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Star Wars Lewd General
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Twi'leks and TIE-Fighter Edition

Erotic discussion on the films, shows, books and other media. If you have a draw request post it in the /aco/ drawthread and link it here. Writers are welcome to share their work. Collaboration is also encouraged.

Current /swg/ Thread >>>79357197
Star Wars Porn dump here >>>328615
Current /aco/ DrawThread >>>345373

>Upcoming Releases:

>Star Wars Canon Guide:

>Rebels Mid-Season Trailer:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJyxPDEvo9U [Embed]
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/co/ thread is here >>>/co/79357197
I only have this, but dear god is it beautiful.
Holy shit, that's nice. There is not enough Kaminoan smut around.
No, there isn't. Which is sad.

I only have a few.
And that's it.

Here is Togrutafags stories, they're pretty hot and we can discuss them if anyone's interested.
Thanks for sharing those. Those are some pretty great reads. I think he mentioned on posting more soon.
>Those are some pretty great reads.
Yeah, my fav would have to be Fine Art, because seeing imperial officers getting dommed by rebel soldiers is always fun to read about.
I want a fanfic where Rey discovers the power to use the force to tell men's dick sizes.
It started after Kylo Ren tried to rape her mind. She started feeling the Force in greater and greater ways.

The first way was the ability to follow Kylo Ren's telepathic link back to the source and see his deepest fear.

The second was the ability that he had a four inch penis. That was a very strange ability and Rey wasn't even sure why the Force had decided to manifest its power that way, but it didn't seem to want to go away. She could tell that the Stormtrooper she managed to fool had a nice one (eight inches) and she was a bit mortified to discover that Kylo hadn't inherited much from his father (nine inches) when she met up with him again, along with Finn (eight inches) and Chewbacca (eleven inches).

The crowd of people that gathered when they returned from the destruction of Starkiller base was even more distracting because the Force would. Not. Stop telling her how big the men's dicks were. It was actually quite a relief to board the Millenium Falcon with Chewbacca because at least she could ignore one insistent fact over thirty or more.

And then they arrived at the location of the first Jedi Temple and she met Luke Skywalker. The Force told her he had a twelve inch dick.

Really, who could have blamed her for what happened next? And besides, he'd been so lonely for so long....

[spoiler]Babies babies babies babies babiesbabiesbabies BABIES - The Force[/spoiler]
She does have that power.
>"You're afraid you'll never be as strong as Darth Vader!"

Hoping to see more like that as well. I'd also be happy to work with a writer on a smut collab.
My fucking sides, man. That went way differently than I expected, but I laughed hard.

[spoiler]What if it wasn't actually the force telling her, but Luke, who knew because of the Force that she would come to train under him, telepathically telling her random dick sizes to get her thinking about the D before she arrived?[/spoiler]
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God damn that was good. Hilarious
>The second was the ability that he had
*to see
If drawfags are taking requests some Juhani love would be much appreciated.
I'd like to request a fanfic of a First Order trooper having a crush on Captain Phasma

Try the draw thread as well. You never know.
>First Order trooper having a crush on Captain Phasma
>eventually he can't stop himself and he confesses his feelings
>she doesn't give him preferential treatment but is actually really gentle and kind about turning him down because it would be unprofessional
That was fucking cute.
Oh, I'd still like for someone to actually write it. I was just giving some more thought about how it might go down.

All I know is, she still won't give permission to take his helmet off.
they practiced eugenics right?
that means they all have amazing pussies and are total babes
>they practiced eugenics right?
I don't think so, they were really into scientific progress/research.

>I bet there's a department in Kamino that specializes in making the perfect sex-toys for all kinks, like electro-stimulation and making devices that enhance and lengthen orgasms.

Love to work there.
I think they even cloned some their own people. At least in the Legends Canon.

For Kaminoans or other aliens as well?
I want to be dominated and sexually humiliated, then comforted, by a strong Zabrak woman.

Also, holy shit there's just no good Zabrak rule 34 at all anywhere.
Post some good Chiss girls. Best race hands down.
Does cloning and embryo tweaking count as selective breeding?
any body got some mon cal ladies
>mon cal
My nerra
of course you'd be here, quest
Chiss and Mirialans are best near-humans.
[spoilers] Zeltrons are ok too [/spoilers]

but where are they
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>For Kaminoans or other aliens as well?
It's a business, after the Clone program was discontinued they needed some extra scratch and making sex toys for all species helped with that.

They're like Galactic Bad Dragon.

Pic Unrelated, cute trap Twi'lek guy.
How strong are gender roles among Twi'lek? I'm just curious how easy it would be for some beautiful Twi'lek woman to make him blush and squirm just by telling him how pretty and feminine he is.
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>Welp, holes a hole!

My god. Imagine it. The sizes. The designs.
>Sarlacc Tentacle

>Physical Description
not especially strong, I believe.
plus twi'lek metabolisms mean that they generally have like three body types; ottermode twink, conan buff and fat bastard, so trap-y twi'lek boys wouldn't be too uncommon
I was just asking in the other thread, but are you one of the writefags for this stuff?
if so, can I make a request?
Go for it, bud. No need to ask.
I mean, I just found out about this thread and then filled a request that amused me. But if I like your request, I'll work on it.
alright, cool
it's pretty simple: a female stormtrooper is off duty, so she puts on a disguise, goes to an underground club and relaxes by getting plowed by two buff twi'lek dudes
Umbaran Male

>Physical Description
Tall, thin, pale, and generally lazes about during the daytime and only active at night. Actually is a pretty friendly guy.

Was an Umbaran spy and was injured during a recon mission and is now a consultant for a crew of freelance mercs. Still tries to keep up his skills in the art of espionage, even though a spy with a noticeable limp isn't good to have on stealth missions.

Modified Gonzanti cruiser

This was done for me in a /wst/ thread several months ago before they disappeared off /tg/. It's pretty hot.

That's pretty neat. That fic is pretty awesome.
Yeah, those pale fucks that live on a planet with tentacle plants that grab people unexpectedly need more love than they get.
it must feel pretty shitty to fall in love with a species that you can't breed with
I looked all over my folders. Thought I got rid of them. This is a commission I did last fall.
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File: 20150905_112038.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am so happy the period of "Ahsoka-only, on pain of death" has ended.
I just had a good idea, though it crosses the fandoms of the two big /swg/s
>the year is 1 ABY
>ahsoka is sill a rebel and still a virgin, somehow
>she is tracked down by a young imperial agent named mara jade, who's also so
>mara is assigned to follow/observe her, nothing else
>ahsoka accidentally runs into mara, gets to know her, almost accidentally starts seducing her
>they bang
>maybe a couple times
>mara tells ahsoka what's going on and gives her 24 hours to escape at the end
>puts on a disguise
You mean takes the uniform off?

Lieutenant Leoni Brysta was miserable, absolutely M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. Emperor only knew why there had to be an Imperial presence on this stupid backworld with its stupid inhabitants and its STUPID KARKING RESTRICTIONS.

On any nice Imperial world, a girl was free to go out at night dressed in the trashiest clothing she owned and head down to the darkest dingiest bar, get karking wasted, get a train run on them in the bathroom and wake up in time to rush back to the barracks and clean up before morning inspection. But no, she, Lieutenant Brysta had to end up on a world with a damn prude of a governor who insisted on things like 'curfews' and 'no good Imperial girls out after dark unaccompanied'.

Leoni was going positively stir-crazy, as were the rest of the troopers stationed here, even the men. ESPECIALLY the men, they lived for the nights when their comrades got to tart it up, whether or not they got to touch. But it had been five. Karking. Months since anyone got any good action and Leoni vowed that tonight, at least, would be different.

Tonight, she would sneak out and find the most un-Imperial bar and have the fun she'd been denied for so long. And maybe get around to shooting the Governor if she could work it into her busy schedule.

Sneaking out, it turned out, was incredibly easy. All she'd had to do was make a deal with her bunkmate (Lieutenant JG Judi Landzer) to cover for her until she got back, trade her hoard of chocolate with someone to get a service uniform, and a promise not to put tonight's sentry on sanitation duty for something he may or may not have done the previous week that hadn't been noticed yet.

"Looking good in that outfit, Lieutenant," the sentry said, giving her a slow up and down. "I hate to see you leave, but man, watching you go is a-mazing!"

>I am not done
Working on this. For those that saw it before I might go back and do that pose as well, but I didn't feel like doing that.

Any suggestions for clothing? Or no clothing?
Leoni glared at him as she finished stripping off the service uniform and revealed her clubbing dress and heels, but secretly she was pleased. The life of a Stormtrooper wasn't one for soft curves, but it left her with a toned, lithe body, legs to die for, and one hell of an ass. Many a Trooper had remarked that it was a shame that their armor was so anonymizing with an ass like that around.

"Anymore cracks like that, Trooper, and you WILL be scrubbing out the latrines with a toothbrush. Understood?" she said without heat, thrusting the bundle of clothes into his hands.

"Yes, ma'am," he said with a grin.

Leoni acknowledged him with a nod and set off into the city, exaggerating the swing of her hips just for him as she walked away.

The nightlife of their little hive of scum and villainy were equally appreciative of her outfit and were very vocal with their compliments, but none of them dared get too close when she turned a ferocious glare their way. It was strange how useful Stormtrooper training could be, even to a girl out after dark looking for a good time and clearly advertising, but her glare promised deadly violence in every micron. 'I'm the biggest predator here' it said. 'You wouldn't even be a light snack for me.'

Eventually she found it; the dingiest most scummy bar in the city. The clientele and the thumping bass beat sprawled out into the street and very little of it was human.


The Duwotin bouncer took one look at her approaching with her predatory gait and didn't even bother with the formality of waving her through. They both knew she was in. The moment Leoni passed through the doors the beat intensified enough for her to feel her bones shake. It wasn't a song she recognized, not that anything played at near-deafening levels was easy to place, but clearly the club music scene had moved on while she'd been cooped up on base.

>Still not done yet
Great so far, questanon
Leather assless chaps, it makes sense.
Holy fuck, this is already looking good. Take our time man, it's starting out great.
File: update.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure about assless chaps. We'll see.
I'd just stick with clothed.
Step one now was obvious; get a buzz going. She shoulder her way up to the bar, putting her training to work again to move beings up to three times her size and many more times her mass with less effort than a Wookiee took to pull someone's arm off.

"Whats will you be havings?" The bartender asked. He was blue and cute, but Leoni wasn't in the mood for blue tonight. Still, that was no reason to be rude to the man.

"Whiskey on the rocks and keep it coming," leaning over the counter to show off her modest bust. The look the bartender gave implied that he appreciated the effort at flirting, but he knew she wasn't really trying for him. At least he slapped the glass in front of her like a good boy.

She knocked it back and enjoyed the burn as the alcohol went down. It had been far too long since she'd had real alcohol, that crap that the rank and file brewed in the motor pool and thought the officers didn't know about didn't count. The bartender refilled her glass on cue and Leoni took her time with this one, turning around to have a look at the dance floor.

Step two of what she privately referred to as the Get Leoni Some Damn Action plan involved dancing, partners optional. However, finding a partner (or partners) now meant that step thee; get laid was reached much quicker. The beat was good, but most of the dancers weren't. Everywhere she looked she saw deal-breakers; too hairy, too big, too small, too weird, not weird enough, too dirty, obviously a cop, too wasted, nothing she could see really appealed.

Oh well, Leoni was confident that a situation would present itself. She finished her drink and set it on the counter before wandering over to the dance floor. As she strutted from the crowd around the bar to the crowd around the dance floor, Leoni allowed herself to feel the beat more, letting the rhythm flow into her movements until she was entirely part of the beat.

>STILL not done
(An aside from the author at this point, I imagine Leoni warming up to the beat of the club like this scene from Napoleon Dynamite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcWPiHjIExA
Also, the music the club is playing is totally disco because this is the Empire era, aka the not-70s and my word is law. (Yes, I know that Jamiroquai is not from the disco era but it's a disco song so shut up))

The Stormtrooper officer threw herself around the dance floor, allowing the music to possess her, swinging her hips, swaying her arms, caressing her body and the air around her. She was so deep into the rhythm that her surroundings began to fade around her, nothing existing except for herself and the music as sweat flew from her lithe body.

Then a voice in her ear said "Hello there pretty lady, perhaps you'd like to dance?"

Instantly, Lieutenant Brysta was completely and utterly aware of her surroundings, spinning around to face whoever had gotten so close, hand over her concealed combat knife (which COULD fit under her dress, thank you very much, Judi). Instead of one of the sleazier patrons she had expected, she was confronted with a very handsome yellow Twi'lek. An efficient scan tagged him as incredibly fit, delectably so, dressed in tight pants, a leather vest, and little else, and currently raising his hands in mock surrender as a playful grin played across his features.

"I am sorry to startle a hunter such as you, but I did not know a better way to get your attention. My friend and I," he said, gesturing to a red Twi'lek, also fit, handsome, and similarly dressed, "are hunters as well and we hoped you might allow us to join in your hunt."

Leoni telegraphed her move away from the knife as she relaxed, giving the two Twi'leks a much more predatory once-over.

"And what if you're the ones I'm hunting?" She purred.

The yellow one lowered his hands as his grin widened and a predatory grin bloomed on his companion's face.

>Step three happened quick, huh?
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chuchi Clone.jpg
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Taking a break and doing some quick sketch requests from the draw thread

Really noice
Chuchi is the cutest.
"Oh, it would be a great honor to be the prey of one as beautiful as you," he said. His companion nodded.

"Very well," Leoni said, fluttering her eyelashes. "I want my prey to dance with me. Show me you're worth my time."

