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Write an Anime Plot
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Open your mind and bring us your originality!Ke-taiwhatever banned!
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Found the designated Keit-Ai thread.
Google "3206139". Shit bricks.
A ____ chooses to save the _____.

Unable to _____, he learns the ability to _____ against ______. Never minding the strange ______, ______ decides to _______, and is _____ to find out _______ about _______.

But, the next day, when a new _____ appears, _______ decides to _______. After some _______, _______ finds out _______ must team up with _______ to defeat _______.

Battles ensue as the two ______ ______ against ________. Now with blank dead _____ more ______ show up, and they find out that _____ really isn't who _____ says they are and _____ is really a ______, the ______.

Shounen Edition.
Anime about a dystopian society where the government controls people through hidden surveillance and monitoring equipment required in every communication device. Any dissent is considered treason and traitors are summarily punished. The MC, a high school student fed up with the regime, happens to discover his phone's surveillance chip is defective and that the phone is untraceable by the government. Upon this discovery, he slowly organizes a resistance force of like-minded students who are determined to change the system.

1.Killing Machines
2.Extracurricular Activities
5.An Opportunity Arises
6.In Control
7.Fighting the President
8.In Dire Straits
9.No Mercy
10.Death is the only Escape
12.After all the Bloodshed
13.Winners and Losers
14.A Sign of Things to Come
15.You only have but one life to give for your country

Title of the anime is the first letter of each episode
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this is some shit i was writing time ago... more like a Novel story.
I've already written quite a hundreds pages "novel, not really Light novel" an so by improving my shitty engl i would probably try to translate it and continue it in English anyway (maybe i'll get a colleague that will help me out and unlike me will be , "born in English and molded by it")

The story Revolve in a world named "clay" and more precisely in a Land, where there are different belief and religions (mostly similar to the Norse Myths and others) the settings are actually not fully medieval .
I'm not making a whole map of the world but the more I’ll follow the story, i will make the know map just wider while developing it.

Magic is quite nonexistent , most of it is made by ancient Manufacts or more precisely those called the “Sacred Swords” weapons made in ancient times and passed through the generations of few Families, thought their true use is quite unknown , the swords are always sharp , unbreakable and with a mirror like blade “also called Mirror sword or Gorgon-slayers” (of these swords I’ve made many and many example and concept design) and usually have special proprieties when used around the land where these are forged.
There are no magic creatures other than those called “Animals of Might” animals that don't fear the “darkness” and can also forge a pact of respect with humans that are worthy.
Like a kind of huge Wolves called the “Greatwolves” with usually white fur and a mane like gray lion.
The Ibermoor , a horse sized Ibex that many Vesper Men wanted to ride , and are rare and intelligent.
Or the Muhrmu, a highly intelligent Gorilla with silver fur that live in the snowy mountains.
Or the “Northern Sea-dragons” the feared Leopard-seals
The Bears are always Animals of Might, and so are the reptilian and the Raptors.


[Spoiler]Fairy exist, but actually are a forgotten kind of being bounded to the land they “rule”, these are Ancient spirit that can change their form and use the power of the nature [/Spoiler]
there are no Elves, no Dwarven or any kind of other “tolkenian/rpg” Species
but there are Race difference between the men, and long time ago there were a Kind of Men that could not reproduce with other outside their own kind.
There isn't a “MAOU” or any Demon lord, the protagonists will fight against the betrayals , and the Corrupted and unscrupulous War lords and Rulers, or maybe just the armies of the enemy factions.

The plot is about different character that will deal with wars made in a harsh environment , mostly Mountain fight where the soldiers run for kilometer trying to reach the other faction to overpower them, or ambush, or even betrayal and plot to overthrow the ruling force.
Strategy, Metallurgy , politic and the discrimination between the races.
Many character will grown in the story and some will die , and not always because of the Slash of their Worst enemy, for example one important character is supposed to die in a Avalanche, or another because of a random Arrow in the Neck, so basically I’m not trying some kind of chuuny thing , but something more “original” or at least “realistic” of course there are some character that will stand Tall before the others because of their “choose one” Status, but for example one of them is Unknowingly a Incarnated Lesser deity , or some couse they Own the Bloodright to wield their Mirrow-sword, unleashing their power.

if anyone care about this shit, i can continue explain its basis and plot and add some more pics about it
there are 4 major Character.
1. Have a psychotic breakdown.
2. Animate it.
3. Profit.

