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How often should a man get a Blowjob during...
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How often should a husband get head?

So getting oral sex drives me crazy. I love it. But since my wife and I have gotten married it has been pretty lackluster. So my wife and I have been married about almost a full 5 months in that time I have only gotten 4 blowjobs--This time includes a honeymoon and my Birthday!

In her defense she got extremely sick on our honeymoon due to seasickness (we went on a cruise so it was pretty terrible). But she didn't even try to "make it up to me."

She also felt sick on both veterans day and my birthday (I said she only had to go down on me one of those days Nov. Birthday--yay scoripio). But I had to remind her my IOU.

She doesn't like receiving but will give.
We had sexy time well before we were married.

I just feel like my wife isn't giving me enough head. And we don't have sex nearly enough either--oh and she hates handjobs thinks they are disgusting so won't even just give me handy instead of a bj. FML
cheat on her.

i'm not even trying to be captain edgelord here.

if you're making it clear that you want more head, and she doesn't want to give it to you, she has no right to prevent you from getting it elsewhere.

unless you're just being passive aggressive and simply expecting her to KNOW you want more.
I suppose that is an option. And I have tried to be open about it. When I do she then gets defensive or gets uber depressed/sad.
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Be more aggressive, not less.
Just adjust your game. Appeal to her emotions. You can't make love to every woman the same way, they all have different needs.

Maybe if you helped her out with her chores/tasks more often, and gave her a massage, she would be in the mood.
I have started doing more chores around the house. I also give her foot rubs all the time--literally daily. I rub her back when I have the chance. I try to get frisky with her during the day/afternoon but she always wants to put it off till "later" and by then she feels "too tired" or "has a headache" or falls asleep on the couch till bed time.
Attraction is a push and pull thing. You've pushed too hard, you've turned off her sex button.

Back off for a while, but don't be cold to her. Just cuddle with her and give her the control. I've noticed recently if my gf isn't in the mood, and we're cuddling, I'll let go of my arms being around her and just sit there for a minute passively. she'll start to feel lonely and come closer to me. I do this a few times and eventually my hand is in her pants.

Just give her some space and let her come to you. know when to make a move, and communicate. always communicate.

"I like cuddling with you. Do you want to have sex tonight?"
Not saying you're dirty but make sure your dick is really clean and you're eating healthy and not like drinking too much alcohol, so your cum tastes good. It makes it a lot more appealing for women.
Dude are you still doing the same things that got her to suck your dick before cause being married doesn't mean you don't put effort.

Aside from that don't give her dick till you get your dick sucked.

>How often should a husband get head

Whenever you want it. You shouldn't be married to someone you aren't sexually compatible with, it is just going to lead to cheating followed by divorce and regret over all the years you spent trying to change someone.

By all means, continue to stay married to this person though.
>>got married

Found your problem. Good luck with that hahaha.
you married the wrong woman m8
This answer above is meant as humour but is sadly also true. For many women sex is linked to excitement and anticipation. The thrill of having a bf, then of being engaged, the build up to the wedding and then...... she doesn't have the same stimulus driving her libido.

This is very common. Very very common. Some women have high libidos similar to a guy, but the vast majority don't.

You've married young with no living together experience haven't you?
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She should be sucking your cock regularly, just finking out on bringing you to orgasm with j oral.
My wife has never given me one and we've been together 5 years

To be fair it doesn't fit well

I mostly just fap to 2d...
Wow that sucks. Giving head to my husband (of almost 2 years) isn't always my favorite, but I give him a bj at least 3 times a week... Even if I'm not in the mood, I love seeing him enjoy it.
If you think of sex like a transaction of course you're going to feel dissatisfied. It's not about what you're owed or what you can expect, that's hollow and soulless. I understand what you're saying, though. You still have needs that she knows about and is not fulfilling.

I hate to break it to you, but your wife probably does not like giving head. I assume from your sudden dissatisfaction that she used to do it somewhat regularly before, so what's changed, outside of you getting married? Do you try to put the same effort into romance and intimacy that you used to? Do you ever try anything new? If she's tired, have you tried getting morning/afternoon oral from her so that she's not too tired for it in the evening? Do you ever give her some kind of reward after she gives you head to show that it's appreciated? If you've already tried this stuff then you just need to get some kind of honest answer from her about why she isn't putting out.

My gf used to hate giving head because her jaw is really small (so small, she had to have an expander and surgery just to fit all of her teeth in her mouth), and I have a pretty thick dick. I got her a pair of Gummerz (>>16642147 take note) and a bottle of this stuff she puts on my dick to make it taste like a green apple jolly rancher. Now she does it whenever I ask.
stopped at
>yay scorpio

give her some "HEAD" .. buy a vibrator or something - adameve (dot) com
Step 1. Go to grocery store
2. Buy a banana or eggplant
3. Buy a condom if you don't have one at home
4. Go home
5. Put condom over fruit/vegetable
6. Pee on it
7. Wipe it dry but don't wash it
8. Put fruit/vegetable into your mouth and down your throat as far as you can
9. DO NOT let your teeth touch it while doing this
10. Continue to insert fruit/vegetable in and out of mouth as far as it will go for 20 minutes
11. After the 20 minutes are up, get a used condom and A. Swallow its contents or B. Pour its contents into your face, with your mouth open

Now you know what it's like for your wife. Try this and see if you still want frequent blowjobs so badly. If you're not willing to do this, kindly suck it up.
Marilyn Monroe was famously quoted a saying " I'll never have to suck another dick" after she married Joe DiMaggio. Women will do anything to get married and almost nothing afterwards. Just one of those crazy fun facts. Sorry dude.
1. Go grocery store
2. Reach all the top shelf stuff with no problem
3. Watch girls push around carts
4. Carry all your groceries in a basket

Now you know how much bigger and stronger you are than your wife. If she doesn't do what you want, hit her. If you're not willing to do this, kindly suck it up.
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