"We are definitely worthy your time, Lady Hunter," the yellow Twi'lek said. His friend nodded enthusiastically.

The 'Lady Hunter' raised an eyebrow and cocked her hips provocatively. "Prove it."

And with that, they were in the beat again, sweat dripping from their bodies as they moved to the rhythm. Her two partners danced around her, closing her off from the rest of the crowd but never making her feel boxed in. As the music shifted and flowed, their orbit became closer, but still cautious, until Leoni grabbed the vest of the red Twi'lek and press her body against him as she writhed.

His companion pressed against her other side, boxing her in deliciously as they pressed against her, bouncing her gently but firmly between them. This close, her nose was overwhelmed by the scent of desert spices and leather that they gave off. She flicked her tongue out to taste the sweat on the skin of the prey before her, the salty tang divine on her tongue.

"What's the matter," she whispered in his ear. "someone run off with your voice?"

From behind her, the yellow Twi'lek breathed an answer into her ear. "He is, how you say, much more comfortable with his action than his words."

Leoni eyed the silent Twi'lek in front of her, eyes half lidded. "Is that right?"

His answering grin was accompanied by a hand trailing up her thigh and sliding teasingly close to her core. He looked her in the eyes as his hand completed its journey across the few remaining centimeters, trailing through the wetness of her arousal to rest on her pussy. His fingers trailed lazily over her, but hit all the spots to make her gasp and twitch.

"Oh yes, more!" She demanded in a breathy moan. "You're my prey and you will give me what I want!"

>More sexins
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Request was of a Kaminoan getting her dick on

This is a good thread, I'm going to bed you guys, it's been fun. thanks Questanon and Headtails, ya'll are bros.
"As our Lady Hunter wishes," said the vocal one.

His hands gripped her hips firmly and caressed her body as they moved steadily upward before finally covering her breasts. They groped gently once and then slipped under the sheer fabric to touch her directly. His rough palms scraped against her nipples in time with the beat of the music, exciting her further.

Below, the red Twi'lek's hand danced across the surface of her sex, prodding, teasing, tantalizing, but never entering, keeping her constantly on her toes with the anticipation of that moment. It became clear as it went on that if it were up to him, she would stay at that plateau of pleasure for hours. Delicious hours, delightfully MADDENING hours, but Leoni didn't have a three-day pass, and she didn't even really have hours to spare, even for something so delicious as this.

Leoni caught up one of the crimson lekku in her hand, delicately fondling it, luxuriating in the look of stunned pleasure on his face as she tickled, fondled, and stroked it. Slowly, looking him in the eyes deliberately, she raised the tip to her lips where she gave it a quick lick. Leoni's tongue ran over her teeth at his shiver of pleasure. Then, she very slowly put the tip of the lekku into her mouth and began to suck.

Below, his teasing of her pussy became erratic but no less exciting and he began to pant, his hot breath burning like fire over her face. After about a minute of her teasing, she released the tentacle and let it flop back wetly onto his muscular chest.

"You are my prey," she repeated authoritatively. "And you will give me what I want."

The red Twi'lek mutely nodded and once again pressed his fingers to her pussy, this time thrusting two inside her, rubbing against her walls. Normally, just the penetration wouldn't have been enough to drive her over the edge, but the closeness of her prey and her clear dominance of them combined with their teasing touches combined in her mind to push her off that cliff.

File: 1428570940310-1.jpg (106 KB, 804x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I seen /swg/ and had to make sure i came to /aco/ and not /tg/
im here to fap not chat about ships damnit!

Nice to see you're everywhere regardless, Quest.
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Update for Canderous. I'm going for mando booty
File: Ordo update.jpg (106 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ordo update.jpg
106 KB, 1080x1920
double booty
She writhed in their arms as her orgasm took her, desperately keeping her cries of pleasure silent. She felt her pussy gush all over the red one's hand while his yellow one allowed one hand to travel down to her belly and rub in slow firm circles. When her pleasure subsided, her head slumped forward onto the red Twi'lek's shoulder where she caught her breathe and gathered her wits about her again.

Between her thighs, Leoni felt the hand pull away and she raised her head enough to see him taste her juices on his fingers before offering them to his vocal companion. The yellow Twi'lek sucked on his friend's fingers long and slow, looking down at her when he finally released them.

"You taste very good, Lady Hunter."

Leoni's predatory grin appeared again. She turned slightly to nip the red one on the neck before responding. "Take me somewhere private and you can have all you can eat," she ordered.

Her prey complied easily with her demand, even being so kind as to pay her bar tab before whisking her off with one hand each on her ass while hers were around their waists. They arrived at a very fancy hotel where the staff glared at her barely-there dress and stilettos, but fuck them. They weren't going to get these two beautiful men to sandwich THEM! Her prey brought her up the turbolift and to what looked like a stateroom with a tremendous bed and an open door leading to a luxuriously appointed bathroom, was that a jacuzzi? Leoni once again regretted not having nearly enough time to enjoy herself properly.

Once fully in the room, her prey stood before her, waiting for her demands. She regarded them both for a moment and a delicious idea occurred to her.

"On your knees," she demanded, pointing at the ground. "It's time for you to taste your hunter. And I think that the honor will go to you," she said as she pointed at the yellow Twi'lek, "since you're so good with that tongue of yours, you will put it to better use."

Aw, thanks you guys. This is my first super duper lewd story.

File: bounty butts.jpg (138 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bounty butts.jpg
138 KB, 1920x1080
Another update. What do you want them to say on these girls, Canderous buddy?

Thanks, your work is good. I hope to see more in the near future.
"As the Lady Hunter wishes," he said with a mock bow before he knelt before her. Delicately, he kissed his way from her knee up her thigh and circled her pussy, each feather-light touch driving her crazy.

She pointed at her remaining prey. "You," she said. "You know exactly where I want you, don't you?"

He nodded happily.

"Then get to it."

He eagerly positioned himself behind her, dropping slowly, ghosting his breath down her back, ending in him pressing a light kiss to both cheeks of her meaty ass. Leoni giggled before moaning loudly as her yellow prey forcibly reminded her he was there. In response, she placed a hand on top of his head and spread her feet more before forcing his head deeper.

"More!" She demanded.

In response he stuck his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy and began to work his magic and it was driving her absolutely wild. Leoni howled in pleasure, and when she felt the tender licks around her asshole she howled even louder.

"YES!" She moaned. "Give me MORE!"

Her other hand found a home on top of her red prey's head and it too was forced harder against her, burying the Twi'lek's head deeper between her ass cheeks. Both of their tongues became more and more bold, digging into her holes as they both began to work their fingers in around probing tongues.

Leoni was wailing now, a five-month dry spell ended in this heaven and she had absolutely no qualms about letting everyone know it.

"YES!" She shouted. "Eat me out! Get your tongue deeper in my ass! Tonguefuck my pussy! Give me what I want!"

But even as good as this felt, it wasn't enough for her anymore.

"Get up," she demanded. "Fuck me! Both of you!"

Her prey eagerly sprung to their feet and shucked their clothes. At her instruction they lifted her between them and poised her above their twitching cocks.

"I want you to pound me," she ordered. "Fuck me until I pass out!"

>I think there's one more part left
File: inkd.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 1080x1920
ink update
This is pretty lewd Quest, idk how to feel about you anymore.
[spoiler]Keep going.[/spoiler]
Yes yes...let the lewd flow through you QuestAnon
"As our Lady Hunter wishes," said the yellow Twi'lek as the two of them speared her on their cocks as one.

Leoni howled at the sudden intrusion of their girth inside her, absolutely filling her pussy and ass. After a moment to allow her to acclimate, her prey slowly ground in and out in alternate thrusts. While they slowly thrust in and out of her, Leoni brought the yellow Twi'lek close for a kiss, their tongues battling for dominance as they fucked.

Her yellow prey was indeed very skilled, but she was very horny and very skilled in getting exactly what she wanted. Leoni's tongue raided the Twi'lek's mouth, batting his tongue about and tasting him everywhere. To complete her dominance, as she withdrew from the kiss, she drew his tongue out as well and kissed and sucked on it before allowing it to return back into his mouth.

Once she was done asserting herself over the prey in front of her, her two Twi'lek playthings truly began to pound her. They sped up until her lust-addled mind could no longer distinguish between thrusts and all she could manage was one long moan broken only by the kisses of both her prey, each time with her taking control. Leoni was absolutely in heaven. Just as she shuddered from the withdrawal of one cock, the next one bottomed out, long ago blurred into one continuous, never-ending thrust.

Being jostled between these two Twi'leks, dominating them and being fucked by them, and the knowledge that anyone nearby would have no doubt about what was going on was starting to take its toll on Leoni's mind and she felt the approach of that cliff again. This time, she didn't bother to quiet her cries of orgasm. One orgasm rolled into two even as her playthings lost their control beneath her, cumming inside her, filling her deliciously.

"Come on, you can keep going, right?" She breathed. "Keep fucking me! I'm still conscious, keep going!"

>Still more, wow
They both grunted, trying to work themselves back to hardness to please their Lady Hunter. But no matter how fast they were, the two Twi'leks weren't quick enough for her.

"Let me down, I'll do it myself!" She demanded.

Now on her knees, Leoni sank each flagging cock down her throat, savoring their tastes, flicking her tongue across every inch of them.

Taking a big lick down the red cock that had occupied her ass, she moaned up at her playthings. "Mmm, YOU taste good too, my prey."

With her at the wheel, the two cocks were soon back up to hardness and polished to a spit-shine, though Leoni had almost gotten carried away at one point and nearly started blowing both of them.

"Now you switch," she ordered. "And fuck me stupid this time, got it?"

Her prey nodded and hoisted her back up. This time, neither of them waited to plunge into her and thrust as hard as they could. With the added lubrication of their cum, they managed to pound her even faster and this time, the red Twi'lek and his wonderful hands were in position to play with her pussy again.

Almost as soon as they started, Leoni felt herself subsumed by a third orgasm, the barrier completely lowered by her rolling orgasm and pent up lust. Her prey with the dexterous hands took advantage of this and played with her clit until her third orgasm turned into a fourth, and then a fifth. It was her ninth orgasm when her prey came inside her again.

It was also the one that knocked her out, otherwise she'd have kept right on rutting with her playthings until the break of dawn.

* * * * *

At morning assembly, Lieutenant Leoni Brysta only managed to remain standing through sheer willpower. She knew that she looked terrible under her helmet. She had a hangover, barely any sleep, and she'd had to run a little over a mile in her bare feet to get back to base before the shift change at the gate.

It had been absolutely worth it.

"So, how'd it go?" Whispered Judi next to her.

Before Leoni could answer, the Base Commander loudly announced that they were going to be under inspection from visiting dignitaries.

Leoni nearly choked when she saw that standing behind and slightly to the left of her CO were two Twi'leks, one red and one yellow. They were both dressed in diplomatic robes, but they were clearly the two that she'd fucked the night before.

"I am honored to present Natal'kina and Tal'shak," the Commander continued. "They will be accompanied by one lucky soldier for their tour-"

Judi put what must have happened together far to quickly in Leoni's opinion. "You didn't," she whispered, playfully scandalized.

"How was I supposed to know?" She hissed back.

"LIEUTENANT BRYSTA!" Barked the Base Commander.

Leoni shot to attention. "Sir!"

"You have just volunteered to be escort for our guests! You will be on your best behavior, is that understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!" She replied.

"Dismissed," the Commander ordered.

As the assembled Stormtroopers fell out, Natal'kina and Tal'shak approached their escort.

"So," Natal'kina, the yellow one, opened. "Shall we have the honor of seeing the face of our guide before we get on with things?"

Leoni stood stock still for a moment and then slowly reached up and removed her helmet. Both Natal'kina and Tal'shak smothered their shock, but it was clear long enough for it to register. The trio was silent for a moment, each one clearly debating how to continue.

Finally, Natal'kina ventured something. "You look very tired, Lieutenant, are you well?"

Leoni quickly flashed her predatory grin, tired as she was. "I'm afraid I didn't sleep much last night, I had other things on my mind."

"I see," Natal'kina said diplomatically. "Well, if you are well, then I suppose we should begin, yes?"

"Absolutely," she replied. "If you'll just follow me, we'll begin our tour with the training grounds. It's big enough to lose a whole hunting party in."

"You don't say?"

I hope that's not a crack about HS:JK. I am a very serious writer person and I take my responsibilities very seriously. That's why I'm taking so long, that makes sure it's extra serious.
[spoiler]Lewdfic come when the mood strikes.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Also, I told a lie of foggy memory; I have written a lewdfic called Poor Unfortunate Hole some few years ago. It's about tentacle sex.[/spoiler]
This isn't even my final form.
Oh, it's been about. Just never put pen to paper, so to speak.
Is it loaded?
Crack? No, that image was for Canderous. And good story btw
>I hope to see more in the near future
I'm joking about my glacial update speed.
That was pretty good work there quest.
File: Ahsoka Watercolor.jpg (201 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ahsoka Watercolor.jpg
201 KB, 1080x1920
Here is an update on Ahsoka with the speeder bike.
Here's some fiction requests for any interested

>Kaminoan and clone cadet
>Ahsoka and Mara Jade meeting on Coruscant
>A female First Order trooper and her crushings on Captain Phasma. Mostly cute stuff, but lewd is fine too.
Here's another one.
>Kanan & Hera cuddling while everyone else is off risking their lives.
Maybe even kissing if you want to write something a little lewd.
Shipfag is that you?

