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Globalized Fetishes
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Post hot/weird shit whatever you'd like to see happen on a worldwide scale.

Want to turn all women into milky cowgirls? Post a cowgirl pic and maybe ladies everywhere will wake up the next morning with leaky tits like in the pic you posted.
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half of all men are lusty femboys
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I'd be down with all women being abducted for forced breeding experiments by aliens, sure.

Maybe either all women suddenly disappear all at once in the blink of an eye (maybe even just beamed away right out of their clothes like in that Battlefront commercial), or the disappearances just happen in waves over the course of 2-3 months, with a few million women disappearing every day....
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Mandatory duty as a cocktail waitress for all women.
Remember that this will effect ALL women including the unsexy ones before suggesting something like this>>195180
File: 1445142219264.jpg (221 KB, 1024x819) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ideally, if we can wield such unfathomable power, we'd also be able to select a certain portion of either gender to be affected by whatever we choose (I would imagine that by "all women", most guys mean "all reproductive-aged women"), but it IS a more interesting game if every single member of that gender has to be affected by whatever it is you choose.
Technically the op only specified "worldwide scale" (i.e. "happens globally", but not necessarly "happens to everyone").

But yes, with no further changes specified, >>195180 would indeed make it so that severely unattractive women could be seen doing the job mentioned in the post.
File: 1444771122539.gif (114 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, this could just mean "all women with C cups or larger" shoot fruit juice out of their nipples, or "all guys with 4 inch cocks or shorter wake up tomorrow with mega-cocks".

Doesn't have to happen to everyone as long as it's happening to enough people that it's happening everywhere, though I think OP probably means that the vast majority of the chosen gender should probably be affected in some way.
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Women = hee haw
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1) Swallowing cum cures all wounds and ailments, provides a full day's nourishment no matter how much is consumed in a day, induces a mild, giggly euphoria, and contributes to a full, curvaceous feminine figure. Any woman is only one load away from being a gorgeous sexpot.

2) Men that swallow cum also become feminized, except that the moment they become fully female they find that their vaginal lube, breast milk, and saliva are all cum instead of the fluids that would be excreted by a natural female.

3) Swallowing cum has a temporary bimbofying effect proportional to how much of it was swallowed in the past 24 hours. When this effect wears off, the consumer ends up slightly smarter than before.

4) Cum is highly addictive.

Women pretty much all end up way smarter than they currently are, except those that succumb so thoroughly to the addiction that they live as bimbos 24/7.

Men that never swallow cum are still productive members of society... until they succumb to some manner of injury or ailment and they're given the best treatment known to science. From there it's only a matter of time until they're giving themselves regular doses.

Bimbos used to be men, but they ended up swallowing enough cum to fully transition. Because their saliva is cum they end up swallowing load after load non-stop. Where a woman that sucks one dick and calls it a day might end up just a little spacey, a full-on bimbofied man will often be absolutely ditzy and gullible, rarely retain enough faculties to be able to read beyond a 1st grade level and even the upper bounds of basic arithmetic will tend to be outside their grasp. Because of their impairments and the ample quantities of cum they produce, bimbos often end up being kept as housepets by women, loaned occasionally to hospitals for cum-milking.
that's really good, especially the cum saliva thing
File: 1446595513329-1.jpg (578 KB, 842x1276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wouldn't mind some kind of globalized change to all women (all reproductive-aged women at least, as mentioned above) where there's a spread of some kind disease that causes an un-hideable physical transformation followed by an inevitable mental/physiological change that results in a humiliating new sexual desire/instinct.

Like, something starts to spread that slowly turns women into jelly girls, with the victims gradually desiring to suck cock the more and more they change until they're 100% jelly and even the most reserved women can only keep their shit together for a few hours at a time before they're crawling on their hands and knees, begging to Hoover up the nearest cock.

There's an initial outbreak that is quickly contained that horrifies the world when it's shown what the disease does to women, only for the disease to somehow get out and start infecting the general population - most women do their best to try and avoid infection (and do their best to comfort friends and family who have begun exhibiting signs of jellification), only no one knows that 100% of adult women are doomed to eventually be changed....
Are the formerly male Bimbos futas? or does full transition mean they have vaginas that constantly gush semen? Do creampies in other holes give these magic semen effects?

The world is suddenly full of horny magical creatures of all types from all mythologies. Mermaids have cities at the bottom of the ocean where they get fucked by Krakens. Elves in forests, Dragons in caves, Vampires in castles, etc.
Humans try to respond with military force but get overwhelmed and gangraped by goblins or Kappas or whatever.
The world strikes a balance and life continues normally for the most part. Integration happens until it's like Ugly Americans. Only with more sex. If you've seen Ugly Americans that's a lot of sex.
Elves are in porn a lot- once they start have sex for pleasure they become highly addicted. No matter how many times their assholes are gaped they return to virgin tightness in a few days. Which is tested extensively in "Cum-inflated Elf Queens Vol.5" in which Lady Vara of the Redwood Elves put herself in a stockade for public usage. After about eight months of near-constant fucking from humans, centaurs, dragons and trolls her belly was swollen like a bean bag chair and a semen cocktail oozed out of her every orifice- even her ears. She was allowed to rest and her holes returned to normal.
File: 1444450651459.jpg (954 KB, 2025x2700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She however did now allow the semen to be drained. Her anus is tight enough to keep in the thousands of creampies but walking puts pressure on her huge cum-belly and it makes her ass gush semen. This makes her orgasm so hard she falls to her knees- forcing out more semen-but she is already frustrated about the weight she lost for the months that the sperm wouldn't stop pouring out of her mouth and vagina.She has since become wheelchair bound (she can still walk but refuses to "Buttskeet" as she calls it) and always wears a fist-sized butt-plug to try and preserve her cum-belly.
An interesting side effect of her semen-filling is that she constantly lactates, like more than a dairy cow. Horny Wizard Productions (The people behind Cum-Inflated Elf Queens) has offered her a role in "Magic Titcows Vol1" but she refuses until "CIEQ vol6" is filmed.
File: cumfilled.jpg (481 KB, 1750x1313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Are the formerly male Bimbos futas? or does full transition mean they have vaginas that constantly gush semen?

