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I got about a few chapter for you guys today. Let's get the show running
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"The character 'bolt'!! Whenever I see it, it's a pretty well done kanji!!"

The bolt is this rod that people use although they closed the door

"This is certainly the kanji for 'bolt'!"

"This gate will open"
Ah, good. I didn't sleep too late this time. Writing up the volume 9 revisions now.
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Sorry about the delay, something came up. But it's done now

Comic 1

Western Door

"What are you saying? It won't open! The gate definitely goes up to here!"
Up to here
"Does it?"

"But the kanji for gate is pretty similar to that. The doors of saloons in western films"

"Ohh, that door has a halfway height"
"Unexpectedly, the kanji for 'gate' might have come from a Western origin"

"There's no way"
"That retort was unneeded was it? It was"

Comic 2
Western Door 2

"But, I wonder what that door is. The bottom part is a gap"

"I see, that's the case!"
"Huh? What is it?"

"Oh, if you go under, you can pass without having to open the door!"

"And so, that's how the kanji for 'to flash' came about"
"It really does!!"
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Thanks OP
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Bolt 2

What's this character?
"Oh Sora"

Does this character even exist? I've never seen it before
"It's a kanji that was made in Japan as kana"

"You read it as it is. How do you read it?"

Sticky stick?
"Ohh! What a Sora-like answer! Full points!"

Comic 2
Bolt 3

"It reads as 'bolt'" [TN: Japanese kannuki]

"That's a bottle opener" [TN: Japanese senuki]

"That's a can opener" [TN: Jap kankiri]

"That's a cork opener" [TN: Jap korukunuki]
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Comic 1
Bolt 4

Are there any other things in the kitchen....
"It's not in the kitchen"

"A bolt would be this. It's like a key you use when you're closing a door...."

"Like this... You do this so that [the door] won't open with the bar"

So isn't it a sticky stick?
"What a Sora-like answer! Full points!"

Comic 2
Bolt 5

"It's a bolt. A bolt"

"Those are snow shoes" [TN: Jap kanjiki]
"Wait a minute. Could you do the whole thing again?"

"That's October" [TN: Japanese kannazuki]
"That was really unreasonable"

"That's the Cambrian period" [TN: Japanese Kanburia ki]
"Since when were you guys able to read Sora's thoughts?"
I have to disappear now again. But hopefully you guys can keep the thread alive so I can finish this. Good luck
Still working, so bump.
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Good luck translator-anon.
Sora a cute
She is
Okay. QC things for all of volume 9.

Chapter 120

Page 29

"You will make his tail move often." -> "You will make his tail start moving."

Page 35

Strip 1

Panel 1

Was -> Were

Panel 4

Weren't you the one that said it?

Chapter 121

Page 42

Strip 2

"Points" -> "Dots"

Page 43

Strip 1

"Plus it's a caste-less species that makes group migrations..."

Strip 2

Panel 2

"For" -> "With"

Page 44

"I don't know!!" -> I don't know that!!"

Chapter 131

Page 134

In the second note, "She thinks that" is repeated twice.

Questions for the TL

Page 31

Strip 1

"His field of vision must be bad."

Page 36

Strip 1

I don't think this makes sense without some explanation.

Chapter 121

Page 38

Strip 1

Panel 2

Shouldn't this be rephrased to ask the opposite? "Aren't we gonna do club activities because everyone is here?"

Page 44

Tori is bird isn't it? Shouldn't that be changed?

Chapter 126

Page 83

"That alone is beautiful" is the revised line, but it still doesn't sound right here. Could you please look at it.
Thanks anon.
I'm not at my computer right now unfortunately so I'll get back to you on that soon
ayyy this guy is doing the thing again.
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Time for Kate
We need more kate
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Yes I agree
Please come back soon
my kin of african descent
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What thing?
Thank you so much for picking this up. Was sad when I got to the end of the existing scans.
ya know, the thing
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Sorry about that long afk. I'll finish what I started here I guess

Comic 1
Sticky stick

I have a stick here

I wanted to try [using] a sticky stick once
"Sora, you feel like using sticky stick on the door of the Fine Arts Room?"