>I kid I kid
File: Ahsoka (4).png (719 KB, 956x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ahsoka (4).png
719 KB, 956x799
>tfw this thread is comfier than the actual /swg/ right now
File: second place wins.jpg (280 KB, 1280x1142) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
second place wins.jpg
280 KB, 1280x1142
Execute order 69?
Execute order 69.
>This is your chancellor. I never thought I'd have to use this one, but the Jedi are just too damn sexy/lewd.
>Get too it troopers.
That looks great man, I'm usually not a fan of watercolor but your art looks awesome.
Nice, anxiously waiting that Padme/Chuchi drawing
File: 1453738097920.jpg (175 KB, 751x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 751x1063
Good afternoon, anons. What should we talk about today? Anyone working on fics?

I'll see your double booty and raise you a triple booty.
We outta talk about how there's not nearly enough lewd art of Mara Jade nor enough of her and her husband getting down for some sexual healing.
Great story last night. Any more for today?
One day a writer anon got sick due to a combination of factors and stayed up all night to write about a Stormtrooper getting banged and then went to class and came home.

Now the writer anon must set right what went wrong, cure his sickness, and harness the mystical power known as 'Sleep' in order to save the kingdom!

[spoiler]Bleh, I hate getting sick[/spoiler]

>that pastebin

Horrible formatting.

Why the fuck doesn't the writefag put it up somewhere like AO3?
Yea, alright. We're talking about fucking aliens in Star Wars but you're too afraid from sharing. Alright.

Well, moving on...

>you're too afraid from sharing

What the fuck are you talking about, you retarded cunt?
Whoa there Bessy, see >>348859
File: 1.jpg (551 KB, 1024x1322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
551 KB, 1024x1322

No, I get that screencap is connected to your post, but what the fuck do you mean with "too afraid from sharing"?

Anyway, posting some content.
File: 2.jpg (605 KB, 1024x1320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 3.jpg (608 KB, 1024x1320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 11.jpg (852 KB, 1027x1452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
852 KB, 1027x1452
File: 12.jpg (755 KB, 1024x1448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
755 KB, 1024x1448

And that's it.

There's a short sequel to this, if anyone's interested.
File: 3GJW7Hk.jpg (111 KB, 620x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 620x736
Go for it
File: 1.jpg (577 KB, 1024x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
577 KB, 1024x1062

File: 2.jpg (438 KB, 1024x1046) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 2p.jpg (433 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 3.jpg (298 KB, 1240x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 3p.jpg (418 KB, 1240x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 4.jpg (624 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
624 KB, 1024x1024
File: 1453427618380.gif (932 KB, 400x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
932 KB, 400x265
>that pussy

My sides
File: 4p.jpg (567 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
567 KB, 1024x1024
File: 5.jpg (481 KB, 1240x763) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
481 KB, 1240x763

Frankly, it's amazing that's all that happened.

Her organs were shuffled about during that encounter with the Rancor.
File: 5p.jpg (485 KB, 1240x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
485 KB, 1240x769
And that's all.

There's not a whole lot of monster/girl content out there, which is kind of surprising given how many critters there are in Star Wars.
RotS and maybe ANH later, we'll see.
How much research should be done if one is going to do a series of interconnected lewd stories about a freighter captain? I mean, clearly I'm going to need to look into the details of the various species, but what about locations and tech and so on?
The absolute best thing you can do is watch The Clone Wars, I guess.

That cartoon showcases dozens of ships, planets, and species, through many standalone/interconnected stories.

So just... emulate TCW, but add lewd, I guess.

Wookiepedia is always your friend, although I'd use it as a last resort, the autists there are not very reliable, since a certain franchise boyout happened.

The "Ultimate Star Wars" book may also be of use if you wanna' grab that.

The rough theme running through the ideas so far seems to be "A spacer's guide to alien loving". I'm digging deep for interesting species, but starting off with some easier species to handle.
You think that's bad? Try looking for good Sith Pureblood stuff that isn't futa. Most people make them look really cutesy.
I agree with >>349206 but at the same time if you want to have fun researching an delving deeper into Star Wars, get some of the visual guides and read them often. I still have the Aliens and Robots visual guide I use every now and then.
About the Bith? Yeah, I've been with some. I got one of my best and also the absolute worst handjob from one particular one, and at the same time. Does that sound interesting? Order me a drink and I'll tell you the story.

I was hauling a load of fancy dyes and inks from some little mid-rim depot, and on the approach I was told there was no landing anywhere near the major cities. Seems someone had crashed their dilapitated heap of a freighter into a major area and caught fire. Everyone was diverted to some way-out landing pads and had to catch the repulsortrain in. Major pain in the ass.

It was crowded there, I had pay out of pocket to get my load hauled up to the city, and there was nowhere to get a drink that wasn't sold out. All the changes had put the women out there into a pretty foul mood, so I didn't have much luck hitting on anyone. Once my train rolls in, I supervise the loading of my stuff, and end up in the back of the tiny passenger car between the window and a fairly attractive bith woman, a little older than I tend to go for, but I've got something like two hours to get her into me.

How'd she look? Pale pink skin and big round black eyes fixated on her book. All Bith are bald and had fairly smooth and bulbous heads, she was showing a bit of wrinkling around the sides of her eyes. Not talking about the skin-flaps around where the mouth and nose would be, by the way. Past that, she had that air of someone who'd gotten their wild youth out of the way and was content to settle in to a quiet life from there on out. A cool woman, I'd say.

"You've got very pretty eyes. Your book's pretty lucky to have such a close look at them." I try something pretty simple to start, just to see how interested she is. Without putting the book down she turns her head slightly to look me over. Lasts maybe a second before goes back to her book, turning the pages with the thumb of the hand she's holding it with. I try a few more things, but I get ignored from then on.

If someone's interested, it is real easy to move on to getting together later. If they are dismissive or hostile, there's always ways to turn that around later into something fiery and passionate. Complete lack of interest? Nothing at all I can do about it. So I turn my head to the window and watch the scenery slowly roll by, internally bemoaning the absolute waste the trip was.

Now, I can faintly see her reflection in the window. She never stops reading her book. But some ten minutes later, I can feel some soft fingers massaging my cock, skin on skin. I don't even recall feeling her undo my buckle or anything. She must have done this sort of thing before. I decide to make things a little easier, lifting up my hips a little and sliding my pants down enough to give her some room to work. There's a brief squeeze of appreciation, and then she starts on me.

She caresses along the sides of my shaft with a feather light touch with her fingertips, feeling the throb and swell as it rose and firmed up. They traced the hidden veins and muscles under the skin and discovering all the secrets my cock held from touch alone. It was like the most erotic sort of tickling you can think of. Every quiet gasp I made or shudder of my body she seemed to notice, and would press more insistantly at whichever point drew a reaction from me. She hadn't even closed her hand around my cock yet, but I was already having trouble keeping myself too quiet to be heard by the passengers sitting right in front of me.

Flick, went the page in her book as she turned it, still not expressing any sign of what she was doing beneath the cover of the seats in front of us. She had those long and delicate fingers playing my cock like a familiar instrument. The tip of one slid around the underside of my cockhead in an agonizingly slow circle and causing it to spill out a thin trail of precum. She repeated the motion, a little harder and a little faster. I had to bite my lip and press my head against the window even harder to stifle my moanings while she milked a steady stream of precum out of me.

It got hard to read what she was doing in the window, now that my breath was causing it to rapidly fog over despite the warm temperatures. I wanted to turn, to ask her to go someplace more private or meet up once we got into town. But at this moment she wrapped her slicked hands around my sensitive pole and started gently stroking it while her fingertips continued to press and squeeze when passing over the sensitive places she'd found before. My moaning was clearly audible to several rows of passengers, thankfully ignored by most.

I managed to turn my head enough to look at her, and even that small motion took all my spare energy. For all the amazing power of her handjob, she still didn't seem to pay me any attention at all, browsing that book with the same idle interest she'd started with. I felt hot and cold at the same time, sweating and shaking like someone with a fever. Just as I seemed to come to terms with her technique, she'd add a twist of her palm or increase the tightness of her grip, and another exhausted moan would ring through the train car. Anyone who did turn to see would probably just figure I was some sick human going through distress.

I don't know how long this whole thing went on for. It might have been a whole half hour of her just stretching out my endurance with her skills. I was rasping for breath and had tears in my eyes, and still she teased and prodded my shaft at an incredible pace. Her stroking was moving slowly but her fingertips spread all along the sensitive pulsing veins along my cock, giving me no time to breathe or recover. I gave up any semblance of control and allowed myself to cum. She must have felt the surge flowing through my shaft coming with talent like hers.

Now, here's a thing about the Bith. They've got very, very nimble hands in general. They're perfect for fine detail work like you've heard so far. But they also have an opposable pinky. Meaning, they can not only grip with the top of their hands, but also the bottoms of them. It's part of what makes them such talented musicians out in the galaxy. Also what makes the next part so difficult.

She knew I was coming, the flow of it was surging through my body and ready to spurt into the air, and that's when her two lower fingers clamped delicately onto my thin cumvein, blocking it totally. So much had built up to this point, and yet was totally unable to come out. What was supposed to be a great release from her attention suddenly escalated things a hundredfold.

I felt weak as a child as my stifled orgasm rocked through me, and I feel like I was probably crying out like one as well. She still would not look up from her book, and her three free fingers continued to aggressively stimulate my cock. I was unable to resist the continuing surge of cum out of my balls and the build-up inside felt like a ten-speeder pileup in my urethra. Dark spots flickered in my field of vision while watching this woman casually flip another page of her book over, and soon after everything went dark.

I was woken up by one of the train's staff, telling me that we'd stopped at the station. I was still sweaty and pale, but could manage to find my pass and present it to the man. Thankfully, she'd cleaned up whatever mess I'd made and done up my pants for me again, otherwise this could have been embarassing. I stood up to exit the car and a sickening wave of pain and nausea passed through me, starting from my sack and ricocheting in every point of my body.

Turns out, she never did let me cum. Once I passed out, she must have backed me back down somehow and tucked it all away, leaving me with the worst case of blue balls I'd ever experienced. I managed to not throw up, but the ticket man lept about four rows away from me as I groaned through my teeth. He threw a yellow ticket at me and shouted that I was now under quarantine, under suspicion of major illness. Guess some of the other passengers reported me as well.

All told, this cost me another day and a half of wait for the local medical staff to clear me. I was out the train fees, I got charged a late delivery penalty, and left with a lingering pain in my crotch that took days to go away. Still, it was one of the best handjobs I'd ever gotten, even if it did leave me with Bith blue balls.
Nice story. Also probably the first lewd thing I've ever seen concerning Bith.
Really well done
File: MandoBooty.jpg (101 KB, 654x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 654x960
Finally done with the mandalorian babes for Canderous.
File: MandoBooty text.jpg (102 KB, 654x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MandoBooty text.jpg
102 KB, 654x960
Here's one with some text on the butts
Damn son, looks good.

I started the story first, then read that most Bith sexual organs wither away before they even hit sexual maturity. That explains the lack of lewdness in general.
File: SPEEDER edit.jpg (169 KB, 776x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SPEEDER edit.jpg
169 KB, 776x960
You have a scanner now? I can see all the colors so vividly.
I've had one for a while now. I think 5 months now. I really like this scanner, it was worth the cash.
May I ask a request?
Go for it, but it might not get posted until tomorrow evening.
New fix idea
>Rey walks in on Finn and poe jerking it together and asks if she can join
>it's up to you what they're watching and where it goes
File: 1453886029119.jpg (224 KB, 1366x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224 KB, 1366x900
Well, I'd like the Twi'lek on the left to have the same color and same face like the Twi'lek on the right. If that makes sense. The magenta Twi'lek looks so cute, and I would wish to see her full bodied, she doesn't even have to be naked and can be wearing a bra, if you'd like.
I'll see what I can do. No guarantees, but I'll shoot for later on.
Cool man, take your time.
hah, this is great

This too!
Shit nigga, that's 2lewd. I'll give it a drunk try, at least
Are you thinking about selling this or the other one you were working on?
File: check_em.png (134 KB, 319x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 319x314

In other news, I should be done with my story before too long.
File: tr8r.gif (125 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 200x200
Ok, the story is finished, I just need to do some cleaning up on it. I will post later today sometime.
Anybody here like Grievous?
How can Battlefront be canon when it contradicts ESB?
>Rey walks in on Finn and poe jerking it together and asks if she can join

Alright, Odinsleep acquired and feeling less like shit. Let's do this. A few notes first
>Poe and Finn are totally gay for each other
>Rey has never seen another human naked before

From the moment Poe met FN-2187, he knew he was going to fuck him. The need to corrupt that strangely naive boy along with how pretty he was (pretty AND enthusiastic, the inevitable fuck would be amazing) made him irresistible to Poe. And that was why he suggested mutual masturbation. And why it was so easy for Finn to agree, he didn't even know any better.

From the moment FN-2187 met Poe, his first thought was always 'oh no, he's hot' and then his train of thought resumed. He'd lived all his life as a Stormtrooper surrounded by others who were raised the same way, trained not to speak unless ordered, not remove their helmet unless ordered, not to think for themselves unless ordered. That was why he latched on to Poe so quickly, he didn't stay silent, he was inventive, he wasn't faceless. And he gave Finn a name, a name! Stormtroopers lived their entire lives without getting names, they lived their entire lives as numbers, as things. And so when Poe suggested mutual mastrubation, it was easy to agree. Finn already found Poe attractive and while he'd heard of mastrubation in theory, he'd never tried it. And he wasn't entirely sure this WASN'T how normal people did things, even if he suspected it wasn't.