They are not futas. However, the penis is pretty much the last thing to go in the transition, so if you get a lucky hookup with someone very close to becoming a bimbo you'll be in the same ballpark as a futa.

As for constantly gushing semen, not exactly. It essentially works as normal vaginal lube does, except that if she's REALLY horny she may produce semen in excessive amounts like pic related.

>Do creampies in other holes give these magic semen effects?

Nope, has to be swallowed. There may be some bimbos that think they're doing men a favor by sitting on their faces and making them swallow large quantities of cum, taking them from normal to fully-transitioned bimbo in hours flat...
Why not make EVERYONE Cowgirls?!
Everybody is a slutty shemale with huge cock and giant fake tits or a busty permanently pregnant-looking woman.

You get to choose and can swap on a whim
source on both
my globalized fetish?

sex everywhere, everytimes, no stds or any shit like that
File: 1401920170004.jpg (218 KB, 995x743) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because....not *everybody* has the exact same kink and/or wants to be turned into a cowgirl?

Just for that, not only do all women turn into cowgirls, but they all (eventually) end up as juicy hamburgers, too.
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Mine is pretty simple: the only currency now accepted from women by men is sex.

Maybe women wake up tomorrow to find international law somehow suddenly changed so that even though women can hoard as much cash as they like, it can't be spent - the only currency men will accept from women in exchange for *any* goods or services is sex - with a whole conversion rate of sex acts = value already in place the moment the new laws kick in.

Women aren't necessarily treated any differently as a result of this - if anything, men may not even realize that anything has changed and they've now been reprogrammed to believe that this is *always* how women have paid for things, which makes things even more confusing for women tomorrow when they wake up and not realize that anything is wrong until they're asked to flash their tits to get on the bus or suck a cock in exchange for their morning coffee.

Hard mode: women have also been reprogrammed without their knowledge to require sex acts from each other in lieu of money, so women quickly realize that the option to withdraw from society and start their own underground sex-less economy won't work, either. If a woman tries to sell her iPhone to a friend, she'll find herself physically unable to accept the cash offered to her and won't be able to complete the transaction until her friend has pegged her with a strap on for a day straight or some equivalent sex act worth several hundred bucks.
No udder sex for you then...
Thanks for a simple but fun fantasy. :)

Everytime I come to these threads hoping for some imaginative kinky fantasies and theres just "Hey heres my boring fantasy, the twist? Womens lives are miserable!"
>Everytime I come to these threads hoping for some imaginative kinky fantasies and theres just "Hey heres my boring fantasy, the twist? Womens lives are miserable!"
Yeah, but people either don't put a lot of thought into a fetish going global or simply as a means to stroke their fragile male egos...

...That said, this thread has been rather creative for what little content it has.

If you want more twisted from me, well, you're not going to get any worse than everyone becoming boobacious Broodmothers...
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orc with halfling.png
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Overnight, everyone on the planet becomes an Orc, a halfing, a Giant, or a Goblin. The mystical fOrces that cause this change to occur starts by giving people a conscious choice as to whether or not they become an Orc until about 9 million people have become Orcs (randomly selecting people as needed if there are fewer than 9 million volunteers). Then people are allowed to choose to become Halflings until roughly half the population have become Halflings (again, randomly selecting people until the quota is met). Then most of the remainder of humanity is allowed to choose to become Giants. When only 9 million humans are left, the last humans are turned into Goblins.
File: 313529.jpg (74 KB, 576x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 576x768
Goblins, the luckiest ones, are no taller than Halflings, but they are instead actually female (although universally sterile). On one extreme, Goblins are built like pic related. On the other extreme, Goblins are Midna-style short-stacks. Most tend to be much closer to Incase’s goblins in build. Goblins are all of superhuman intellect and naturally dominant. They have no need of food, water, or air, and they are physically resilient enough to survive the full range of the extremes of Earth’s surface weather indefinitely fully nude.

However, they are absolutely dependent on causing other peoples’ orgasms to function. A goblin that goes a week without making someone else cum begins to become delirious and erratic until they mentally break with reality, fabricating a sexual dreamworld for their mind to inhabit until someone gives them enough sustenance (by fucking their body, which will unconsciously cooperate with any such attempt) to bring them back around.
Giants range between nine and fourteen feet tall. They aren’t generally stocky, but they are all both incredibly feminine in build and endowed with well-defined musculature (only rarely as grotesque as a bodybuilder, and almost never at the expense of breast tissue). Giants are futa, routinely hung well enough to put livestock to shame and about as strong as dray animals to boot. Mentally, Giants are pretty much the same as your typical human. No impaired language or math skills, no impaired judgment, but also never as bright as the top 0.1% of current-day humans (even if they used to be smarter as humans).

However, Giants are intensely protective of (and submissive to) others. While a Giant is more than capable of saying “no” and will assert their own interests in the face of casual requests that would be inconvenient, they do have difficulty flatly turning down a forceful demand without good reason. In addition, while Giants are futa in the proper penis-and-vagina sense, they are only fertile as males.
alflings are all petite, sexy femboys no taller than four feet with little impulse control and almost disproportionately large penises (seven inches being small enough for a Halfling to be publicly mocked for their inadequacy). They form (and break) attachments with others rapidly, have few sexual taboos, and demonstrate extreme guile in getting sex from anyone they bond with. Halflings generally have an impaired grasp of the consequences their actions may have for others, though their empathy for others isn't impaired otherwise; far from it, a halfling that is aware that they've inconvenienced or harmed another person will generally take it as a matter of pride to make amends.