Comic 2
Sticky stick 2

How strange.... why?
"Sora~, this length is no good"

"For example, this one is the perfect length. See?"

I see. Now the stuck won't move


I don't see a question

Which part? The frog well thing?

That's right. My mistake

I tried to be consistent with the Musashi Scans science page. If you want I can rephrase it

Do you have any suggestions? I did a literal translation there because I struggled to find a good sensible one
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I know what you mean, man. Good stuff.
Thanks anon
Page 31

Oops. I was going to ask if this is actually the correct translation. Him not getting on Kei's lap didn't seem to have anything to do with his vision.

Page 36

No, the page after that. The "Spa or men" thing. I don't quite get it.

Page 38


Page 44

No, I mean the first panel. it seems like he says "Tori" (Bird) as a guess because the word starts with "To," then after being told that's wrong, goes to Niwatori (Chicken) which he rejects because it doesn't start with "To" It doesn't contradict the science page either, from what I see.

Page 83

I'll give it some thought. There aren't any small changes to the literal translation that could give me a better idea.
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Comic 1
Sticky stick 3

"You have to do it so it won't slip and fall or else it'll be no good"
"What's with that urgh..."

"In general, normally we'd use the diagonal length of the stick. Like this"
"I see! That'll be perfect!"


"Senpai, you can't read the atmosphere"

Comic 2
Sticky Kuga

"One-liner sticky Kuga"
"I have no idea what you mean"

"Ohhh! Sticky Kuga! I shall try opening the door!"
"Come at me anytime"

"Sticky Kuga's weak"

I think Takane is speaking about herself so maybe it should be 'My field of vision is bad'

It's a sound pun or an idea association. For some reason she associates 'spa' and 'men' with spaghetti

Oh. I'm sorry I got disoriented there. Tori is bird. So how do you propose to change it?

The main idea what she's saying is that the idea of having no dreams in itself is beautiful
Page 31

Then what does her first line mean?

Page 36

There is no logical basis for this? Kanji shape or anything?

Page 44

Just change Negishi's line in the first bubble to "To"? Bird (Tori)?

Page 88
>The main idea what she's saying is that the idea of having no dreams in itself is beautiful

Oh, okay. Is that so. That wasn't what I thought it meant, meaning this really will take some thinking.
"But, what should I say" is my best guess

Not really. In fact the raw literally gives English and Katakana

That works

Oh. Wait. I might have misinterpreted that. I'm burning midnight oil so I'm not rightly aligned today. I think it's something else. Give me a minute to think about it longer.
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Comic 1
A fish that gets water

"Oh! A fish is being completely washed up"
"It's still alive"

"That's right! There are these words for it. A fish that gets water!"


"It's not getting better!!"
"That's enough. Return it to the water"

Comic 2
A fish that gets water

"Oh, it swam with life and left. This is a fish that gets water"

The face of not wanting a retort saying 'a fish that got water' but rather 'you should get water'

I thought of a better one for 83. I'll do the whole line
"What's that. That's a dreamless idea. You probably meant [to say] something more beautiful"
Page 31
Maybe something more casual like.

"But now what do I do?" "I can't see anything."

Page 36

It can't be helped.

That line is perfect. It even explains why Kurihara repeats it in the 4th panel. Everything is ready for the TS now. If he's even up.
Well I am now. Though I meant to be up an hour ago.
I'll get started
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Comic 1
Knocking down flying birds

"There's an expression that says 'forceful enough to knock down flying birds' right? What kind of force will fall a bird?" [TN: Expression means 'great vigor']

"Huh? ....look, a force would be like the force of a released arrow"
"In other words"

When the arrow hits and falls together [with the bird]

"Well something which is called a force which knocks down flying birds talks about immediately loosing momentum right?"
"That's the fashion"

Comic 2
Knocking down flying birds

"Well, a force which knocks down flying birds isn't that sort of physical metaphor huh"
"It wasn't an arrow"


"Then what kind of force will knock down a bird?"