Ever since Rey met Finn and Poe, she could tell they like each other. That sort of thing happened occasionally at the little outpost on Jakku, she'd never seen it between humans before. But one day she couldn't find them at all when she needed help working on the Falcon, couldn't find hide nor hair of them. This wasn't exactly worrying, but Chewbacca could only be in so many places at once and the Falcon still hadn't recovered from Starkiller Base.

Rey finally found them in a locked storeroom (Gelokk model Kerelon 350, standard door control for all Star Destroyers, popping the cover off and moving the yellow wire activated the override). Both of them were naked and stroking their cocks. They started guiltily when the door opened, seeing Rey standing there with her hands on her hips.

"So this is where you too have been," she said. "Well, it looks like you're having fun, mind if I join?"

Poe and Finn looked at each other, back to her, each other, at her, and back again. They didn't know what to do, so Rey decided to just get naked anyway. The two men stared at her as she sat down in their circle.

"I love this, I've never gotten to do it with other people. I didn't want to ask in case it was rude, but I'm so glad that you guys do!"

Then she began to stroke her cock, grinning at the two of them. Her grin faded and her enthusiastic strokes slowed down (but didn't stop) at the looks on their faces.

"Do....don't you guys do this to? You were doing it when I came in," she asked quizzically.

Poe was the first to speak. He wet his lips before opening his mouth. "Um.... I'm not sure how to say this. Of course many people mastrubate, we're just... shocked that you...-"

"Why do you have a dick?!" Finn blurted out.

"Yes, that," Poe finished, his face in his hand.

Rey's brow furrowed. "Don't all humans have these?"

Poe and Finn looked at each other again. Poe spoke again.

"Well, *men* do, but women have something else. It's.... a....it's like a place where the penis goes," Poe stumbled, never believing that he'd have to explain sexual characteristics to someone and he had no idea how to explain a vagina to some who a) should have one and b) had probably never heard of the concept.

"Huh," Rey looked down at her penis. "Does that make me a man?"

Poe shrugged. "I have no idea."

"How do I find out?"

Poe shrugged again. "I've never had this happen before, maybe you should go to medical and ask them?"

"Will you come with me?" Rey asked. She sounded so small. In fact, Poe was surprised that she was handling her worldview being shattered even this well.

"We'll both go, right Finn?" He said.

"Absolutely." Finn's tone was firm, his friend was hurting and there was no doubt that he'd be there.

What they found out during Rey's medical examination is a tale for another time.


[spoiler]Are those portions (probably one portion fits all species) actually the cause or Rey's mutation? Is she an overly feminine male? Is she a natural transgender? WHO KNOWS! TUNE IN NEXT TIME.[/spoiler]
How so?
Same Quest-time, same Quest-channel
What are your thoughts on Anakin/Ahsoka smut, folks?
Give it, whatever you have.

I don't have any, just wondering whether it's liked or not here on 4chan. Seems like the fandom is more partial to pairing off Ahsoka with the space muslim than her own Master, for some reason.

I'm currently trying to write some bit of smut and plot of my own that involves Anakin and Ahsoka, that involves the latter corrupting the former. And no, not with the Mortis arc. I'm ignoring that altogether.
I used to be in love with her character...

What happened, anon?
File: 1430683181353.jpg (334 KB, 1335x1343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 1335x1343
Alright, here's an odd request. I'd like to see Aresko being captured by rebel scum and being dominated by angry men and/or women, and he hates it...at first. But soon, he finds himself enjoying being ordered around so thoroughly.
/co/'s shitposters are on to us
If it involves the active manipulation of genetics over just throwing genes together blindly, then it probably counts.
Not >>347693, but where is the drawfag thread?
on the plus side, at least you can cum inside and not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies
>Aayla Secura on Felucia
>Clones live out every human's dream of fucking a Twi'lek
>Felucian plant life being Felucian plant life, it inevitably gets in on it too
Also if this thread's resident writefag hasn't died of exhauastion yet, I have a request:
>Visas gets to know the Exile after boarding the Ebon Hawk
>Due to having been treated like shit by Nihilus, sees someone with whom she can be truly happy in the Exile
Whether the Exile is "canon" gender or R63'd I don't particularly mind, same goes for whether the story is romantic or lewd. Also, friendly reminder to maintain Visas' subby, quiet demeanour - it's what makes her so hot

Of course, this assumes you've played KotOR 2
File: OTdxPUm.jpg (437 KB, 650x917) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437 KB, 650x917
5 years before the Clone Wars

>"Geez Master, don't you know how to knock?"
>You quickly shut down the hologram in of you in an attempt to preserve some of your dignity as your Master walked barged into your shared room.
"Padawan, I don't need to see you to know that you weren't meditating. I can feel you quite well in the force."
>You began to pull up your pants, your face a shade of red far darker than usual.
>"Well you could at least knock for my sake."
"Why should I have to knock to enter my own room?"
>You honestly didn't have an answer for that one. After all, it had been her room far longer than it had been yours.
"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before."
>She had a point, her habit of meditating naked had given you quite the view on numerous occasions.
>"Yeah, but not doing... that."
"That's enough Padawan. Now get ready, we are going to Shili."

>You considered yourself lucky to have been selected as a Padawan by Shaak Ti.
>Few Padawans, other than humans, were fortunate enough to be trained by a member of their own species.
>Even fewer were lucky enough to be selected by a Jedi Master.
>At times, though, she made things very difficult for you..
>"Master, its been two weeks since we arrived in Corvala, and we have been wandering these plains ever since.
>"And you still haven't told me what we are doing here. Also did you really have to wear that?"
"It's hot here, so yes. And I'll tell you when the time comes."
>"Well can you at least tell me where we are going? I don't like feeling like l'm wandering aimlessly."
"In a few more kilometers, we are going to reach some swamps. It is a river delta. After two days of trekking through them, we will reach the main flow of the river. That is where we will make our final camp."

>You weren't sure what was worse about the swamp, the mud or the bugs.
>or perhaps it was that the sounds of various unseen creatures bombarded your montrals from every direction.
>You didn't know how Master Ti could stand it, with her more sensitive and fully matured montrals.
>Your smaller, but steadily growing horns had made even moving through the swamp more difficult, with them getting caught on vines and branches as you pushed through the terrain.
>Somehow, though, Master Ti seemed to have no problem moving through the waist-deep mud, seemingly never getting tangled up in the flora of the area, or catching an unpleasant thorn in her lekku.
>Really, the only reasons she was covered in mud above the waist was that you had tripped just after entering the swamps, landing on her and putting you both face first into the bog.
>You, however, had gathered enough thorns for the both of you over the course of the two day slog.
>Your nerves in them would be punishing you with a dull pain for the next few days.
>Master Ti had been adamant about not using lightsabers to cut through the brush.
>You didn't understand it, but decided not to question it.
>She had been rather secretive about much on this journey, and you figured she probably had some good reason for everything.
>With all the collective filth on the both of you, you could barely make out the stripes on her lekku, and you were certain that your facial markings were indistinguishable beneath the layer of mud coating your body.
>At least that had helped keep the bugs off of you.
>But now you were out of the swamp.
>The river quickly cleared up, with its bottom changing from silty to rocky.
>It's source was high up in some of the only mountains on Shili, which loomed in the distance.
>Despite no longer being on the plains, a smaller species of turu grass grew thick among the red leaved trees that formed the forest that surrounded the river.
>Moving was much easier here.

>After a few more hours of walking, Master Ti finally decided to stop.
"We are going to set up camp here."
>You removed the mud caked backpack that contained the gear for the camp.
>It had been pinching your rear lekku for the entire trip.
>"So how long does this forest go on for?"
"It stretches all the way to the mountains. The plains begin again just on the other side."
>You paused a moment to massage the sore tips of your lekku.
"I'm going to go gather some things. You can handle setting up on your own right?"
>"Yes Master."
"Good, I'll be back in an hour."

>Setting up camp had gone smoothly enough.
>Unfortunately though, your hammock had gotten torn on the way through the swamp, leaving only one in usable condition.
>With all the grass here though, sleeping on the ground wouldn't be very unpleasant.
>With the extra time, you decided to eat a ration bar and watch the sun set in the distance.
>You hoped this place was more quiet than the swamp at night. The sounds made sleep difficult there.
>It had been almost an hour, and there was no sign of Master Ti anywhere.
>Your comlink beeped.
>It was your Master.
"Change of plans. Meet me by the river. You will see the torch."

>True to her word, you were able to quickly spot a torch in the darkness after a brief walk outside the camp.
>As you approached, you didn't see your master anywhere on the shoreline.
>That's when you noticed her clothes hung over a branch, and heard a soft splashing coming from the river.
>In the torchlight, you could just make out the form your master's back standing in the river.
"Get out of those clothes and get in here. You're filthy.
>"Are you sure?"
"Yes, there is enough dirt on you for turu grass to take root."
>She had a good point.
>You threw your clothes into a pile beneath hers and quickly slipped into the water.
>It was cool, a very pleasant contrast to the heat of the Shili day.
>You began to scrub the dirt off of yourself

"Come here, I need you to help me get under my lekku."
>Nervously, you made your way out to her.
"Here, use these."
>She handed you a clump of crushed leaves.
>By the soapy feel, you guessed that this had been what she was gathering.
>You took hold of her rear lekku, far larger and heavier than your own, and lifted it slightly to get to its underside.
>It was firm, but flexible.
>As you ran the leaves down her lekku, you heard her inhale sharply.
>It was obvious to you that she was trying to suppress it.
>You doubted that she was used to someone else touching such a sensitive area.
>A few seconds later, she let out a long, contented sigh.
>Every now and then, you could have sworn she let out a suppressed moan.
"Padawan, did you bring your lightsaber with you, or are you just enjoying yourself?"
>You hadn't noticed your erection pressing against her backside as you were washing her.
>Out of embarrassment, you quickly lowered her lekku and stepped back.
>"Sorry Master, I didn't..."
>She cut you off before you could finish the sentence
"Don't worry about it. It happens. It's only natural for someone your age.
>It didn't help much with the embarrassment.
>You shouldn't feel this way about your master.
>It was against the Code.
>Wasn't it?
"Turn around, I'll wash yours for you."
>As her nimble fingers worked your head tail, you quickly came to understand why she had acted the way she did.
>You had never had someone else handle you lekku in such a way, but it felt absolutely amazing.
>You cursed its shortness, as it took her far less time to clean than you had.
>She then moved down to your back, the only area you hadn't gotten to before she called you over for help.
>Every so often, she would brush against your lekku, sending another small jolt of sensation through it.
"That should finish it up. Now come to shore, I have something that should help with those cuts."

>You had almost forgotten about them.
>They only really stung after your lekku brushed against something now.
"You've got a big day tomorrow."
>"Do I?"
>You sat down on the shore, letting the water run off of you.
"I suppose now is the time for me to tell you why we came to Shili. You are going to hunt an Akul."
>"What? Really?"
>She sat down behind you and leaned over your shoulder to take hold of your lekku.
>In her hands was some sort of paste made from cushed berries.
"Of course. It is a right of passage for our people"
>"Are you shure I'm ready for this?"
>What ever it was she was putting on your lekku, it was doing an excelent job of stopping the soreness.
>But her gentle strokes were not helping with your... situation.
"You've been an excelent student for me. I thought it was time to reward you."
>You could feel her breath tickling your montral.
>Her gentle rubbing across your lekku was absolutely electrifying.
>You are a Jedi, you can control yourself
>Her breasts were pressed against you back
>You shouldn't be thinking about your master like this.
>Each stroke was a new shimmer of ecstasy for you.
>You were steadily becoming more and more lost in the sensation.
>"Isn't it -hhh dangerous?"
>You inhaled sharply mid-question
"Very. And you can't have any distractions while on the hunt."
>You felt her hand slide down your chest
"Which means we need to take care of this."
>Her fingers took hold of your shaft in a gentle, but firm grasp.
>With all of her attention, you couldn't do much to protest as she began to slowly work her hand up and down
"Sshh. Just relax. It's tradition."
>That was a lie.
>You may have been raised in the Temple, but you knew that this was in no part of your people's tradition.
>you weren't going to argue though.
"You've needed this for a long time haven't you."
>You slowly nodded your head.
>She began placing small kisses along your montrals.

>With how slow she was going, it was becoming almost excruciating for you.
>Between the one hand stroking your dick, the one hand massaging your lekku, and her gentle suckling on your horns, you were falling into sensory overload.
>She began leaning back, pulling you down with her.
>Slowly, she rolled you over, so that you were now face to face with her sizable breasts.
>Her nipples were the same color as her lips.
>Without thinking, you placed your mouth onto one of the white disks and began to suck.
>Master Ti let out a small moan as you reached up to grab her other breast.
>Her hand returned to the back of your head, pressing you into her chest.
"I see you've learned something from those holos you were watching."
>Had she seen them?
>You wondered just how much she knew.
>Feeling emboldend, you reachded down between the two of you with your free hand.
>Her vagina was dripping, offering little resistance to your fingers.
>She giggled slightly and genlty pushed you off of her.
"I appreciate your efforts Padawan, but we are here for your pleasure tonight, not mine."
>"But I was enjoyoing myself."
>As you got to your feet, she possitioned herself infront of you.
"But I've got something much better in store for you."
>Before you could inquire further, she took you head into her mouth.
>Her tongue began to circle around your member.
>For a Jedi Master, she certainly seemed to know what she was doing.
>Leaning back against a tree, you allowed her to take the lead.
>She began to bob her head up and down your shaft, working her tongue from side to side as she did so.
>Each time she bottomed out, she darted her tongue out to quickly lick your sack.
>You could see her begin to stroke her lekku.
>On instinct, you began to thrust your hips in time with her bobs.
>You could feel a tingling sensation building up inside you.
>Before you reached your breaking point, she removed herself from your erection.