Beyond that, Halflings are known for producing prodigious amounts of cum. It’s not uncommon for a Halfling to be able to fill a tall glass to overflowing with a single load. Their cum also induces a strong sense of euphoria on contact with the skin of non-halflings, and over time people may become addicted to it. Withdrawal is mostly harmless; Halfling cum addicts simply find that their libido is greatly increased according to the severity of their withdrawal, and they are unable to climax without Halfling cum.
Finally, all Orcs are are female and slightly taller than the current human baseline. Their bodies are built for childbirth, with Orcs universally having a “milfy” curvaceous body type with soft features, notably broad hips, and large, milky breasts. Their vaginas are at once tight and accommodating as well as sensitive throughout their depth; no partner is too large for an Orc to comfortably accept them, and few are so pathetic as to have difficulty satisfying (or being satisfied by) an Orc. Orcs also smell intensely of a natural, sexual musk laden with pheromones; the other races find that spending more than a few minutes with an Orc makes it difficult to think of much else than having sex. If an Orc is not actively pregnant, she is ovulating and has an intense yearning for getting knocked up. Pregnancy is brief and complication free for Orcs; after three weeks to a month, an Orcish woman will be ready to give birth to 1-3 children, which will most often be the same race as the father with only about 0.1% of children being born Orcs and 0.1% of children being born Goblins.

However, Orcs are not particularly well suited to much else. They are not particularly weak or strong, but their tendency to spend much of the year pregnant makes it difficult for them to hold down any work requiring heavy labor. They also are not technically stupid, but the Orcish brain is biologically incapable of using pronouns, forming words longer than two syllables, sentences longer than five words, basic literacy, and any form of math more advanced than Algebra 101. While these mental impairments do not inhibit their reasoning skills or their ability to understand spoken language used by others, they do make it rather difficult to be productive as anything other than a mother.
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alcohol now turns any woman that drinks it into a horny fuckslut willing to have sex with anyone who asks, they don't regret it at all.

With Star Wars hype kicking into overdrive, I wouldn't mind something Star Wars-related happening to all women, especially the ones who are indifferent to science fiction or don't care about Star Wars in particular.

Maybe at 6pm tonight all women find their clothing suddenly replaced with Slave Leia gear - the collar and chains are permanent, but the bikini top & bottom can only be removed for bathing or for sex, and any attempt to cover up a woman's body while she's stuck wearing the slave gear just renders that new clothing invisible. Women can go out and about in public wearing whatever they like beneath their winter coats and whatnot, but all anyone is going to see is the slave gear (and each woman's almost-naked body) beneath. This is just temporary, though - the Slave Leia Gear disappears on midnight of the day of the new movie's release, though maybe each woman comes away from it with a small tattoo or something similar as a forced souvenir of their collective humiliation.

Or, maybe all women just slowly start to turn into, or start to exhibit traits from, random Star Wars alien species?
Pretty cool idea but I'm not on board with seeing all women naked. It's just not meant to be for some.
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You must be fun at parties
He brings down the ROOFies.
File: 138373844832.png (2 MB, 1387x925) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1387x925
Related, kinda.
File: 1428732226565.jpg (373 KB, 1000x774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've always wondered how women would react to suddenly becoming mermaids.

Like BOOM, women are either stripped of their clothing or somehow change inside their clothing (I guess jeans/underwear would have to be destroyed by the magical energy causing the change), though it could be amazing to watch women suffer a slower, more gradual transformation that would give them time to undress, but would be more horrifying, to say the least.

I'm also not sure if women should just turn into mermaids who can breathe indefinitely out of water, or if there should be extra complications laid on top of women already losing mobility by making it so that can only be out of water for a few minutes (or maybe an hour at most) at a time...
>half of all men are lusty femboys
Which half? The top or bottom?
So you're cool with watching your mom blow the cashier when she buys you Cheetos?

What, are you in middle school? My mom died of cancer 2 years ago.
File: 123121222332.jpg (81 KB, 600x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 600x388

Limit this to just women between the ages of 18 and 35 and you've got a deal. (The all-women-become-Slave Leia-until-TFA-comes-out stuff, I mean.)
High school girls with persistent behavior and attitude problems get to spend a night at a huge island mall/resort. There are shops, salons, photo clubs, karaoke bars, idol and beauty contests, host clubs, chippendales, love hotels, etc. with hot flirty staff and no drinking or drug restrictions. Everything is designed to encourage girls to be catty bitches to each other by loosening their inhibitions and making them feel better than everyone else.

Late that night the staff disappear and transformations begin.
1. High fever encouraging them to take off clothes.
2. Felinized brains, affecting speech and behavior.
3. Ears and tails. Less-bad girls who didn't cause much trouble stop here, but have to be alleycatgirls until morning, then they get changed back and sent home.
4. Fur, faces, and paws for serious verbal and social abuse. From this point onward, change is permanent and they forget their human selves. Released into the wild.
5. The very worst ones who started fights and hurt people will shrink to between housecat and bobcat size. Released into the wild or sold to pet stores or animal shelters.
File: 125126561421.png (999 KB, 1024x1407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999 KB, 1024x1407

Turning women into Twileks (slaves or otherwise) would be the obvious idea here, I bet you could do some pretty amazing things with women being spontaneously frozen in carbonite.
File: 153.png (31 KB, 515x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 515x444
Sause please
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All men on Earth receive a unique and irresistible scent to their penis that attracts women. When a woman finds a scent that he likes particularly, she gets instantly aroused by just looking at the man.

The woman will turn submissive and horny, desperate for the man's cock.
The man can reject the woman, but she will only become more insatiable for his cock alone, and will always be ready to suck his cock whenever the man wishes.
"Hi, honey. How were you at work today?"
said your Orc wife, preparing dinner in the kitchen.

"Hey, honey. It went great." you respond from the front door. You walk a few feet towards your shoe closet and smell something in the air.
(sniff) (sniff)... "Wow, that smells delicious!" you say.

"I made it just like you want husband." said your Orc wife from the kitchen. "Come and try some before getting comfortable." she says.

"Ah, sure!" you say, quickly kicking off your shoes and walking to the kitchen.

"I'm ready to sample, dear." you say as you turn into the kitchen.

"Hello, husband." she said, turning to you to kiss you. You place your hands on her wide waist, and kiss your wife passionately.

"husband... you smell very...nice." she said, resisting her Orcish anatomy which compells her to mate with the person she specifically has "scented".

"Well, thank you honey." you say.

You look into your Orc wife's deep, coal black eyes, with the slightest tinge of orange. You feel your hands around her huge waist, going up her slim back then hitting her bra strap.