"The birds....aren't falling"
"The force is still insufficient I see"

Anyways since TS anon has taken over, I'll call it a night but I'll continue working if the thread's still alive later

Yeah that's good

Pretty much. You can put in a TL note saying that it's an idea association if you want
thanks bro
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Just to check
>Page 35
>Strip 1
>Panel 1
>Was -> Were

Is this the wrong way round, because it already said "were"?
That just means I was looking at the old version I have saved. If you find any more like that just ask me.
No the rest were all fine.

What are we doing about the pun/TL note stuff in chapter 130, page 124
I wanna say "Ask the translator." because I have no idea's myself, but he's a bit out of it from lack of sleep and I don't know if he has any either.
Stoner-chan a best.
I guess we'll just keep the thread alive until he is rested.
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sketchbook nap.png
123 KB, 512x512
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There's nothing that can be done to stop it.
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is that so.jpg
17 KB, 336x239
Keito a loev.
I'll bump one last time in hopes of the TL waking up in time. If he doesn't, we'll think of something some other time. Good night.
Well I'm still around at least, so as long as I keep paying attention it should stay up.
I'd take her home.
I just woke up
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He hath returned!
Personally, I'd like to change sensei's bad joke to 'Raise the green tea' and add a note saying 'Sensei's trying to make a bad pun saying 'あがりをおあがり (agari wo oagari)' since agari can both mean 'raise' and 'fresh green tea'
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Welp. Now it's my turn to sit up and wait for QC anon to come back. Here's more Sketchbook whilst we wait

Bump for time
something like that seems to work okay to me too. We'll see what the QC has to say about it when he wakes up though.
I have to go out now I'll be back again in an hour
Bump for TL
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Surprised Kuga didn't break her elbow
It's okay, they are just as noodly, if not more, in the source material.
That's pretty noodly
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I'm back but science pages are quite difficult
Welcome back. Good work anon.
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Oval squid
It's delicious, but Annie-chan is scary.

It's explained in the work itself already so [I'll explain] the precautionary measures. You heat the seafood enough and eat it. If you want to eat it raw, the condition is to eat it at 20°C and after 48 hours of refrigerating, defrost it and eat it. After you definitely confirm that you want to eat it, you should bite it hard and eat it. Even though the anisakis is there, you should bite it to death. Worried people should probably avoid raw food.

Largescale blackfish
A fish that's often on the seashore. Popular among fishermen. The body is all black, but there's a pretty turquoise luster. The appearance looks atrocious so although they aren't called atrocious predators, if you keep one together with other fish in a tank, they recklessly attack the other fish and it will be troublesome. Although it would be simple if it was bred alone.

Black porgy
Popular among fishermen. I think the taste is fine and relatively normal
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Convenience of civilization

"There's a saying 'The convenience of civilization' right? I always thought it was 'The power of civilization' " [TN: Power and convenience can have the same pronunciation 'riki']

"Rather than an ability that's advantageous in usefulness, I thought it was the strength of culture"

"Oh, that was the face of realization just now"
Is this a subtle hint?
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Comic 1
Mysterious Eyebeams


"So if I could release beams from my eyes like that, I think that would be nice sometimes"
"What're you talking about out of nowhere?"

"If you go somewhere like a forest, the eye gnats would be irritating"
Eye gnat
Related to the fly. An irritating creature that flies about your eyes

"I sometimes think that I want to knock down those eye gnats that get close to my eyes with beams"

Comic 2

"It can't be helped so I'll march into the forest while catching bugs with my bug net this way"
"I see"

Swing swing

Swing swing

"Would this sort of style be called a forest girl?"
"Probably not I think"

Most of them are like on pot
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Comic 1
Forest girl

"This would be called a forest girl, Kuri-chan"

"That'd be wrong right?"
"That's right!"

"It would really be like this"
"That's more wrong!"

"Is there no punchline!? You just wanted to try them on!"

Comic 2
Forest girl 2

"Nonono, we're just getting excited over the forest girl!!"

"It's probably a forest girl, so we're aiming for no tsukkomi!!"