"It's good to see you're enthusiastic. Let's continue this back at camp."
>She grabbed the torch from its possition on the shore.
>As you followed her back to camp, you couldn't help but admire her torchlit form.
"Only one hammock I see. Did you already have ideas?"
>"M-Mine got ripped in the swamp"
"I'm sure of that."
>She crawled into the hammock, motioning for you to join her.
"Luckily, one is all we need."
>As you joined her in the hammock, she rolled over, straddling you.
>She rocked herself back and forth on your erection, teasing you with her lower lips.
"Are you ready Padawan?"
>With how you were squirming beneath her, she didn't need to wait for your answer.
>She raised up, and after a brief moment, positioned your head at her entrance.
>Slowly, she worked her way down your shaft, steadily enveloping you in her warmth.
>She leaned forward, hanging her breasts infront of your face.
"So Padawan, what do you think?"
>You could only muster a moan in response as she began to gyrate on you.
>It was a feeling unlike anything you had felt before.
>Placing a hand behind your head, she guided a nipple into your mouth.
>As you suckled, she massaged your rear lekku, further increasing the myriad of sensation you were experienceing.
>Of course, you didn't seem to be the only one being overcome with pleasure.
>Master Ti could frequently be heard letting out moan after moan.
>Every so often, she would come down harder on your shaft, causing her to inhale sharply each time she did so.
>Before long, she stopped and rolled onto her back, pulling you over her.
"It's your turn to take the lead now Padawan."
>Without thinking, you began to wildly thrust into her.
>You weren't used to these motions, causing your movents to be awkward and sloppy.
>On several occasions, you slipped out of her, forcing you to pause and reposition.
>The rocking of the hammock wasn't helping either.
>Master Ti let out a small giggle.

"There is no need to rush Padawan, we have all the time in the galaxy."
>"That's not very easy Master."
>In all honesty, you were having a difficult time controlling yourself.
"Perhaps you would like to try something else."
>She pushed you off of her, and rolled onto her stomach
"Something a bit more, adventurous."
>She reached back and spread her ass cheeks, showing you exactly what she was offering.
>Without hesitation, you tried to push your way in.
"Carefull back there."
>She raised her voice slightly out of surprise, before quickly lowering it back to her usual gentle, soothing tone.
"You need to take it a little slowly for both our sake."
>"Right, slowly."
>You took a moment to slide your member back into her dripping pussy, as well as apply some spittle for lubricant."
>Repositioning yourself, you began to push into her rear.
>The combination of your spittle and her fluids on your cock allowed you to steadily work your way into her anus.
>Once you had hilted in her, you began the arduous task of withdrawing from her.
"Much better."
>"Its so tight Master."
>A slow moan escaped her lips.
"Take as long as you need."
>As you eased back forward, you leaned forward and ran your tongue across her rear lekku.
>She let out another one of her cute giggles.
"You're learning quickly."
>Steadily, you began to pick up your pace as you became acustomed to the tightness.
>In the Force, you could feel something stiring within your master.
"R-Right there."
>Her voice wavered slightly.
>A brief moment later, she spasmed under you.
>As she ceased her quaking, her breathing became calm and deep.
"That was excellent work Padawan."
>You continued your thrusting without pause.
>Master Ti kept letting out occasional moans as you maintained your pace.
>"Master, could you roll back over for me?"
"Anything for you Padawan"
>A brief moment later, and she was on her back again, legs spread wide.

>With out missing a beat, you quickly pushed your way back into her warm sex.
>After a few moments of thrusting you felt a familliar tingling welling up inside of you.
"You're close, aren't you my Padawan?"
"Just let go whenever you like."
>You leaned down and took one of her occilating nipples into your mouth.
>She giggled again and placed a hand on the back of your head as you worked her teat in your mouth.
"You really like them don't you?"
>You gave a hard suck in reply.
>It wouldn't be long now.
"Go ahead my Padawan, you have my permission."
>Sometimes, you swore she could read your mind.
>You hilted yourself in her one last time in preparation for release.
>As soon as you had pushed as far as you could, a wave of pleasure crashed over you.
>You let rope after rope of your seed loose deep within your master.
"Very good my Padawan."
>You could only answer her praise with a muffled moan.
>Slowly, you eased your way out of her, a task made slightly difficult by the hand keeping you pressed against her breast.
>Master Ti rolled you both onto your side, wraping her free arm around you in a comforting embrace.
"You could have asked me for help at any time my Padawan. As your teacher, it is my duty to do whatever I can to help you in your learning."
She began to run her hand along your rear lekku, no longer needing to press you into her chest to keep you there.
"What kind of a master would I be if I didn't see to your needs?"
>As you continued to suckle, she placed light kisses on your short montrals.
"And, if it will help to strengthen our bond, we should sleep like this every night."
>You liked the sound of that.
>You felt so safe in her embrace, like she would do anything to protect you from the temptation of the dark side.
"Now get some rest my Padawan. Tomorrow, you have a great trial to face."
>With that, you began to drift to sleep, her hand still soothingly stroking your lekku.

10/10, it's good to have you back Togrutafag.
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then get posting it, m8
we're w8ing
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This is so stupid but I may as well post it.

A few weeks ago I was in a star wars thread on /v/ which started to turn lewd and I got into a back and forth story with someone about Twi'lek padawans.
I don't really know why I saved it but I put most of the story and posts together.
File: 1449010497813.jpg (139 KB, 800x1421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's going to be too large to be posted on 4chan and I despise threads being cluttered with written porn (longer than one or two posts) when there's sites that could just as easily host it.
Put it on pastebin and drop a link?
colour me interested and erect
11/10 create more
I'll give the FO one a go, apologies if I'm slow, ramble off the point with unneeded detail, or my shit storytelling gets in the way.

The trio of troop transporters, stained with layers of green, orange and purple scum, came to land within the hangar on Star Destroyer Hux. Such was the norm. The conquest of Stasta proved difficult due to the swamped terrain inhabited by the local resistance, and it fatigued Phasma Battalion very much so. Almost all of the scum-stained Stormtroopers practically dragged themselves from the claustrophobic, cramped vessel. All but one.

Maya (or MY-70457), if not for the regulations keeping her in check, would have happily skipped from the vessel. Even though she had performed her fair share of combat in today's skirmish and was exhausted as the next Stormtrooper, she was filled with energy. It was her favorite time of the day, and she had immense difficulty not showing it.

The Stormtroopers lined up at the big blast doors from the Hangar, going in slowly, to be blasted by jets of water, to clean the loose dirt and scum from their armor, and then through a vaporizer, which turned the water into steam. Then, it was down the corridor, towards the separate barracks. Maya knew that the Captain had to present a report of the skirmish to their superiors, and that her comrades, especially the men, livened up in the shower block, the water jets seemingly washing away their fatigue and restraint alongside the dirt.

She accompanied them to the armory. Placing her flamethrower, backpack and blaster in their designated slots before removing her helmet, letting her long, crimson hair cascade down her back in a messy ponytail. She looked around the busy room with her bright, yet timid blue eyes. She removed her white armor plates, until she was only wearing her all-black under armor bodysock, the fabric clinging to her athletic frame, leaving very little of her figure to the imagination.

>To be Continued...
best jedi needs more love
thanks togrutafag

She was startled by a heavy hand clapping down on her right shoulder, turning in an instant.
"I'm pretty sure an ass like that is against regulation, Toastie. I'm going to have to inspect closer!"
She frowned as he cast a wink her way. It was one of Phasma Battalion's Heavy Assault Stormtroopers, DP-6999, who's presence always set Maya on edge. He was big, bulky and fairly good looking. Many of the Battalion's women would kill for a chance to impress him. They always flocked around him in the showers, trying their hardest to seduce him. Unfortunately, Maya was one of the very few who couldn't care less, yet she was the one he always seemed to go for. This also meant that she didn't have many friends.
"Fuck off, Trips. I'm not interested."
"Come oooon, Just a little feel..."
He reached round to grope her plump rump, and she offered him a slap across the cheek, and stormed out towards the dining area, seething. She detested the attention.

After a while, the crowd came from the showers to the luncheon quarters, Maya seeing this as her chance to go. If she hurried, she could act like she hadn't spent the past hour waiting! She opened her locker, and reattached a few plates. Suddenly, the door whisked open, and there she was, shiny and chrome! Phasma halted next to her as she finished removing her breastplate for the second time today.

"MY-70457, why aren't you in the canteen?"
"I-I'm sorry, Captain. I was covering for someone..."
She offered a quiet gulp, nervous. She'd forgotten her excuses, and hoped that the Captain was too tired or uninterested to pursue further. After an intense stare, Phasma continued on to her locker. By now, Maya was stripping from the tight, yet comfortable body sock, and stripped from her one-piece undergarment, placing them both in the small cleaning device inside her locker, to be washed.

"Captain, I... uh, was hoping to talk to you about something?"

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>You quickly shut down the hologram in of you in an attempt to preserve some of your dignity as your Master walked barged into your shared room.
I forgot a word.
>in front of you

Also, this is what she is meant to be wearing on Shili.

It was easy to tell that Maya was aroused, She tried to stand as straight as possible, but herself being nude in the presence of the Captain was intensely erotic for her. Her face carried a light flush, and her nipples stood on end. Phasma turned, and looked down on the red-headed young woman, having removed her own helmet, revealing her fairly short blonde hair, and intense blue eyes. She looked fairly unimpressed, if not disappointing, which set Maya on edge. Should she have gone straight to the showers, and waited? Was this an odd move?

"What is it?"
Phasma's response was monotone, as she was slowly unfastening her own chromed armor. Maya lingered on watching for a moment, before responding.
"Every day we're sent down to Stasta, but we're no way equipped for the planet. Our helmets don't filter out all the swamp air, for example. At least three of us fainted from the noxious gasses."

"I am aware."
Quick and assertive, the Captain's tone was, as always, commanding and without emotion. A silence lingered between the two for a few minutes, but to Maya, it seemed an eternity. Finally, Phasma spoke again.
"Your suggestion is noted."

Maya grinned from ear to ear, rushing off towards the showers. She stepped into the room, selecting a spot. The water rushed down upon her, and helped her clear her head. She closed her eyes, relaxing and rubbing her palms over her body gently. She imagined Phasma, and became evermore aroused.

Soon, her index and middle fingers were rubbing slowly between her womanhood as she fantasized. Her breathing became erratic, and she groped her left bosom as she did so, leaning against the shower wall. In the noise cast by cascading water, she lost her focus on her surroundings, releasing quiet moans, and running her teeth over her lower lip. She squeezed her breast, as she ran a finger over her opening, letting the tip slowly slide into her nether lips, palming her aroused button in the process.


She snapped from her fantasy, eyes wide, as there ahead of her stood Phasma, the real deal, only looking a lot less impressed. Maya released a half-moan, half startled yelp and ripped her hand away from her lips.
"All clean down there, I hope?"
Phasma took on a ghost of a grin, just for a second, before reverting back to her poker face. By this point, Maya's face was flushed bright red as she stood to attention.
"At ease."

Phasma took the booth to the side of hers, facing straight forwards. She began to rinse the day's sweat and scum from her form. As Maya watched, it took all of her willpower to avoid the temptation to join in and aid. Nevertheless, she watched as Phasma's hands deftly ran over her body, massaging her breasts, running down her shapely hips, and over her arse. The Captain snapped Maya from her trance, and their eyes met.

"You've been behaving strangely recently, MY-70457."
Maya blinked twice, her expression shocked. Was this Phasma's go at making conversation? She was as confused as she was stunned, Phasma looked down to the dumbfounded woman, raising a brow.
"Yes, sorry Captain... It's the new planet, I always-"
She was hushed within a moment by the taller woman, who had moved closer. Her hands held Maya's shoulders gently, and she looked down- a whole foot taller than the Flametrooper. She spoke gently.

"Wash my back, MY-70457."
"Yes, Captain Phasma."
Within an instant, Maya's hands were massaging the taller woman's shoulders, as she rubbed the lotion in, and gently worked her way down the Captain's back, until she'd reached the rump. she felt the Captain's hips, and closed her eyes.

Without warning, Phasma had squatted down, and was running her tongue over Maya's lower lips. She moaned in surprise and delight, as pleasure seeped through her body. She held her hands either side of the larger woman's head, her own craning upwards towards the ceiling.


Soon, waves of delight pulsed through her body with every heartbeat. She arched her back, pushing against the wall, as Phasma licked ferociously, massaging Maya's lower regions and spreading the lips. Soon, she was moaning loudly, in short bursts as she was overwhelmed by pleasure. She craned her head upwards towards the ceiling, and gripped the woman's head for dear life. Slowly sliding down the wall, her legs buckled, and she was sitting. With one last onslaught by the Captain, she released a scream at the top of her lungs, and reality shattered around her into a pure wave of delight, her vision fading into a blur.

Her eyes opened, and she found herself staring at a bunk above her. She looked around, and slowly came back to reality. She was in her bed, in her squad's barracks- the sheets around her groin, especially the mattress beneath, was soaked. She sobered up from her intense orgasm- or wet dream? It was too hazy to decide, and drifted back to sleep.


In my opinion, the ending was a bit of a letdown, but this is because it's rather late and I need to head off to sleep, and because I'm not really used to writing like this. Sorry. Tried my best.
are we ever gonna get any porn of Rebels Ahsoka

in b4 "le clone wars wooden block is so much better xd" meme
Hot For Captain: the Unauthorized Post-Credit Stinger!