Her breasts were enormus, no smaller than a G cup and with only a small tug on her bra strap, they were softly rocking in place.

You quickly avert your eyes, knowing how much your wife dislikes the attention you give to her breasts, and rest your hands on her shoulders as you smile at her and go in for another kiss.

"Oh, wait husband..! Please... try the soup. I would like your words on it." she said, turning around to lift the ladle out of the boiling pot.

She lifts the ladle out of the pot and you see her big, soft lips as they tense up to blow on the hot soup.

Her ass is pressed up close to your body, barely touching your nearly erect cock. Her slim body only accentuated her huge ass, she wore a purple blouse which followed every curve down to her waist where it snugly fit. Below her waist, you stare in pure lust.
Her ass-cheeks are practically spilling out from her custom-elastic Orc jeans. You can make out a beautiful blue-green colored ass, as it showed through the over-stretched fabric.

"Oh, fekrunt!" said your wife in her native Orc language, staring into the pot. "I have forgotten the carrots."

Your wife reaches her hand to her right, getting some carrots from the vegetable bowl next to the stove.

"I must add these before you taste, husband." she said, moving to the counter to chop them.

"Okay." you say. "Tell me when it's-"

"Husband, it will only take a second, wait here." she said.

"Okay, okay." You smile and again you wrap your hands around her waist. You press your cock against her ass and your erection grows.

"(cough)" your wife coughs, the usual indicator that she is getting aroused.

She begins to chop the carrots skilfully and quickly. You whince in estacy as you feel her ass-cheeks gently bounce, the vibration of her ass stimulates your cock.

"Oh...God." you utter, so desperately wanting to slap her ass-cheeks together and run your cock through them.

Your wife turns her head to the side to speak.

"Husband... I-I will attend your needs in a minute. M-may I please finish cooking?" she asked, her voice sounding shaky.

You break out of your ass-trance and realize that your cock is fully tented. There is a huge blugde in your pants, visibly poking into your wife's ass cheek.

"Oh! Ah- I'm sorry, honey..." you say, trying to stuff your cock back into your pants, but then settling it into a upright position.

"HmHmhmhm." she giggled.

"Maybe you should not be in here with me." she said, smiling.

"Yeah, you know... I'll just go take a quick shower." you say, as you make your way to out of the kitchen.

"Oh, Husband...! You still haven't tasted the soup. Come try it with the carrots." she said, blowing on the ladle.

"Ah, okay...!" you say as your shuffle towards her, your hand trying to loosen your belt which was pinching your still erect cock.
She giggled.

"Hm, open up my husband." She feeds the ladle towards your mouth, her other hand under it.

You take a sip of the soup.

"Oh, that's great! I can really taste the carrots." you say, smirking at her.

Your wife looks at you, smiling. "I'm glad. Now, go and wash up." she said

You leave the kitchen and head upstairs.

5 seconds later, your wife collapses on the ground.

"Ahhh...! keilwul, keilwul..!" Your wife curses, "Fuck!" in her native language. She pulls her pants down and begins to vigorously rub her wet pussy.

"Oooohh, y-yees." She said, pressing on her clit while poking her middle finger in and out of her pussy.

She continuously fingered herself, tugging right breast and pinching her nipple.

>They also are not technically stupid, but the Orcish brain is biologically incapable of using pronouns, forming words longer than two syllables, sentences longer than five words, basic literacy, and any form of math more advanced than Algebra 101.
>"Come and try some before getting comfortable." she says.
>biologically incapable of using pronouns, forming words longer than two syllables, sentences longer than five words

Also, it's unclear to me whether the husband is supposed to be a halfling or a giant (the only two kinds of post-humans with a penis in the setting you're supposedly writing for, 'cos why else would you reply to the post, or post in this thread at all). The former's description seems to paint them as not really forming any long-term relationships (e.g. marriage), while the latter's description seems more submissive than how you've written the husband (plus no mention of the husbands breasts).
Apparently a lost spinoff of the Hatsu Inu series (can't find it in any of the volumes).
File: 1446222745796.jpg (146 KB, 1024x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1024x1152
All women turn into robots.

Not only is their transformation slow, humiliating and awkward, women retain enough of their human mind to be horrified by what's happened and by the questions about mortality and the nature of the human soul that result.
It's funny how "questions about mortality and the nature of the human soul" is really just a euphemism for "trying to bullshit your way around the fact that being a robot really sucks".
For the love of god please continue anon
I am you
File: incase blowjob.jpg (690 KB, 838x1164) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
incase blowjob.jpg
690 KB, 838x1164
>tfw you'll never be able to cum yourself into being a 10/10 bombshell and never have to worry about anything ever again

>tfw you'll never be able to have all the cum you'll ever want keeping you blissed-out and ditzy 24/7

>tfw you'll never be able to share your joy by helping other men go all the way whether they knew they wanted to or not

>tfw you'll never know a life where one load will take you from being an extremely convincing shemale to being a walking cum dispenser

why live?

Duh, especially when some women find themselves feeling compelled to engage in very specific manual tasks, and their bodies changing to better facilitate those tasks as they slowly turn into cold metal, plastic and glass.
This is my fetish.
Holy shit I need sauce on that
dude, you're pathetic
File: 1446472434963.jpg (371 KB, 1524x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 1524x857
Women are altered from the ground-up so that if they go for 24 hours without ingesting a load of human semen, they’re turned into wanton little fucksluts.

The moment a woman has gone 24 hours without semen, her ability to concentrate begins to dissipate and she slowly loses the ability to read, write, or even walk upright. 4 hours or so in she’ll gradually develop a humiliating desire to remain nude as more of her higher brain functions shut down and are replaced with new instincts and desires that slowly transform her into a semen hound.

After 8 hours of withdrawal, any woman’s transformation into a crawling, naked beast (a beast no smarter than a dog but twice as horny) would be complete. A woman in this state wouldn’t be able to speak (at least in any way anyone can understand), but their sense of smell would incredibly enhanced to allow them to better seek out semen. Women would also routinely sniff and lick at the air in the hopes of catching a whiff of semen, and would pump and wiggle their asses in the hopes of luring any male hiding nearby to take them from behind.