"There's two of you so it's not 'a girl' but 'girls' right?"

"Then there's a forest on the map!!" [TN: Slightly different pronunciation (mori ga aru) from getting excited 'mori agaru' "
"Okay, what's that about"
thanks anon
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Comic 1
Sea serpent

"Hey Takane, what's a sea serpent?" [TN: Pronounced shiisaapento]
"Sea serpent? Was it something like that legendary beast?"

"Oh, so it's like a shiisaa"
"Ohh, I don't think there's a cut off there"

"Then, what's the pent bit?"
"I said that was wrong"

"Wrong? Wronwrong? Is a Shiishaa a chow chow?" [TN: She's slipping her words from 'chigau' (wrong)]
"What's she saying?"

Comic 2
Sea Serpent 2

"The badass image solidified. Yes. I know the badass direction"

Sea Serpent
Imagined drawing

"The characteristic tongue is blue"
"That's pretty much a Shiishaa"

"I said the tongue was blue!!"
"But I know that [you said] it's part of a chow chow"
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Comic 1
Sea serpent 3

"So, what is a sea serpent in the end"
"I don't really know either"

"But guessing from the name, wouldn't it be something like a snake of the sea?"

"So a sea snake"
"I thought that was coming"

"Are sea snakes delicious?"
"I did not think that was coming"

Comic 2
Sea snake

They tried to ask the specialist
"You came again"

"So, which sea snake?"
"Hm? Which...?"

"The reptilian sea snake or the fish sea snake"
"Is it getting complicated again!?"
Oh I forgot Comic 2 panel 4
"That part doesn't matter and both are fine, so please tell us just which one is delicious"
"Uh.....hmm, neither are tasty"
Okay, I'm up again. The literal translation with a TL note is good.
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Comic 1
Blood boiling [TN: Pronounced chi waki]

"Blood something pounds muscle.... blood... what exactly?" [TN: Blood is 'chi' in Japanese]

"I believe it was blood... ummm, wa..."


"Chihuahua pounds muscle"

Comic 2

"Fish gong" [TN: pronounced mokugyo]

"Goldfish" [TN: Pronounced kingyo]

"Oh! This seems to work with the days of the week!" [TN: Mokuyobi = Thursday, Kinyobi = Friday]

"Earth fish.... sun fish..., oh I knew it was impossible!" [TN: dogyo is similar to doyoubi = Saturday and nichigyo to nichiyoubi = Sunday. No such fish exist,]
Sora's autism is cute
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Comic 1

"Oh, Kakiage!" [TN: Mixed vegetable tempura]
"Hm? Kakiage?"

"This is a fried oyster" [TN: Pronounced Kaki furai]
"No way......"

Oyster -->Kaki
Fry -->Age

"They're the same thing!!"
"Kate, calm down"

Comic 2
Kaki 2

"The kaki in kakiage is well..., not really an oyster (Kaki)... but more like a stir fry (kaki mixed in)"

"S.....Star...? ....like...?" [TN: 'Stir' and 'star' are pronounced 'Sutaa']

Kaki is like a star... a star... [TN: Star is 'hoshi' in Japanese]

"I got it! Dried persimmons!" [TN: Pronounced 'hoshi gaki]
She didn't get it
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Comic 1
Butter Fry

"This much is Kate's pace. I'll be the boke here as well..."

"Okay then Kate, would a butter fry be fried butter?"

"Oh! I hear that butter tempura is a popular product in America!"
"Wha, it is?"

"I also wanna try eating a butterfly"
"Butterfly the insect!?"

Comic 2
Butter Fry 2

Here is some trivia
Butter fry = Butter + Fry
There is a story that that name is from the superstition that a butterfly stole butter.

[TN: Same text in panel 1 on Kuga's board]

"Then one more"

There is a swimming style called butterfly but butterflies can't swim
"Well of course right?"
Well let's see if TS anon gets back soon. If not then at least we have the thing on record
Thanks anon. Okay so let's wait then
File: 074.png (1 MB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1104x1600
Anyways, let's do 1 more



"Huh? Where am I?"

