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>enemy beats up MC and walks away
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>enemy beats up MC and walks away
>MC actually had a secret reserve of power no one knew about
>"i'm not done with you!"
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>MC gets beat up
>MC doesn't get up
>MC actually dies and never comes back
wew so edgy
>MC joins the tournament arc to fight the big bad
>they fight in the first round
>MC defeats big bad and opts out of the tournament because his work was finished
>rest of the tournament arc is are light-hearted battles involving the side characters
>Video game series about going fast
>Makes you play as a slow ass robot
>MC is given a new power
>says mentor says that the power is dangerous and MC should only use it as a last resort
>MC uses that power
>power cripples him
>he never gets better he has to work his way around the disability for the rest of the series
fuck you, Gamma was awesome

Big on the other hand
so you want edgy then?

>MC has a berserker form
>big bad pushes him into the berserker form
>MC in his berserker rage kills the love interest
Bleach? He got the power back after the fullbring arc which was stupid as fuck. I don't even get how he had fullbring powers to begin with. And now he's also a quincy. This series needs to fuck off already.
>MC defeated the big bad in his land
>has to go to a different land that is more hardcore and perilous where only the strong survive
>goes to that land
>most of the arc has the MC suffering due to many events that happen in the land
>MC goes back home a lesser man than he came in due to that land
What is this, like a reverse shonen where the mc slowly loses faith in himself?
>MC goes through a dangerous forbidden training bullshit that only one in thousands survives
That never happens. Unless he's revived after
>first villain encounter: the enemy has superhuman speed and reaction

>after hero training: the villain basicly just became slower and patiently waits to take a strike from the hero
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>logical conclusion is edgy
I hate this meme.
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is that i giant rectum shooting out a laser beam
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>MC and enemy clash and turn into a blur
>they separate and the enemy is like you hit/cut me 25.4 times or some shit
>Title of the series is MC name
>MC gets hit with truck kun somewhere in the middle of the series
>actually dies
Hunter x Hunter.
It would have happened to Goku if not for magic beans
Excel Saga?
Oh no it's
"actually dies"
Well it would have happened in JoJo.
>first ep
>mc is already dead
>Anime about an MC who is just a corpse, but everyone acts as if nothing's wrong.
So you enjoy asspulls in anime? Good to know.
The first episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho were fun.
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>MC has no talent
>has to work harder than everyone else to win
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>setting makes a big deal out of the powers be, people can destroy cities, move continents
>mc with no power whatsoever defeats dozens of these people in what comes down to "lol you had hubris" every single time
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>Bad guy has MC nearly beat
>Bad guy mocks/threatens MC's loved ones
>MC goes full rage mode and kicks Bad guy's ass
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>And now he's also a quincy
>being a level 1 reader
Why the fuck do you have an Avenger Penguins reaction image?
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>Legend tells of an ancient power that 3 people on earth have ever managed to unlock
>MC, how could it be, you too have this power?
>and your rival, and the big titted love interest, and the tsundere, and the token loli, and your father, and every other enemy you face after this point
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>MC's signature move gets upgraded
I don't follow bleach enough to understand what's going on in this image,
Kubo being Kubo.
Sure, but how so?
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>it's a gun
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>it's a /v/ thread
>Guy does a nice thing for a girl
>Instant crush
>Sees him as her soulmate
Apparently you can get girls in japan to fall for you just by breathing on them.
fucking lame.
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please don't.jpg
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>MC is clearly outclassed
>Gets beat up
>Enemy walks away
>MC stands back up
>Enemy: "M-MASAKA!"
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>MC relies on gadgets and deception while everyone else has superpowers and shit.

Eventually I'll read up on the adventures of Aztec Batman.
Working hard is a talent.

If you're born without the ability to work hard how do you ever gain it?
>guy likes girl
>girl likes other guy
>guy does nice things for girl
>girl still likes other guy
>guy goes rapey

Not always man.
No but that's because there was already a guy she liked. It's when the girl doesn't already have a crush that it happens.
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>MC can still stand and fight despite having broken ribs
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>MC prepares to power up himself
>accidentally power ups the enemy
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>not loving these threads
Does any series actually makes the mc and the enemy fight at full power right away instead of scaling progressively during the fight?
fuck you, Big was awesome

Amy on the other hand

In FMA, Ed's just about as powerful in the first issue/episode as he is in the end. The villain powers up, but really they just go from from ridiculously more powerful than Ed to even more ridiculously more powerful than Ed, and Ed never really fights them until the end.
still love the villains of Digimon Adventures and Frontier

>Villain attacks doesn't send minions but rather attacks heroes at the start
>heroes has to find a way to not gets killed long enough to be powerful enough

was the case of Etamon/Miyotismon/Dark Masters/Dark Warriors
In most shows where fighting isn't the focus, the fight lasts for like 10 seconds and the winner is clear.
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>enemy unleashes his most powerful attack
>the impact causes a smokescreen
>smokescreen vanishes
>MC is fucking dead
>mc doesn't do anything
>no girls fall for him
fuck you, Amy was awesome

Sonic on the other hand
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>the MC's inner monologue takes place in real time
>another character asks him why he isn't saying anything

fuck you, Sonic was awesome

Tails on the other hand

>I don't even get how he had fullbring powers to begin with

Anybody who is attacked by a Hollow while on the womb gets the fullbring power. That, or everybody that gets attacked as child. Not sure.

In any case her mother died of that, attacked by a hollow, it was said early on the manga.

I stopped around that point, after the fullbring arc, but I still remember that much.
good guys beat up bad guy

they decide to to blast a hole in his head to make sure he doesn't revive

turns out his ability was to revive and get bigger and stronger according to how ravaged he was

>MC is fueled by the power of love
>gets NTR'd
Holy shit, is there anything like this deconstruction thingy? I know Evangelion kinda had something going with it with Shinji, but he didn't really believe in himself in the first place
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G'day m8
That logic is so stupid.
>it's a Yui gif
>fall in love once more
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>MC unleashes attack on villain
>cloud of dust/smoke
>no one even considers that the villain could fall that easily
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