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My mom really creeps me out sometimes. Take...
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My mom really creeps me out sometimes. Take today for example:

>sleeping in this morning
>mom walks into my room and asks if I want to go on errands with her.
>I'm still half asleep but just alert enough to mutter a few responses.
>I was also able to notice as she was rubbing my arm, her hand made its way to my breast with each stroke. Luckily I was under my covers so by the second stroke I covered my boob with my hand. Mind you, I had a shirt on but this still felt weird.

Later on
>be in the kitchen
>mom is putting away the dishes, I turn to walk away and she pinches my ass.
>she knows I don't like it when she does shit like this.
>I told her to stop and she jokingly replies with "anon, it was only a love pinch!"

I hate it when she jokes around like this, it makes me feel really uncomfortable. Maybe I'm overreacting but it's really weird.
What are your thoughts on this, /adv/?
Your mother has a penis. Accept it. Enjoy it.

But seriously, no way to know if it's a bigger deal without knowing the history. Maybe she just wants to make sure her fine young daughter's not getting fat? Maybe she's a rapacious lesbian? Who knows?
Tits or get the fuck out
is your mom hot

post pics please

it'll help me generate a proper response
She has made some comments about my body before, I have a little bit of fluff but at least I'm not morbidly obese.
On occasions my brother will slap her ass in a jokingly way, so that might be giving her the idea that it's "ok" to do so.
It's still fucking weird.
My mom would do weird stuff like this to me when I lived with her from about 13-20 years old. She'd also deeply interrogate me on my sex life with my boyfriend. Like ask for details and seem like she was strangely aroused by it.

Once she woke me up in the morning by hovering over my face . And she said I look "the most beautiful when I'm startled" creepy...

Once we got into an argument and she had this meltdown about how she was old and jealous of my youth. I knew she was always psycho about getting older. But it felt really weird for my mom to be jealous of me in a strange and sexual way.
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Your mom is sooooo in to you.
She's ready to fuck you like no one has ever been fucked before.

I say let her have her way with you.
Pinch her ass to and grope her titts get drunk together and start by licking her neck than her mouth and work your way down.

Your mom is horny ass fuck can be.
Enjoy and give your mom what she wants. You owe her that much.
Just take one for the team sure you'll be wanting more from mom after that.
Poke your eyes out and tell her to kill herself

I don't blame her. The cock carousel is most fun when you're young and and your parents are the ones paying for the ride.
Dude that's worse than what my mom does. The closest my mom can come to your mom's level is how she asks me if I spot any "cute" strangers in public.
moms are fucking creeps. My mom did shit like this to me while she was single, but she has a boyfriend now so she's fucked off.
Honestly, your mother has seen you naked, cleaned your shit, and done so much crap with you that the 'personal space' barrier on that level is non-existant for her. I don't think it's sexual, it's just as I mentioned.
Op here, my mom has a boyfriend but this doesn't stop her from acting like this. She hasn't introduced him to me and my siblings yet but she acts crazier when she does have her boyfriends over. She can be immature but she obviously tries to impress them whenever they're over. It's annoying.
My mom was just not right. Especially when I went through puberty and when I entered college. That was when she was the weirdest.

Now she's going through menopause, and she acts like a 16 year old. It's very embarrassing.
How close are you to moving out, OP? >>16643936 here

I've found the easiest way to not deal with my mom is to get out as soon as I could.
But that still doesn't explain why she feels the need to do these things. Her main excuse is
>I'm just playing around
My mom has been known to be socially awkward at times,but she's not a complete autist. Which has always led me to believe she had other intentions but I could never put my finger on it.
I'm 19. I'm currently working retail and attending community college. My parents are divorced so I could just go to my dad's I suppose. (Me and my siblings switch between houses on certain days.)
Thread replies: 17
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