Anno-senpai has shown us the way to riches.
MC is a regular guy cuz i'm not original.
One day on the way home from school, he's killed by a freak accident. He's resuscitated by nearby paramedics, but before he's revived, his soul passed to the afterlife, meaning his physical self and soul have now split.
His physical self, retains his memories and personality, but is overcome with a strange yearning or hunger that he can't satisfy. Time passes, months in between, and the MC is caught in a bad place again, witnessing a murder during a robbery in a convenience store. With the store clerk dead, he sees a strange whisp of light flow into his body, and feels his hunger is sated for a brief moment.
When his original soul left his body, it created a kind of soul vacuum, pulling in nearby souls not anchored to their body. MC starts to develop a fascination with death, because that's the only moment his body feels relief. MC eventually gets an internship at a local hospital, to be around an area where death occurs often.
Everything changes when a curious demon tries to investigate the MC. The demon is caught off guard and killed, and MC absorbs the demon's soul. The demon's soul has "mutated" the MC, so, like a demon, he can now absorb the power of every soul he eats, but it also makes the hunger more intense. He can no longer be sated by just working at the hospital, so he commits his first act of human murder.
Meanwhile in the afterlife, MC (soul) is enjoying a paradise, until he's interrupted by two spirits (or angels) of the afterlife. They're in a panicked state, because they were notified a mortal has recently killed a demon, a mortal that's supposed to be dead. The spirits escort MC soul to the physical world in an attempt to replace the soul into his body. When they confront MC's physical body, he's already too far gone, and consumes one of the spirits, before MC soul and the other escape.
Story continues as the afterlife recruits MC's soul in an effort to stop the physical body, who grows in power everyday.
Cringey, yet an entertaining read. Thanks anon.

At some point you'd need to explain why more people aren't like that considering modern healthcare and ambulances.
>The Prince and the Barbarian
One day while out in the woods hunting, a young prince is assaulted by a group of bandits. Suddenly and unexpectedly, his party is saved by a beautiful barbarian warrior, captivated by her the prince ends up proposing and demanding her hand in marriage, laughing it off the barbarian replies "Come back in ten years then we'll talk." after that she vanished without a trace. The prince had not forgotten that meeting and now a grown adult, pestered by suitors who his father is constantly trying to set him up with he decides to venture out into the lawless wilderness in search of the barbarian woman who saved him ten years ago. However, an advisor to the throne, a manipulative wizard, is plotting to depose the current ruler, the king, while the prince is away hoping he will die in his ridiculous quest. All this is happening just as the kingdom and neighoubring kingdoms are falling into civil war with one another.
Fuck it, reposting cause I got no feedback.
Fantasy SoL about a witch raising a boy who has no aptitude for magic. The twist is that magic in this universe has a drawback, in that it wears away the mental state of its users, with more significant consequences for stronger magic. People tend to recover over time, but a less stable personality also tends to make worse decisions, and makes more liberal use of magic. Witch has seen the consequences of overuse herself, and is drawn to the boy because he is more or less incorruptible in this respect. The story stays mostly lighthearted in tone, focusing on the two living largely without need for magic.
MC, a loser and a shut-in, is sucked in his favorite fictional universe.
Upon meeting the heroes/MCs of said universe, he explains how he can be useful to them thanks to his in-depth knowledge.
The main villain attack, exposing how the universe-hopping MC can return to his own world by killing all the MCs.
After a deep reflection on the meaning of reality, MC intervenes in the battle turning the tide in favor of the heroes.

The villain however captures him, and brings him to his dungeon/secret hideout, showing him how he has captured plenty of people from the MC's universe. He presents the MC to his prisoners as a savior, the man who will let them go home. The prisoners are kids and grown-ups alike, all people who wish for nothing else than to see their loved ones.

Unable to choose the best course of action and crippled by the responsibility, the MC kills himself.
Much to his dismay, he's resurrected at the beginning of the story. When he tries to explain his position to the heroes, they shun him for fear that he might turn on them.

Alone in a foreign world, he will have to take his own decisions, as well as reflect on the value of human life, be it real or imaginary.
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>there actually are a lot more people like that
>they are naturally drawn to each other from the heavy concentration of souls
>proceed to do battle with their powers
MC is a regular ass anime MC in high school. He's walking home one day and he sees a girl drowning in a river, so he saves her. She thanks him, and reveals she is a powerful demon. She offers to grant him a wish for saving her life. He wishes for infinite wishes. Demon girl moves in with him. MC pledges to never use his wishes to hurt someone or make them do something they don't want to, because PLOT. Corrupted wish shenanigans and harem building ensues.
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