Once Phasma was certain MY-70457 was completely asleep, she extracted herself from beneath the Trooper's bunk. The heady smell of her juices saturated Phasma's senses and the taste was still coating her tongue.

Captain Phasma absolutely LOVED it when some Trooper developed a crush on her, and she loved to.... encourage those feelings, especially when it involved the thrill of going down on someone in their sleep, knowing that they could wake up at any moment. Or someone could walk in, someone could see her indulge in her hobby.

MY-70457, or 'Maya' as she was known among the ranks, was a special project for the Captain, she hadn't worked on a woman in a while and it was becoming a serious question whether the girl would ever work up the courage to make a move. She might have to consider taking the initiative if this state continued.

Phasma stared down at Maya's sleeping form and licked her sticky fingers, her eyes taking on a predatory gleam in the darkness.

Just how she liked it. Her new plaything was supposed to obey orders, no matter what.
lewd as fuck

Fuck no, pastebin is horrible.

If I do post it anywhere, might be AFF or AO3 and I'll just link it here.
Cheers for continuing, questanon, I might have to write some further adventures of MY-70457 at some point when I have time
Fucking hell I have literally just been thinking about making a fic about this myself, canon exile all the way.

Haven't fully decided on what to do, but know I will be working on it.
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you know what's annoying? there's all these alien chicks, but they've all got perfectly regular human pussies. like, the lack of porno where alien women fuck different than human women is kinda depressing.

if I can make a request along these lines, how about a human guy and an alien woman, both of whom are confused how each other's bits work, like the human keeps looking for a clit that's on the inside and the alien keeps trying to work the base of the dick instead of the head, or something
bonus points if neither of them has had sex before AT ALL so they're even more in the dark

twi'lek for your troubles
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Ren Tython, a young human male, looked at his girlfriend, Jesmin Ahmad, a young female Mon Calamari.

She looked right back at him in return.

They were both naked.

"So like.... how does this work?" she asked. "Shouldn't your organ be longer?"

"Longer?" Ren sputtered.

"And prehensile," Jesmin continued. "I remember mom saying something about that when she gave me the talk. She said 'Jesmin, some day, you're going to meet the one Mon Cal for you and then you're going to get down together. And just remember that when his scale-plate retracts, size isn't everything. It's flexibility."

"S-scale-plate?" Ren asked, his voice faint.

"Yeah, I mean I don't think that fleshy thing is going to get through this without some serious help."

Jesmin knocked on the armor plates just above her groin. They made clanging sound where her knucles hit.

"I.... You know, I thought this was going to be much easier. My dad said it was basically insert tab A into slot B and repeat vigorously until satisfied," Ren admitted.

Jesmin was very confused at that. "Tab- wait, what do humans even have?"

"Well, uh...," Ren scratched his cheek in thought. "Like, ladies have a vagina and it's like the bit where the dick goes in and that's also where babies grow and stuff."

"WHAT?!" Jesmin looked disgusted. "You mean the babies just grow inside you? How are you supposed to deal with an entire clutch hatching if you don't lay them?"

Ren was confused with that. "But... like.... humans usually make one baby at a time. I mean, there's like twins and triplets and stuff, but they get rarer as the number goes up. There's just not much room for a bunch of babies in there, I guess."

Jesmin sighed. "I just don't think I can do this."

"Yeah, me neither." Ren looked down at his long-since softened dick. Maybe he should try for Quarren next time?

[spoiler]I'm headcannoning that Mon Cals are bipedal crab/squid people[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Quarren would probably have a beak or something.[/spoiler]
is there a non-futa version of this?
google reverse img didn't help
don't think so, unfortunately for you
I'll hammer out something involving a human, togruta, weird pussy and woefully lacking jedi sex ed tomorrow
Anyone have any good star wars lewdfic recommendations?
No noncon, dubcon, humiliation or NTR pls
I'm working on a few stories at the moment. I do some thinking on them when work's slow and I've got a few mostly pieced out, just gotta write them. What sounds more interesting: A Sluissi shipwright, a violent imperial customs officer, or some Squib double-dealing?
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Gotta love a nice fat cunt.
OP's Pic please?
>Begun, the smut wars have.
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togrutas best tailheads!

too bad they are severely lacking content compared to the inferior tailheads
Psh, Ahsoka is everywhere.

And I like it.
yeah but only ahsoka, shak ti doesnt have a lot of good ones either and there isnt really any random ones like with twileks
>tfw you can't read these pages without hearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1mfxGd0YCw endlessly in your head
>Ventress will never dom you while teaching you the ways of the hunt and/or ~daaaaaaark magic~
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Biased writefag. I witness you
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This was amazing. Is there more stuff involving Shaak Ti?
Langar Taksom flipped through his datapad, going over the take from his latest delivery. The Jealous Crane had given over her load of cheap synthsilk and made just enough to fuel back up and buy up a load of enhanced calcite for a construction project out in Ord Mantell. No matter how he looked at it, he'd come out too short on credits to pick up his usual shipment there. The cargo hold was full to capacity, but he needed a little extra somehow.

The spacer's bar wasn't too heavily occupied, and the tropical theme was sufficiently garish to make up for the lack of fashion of the occupants. Langar took a sip from his drink and settled it on the table. Another clacked onto the wooden surface, and a scantily attired woman with dark red skin sits across the table from him. She runs her tongue across her cherry lips and brushes one of her Twi'lek head tails back over her shoulder. "Hey there spacer. Going my way?"

She was wearing a top that was tight around her heavy chest, made of a strong but thin fabric similar to the type he'd just unloaded. "I'm looking to buy passage away from here to someplace I can cut loose a little more. If that sounds like your destination, you might be lucky enough to have some companionship on your long, quiet trip through space." Underneath the table, her foot began to rub along the inside of his thigh.

Langar had no hope of maintaining a cool expression under the sudden charming request. He swept his ledger to the side and folded his hands together in front of his mouth to try and hide his reaction. "Ord Mantell. It's not a fancy place, but it's not the seediest either. It's not going to be cheap, I don't know if you're wanted or something, and I don't know if I want to look." She giggled and leaned forward enough to show the depths of her cleavage. "I've got plenty for you to look at right here, spacer. I'm not wanted or a slave, look up Tis'mirri if you don't believe me. But that's time we could be getting ready for take-off." Her foot moved directly over Langar's crotch and rubbed very insistantly against his locked away hardon.

"I'm not a rich woman. That's what I hope to manage in more fertile lands. But you're welcome to what I can spare. If I need to work for part of my fare, I can manage that as well captain. I'm awful at physical labor, but I do know how to keep up spirits." The Twi'lek woman swirls her finger around in her glass of alcohol, and then sucks it slowly off. Langar picks up his glass and tilts one of the ice cubes into his mouth, crunching on it and hoping it will cool him off. "Sounds alright to me. My load's probably put away by now, why don't I show you my ship?"

He slides back in his chair to escape the aggressively teasing foot and stands up, dropping a few credits for his drink on the table. Tis'mirri slides right over to his side and loops her arm in his and rests one of her lekku around the back of his neck. "Thank you Captain. You won't regret it~" She takes his hand in hers and squeezes gently over the short walk out to the landing pads, clutching her purse tight to her side with the other. On approaching his ship, Langar disentangles himself from his passenger and turns to introduce his vessel. "I am Langar Taksom, and this is the Starlight Freighter Jealous Crane. Welcome aboard Tis'mirri."

The ramp extends down from behind the cockpit and he leads the way up, showing the limited highlights that a passenger could have. "Through the airlock here is the common area. Autochef's to the left, the Refresher is just around the corner to the right." She was clinging onto his arm again, this time pressing her breasts against his side as well. "The common room's just out here. Mostly just a couch and table. There's a scenic look through the viewport just above here. And the two doors to the right of here are the sleeping quarters. Mine's to the back of the ship, so yours is the one facing the fresher. Do you have any bags asides from that purse of yours?"

She separates from his arm and takes a few swaying steps towards her cabin and swinging her ass in a way that made her tiny skirt ride ever further up the curves of her ass. "Nope. I'm travelling light. Anything nice I need I'll be getting once we're there. Only essentials in here. And clothes aren't important at all." She tosses her purse into her room and leans into it for a brief examination and intentionally showing off the sheer underwear nestled between her two cherry red cheeks. "Ah, I need to check on the cargo. Make sure it's properly locked down before we take off. Make yourself comfortable.

He opens up the airlock to the maintenance section and once it closes behind him he dashes off to the cargo section on the other side to get his checks done as quickly as he can manage, slapping straps and kicking clamps. Thankfully the loaders appear to have done their job, and he rushes back out, slowing down at the engineering section to go back to his cool-ish manner. As he makes his way by he steps over the Twi'lek's discarded clothing and from inside the fresher comes the hissing of the shower. With everything ready to depart, he closes the ramp and enters the cockpit, pulling away from the surface of the planet and setting his first jump towards Ord Mantell.
More images like this, with lekku/head things being used sexually?
That isn't Asohka, that's Ashara Zavros from SWTOR.
Compare the facial markings with this other Ashara pic, and the Asohka pics in this thread.
I know its not ahsoka that was my point that there isnt much torguta smut beside ahsoka
More feet stuff please.
8 hours until this thread has been up for a week
There used to an anon who wrote fics for Star Wars General on /co/ back when Season 5 of TCW was airing.

Does anyone know if they still write stuff or are still around lurking somewhere?

Hell, I just hope someone knows who I'm talking about.
I remember what you're talking about, but that's about as much as I can say, sadly.

Best I can recommend you do is lurk this thread. Said person may show up eventually, or you may find some similar lewd fics of your interest.
Well there is this.
man I wish they would start drawing the milfy ahsoka already
You can call orbital bombardments on hoth, despite part of the plot of the film being they can't do an orbital strike, hence all the walking shit
Oh absolutely, there's plenty of in-game shit that isn't canon. In the same way you specific Base Design in Commander isn't canon, player controlled shit like calling in Orbital Strikes, and running around as Hero/Villain characters, is obviously not to be taken as canon.

But it doesn't contradict ESB because there's no set story elements or anything to contradict the movie, primarily because the game has no story mode.

Essentially, it's canon in it's visual and technical accuracies, but that's it. Player controlled input is not canon, and there's no story, so thats about it.
I haven't written anything in awhile. I've been considering starting at it again though.

But I would like some suggestions for characters to write about, if anyone has any.
Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker
Unexpected, but I'll give it a shot.

Oh for fuck's sake, can you just stop?


Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai, if you're familiar with them. If not, I'd be happy for Zayne and Jarael, they're from that KOTOR comic. If not them, then Jedi Exile (male, face for Jedi Jesus) and Visas Marr.
>Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai
Seconding this, and adding in Ventress/Kenobi forbidden love post her defection. Ideally ignoring Dark Disciple.
>Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai, if you're familiar with them. If not, I'd be happy for Zayne and Jarael, they're from that KOTOR comic. If not them, then Jedi Exile (male, face for Jedi Jesus) and Visas Marr.
Fanatasic ideas. I'll see what I can do. Jedi Jesus would be great.
Ventress and Kenobi is always a good choice.

All these ideas... I'll definitely write something tonight. Pastebins good for delivery?

Ideally, anon, everyone would ignore Dark Disciple altogether and just go with the stuff that happened in Star Wars: Republic, i.e. her fucking off to the Outer Rim and getting the hell away from the Clone Wars. That could easily move into her meeting Kenobi later on Tattooine, post-Order 66.


>pastebins good for delivery

Well, if you got no other place to post them, it'll do.

But I have to ask, what's stopping you folks from posting something on AO3 or FicWad or even AFF?
>Well, if you got no other place to post them, it'll do.
>But I have to ask, what's stopping you folks from posting something on AO3 or FicWad or even AFF?

Well, I do have a HentaiFoundry account where some of my old stuff is posted.


If there's a recommended service, I'll check it out.

Go with that then, if you want to.

Just properly paragraph your stuff, that's all.

Also, how come Anakin/Ahsoka is so rare in the SW erotica?
pastebin or even just greentexted here is fine. hf wont let me see your shit without an account, so i vote no on that
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>hf wont let me see your shit without an account, so i vote no on that
>doesn't know that hf hides content behind filters

No. And I've only mentioned it in this thread twice. Three times is the pattern, not two.

>Just properly paragraph your stuff, that's all.

Nothing worse than trying to jack off and decipher a wall of text at the same time.

>Also, how come Anakin/Ahsoka is so rare in the SW erotica?
/co/ never had any interest in it during my time writing in the TCW threads, so I just didn't bother. Have had some Obi/Anakin/Ashoka stuff rolling around though.
If HF works as a publicly accessible thing, I'll post them there then, and dump here on completion.

Well, once you get done with those rarer requests, the Ben/Vestara, Zayne/Jarael and Exile/Visas stuff I asked about, if you could fit in something short and sweet about Anakin and Ahsoka, I'd be grateful. You could easily make it one of those slightly cliched situations, where they huddle together for warmth on some planet where it's winter time or maybe it's one of those ice planets.
>Well, once you get done with those rarer requests, the Ben/Vestara, Zayne/Jarael and Exile/Visas stuff I asked about, if you could fit in something short and sweet about Anakin and Ahsoka, I'd be grateful. You could easily make it one of those slightly cliched situations, where they huddle together for warmth on some planet where it's winter time or maybe it's one of those ice planets.

I'll have to do some research on Ben/Vestara and Zayne/Jarael, since I'm not terribly familiar with those characters, and I like to try and keep my characters accurate. They'll get pushed to the back of my list, but since my fics tend to be relatively short, I should be able to get them done fairly soon.