A simple dose of semen would be enough to fully restore a woman’s faculties, though it could take up to several hours for them to return. A woman who goes more than 72 hours without ingesting semen will be much harder to restore - she will require a minimum of 4-5 doses of semen, introduced into her mouth, ass *and* vagina.

Once restored, women remember everything they did (or was done to them) while in semen withdrawal, and humanity has to rewrite all laws regarding consent in regards to sex.
File: 123123122233.gif (664 KB, 400x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
664 KB, 400x480
If you had to choose something that only affects lesbians (but ALL lesbians, and all queer girls in general), what would you pick?
I don't change how I look or how I act but they all find me very sexually attractive for some reason, not enough to try to force themselves on me but enough to not reject an invitation to sex.
Power to shapeshift into a monstergirl type based on a mix of her look, personality, and role in her relationship.

It could be fun to turn lesbians' reproductive systems against them, since otherwise they'd probably never use them anyway - maybe spontaneous pregnancies for all queer women, but instead of suddenly gestating a human child in their wombs, all these women find themselves gestating something more practical instead. Maybe endangered animal young? Giant eggs that could be used for food? Rape monsters that'll seek out and impregnate other women (regardless of their sexual orientation)?
It's hard to find non-guro art for this, but in keeping with the holiday weekend, women everywhere are transported to the table of whoever wants to fuck them most, naked and trussed up like a helpless thanksgiving turkey.

Women aren't actually hurt or cooked or anything - they just magically appear on the table on a large silver platter and beneath a serving dome, probably gagged (to keep from ruining the surprise when the dome is lifted) and maybe shaved and oiled to boot.

Of course, it's up to the man in question to decide what happens next, but even the women who are automatically let go are traumatized and spend the next month wondering if something similar (or even worse) is going to happen come Christmastime....
Men are now able to produce physically impossible amounts of semen every few minutes. It doesn't get painful to not blow a load, nor do the testiles swell much. Females become extremely stretchy. Men are now able to pump women full of gallons upon gallons of cum, until they look pregnant with all that shit sloshing around in there.

That is the dirtiest thing I've ever typed on this computer.
It is customary to perform sex acts on strangers to say hello, thank them for moving out of the way, etc. It's also normal to piss on the nearest person of the opposite sex the minute you need to go, and to fuck like rabbits any person you've never met before as a way of breaking the ice.

...but people are still really shy about it.

>tfw you'll never get a customary blow job from a shy girl who doesnt want to offend you
I have a pretty casual one where females get enslaved world wide. I'm pretty sure most of you know what I mean, the fansadox ones where it is normal enslaving women the discard them if you buy a new one.

I could stand to hear more.
I can't
That... is awesome.
I like this one.

Oh man, either you're really creative or you just really don't like lesbians.

Nah, I like lesbians just fine, I'm just a fan of the Twilight Zone school of ironic fate, is all.
File: XPpMDg1.png (374 KB, 1280x1166) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 1280x1166
Why don't we turn EVERYONE into pregnant lesbians monster girls?
I think /aco/ is fine, but I laughed way harder than I should of at that.
File: 1448191971006.jpg (561 KB, 1306x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
561 KB, 1306x1500

Lesbians are routinely dunked into a vat of semen on their fertile days to see if they get knocked up after soaking in the stuff for hours on end.

Hard mode: lesbians' bodies are somehow altered so they can be bred with animal semen, and then dunked into a tank full of semen from a thousand different animals.
Lost of gag reflex
File: 1444769998019.gif (2 MB, 720x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 720x405
I'm tempted to make it so that all guys have Kilgrave-style powers of suggestion over women, but it might be more interesting if it was limited to only a few guys - enough for word to get out that some guys *may* have that power, but no one has confirmed it just yet and it's a kind of urban legend that women don't want to find out if it's true.
File: 1448713015371.jpg (145 KB, 647x775) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 647x775

In the blink of an eye, all queer girls suddenly turn into pixie versions of themselves who need to ingest at least one load of human semen per day to survive, like an insect craving nectar.

They retain their human personalities and everything, though, so the vast majority of these pixies are horrified at becoming such a tiny subhuman creature AND needing to wallow in men's cum everyday in order to survive.
Continuing >>217125

The monstergirl form unlocks whenever she feels aroused or excited. More pleasure/adrenaline can unlock higher-level monstergirl forms. So if her monstergirl form is Succubus, a really good girlfriend can enable her to become a Demon or even a Lilim (going by Monster Girl Encyclopedia).

In monstergirl form she will have a mutagen gland somewhere so she can give the monstergirl virus to a human girl (ideally a girlfriend who wants to have monstergirl powers too). An aggressive type like Girtablilu (scorpiongirl) would have it in her stinger, whereas a friendly Holstaur (cowgirl) could breastfeed the mutagen to her partner. To males, the mutagen is a toxin that can kill even in trace amounts.
i keked
File: 1447211573077.jpg (119 KB, 774x1032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 774x1032
This is terrible art, but every woman who interacts with a computer in a specific 24 hour period becomes infected with a virus that slowly turns them into robots.

A literal computer virus?

That could be fun - symptoms would include a dramatic drop in blood pressure and body temperature, a hardening of the skin and a sudden irrational desire to follow any commands given to them by a "user"?
In modern day, a female CEO of a major pharmaceutical company bioengineers a retrovirus designed to slow aging, encourage genes that promote a stereotypical view of feminine beauty, and ensures overall health and fitness. After a break-in by an animal rights group compromises security and containment, a premature and untested version is released into the general public.

In the not-so-distant future, women now comprise over 95% of the population, requiring men to practice polygamy to service all available females. Girls are normal at birth, but when they reach an age between 8-12, they suddenly grow rapidly into full-grown adults. The process begins when the girl wakes one morning and finds her feet have grown a few sizes larger. Throughout the day, she slowly grows taller, ripping out of her clothes and quickly maturing.

