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Summer is never coming and the public raws I got are depressingly shitty. Well whatever.
EbookJapan changed their scrambling so until they fix that, there isn't anywhere to rip higher quality raws from.
Yup. Have some 761x1072 raws to cheer you up. It's doing me wonders
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[TN: Title is 'YO!!']

Onitsuka Kimihito [TN: He changed the kanji compared to their first appearance]
Year 2 Class 1
A broken down rapper MC Onimusha.
A pointed afro like a katana, a weakened everyday killing rhymer.

YO!! YO!! I'm a broken down rapper! MC Oni-mu-sha!!

Practicing rap when I can't at my place, 'cause my mom's gonna say 'Are you practicing your prayers?'

Practicing without feeling down and losing, one day I'll silence my mom's smelly snoozing. Now I'm amidst [a chance] to get defiance cruising!! YEAH!!

[TN: Yeah, I might need some saving bumps for this one since I might need to sit on the rhymes for a while]
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5 Chapters left until summer holiday, OP
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Comic 1
"....hm? What're you doing? Yamada-san?"
"On my way back from club. You, Onitsuka-kun?"

"Me? Nothing really... I'm just listening to music okay?"

She's Yamada Sawa my classmate, a girl who's cute and spontinate. If she didn't hear my rap practice, I'll pass it off as nothing and leave in bliss!!"

"Rap practice right?"

Comic 2
"....no? That's wrong okay?"
"Huuh!? Why're you hiding it??"

"It's fine, it's not something embarrassing. It's amazing that you can rap!!"

So so so so cute So so so so so cute
"Not really, this much is anybody's...."

"But isn't doing it by yourself lonely?"

If I wasn't dumping I'd put a sad reaction face but hopefully the scrambling gets fixed so I can replace these raws with better ones by the time summer comes.
Is it going to end once they finish school?
Yo! Yo! I like this girl Sawa and her smiles are on mass.
Hope translation doesn't feel like rape up the ass.

when the 2nd year graduating would be perfect
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"..... not really?"
"No waay!?"

Actually I do want a bud with whom I can hang, but my talking skills are bad so I slacked on that [TN: It's a half rhyme so gave myself room]
"Well... I like being alone?"

"I have nobody who's on my wave okay? Something like it?"

"Then teach me how! To rap"

".....huh? What?"
"I also began listening to rap music as well"

Calm your head, there's a dream I won't forget. My way that pierces even through the girl I like
"No, I'm sorry but..."

Maybe after the 3rd years graduate. Besides at the rate this is going, that'll take another year or two. But if he ends it when summer starts, I'm gonna break a window.

Hahaha. There's a reason this couple is the most painful to translate. Next to beta couple and any people who's going through emotional strife
I can't enjoy the rapping couple it reminds me too much of the annoying retards at school that were always doing their terrible raps and beatboxing.
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What's this? Cute, isn't it? If she's fine with me I'll be glad... no, refuse! Make your heart go bad!!"

"Me too YO!! I'm rapping YO!! I wanted to try this YO!!"

"But but YO!! The words YO!! Aren't coming out YO!! Teach them to me YO!!"

"YO!! YO!! Are you seriously saying that you layman!? Can you seriously come along in my band!?"

"I'm OK YO!! Bring it on YO!!"
"Then endure my diss"

Sorry but here's the final word, if you're gonna hate me, then even that's a reward!!
"YO!! Someone like you is..."

Untz untz
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"....I, I didn't call for someone like you. I got practice for myself too"

"It's about time for dinner as well, and when it gets dark there's nothing swell"

"If you got that, go home quickly!! If you skip curfew, you'll get in trouble see!! YEAH!!" [TN: Laaaame]

"No way YO!!"

"Wh...why YO!?"
"I live real close YO!! And it's not even close to getting dark yet YO!!"

"A diss is to bad mouth is that right, my bro!? Then where's the bad in that YO??"

"When it gets dark there's nothing swell, are you my mom as well YO!?"
This is a new type of cute yo
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Don't sweat it. the page's fine enough
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"It's better than practicing by yourself YO!! Two is more fun is that right, my bro!?"