I have an idea in mind for Anakin/Ashoka where they go off to do private training somewhere and Ashoka takes the initiative.

So, probably in order of what I'll get to:

- Jedi Jesus/Visas Marr
- Mara Jade/Luke (this one will probably be tame. I just can't imagine Luke having kinky or crazy sex.)
- Anakin/Ashoka
- Ventress/Kenobi
- Ben/Vestara & Zayne/Jarael

I might be able to get two or three done this evening. I won't take any further requests/suggestions until I'm through this list.

>Ahsoka takes the initiative

Yes! That's really rare, even more given the pairing you're doing it with!

As for Jarael and Zayne, the aforementioned KOTOR comics are what you might want to look into, if you haven't before, but that's 50 issues, so it's not exactly light reading.

I'll post you two pages that might show you what they're like with each other when intimate, though I understand you'll need way more than just this.
Ventress used to have unbelievable hips (tali levels) during season 1, shame they toned it down
Ahsoka/Bo-katan maybe a lez dom not sure which though

dat butt slap from show was unexpected

is she same race as ventress or just same skin color?

Nah, Ventress is Dathomirian, which is basically Human/Zabrak hybrid, whereas Jarael is an Arkanian Offshoot, that is to say Arkanian with some kind of genetic modification.
>As for Jarael and Zayne, the aforementioned KOTOR comics are what you might want to look into, if you haven't before, but that's 50 issues, so it's not exactly light reading.

I've been meaning to get the Omnibus for the longest time. All I've got is #48 and the first Tales of the Jedi Omni.

I can definitely work with those personalities. Those kinds of characters are fun to write in sexy situations, they feel more likely to do the sort of things I want them to do.

You can find an omnibus collection torrent on KAT.
Yeah, that's always an option, but I'd much rather have the physical copy. I gave up chasing down all 50 issues at least.

Well, if you got the money and don't regret it, go for it. I live in Eastern Europe and that shit is hard to come by, not to mention expensive when you take in account how lower the average paycheck here is when compared to western 1st world countries.
are KOTOR comics just that series of 50 issues or are there some more?
Why do people keep ruining stuff with dicks.

50 issues of standard stuff + 6 issues of KOTOR: War.
Maybe with bonus anakin if you feel like it

Except that would be cheating.

Which pretty much makes it disgusting.
>Jedi Jesus X Visas 1/2

In the Starboard dormitory of the Ebon Hawk, the Exile and Visas Marr meditated together. Visas sensed that he was distracted.
"What is it that clouds your thoughts?" She asked.
The Exile exhaled slowly, running his hands through his hair. He stroked his beard carefully as he considered the answer.
"Visas, I want to ask you something. Do you ever feel alone here, in this ship?" He looked at her, watching for a reaction. The rise and fall of her breasts with her slow steady breathing was mesmerizing. Her cheeks flushed slightly, and her lips parted as if to say something.
"I have given myself to you, mind, body, and soul. What I feel does not matter, so long as I serve you." A short, simple answer, whispered in the low, gentle tone she always spoke with.
"That's not the question I'm asking, Visas." He reached across to her, leaning towards her as he did so.
She met him halfway, kissing him suddenly, her left hand stroking his beard gently. He ran his hand down her back, and gently cupped her ass.
"If you've given your body to me, then there's no need for us to remain clothed, is there?" He said with a slight smile as he began pulling at Visas' clothes. Piece by piece, she was slowly exposed, her pale skin almost glowing faintly. Her breasts, free from their prison, jiggled gently with the vibrations of the ship, two oversized handfulls of beauty. She was slim around the waist, and her ass, as pale as the rest of her, bulged wonderfully. A small tangle of black hair stuck out below her stomach, tapering down like a beacon.
As Visas began working at the Exile's clothes, he took the time to run his hands along her body, feeling every inch of her soft and supple breasts. He toyed with the nipples, rubbing them gently between his forefinger and thumb, taking joy in the soft moans she made. His hands wandered down, squeezing her ass. It was firm and large, and the skin was so soft, as she was all over.

2/3 apparently.

Now, with the Exile naked, his cock erect, Visas started to guide him down towards the floor.
"I have wanted this since you permitted me to stay." She breathed into his ear, her breath hot with anticipation. As she grabbed his cock and started lowering herself onto, she moaned quietly. Once it was firmly inside her, she started sliding up and down on it, her juices quickly coating his shaft. He toyed with her tits as she fucked him, sucking on her puffy pink nipples. As they fucked, the Exile felt sensations that Visas was feeling, briefly, through the bond they shared. Her moans, and flushed red cheeks showed that she was experiencing the same thing. Her body shook gently as she continued riding his cock, panting heavily as she sped up. She slipped a hand down between her legs, toying with herself as she neared climax. Sitting up straight, and throwing her head back, she thrust herself down several more times, her legs shaking as she did, his hands running across her thighs, stomach, and breasts.
She stopped, breathing deeply to catch her breath.
"My turn," The Exile said, coaxing her to stand, climbing to his feet at the same time.
He guided her towards the wall, where he spun her to face it. She stuck her hips out toward him, leaning forward against the wall for support. He slowly pushed himself inside her, and placed his hands on her hips. He start thrusting, slowly and gently at first, but as he kept going he used more force and speed. He slapped her ass, his handprint standing out in scarlet against the rest of her pale flesh, her ass bouncing gently every time he rammed his cock into her. Her moaning grew more intense. As he fucked her vigorously, she quivered, climaxing once more. Her breathing was shallow and quick, and her lips glistened as she bit them.

She grabbed his hands, stopping him, and spinning around. Sinking to her knees, she placed one hand on his cock, gently sucking and slurping on the tip. He moaned, reveling in the sensation of her tongue gently teasing the tip. She moved her hand away, sliding her lips further down the shaft, and pulled back. Her saliva coating half his cock. She popped it back into her mouth, bobbing back and forth, using her tongue to rub and swirl around his cock. He started breathing heavily, and he was close to orgasm. She sucked as fast and hard as she could, desperate for his load. As he started to orgasm, he placed his hand on the back of her head, pushing his cock to the back of her throat. His cum poured out, pouring down her throat in several thick loads.
He moved her hand, allowing her to pull back and breath. She gasped for breath, drool running out of the corner of her mouth, juices still dripping out of her pussy.
"Have you done this with any other girls?" Visas asked, still struggling to catch her breath.
"No. Atris would have killed me if I came in her mouth like that. But maybe Handmaiden and Mira will be different." He said, as he finished dressing, and left the room.
doesn't *have* to be cheating
it could be a scenario like
>it's totally fine if you start plowing ahsoka, anakin
>as long as you let me have an equal share when you're on Coruscant
Padme loves Ahsoka, she wouldn't have any issues with Anakin doing anything so long as she got some too.

Everyone loves orange buttcheeks.
>Anakin/Ahsoka 1/?

"Hey, Snips, focus." Anakin flicked Ashoka's forehead again. He'd done it several times now, and her patience was fading.
"Master, I don't see how I'm supposed to focus if you keep doing that." She grumped angrily, folding her arms across her chest, pressing her breasts up. Distracting him was petty, but fun. He quickly looked away.
"Well if you don't focus, I'm going to keep doing It." He replied, flicking her again.
"I don't see why we need to be here anyways. I don't see what good it does for us to be so far from the conflict, wasting time meditating instead of saving people and winning battles." As she spoke, she rose, turning and stretching as she did.
The clothes she was wearing were well suited to the hot, humid environment on the planet they were on. She was wearing a skin tight top, sleeveless, that stopped just below her nipples, with the neckline dipping down so that her cleavage was well exposed. She'd opted to match it with a skirt so short that a bit her ass was visible, if one looked. It had slits up the side, so that it still allowed freedom of movement. Anakin had raised an eyebrow at her outfit, but since they were staying in the Jedi shrine alone, didn't object.
She turned her back to Anakin, bending forward to touch her toes carefully. She gasped slightly as a gust of air tickled across her bare ass and pussy, and she tried to see if Anakin was taking advantage of the view. She caught a glance of him staring, with his mouth slightly open, before he quickly looked out a nearby window.

You know what, that one's too god damn long to post in 2000 character chunks.

You can read it here http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Fic-Anon/19524/Anakin-and-Ahsokas-Vacation/50039/Chapter-0/The-vacation

Enjoy, and I always welcome feedback.
that's some solid pornography.
thinking about writing anything else with that pairing?
Honestly, I was thinking I could just continue that one. That was just the first night, after all.
File: mandalorianboner.jpg (11 KB, 105x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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das some good shit mane. What's next?
true, and I'm looking forward to it
I just had a premise that I wanted to pitch to you

My current list is here >>363071

Once I work through those, I'll take a few more requests.

I'll hear any pitch, and consider any request.

What's your idea?
>she's just announced that she's leaving the jedi
>before she leaves, she seeks anakin out
>she wants to loose her virginity before she goes, and she wants it to be him
>anakin eventually agrees
>tender, slightly awkward sex with a force bond ensues
>maybe after she decides she wants to try other stuff with him, like eating orange butts or what have you

You know, I like the idea, but I feel like Anakin doesn't work given the way they split. Maybe Obi? Bitches love the beard
I admit, I haven't seen the episode in a while, but I figure it could be fit in with an extended scene where anakin tries to talk her out of leaving
[spoiler]you could have it end with him waking up in the morning to a note and an empty bed, if you want to keep the feels structure intact[/spoiler]
Mind if I ask what are your favorite scenarios to write or fetishes to include?

(This can go for any other writer on here as well)
Maybe. I could probably get something that feels fairly organic if it happens before she quits, sort of a celebration of getting her name cleared.

Honestly, I don't really have anything I specifically prefer to write, I just sit down with a setting and characters in mind, and then its just whatever I end up.

I will steer clear of fetishes that aren't as believable, or that don't write well, like feet, vore, scat, gaintess, dickgirl, etc, but I generally consider everything to be on the table when I write.
File: 1393391744355.jpg (123 KB, 822x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh shit, that reminds me
fic of erza and sabine watching weird space porn together when?
Fic of Kanan and Hera cuddling when?

>If only Barriss were here

Aaaand you ruined it.
Uploaded this one. http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Fic-Anon/19529/Fun-on-Ebon-Hawk-with-Jedi-Jesus/50048/Chapter-0/Meditation

I'm going to try and get Mara Jade/Luke written today, as well as Obi-Wan/Ventress, and I've got an idea for Aayla Secura/Shaak Ti that could be fun.

[spoiler]I just wanted to give Barrissfags some tears to use as lube[/spoiler]
>Kanan and Hera cuddling

Kanan was dead tired when he finally stumbled into his bunk. Between training Ezra and doing missions for the Rebellion, it felt like he'd been standing nonstop for months. Finally having a moment to just lay down and sleep.... well, Kanan intended to take full advantage of this sudden luxury.

He didn't even bother with the light as he slumped into the dark room, shedding clothes as he made his way to the bed. When he finally lay down, even the spartan bunk felt like sleeping on a cloud. Kanan began to drift off, lying in the darkness when a slender arm lay itself across his body.

"Hello there, Love," said Hera.

Kanan grunted as Hera pulled herself against him, her soft curves welcome against his tired body.

"I think I'm to tired for anything tonight," Kanan said softly.

Hera's breath tickled his ear. "That's okay, I can do all the work tonight."

In the darkness, she straddled him and began stroking his cock. She giggled each time he moaned and began flicking the underside of his cockhead, making him writhe weakly on the bed.

"It's been so long since we had time to ourselves, Love," Hera said. "I felt like I was going to burn up if we didn't let off steam."

To emphasize her point, she began to rub her cunt along his thigh, leaving a hot, sticky trail along his skin. Hera stroked his cock faster.

"Are you ready yet, Love? Are you ready to fuck me?"

"Yes," Kanan hissed. "So ready, yes!"

Even in the darkness, he could tell Hera was smiling.

"Then beg for it," she said smugly.

Kanan groaned with need beneath her, desperate to sink himself into her pussy.

"Please," he breathed. "Please let me fuck you. Please sit on my dick."

"Hmm, I'm not sure you're sincere," Hera said teasingly, even as her frantic pussy rubbing belied how needy she was. "But since you're so tired, I'll let your lack of enthusiasm pass."

And with that, she lifted her hips and slid herself down onto his cock. She moaned as his length sank into her.
Kanan moaned as well at the feel of her tight cunt. Hera kept going down, down, until the entire length was in her.

Then, slowly, she began to bounce. Both of them groaned and Kanan reached up to tease her breasts.

"Oh, love, I needed this so bad," Hera moaned. "I needed your dick inside me, I needed your hands all over me!"

She bounced faster on top of him, squeezing him with her core muscles. As she became more wild, Kanan suddenly reached up and grabbed one of her lekku.

"N-no, not there! They're sensi-ah!"

Kanan teasingly traced a finger from the tip of her lekku all the way to the base on her head and then he brought his hand back down again, firmly pressing all the way back down to the tip. Hera moaned loudly,her hips loosing their rhythm. She fell forward into his chest as he pussy squeezed spasmodically.

"Y-you bastard, you know that they're so sensitive."

Kanan kissed her. "Of course I knew," he breathed against her. "That's why I did it."

Hera grabbed his head. "Do it again," she demanded and kissed him hard.

He did do it again, this time with both hands, driving Hera absolutely wild. She pistoned up and down on his cock, her pussy squeezing desperately.

"It's been so long that I'm already so close," she said, unable to keep his voice steady.

"Then let's cum together," Kanan answered.

Kanan grabbed her hips and added his strength to hers, slamming her up and down on his cock. It wasn't long before both of them lost it and let their orgasm wash over them. When it was over, they were both wet and sticky where they joined.