The average stats of this stage are:

Height: 6’5”
Body Type: Slender & Busty and/or Athletic & Muscular
Breasts: DD
Apparent Age: 18
Shoe Size: 12

After the transformation completes, they are pulled out of school, most being incapable of learning much more during the remainder of their lives. They are in a constant state of perpetual horniness, loving sex in any form, but remain infertile until they turn around 50 or so.

Women remain looking this way until the actual age of around 60+ when they enter a MILF stage. Their skin turns a darker tan in color, wrinkles very lightly, and their features become softer.

In addition to all of this, women steadily grow taller throughout their lives at around 0.5” – 1.5” a year.

Oh, and one out of every 10 women are futanari. The average length of their cocks at the time of their transformation is around 6” soft and 10” erect. This also grows larger with the rest of their bodies as years progress.

I'm reminded of a little game I thought up a while back. Bridal tag. I keep meaning to stat it into an actual TF game. I guess my global TF situation would be if this became accepted as the only viable form of marriage.

A space is declared as the playing field. Usually a few blocks large. Everyone in the space is a player, aside from married women whose husbands lie outside of the playing field.

When any active male player tags a viable target, that target turns into an attractive woman of the groom's favoured body type in a wedding dress. She is now a bride. Brides are passive players but still viable targets. Regardless of former sex and orientation, a bride feels attracted to and mildly loyal towards her groom (the man who tagged her).

Active female players may tag male players to steal their sex, becoming a groom with one bride (the former male). Active female players may also tag brides to restore them to being active female players.

At any time, a male player with one or more brides may choose to become passive, temporarily losing his ability to tag others whilst remaining a viable target. During this period he may choose to consummate a sufficiently loyal bride by having an extended session of sex with her, the most pleasurable thing she has ever experienced. Her wedding dress torn, the bride is converted into a wife, gaining increased libido, complete loyalty to her husband and bisexual urges towards her husband's other wives and brides.

Wives are passive and non viable, their main use being to soothe brides to increase their willingness for consummation and to act as decoys, luring other grooms looking for a bride whilst being immune themselves. The only way for a wife to return to being a viable target is for her husband to be tagged by another player.

When a groom/husband is tagged, all his brides are freed but remain passive. His wives return to being active female players, however they retain the increased libido and may have some remaining loyalty depending on personality type (in extreme cases, gaining the immediate goal to return to being his wife... or make him into one).

The game ends when either: A - only one male player remains, B - a certain time has elapsed without any changes, C - all male players have reached their wife cap. Surviving active women, if any, get a chance to reshape themselves.

Wives find themselves settling into their new condition over the following months. Lesbian relationships within (or rarely, across) harems are common, though wives find themselves needing regular bare sex with their husband.

Repeat playing is possible, though all wives whose husbands are in the game become active players. Whilst the usual scenario is an immediate mass orgy to restore the status quo, an ill-treated is in the perfect position to turn the tables. Furthermore, previous winners (anyone finishing the game with active status, female or male) gain a larger max harem size as men, but become highly sought after targets, as they make for more attractive and skilled wives, also gaining the ability to take on more exotic transformations.

As an aside, I've had a few other ideas, like a "homewrecker" class as punishment for anyone who tries to leave the area or break the rules. Basically a turbo slut with uncontrollable libido that acts as a bunker buster for any husbands that try to turtle and hide behind their wives. I've not really thought through how she'd work though.
File: 1409113780028.jpg (501 KB, 1200x895) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
501 KB, 1200x895
Women now need to be brainfucked on a regular basis to keep their intelligence intact.

The act of fucking a woman's head becomes the equivalent of pulling the ripcord on a gas-powered lawn mower.
the world needs more robot girls

What kind of robot girls, especially if we're turning ALL women into robots?

Sleek gynoid cyborgs, completely synthetic automatons, organic-looking replicants that look exactly the same as the original women, junky steampunk robots...?
File: 1412632185331.jpg (45 KB, 561x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 561x643
In a better world I would have a picture of a jenky wind-up fembot, but we don't live in that world.

I suppose variety is always good, but personally clunky bodies and (mostly) intact minds seems the most interesting and fun. We already have advanced robots with crappy AI, I'd rather see women cope with needing to carry their winding key with them all the time or husbands working in the garage to give their wives better parts. Although a bit of mind-control and unnoticed subservience, such that women simply enjoy doing things for other people and view it as the point of their existence, couldn't hurt.

Would also be great to turn women into bots specialized in that woman's interests, so a photographer becomes a camera-bot, a forester becomes a lumber-mech, a saleswoman becomes an animate display mannequin... etc etc.

There's a really interesting thread over on /d/ with a similar premise, it's worth checking out.


Pic isn't really related to my post but damned if it isn't one of the best robot/electronics tf images out there. Shame the standalone inanimate and robot tf threads don't seem to last here.

So, all women essentially turn into Tick Tock of Oz versions of themselves and customized to better facilitate their jobs?

That'd be great, though would a woman's personal interests take precendence over whatever she does all day for work? For interest, if a woman loves playing videogames but spends all day messing with spreadsheets, will she be more likely to turn into a walking game console rather than a PC running Excel?

I also like women retaining most of their human intelligence, personalities and independence, with just a little bit of subtle subservient programming thrown in.

I suppose both. Maybe bodies suited to work, but heads suited for play? So your spreadsheet gamer would have a thick ass full of processors and webcam and projector eyes to facilitate meetings, but could rotate her body around at her waist and turn into a comfy cushy seat with joystick thumbs and a nice rumble sound system in her breasts for playing games in the evening.

Damn I need to get off my ass and learn to draw, I keep telling myself one day there will be consensual non-autistic object TF but there almost never is...
Isn't this a brood mother from dragon age
Yes, yes she is.

I wonder what the transformation process would be like for women as they go from being soft flesh to junky, rigid, clockwork automatons that constantly wind down and need fixing and updating.

Would it be an instantaneous change (both in body and mind), or would it be a slower change where women find their minds slowly being reprogrammed to be more subservient and helpful to any nearby male while parts of their bodies begin to gradually grow rigid and metallic until they split at the seams to reveal that the insides have been hollowed out and replaced with clockwork, which is also spreading to other parts of the body...