Well certainly, I was being secret actually, this was more fun than time alone for me

Moreover if I practice with this girl, one day our love will blossom as well...
"Then next is YO!! My turn to diss YO!!"

"YO!! YO!! Baldie YO!!"

"Your YO!! Name YO!! is Onimusha YO!!"

"When you look it up, your very name, seems to be already very much claimed YO!! Are you even on your game YO!?" [TN: It's a triple rhyme]

"Do it right YO!! Hagemusha YO!!" [TN: Literally 'baldie warrior']

....OK. I should do this alone.


*Yamada mic drop
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>I was being [secretive] actually. this was more fun than [some] time alone for me.

thanks for the TL. This is a fresh approach compared to other Tsurezure girls.
It's all uploaded now YO!!
Now it's time to take a break YO!!
Maybe Michiru if I feel it, but I'm feeling down over these depressing raws so maybe later....YO!!

I tried to keep the triple rhyme, but I think your simple pair version works better... YO!!

List updated YO!!

thanks a bunch for the weekly dose

I swear I will replace the raws once I get better ones, but until then you have to deal with this shitty one.
But seriously, if something in the TL sounds off, be free to call it out. I tried to stay as close as I could while matching the rhyming style, so some things might not have come out as well as I planned
Thanks op
Tsurezure keeps coming up with fresh new angles yo.
I dig!
sawa was cute as hell this time, shame it's hard to translate
thought the same about his name when he first mentioned it
rip in piece hage
In that case, spontinate should be spontaneous maybe?
Thanks for coming along. It's always fun to have the <10 posters always tagging along for the ride.

No that's the correct translation. I just couldn't find a rhyme to go with classmate. Let me rethink that again
How about:
She's my classmate Yamada Sawa, a girl who's spontaneous and cutesy glamour

I guess...
It should be 'and has a cutesy glamour'
>His reaction in the last panel

So good. I love how this manga always manages to throw something new at me.

Thank you for the translations.
I wonder if rap still has a presence in Japan.
5-10 years ago maybe, no idea now.
I wonder. There are some good rappers out there, but they're just Nico nico people as far as I know
These two are cute.
There seems to be a lot of decent musicians on nico, like "Comiket success viable" in comparison. Shame they don't try to hold their own sort of get together.
Can't help smiling every time they use だYO! instead of よ.

praying? is he like in a monk family or something?

i really like her eyes
cute girl
To his mom, raps sound like prayers so yeah I guess
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Yeah sorry guys. I'm cutting this one short. Michiru can wait until next week. Hopefully this EBJ thing gets solved quickly so I can feel better again and go on longer TL sprees.

If anybody wants to help render what the EBJ rip gave me, go ahead and try. I'll dump them.
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Here. Witness the Missing No. attack
File: 261.png (745 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 262.png (621 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Actually this is depressing to look at in its own way
File: 264.png (830 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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While they're busy fixing the ripper, I'm gonna try to learn how to render these manually I guess. But anybody who wants to try, go ahead. Not going to stop you.
Thanks anon
ClariS was niconico, and others get chosen for major series too. You also get shit like Mekakucity, which only sold because of niconico.
Well they do sometimes. Some nico nico singers form duet combos, others rearrange their own choruses. And lots of other musicians on Nico nico come together to make impromptu broadcast bands. They're just not hyped up like Youtube and more done through outside communications
I mean something like Comiket.
Oh I see. Thanks.
He raps like Will Smith
If you've ever heard Japanese rap, I think he does fine. Can't really show that in English.
yamane-dono at comiket soon

how soon, anon. Please do the math?

protip : you can omit any ships who have confessed / have their intention known loud and clear
Motoyama should become a boxer.
Maybe he should have
It's a personal thing, I love this series and almost all couples, but I abhor when people use "yo" in writing (or irl) for a rap. Bet it trying to show it's one, or mocking one, or just raping, but in my head I can only picture terrible rhymes, terrible rhythm, shit pace, etc.
I'm not even into hip hop, but it makes me cringe.
There is something extremely precious about a girl who can't rap, but makes up random YOs out of sheer enthusiasm.
She gets slightly better as it progresses
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