Hera lay contentedly against him, hands on his chest as they kissed lazily.

"I'm going to need more than that, you know," she said.

Kanan chuckled. "I wasn't kidding when I said I'm too tired, I don't think I've got it in me to go any more."

"Oh come on, we always do it at lea-"

Hera was interrupted by a knock at the door.
"Hera!" Sabine's voice drifted through the door. "We got a call from Commander Sato, I think you should see this!"

Hera's head dropped down onto Kanan's chest. "Dammit," she muttered.

"Alright, I'll be right out!" She said.

"Sorry," Kanan said.

Hera sighed against him, making her chest do amazing things. "It's not your fault, just get some sleep."

She got up, Kanan's soft dick finally popping out of her pussy, along with a stream of cum. Hera cleaned it up as best she could and pulled on her jumpsuit. Before she left, she kissed Kanan's forehead.

"See you later, Love. Sweet dreams."

Kanan drifted off again, dreaming of a soft green body sleeping beside him.
Eh, close enough. Thanks questanon.
File: 1375999651171.png (3 KB, 184x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw my first instinct was to write actual cuddling, but I went with my second instinct to write porn

In the darkness, Kanan and Hera lay entwined. Outside, Ezra and Zeb were arguing about whatever while Sabine egged them on, but neither of the two on the bed stirred. Hera snuggled closer to him, nuzzling his neck and Kanan tightened his hold around her in response.

Outside, something heavy collided with the door to their room. The vociferous argument suddenly ceased.

On the bed, Hera and Kanan sighed.

"It's your turn to deal with the children," she said sleepily.

"I did it last time."

"While I was getting us away from that patrol," she countered.

Kanan kissed her forehead softly. "I have an idea. How about neither of us goes and we hope they just go away."

Hera hummed in agreement and shifted in his arms.

"Alright. But you're still dealing with them next time."

Kanan groaned and she giggled and kissed his nose.

Outside, the argument started up again, believing that the adults hadn't woken up.

Langar eases the lever back to put the ship into hyperspace as a weight leans on the back of his chair. "It's been a long time since I've seen a sight like this. Even once you earn your freedom, it's a long way to settling business enough to leave." He turns to speak further with his passenger and ends up nestling his face in between her still wet breasts. Her hand rubs through the back of his hair and laughs quietly. "Has it been a while for you too?" Without fighting her gentle grip, he responds. "For seeing someone as sexy as you. It's going to be a few hours to our first stop, why don't we retire to the lounge for a while."

The Captain slings one arm under her near leg and hoists the Twi'lek into the air, squealing and clutching his head to keep her balance. With one hand blocking most of his sight, he stumbles his way back through the passageway to the common area. "Watch where you're putting your hands, I don't need anything getting stuck in too early." Langar chuckles and gives her ass a playful smack, earning some laughter for his trouble.

When his shin bangs into the side of his couch, he dumps Tis'mirri onto it, though her tight grip on his hair pulls him face first onto her penis in the process. He pauses for a moment before pulling himself into a seated position. Her face is still smiling playfully, and her bountiful chest rises and falls with her breathing. And not far down from there, her penis lies half-erect on her midsection.

He opens his mouth, then closes it again. His eyes close part way in concentration while he rubs his forehead. He starts to say something, then stops before making any words. The red-skinned woman watches his confusion with amusement, finally losing her ability to hold in the laughter. "I take it you have some questions?"

Langar eventually joins in the laughter, though much quieter and still uncertain. "No, just the one really. I wouldn't say I'm in expert in them, but I'm certain that's a cock there. I take it there's a story behind that?" She keeps both of her legs resting across his lap and plays with the end of one of lekku. "It's less exciting than you'd think. No jedi magic or scientific experiments. Just a pair or parents trying to make a better life for their child away from their crappy planet."

"Ryloth is a pretty awful place to live. Not a lot of food to go around, and not much opportunities to get away. Selling children into slavery is seen as the way to get around both problems. The issue there is that the price for male slaves is a quarter of the females. So my father decided very early on to supplement my upbringing with specific medicines, and my mother took great pains to teach me things like dancing and service." She hooks her feet on the armrest on the other side of the captain and pulls herself along the couch until she's sitting in his lap. "I don't regret anything, I had a lot of fun. I even got let go earlier than most. It turns out masters can have interesting tastes that they don't want to get public."

Her head tails dangle on his shoulder and she strokes his chin with her soft fingers. "I learned a lot about showing other people how to enjoy themselves too. Your reaction tells me you're a little confused, but from where I'm sitting I can feel you're interested." Her naked ass rocks from side to side on his crotch and can feel his erection hiding just beneath the fabric of his pants. "Give me a squeeze spacer. I promise you'll like what you feel." He continues to sit without moving while behind her, neither pulling away nor approaching. Her crimson lekku begin to flick nervously against his skin, growing worried at the pause. "It's alright. I didn't mean for this to get awkward, I can just go to my room and stay there for the trip."
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That took a sudden turn that I wasn't expecting, but I want you to know that I support you 100%.
>"yeah this is getting pretty hot"
>her penis
Wassa matter, afraid of a little girlcock?
Yeah, I don't get futa either.
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Someone didn't watch the whole gif.
I actually thought that was a typo for a moment, then shrugged and kept on trucking.
[spoiler] can a togruta be impregnated by a human? asking for a friend [/spoiler]
Apologies for the surprise dick. At least I didn't let it get too racy before dropping that one in your lap.

I see a ton of pictures of futa Twi'leks and was wondering why or how that would be a thing. Once I thought of the reason, I figured it was time to write. Delays happen because I'm awful at actual erotic content.
Short answer is yes, long answer is probably.
Expanding on what >>365503 said in-case you're confused; Twi'leks can be impregnated by humans, so Togruta probably can too.
More specifically, Wookiepedia explicitly lists every species that isn't capable of interbreeding with humans, while Togruta isn't listed at all.

And of course, they're physiologically similar to Twi'Leks, so one would presume that they're fully capable of interbreeding, but we have no canon examples, and no other nerds on the internet seem to care.
If a Chiss and a Zeltron had a kid, would it be purple?
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this is exactly my fetish

Tis'mirri stands up and takes a half-step away before he takes her hand and pulls her back onto the couch, now underneath him. "I'm interested alright. I was finding it a little difficult to move without worrying about going off early. Now what's this promise about what I'm going to like?" I can squeeze you anywhere and like it?" Langar's hands work up her sides and squeeze her waist. She laughs and squirms underneath him while trying to keep from being tickled too heavily. "So far so good. Let's move on to the next place!" He slides his hands further and grips onto her smooth ass, rubbing the soft flesh hard enough for some to squeeze up between his fingers. Her reaction is to gasp and try to steady herself on the couch, holding her spot with one foot on the floor and one arm thrown over the back of it.

"That's a different reaction. Sounds like this is more like what you are looking for. I take it I'm allowed to squeeze as hard as I like?" He massages the Twi'lek's backside from top to bottom, working her red skin thouroughly. His thumbs slide between her cheeks and spread them apart enough for her little crimson pucker to show. He presses one finger against the entrance and finds it tight and resistant to its pressure. She tilts her head back and groans loudly, looking back at him through a loop under her head tail. "Looks like it's not just me enjoying this. Have you been seducing me this entire time just so you wouldn't be bored on the trip?"

She pushes her hips back into his hands and concentrates on relaxing her backside. Langar's finger finally slips through the narrow ring drawing a loud "Ah!" from the passenger. "Mmmh! I always dress like this. I figured even if you weren't going anywhere, you'd still be a fun night out. Haah, lucky me, now I get to have both." With his finger probing her bottom, Tis'mirri pants and tightens up her muscles again, squeezing down on his finger enough to nearly trap it inside.

After a bit of a struggle, he lands a slap on her already red cheeks and pulls his finger out in the following moment of shock. "Ow. You've got an ass that's tight as hell. You aren't making it seem like a good idea to put my dick in there." The captain starts lifts his shirt up over his head and tosses it aside, then starts working on his pants. Tis'mirri turns and reaches out with one foot and brushes his hands aside, then undoes the clasp with her toes. "First thing I always hear, is that Twi'lek women are always loose, used up, that sort of thing. I find it's best to stop that little myth before it even starts."

She hooks her heel into the front of his pants and pushes it down to his thighs. She pauses there to tease his underwear clad cock with her nimble toes, tickling the tip more strongly when a small wet patch of precum forms on the material. "Clearly if you're worried, the solution is to get you good and soaked before you put it in." Her entire foot rubs against the underwear front, squeezing out more thin lubricant a drop at a time. With his hands free, Langar takes her breasts in his hands, treating them far more gently than he did with her ass. She takes her seat on the couch with the captain bending over her, each other's breath panting in the building excitement.

He leans over a little further and kisses her on the mouth, mixing saliva in the sloppy duel of tongues the kiss becomes. Her breasts are squeezed more insistantly as his shaft is stimulated by her foot, her own squeezed against her midsection by her bent knee. When their mouths part with a thin line of saliva connecting their lips, only a single word is on his mind, and he says it breathlessly. "Now."

Her hands scrabble down his midsection and grab the top of his underwear, pulling it down far enough for his dripping cock to spring free. Her foot moves away and up over his shoulder, raising her hips enough off of the couch to provide easy access to her ass. He wraps his hand around her raised thigh and rubs his shaft along the crack of her ass, slathering a slippery line of precum along it. Tis'mirri uses her free foot to stamp on his lowered pants and force it to the floor where Langar can step out of them. She reaches between her legs with her hand to take a hold of his dick and move it forcibly towards her opening and grinds the tip against her opening. "No more time for teasing, spacer. It's time for you to fuck me, and fuck me good." She kisses him roughly and bites on his upper lip, setting the mood as forceful and hard.

He obliges, driving his hips hard to penetrate the Twi'lek's petite asshole, finding she'd relaxed just enough to make his initial entry merely tight. He pulls on her leg in time with his thrusts to push himself ever deeper against the constricting passage that clung around his shaft suffocatingly. His breaths are deep and loud to fuel his exertion, and the reward for his effort is the gradual weakening of his partner's tightness. She shouts out happily with each loud squeak of the couch and relaxes further to savor the ever deeper thrusting of his cock. "Ahhh, yes! Fuck me deeper! You can get further! Give it to me harder!" She rakes his side with her hand, the carefully-manicured hand not managing to leave any marks but not for lack of trying.

Her breasts bounce and slap against his chest, and her shuddering cock scrubs against his midsection, drooling a puddle of precum onto her own crotch in the process. She moves her other leg up over Langar's shoulder, lifting herself entirely off of the couch once he braces both of his hands on the back of it. She sways freely in response to the hard thrusts penetrating her asshole, and she shouts out happily as her cheeks slap against the man's waist. He holds the position for a moment, freezing with his cock buried fully in Tis'mirra's bottom. Her lekku have been thrown haphazardly around, one hanging over a raised leg and the other snaking between her pillowy breasts.

The captain looks down at her and locks eyes as he very slowly starts to pull out of her. The red-skinned woman responds by squeezing as hard as she can with her inside muscles, trying to prevent the wonderful sensation of fullness from escaping. They both battle for a whole minute, over fractions of inches withdrawn while staring into each other's eyes. Once he's halted for good, Langar takes a half-step forward and puts all his weight into burying it back inside, pushing past her resistance like it didn't exist at all. She screams out happily and gives up trying to control the pace, giving him the ability to bounce her rapidly on his shaft and filling the small room with the echoes of flesh smacking against flesh.

"Ah! Aaah! It's good! So good! Luh-little more! Fuh-further. A-aah! NNNYEES!" Her legs quiver in anticipation of her oncoming orgasm, locking the feet behind his neck when it hits, spewing a thick smear of cum against the underside of her breasts, and every time his cockhead strikes deep into her bottom, another jet spills out between their bodies.

He watches Tis'mirri's head lean against the back of the couch, eyes closed in her ecstatic screaming. Ripples of clencing muscle pass through her entire body, stimulating his sensitive member past the point of no return. With whatever strength he can still manage, he keeps thrusting back into her body to coax out the last feeble dribbles of her cum before his own surges through him, lancing the deepest part of her intestines with warm sticky cum. He holds his position again on shaky arms and legs while his body drains itself of his spunk in short bursts, and finally is forced to ease her down onto the couch and slip his cock from her cum-dripping asshole. He sinks down to a seated position on the floor himself, too tired to keep on his feet.

From the floor he gets a clear look at Tis'mirri's gradually shrinking cock, sticky with her own cum and the same tinge of red as her skin. He'd never done this sort of thing before, but decided that it wouldn't be a bad thing to try again sometime. She gently pulls herself up to a seated position, and gives Langar an exhausted smile. "That was good. Really good. I was hoping for something almost exactly like that. Aaah, how long do we have for more of this?" The captain rests his shoulder on the coffee table and shakily eases himself back onto his feet. "It's about three or four hours between most points on the trip, six stops total. Is that enough for you?"

The Twi'lek woman stands up off of the couch, and starts to make her way back to the refresher. "Might be a little too much. I'm pretty sure even my ass might start to get sore after that much time. Unless maybe you want to take a ride on me for one leg?" She lifts up her soft member and gives it a wet and sticky stroke and giving him a wink while the refresher door closed behind her. In Langar Taksom's head, he decided maybe he'd had enough exploration for one trip.

-End Story-
>In Langar Taksom's head, he decided maybe he'd had enough exploration for one trip.
kind of a shame to give a girl a cock and not let her use it

great story, though
So, is this getting a new thread eventually, or what?


I sure hope all y'all writers been archiving your stories.
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