate.
20 y/o here. I hate my breast and got the strange feeling of never pass. ppl even told me I look androgynous and can't tell my gender but well.
I keep getting panic attacks out of nowhere and the feeling I'm an imposter because... I don't know why I have this feeling. But thoughts like "nobody will ever date a trans guy" are running through my head and it makes me SICK.
I feel like tearing apart inside and it hurts.
How to deal with Gender Dysphoria?
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What did your breast do to deserve to be hated? I have man boobs and only feel a little dismay.
sorry, I forgot to mention
I'm pre-anything ftm trans. and thanks to rly bad genetics I got huge breasts.

Stop focusing on a potential problem and instead focus on loving yourself for who you are

You're getting so wound up and caught up in the idea of trans that you're giving up the prospect of remaining in your gender already even though you obviously arent comfortable with being trans

I say, stiff upper lip, stand up with pride, tell the world you are what you are and you fucking love yourself and theres nothing anyone or anything can do to change that

Fight it anon. Fight back control of your pride
thanks for these uplifting words. 2015 was an amazing year, I should take a look what 2016 brings.
OP plz date me. You sound adorable. I don't care who you choose to be. Makes no difference to me
ihear.themwhisper.gray@gmail.Com is my throwaway
show them the vayjay to prove ur a gurl
Have you tried not looking like a 12 yr old boy. I guarantee you, youre not a boy. Men dont have these issues because we dont think like this. questioning your appearance is a female thing to do.
And yes if you become a tranny prepare to die alone and hated as an abomination.
First, remember gender dysphoria is a real thing. Therapy to acknowledge your own feelings and/or surgery might be the best solutions.
Second, there are people who would date a trans guy. I would. I'm pansexual, which is a lot more common than you think. It just means I fall for peoole, not their genitalia. Look it up.
Also, it might do you good to get on some forum or board where you can speak to people going through something similar
Fuck you. Seriously. I would NEVER date a guy who thinks like you do. You are going to die alone you fucking monster
>"nobody will ever date a trans guy"
I hear that gay men might.
I'm going off of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-A8GvUehq4&t=25m16s
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Congrats for already taking steps. Really congrats. I feel the same way, but I could mever pass and I would lose too much for something false. It's not for all of us, but I wish you luck
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OK here's the straight up truth

Gender dysphoria is real.

The need for hormones/surgery is not.

Like any mental illness, gender dysphoria is a result of spiritual deficiency. Every human is inherently two-spirited

Now before I go any further I'm going to tell you all the label combos I have gone through
>bisexual (5 years old)
>FtM homosexual (9)
>bisexual (12)
>lesbian (17)
>FtM heterosexual??? (18)
>genderfluid pansexual (18-foreseeable future)

It is my strong belief that all humans are on a sliding scale in terms of sexuality and gender expression because the whole concept of applying labels and taboos and "limits" is artificial, and humans are, well, animals.

You think if you were a hunter-gatherer you would hate your body's sex? I remember wanting to cut my boobs and hips off, wanting to be 6" taller at least. Eventually I began to pass as male -- a 12 year old male. It made me realize I wasn't actually getting anything out of "being male". It did nothing to help me.

What helped was realizing this:

We are born with particular genitalia and hormones. This is sex.

Under one set of conditions, a human can want to fuck just about any other human (or sometimes animals..). Reverse the situation, and you'll see a human can end up being screwed by any other human. This is sexuality.

Human society imposes a set of conditions on people's sexuality, depending on their sex. This is gender.

Do I still daydream what my life could have been like if I sprang up into a 6'3" hunk as an adolescent instead of staying a 5'1" "chick"? sure. But I will NEVER have that so let's just move on and find happiness with what I've got instead of pursuing a hopeless fantasy.

I don't shave my legs or pits. I don't wear make-up. I don't wear underwire bras. I have some men's (okay let's be real, youth boy's) clothes in my wardrobe, and a lot of my women's clothes are masculine. This is my comfy place, not hating myself.
People have the right having their preferences just like you choose to give in to this trans lie. You were born with a mental disease which is strangely accepted by medical terms as a justified condition merely to seem politically correct. If your ”dysphoria” was wanting to be a fox, then sane people will consider you a complete nutcase. Remember this: Medical advances is the reason you can try to accomplish your sick dress-up fantasy, otherwise, all you could do is whine.
You can call me a monster that will die alone, but I don`t plan on dating anyone trans anyway.
Talk for youself will you? You don't have to be such a fucking asshole. There are people (like me) who don't give a shit what your genitals are like. If he feels he's a guy, then he's a guy. Period,
I know a trans guy who picked up a str8 girl and they're like 5yrs deep in ltr. Dont stress too much.
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I know pansexuality, thanks for your words. Maybe I'll find someone who loves me just like that. Do you have any suggestions regarding a forum? I'm already visiting a self-help group monthly but somehow I never thought about a forum.

Don't feed that troll. I would never date someone who thinks that insecurity is a female thing. Those are the same who tell "boys don't cry" and shit like that.
(Imho, regardless of your gender you're allowed to show your feelings and you're not weak for doing so. That makes you to a living being, otherwise you're a fucking robot).

Yeah I heard that too.
Thanks for the video, I'll watch it later.

What do you mean, you would loose to much "for something false"? However, thanks.

I'm not sure how much you can compare a hunter-gatherer to today's human. If I remember right they didn't really care about female and male but rather about surviving till the next day.
I never saw this sex/sexuality/gender thing this way. That's a refeshing input desu, thanks. And yes, some dreams will never come true. I know that. It's like lottery, I stopped hoping to win in an early state. So I did with wishing I were 6'3" or having godlike muscular body build.
I had moments of loving myself the past year, after a decade of self-hate and self-destruction. But sometimes it's hard.

I don't call you a monster, I don't wish anyone to die alone and people are allowed to have their own opinions. If they think that transgender is a lie, I'm okay with that. It's no of my concern and who am I to tell you how to live your life and what persons you should date?

A big fish in a little pond doesn't know the ocean. But thank you <3

Maybe I'm gonna be a womanizer.
I mean that transitioning wouldn't work given some prominent physiological problems of mine. I also don't believe (this is obviously a very personal belief) that transitioning will truly change things for me. I'll never grow up or naturally be who I truly am so I've learned to just suck it up and deal with it.
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