Voting for slow body horror-style transformations into clockwork girls who are subject to constantly winding down and having their programming and bodies fucked with in the meantime.
File: 3171664-sw+pin+up.jpg (110 KB, 575x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 575x720

Voting for the "all women become Slave Leia" idea, especially if they're stuck without underwear beneath that thing.
File: 1394231043693.jpg (130 KB, 976x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 976x800
File: 1443647487705.jpg (176 KB, 720x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 720x943
All women start to slowly turn into barnyard animals.

The don't completely change though - just enough to fuck up how they all live and behave, though.
File: 1445149324805.jpg (171 KB, 1280x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 1280x616

Why not mix the two and have all women become spontaneously pregnant with animal spawn, with their bodies slowly changing to become more animal like during the gestation process?

Maybe women only end up partially animalized by the time they give birth, or they end up being fully transformed by the time they squirt out a foal or calf or litter of puppies or whatever.
File: 1449342842199.jpg (201 KB, 800x1132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 800x1132

Are Twilek women naturally submissive in Star Wars lore?

Either way, it would be hot if all women gradually became servile if they were to turn into Twileks between now and the new movie coming out. I guess all women suddenly going bald as their heads start to grow giant tumor-like bulges would be pretty horrifying (for women at least), but it would be worth it as those bulges start growing out into tentacles and women get used to being utterly hairless while their skin starts to turn crazy colors.

Women being frozen in carbonite, though....would they be totally encased like Han, or just stuck in blocks with their exposed asses, faces and tits hanging out for everyone to abuse?
File: jasmine cow2.jpg (635 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
jasmine cow2.jpg
635 KB, 1920x1080
Every guy with a fap folder suddenly finds a new image command in his OS that allows him to “export subject”.

Choosing this option causes a real-world copy of the woman (or guy, or trap, or however you swing) depicted in the image that you’ve chosen to “export” to suddenly appear somewhere in your home, Weird Science style.

The copy of the woman (or whatever) you’ve chosen to export exists exactly as she did when the photo you exported was taken, and will react exactly how that person would react if they had just been suddenly teleported from wherever the photo was taken into your own home. Guys quickly discover another option in their fap folder than now allows them to edit strange new exif data fields regarding photos (and the people exported from them), including that person’s general likes/dislikes, place of origin, marital status, sexual orientation, fetishes and even “owner”. Editing any of these exif data fields immediately alters the behavior and personality of the person, though any unwanted changes can be easily re-written.

Even better, guys naturally experiment to see what happens when an exported person’s photograph is run through Photoshop, and of course, any changes to the person’s image is automatically inflicted on the person. Saving multliple copies of that image while the person is exported will create newly exported copies of that person, and deleting said copies (and/or the original photo) will also instantly delete that exported person from existence.
Well...I'm into selfcest, when I found it first time I took it as a joke like "go and fuck yourself", but then it started...fucking a female version of yourself sounded quite right and when the word "it is just mansturbation so...it's okay" & "it doesn't really counts if it yourself", it is really you so it iS okay in certain way,like if she or he was literally MADE for you, a mate that is literally perfect for you and both of "me" develop the perfect relationship.
It is strange really, hard to understand.
Just see it for yourself.
But how would you make it happen on a global scale?
Opening multiple portals to the genderbend universe with making sure the portals enhance the pheromones in both universe, making sexual intercourse 50% more probable.
File: 1442273649824.jpg (577 KB, 1488x1052) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
577 KB, 1488x1052
The relationship between both universes will become like this pic or a loving stable relationship, I mean, everybody will have a chance to fuck or have a mate for life if that happened and I don't think anybody of both universes will miss that chance.
I have the strange fetish of women in heat, it would be great if women have a heat cycle were they become sex starved monsters,willingly to rape even little boys if it means to calm down the heat a little,like monster girls but more aggressive.
I would create some kind of mutagen that can do that and "contaminate" the water of every country in the world to make that a reality.
The heat will last 1 months or even 2 months,2 times in a year.
And the heat will affect in girls who are preteens age like 12 to milfs,the heat will stop if the woman have the menopause.
The effects will make different effects on both sexes,the males will produce enough pheromones to make ANY woman if he ask for sex,and the females will depend on the woman,some of them will become sluts,other crazy nymphomaniacs,other will be motherly,other will become "lovey dopey",some maybe will mansturbate non-stop until the heat have passed and the woman in heat will develop a impregnation fetish and rarely develop pedophilia or hebephilia.
Just imagine a group of woman that only wants to get impregnated by ANYBODY.

So do all women develop an uncontrollable impregnation fetish, or just a portion of the female population?
All of them.
My fetish is about near everybody (like 92%) in the world get their gender roles inverted, like near every girl becomes more tomboy like and the boys get more girly.
And of course we suffer our respective changes, the males will lose the corporal hair and become androgynous, some of them becomes traps, with of course get slim and unable to get fat, if much little chubby nor muscular, as much as looking "perfect" and take care of our bodies and become girly and metrosexual but you can overcome that, it will be hard but not impossible and have a slight improvement in sex endurance and stamina.
The girls will become more /fit/ and lose interest in the "superficial", like I said before more tomboish and more open minded to many things,including try new things,sex to the point of just asking one will be enough to get laid and incest of course they will be more bushy and muscular but they will have their charms and be different from each other but have many things in common, they of course adquire attractions to sports and other physical activities like fitness or martial arts with tighter pussies and ass, will have a powerful sexual drive so expect to have sex until your dick falls off.
And of course we will become more understanding of each other.
Oh and the girls will start to develop at the age 10 with getting kinky and sometimes slutty to the point of don't minding incest.
It will start in the form of a mutagenic virus that reshape the DNA and have the unexpected effect of changing everything on the human. Their gender roles get inverted and now we see tomboys seducing traps.
I'll say my fetish is twincest and twins pairings, like twins fall in love with other pair of twins and viceversa.
I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday when i saw the kagamine twins and started to kinda shipping them, at first it was funny and weird...but then it was hot as hell and i was strangely ok with it.
I started too look out for more when i noticed that there where very few of twincest in the net so...i navigated i the dark side of the web where i got more than enough,thank you japan.
I think it is kinda unique to have a special bond with somebody like you, especially if it is your twin and more if it is a girl, he/she can understand you better than anybody else as if they were made especially for you, it sound narcissistic but...damn it feels empty when you know that there is only you and nobody else, it is worse when nobody understand you and tends to feel lonely when is only you and nobody else at your side.
But with twins is different, no matter what they have each other and have the company of somebody who understands you and practically be your first and true real friend.
I think everybody deserves to be 2 and not 1,maybe that's why i like twins in general and with near all fetishes related.
To do this possible, i will become some sort of mad cientist and finish what mengele did not managed to do, proceed to investigate with experimenting and discover or create something that will trigger the humans to obtain the twins gene and spread it discreetly around the world in farms and water corporations.
And then everybody will have twins(89% boy & girl twins),many will be happy an grateful while others probably will curse me for the rest of my existance for pulling this shit but i know they'll accept it later.
All women benevolently enslave mankind into Husbands and love them all equally. Bad husbands get fetishized, good husbands get lots of orgasms. Society is otherwise similar with cultures that abhor this becoming more openminded but not doing it themselves.

Oh, OR
Vore Tentacles descend alongside Infertility Sexbots and the two factions war against womankind, the Vore Tentacle Aliens abducting, eating whole, then infiltrating every hole including gut fucking, but all through an aphrodisiac that makes the orgasms 100 fold and multiorgasmic turning women into orgasmic birthing factories to continue their species.
While the bots fuck the women so hard making them cum so hard they become addicted to the infertility glue they cum against the cervix.

I'll call it. The Cumxtaposition of Humanity into Heavenly Hell.
File: 1438738814410.gif (2 MB, 295x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 295x216
My fetish is about a world where males are critically endangered of becoming extinct or "extinct in the wild" and practically the 90% of the world population are females, males are worth as much as becoming rich, having a boyfriend is like winning the lottery.
The males are smarter of course, thanks of being very few, we are taken care by giving us diet and all that, they wants us 100% healthy to bring new healthy males to the world.
And all thanks to a virus that attack and destroy the Y chromosome and kill males, the infected male will only have as much as month of life, thanks to the virus eating us alive the poor guy will suffer a painful death thanks to multiple organs failing and becoming fragile enough to die by lever fever or a cold, it can affect females too, by being unable to have males thanks to virus coexisting with the female like any other cell in her entire body with killing the male baby in the womb by practically eating the Y chromosome and the now girl will probably suffer the turner syndrome...and only having 50% to have a normal girl...But wait! There's more, the virus adapts itself to be passed down in the next generations like color blindness but without fail and can't skip generations,it is like fucking aids and probably near all the infected females will be forbidden to have children thanks to this and probably get killed by that, but to maintain the economy working,the infected will only have the option of artificial insemination.
All because i designed it to be that fucking horrible and wonderful.
The males can't be enslaved thanks to the virus effects and we are into a selective reproduction program(probably forced), were we are to have tons of babies with the selected females with the probability of giving a shit about incest if the sister or aunt is compatible with the brother or cousin of having a healthy baby are maybe a 97% percent and harems are allowed.
The bad thing is that we are in captivity.
File: 034.jpg (918 KB, 1749x2480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
918 KB, 1749x2480
All girls lose all sexual sensitivity in their pussies, but have it transferred to a random place on their bodies, like their tits, mouths, throats, inner thighs, asses, hands, feet, armpits, hair, etc.
Ryloth's a harsh environment and in Legends, there's this cultural desperation for Twi'leks to get the hell off that shithole by any means, even if it means going into slavery.

Also, the head tentacles are called lekku. A bit of brain matter is within their base and the rest is fat storage. And they are erogenous zones.
Literally google the image.
my fetish is that all the mens in the world adquire the abilities of shapeshifting and mastery over it with being able to clone yourself or create a human and be able to edit the being/clone at will any time, even give him/her own individuality and he/she can only change "age appareance","gender" and "fertility", if you die, he/she will too but not if he/she die...but you will know it when it happens and be able collect the memories of the clone, you can even key the being/clone to only you and yes the being/clone will be able to be a perfect hermaphrodite...it's limited to only 10 clones/beings,if you exceed that number you die instantly with your creations.
And with respect of shapeshifting, you don't have limits except with the size, you can only be as big as a 2-3 times the size of a person and your tentacles can only reach 10 meters, but aside from that no limits.
Google keeps permanent records of everyone, and routinely get hacked.
This needs to stop being advice that people give.
File: 1446375121883.gif (346 KB, 500x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
346 KB, 500x479
My fetish is about straight shota, I would spread it like sicknesses in the dark ages, it will come in the form of a liquid that in contact of water that in the human body it will assimilate it and produces changes in the dna.
The effects on the masculine gender is into becoming a cute little boy, no exceptions, the genitals develop normally but we can't go as far as 12 years old appareance and the now boys can actually die of old age with only changing his hair color to white or ash and being weaker each day until the old boy die peacefully in his sleep by natural means, the stamina improves a lot thanks to being "forever young" so is our natural healing and we can't get fat because the liquid just transform the fat in energy and have a "sugar rush" until we burn out that fat by running and playing or having sex, it can burn itself down too but the boy will probably have insomnia and hyperactivity, and the boys are as strong as a full grown man and yeah the boys can get pregnant a girl if he is of age, the biological clock doesn't change in certain aspects.
The feminine gender changes too, the liquid have the same effect with the fat so it eats out any form of fat and transform it in sexual libido, it can get pretty harsh so it will be normal that sometimes we hear or see a chubby girl mansturbating to death just to calm down the throbbing in their vaginas in some dark alley or bushes inthe park, and thanks to the liquid eating fat and tranform it in "heat" the ladies will tend to have a better body appareance, and the girls will have a need of reproduce and have babies, no matter who he is, they will sometimes become desperate enough to rape or beg for some male to fuck her brains out, even incest will not matter.
The girls will tend to develop faster than the boys and in the process being more kinky.
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