"The fine arts preparation room!? Why am I even here?"

"Huuuh!? You guuuys!?"
Going back in time a little
File: kate_bride.jpg (127 KB, 593x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 075.png (913 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
913 KB, 1104x1600

"Okaay, today's the Christmas party!"

"Yes, we have chicken as well"
"The chicken is crying"

"It's a chicken, of course it cries"
"It's not that kind of crying.... the tears crying..."

"Actually, it's not even Christmas yet. It's still December 6 today"

"No, the town's already caught up in the Christmas mood, so I don't think there's a problem"
"What a novel way of thought"

"If you go out to town, all over the place it's Christmas Christmas! We can't assent to postponing the party to the 25th"

"But Christmas is supposed to be the 25th"
"Then just let me say this"

"Is there such thing as a Japanese person who celebrates the essentially correct Christmas?"
File: 1393579603898.jpg (60 KB, 262x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 262x454

A Canadian girl falls in love with Japan.

Unable to confess, she is gifted by a deus ex machina with Japan's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, she immediately calls the country, and is overjoyed to find out that Nihon has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day's confessions to Japan, she gets no response because Japan is a country, not a person. After some investigation, she finds out that the nation she called is not the same nation she fell in love with. In fact, this Japan doesn't exist in her universe at all. This Nihon is the alternate universe counterpart of her crush, who has fallen in love with her AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

After finding out, she slammed her fist into ther palm and said, "SOU NAN DES KARR." Hijinks ensue as they strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip each other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of WEEABOO.
File: 076.png (987 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1
December 6

"Everyone, make sure you don't forget the important things"

"Today is December 6, Saint Nicholas's day"

"According to the nation, even on this day, this is the day people receive presents from Santa-san"

Cat... mouse? What's that? Quite an amazing meaning [TN: Nicholas sounds similar to cat mouse in Japanese (neko mausu)]

Comic 2

"Heey, what is it? Then are there two days we can receive presents?"
"That's right"

"Then Santa-san, I want a new plaster bust!"
"Who're you calling Santa?"

"Well whatever. A plaster bust is impossible, but here I am!"
"Yaaay, Asakura santa-san"

"Here, have some coal"

Somehow it found a way huh
File: kate_xmas.jpg (112 KB, 550x790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 550x790
I love this.

Boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess he becomes a hikkikomori and dies...


Ehh, Really? Isn't that what usually happens?

>No...not really....

Seriously? I see it happening all the time in anime...


Yeah but I mean, if you like a girl you just need to be more forcefull.

>Hmm, I think you are right actually....

Yeah, yeah! be more forcefull, and kidnap her!

>Hmm, yeah, kidnWAIT YOU ARE WROOOONG!
>But, the next day, when she recounts the previous day's confessions to Japan, she gets no response because Japan is a country, not a person.

Best part.
Please stop.
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Comic 1

"I don't need coal. What'll I do with this?"
"Make yakitori?"

"Putting jokes aside, in certain countries, there are even Santa-sans who give coal"
"But I don't need coal..."

"That's about the black Santa right? The one who gives coal to bad kids"

"As you'd expect, I'm not a kid's age anymore, though I'm young"
"So you're ignoring the 'bad' part"

Comic 2
Black Santa

"And what's that Black Santa about?"
"Saint Nicholas's companion is Knecht Ruprecht"

"His role is to remonstrate bad children and if it's easy to understand the namahage. His outward appearances are various. He wears fur and disguises himself with fur and has a stick and sack"

"Ohhh, that sort of guy exists huh. Knecht Ruprecht..."

A wriggling man who [spins] with a hoop...? [TN: Play on Japanese pronunciation 'Kunehito Ruupurehito']
"She replaces words she doesn't know with words she does huh"
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Correction on comic 2 panel 2
"...to make it easy to understand, it's a European namahage..."
Note on comic 2 panel 2
Namahage are essentially folklore demons

Comic 1
Black Santa 2

"There are no bad kids, but"

"You're wrong. It's a black santa"
"Just now, you said there were no bad kids"

"When I heard your conversation awhile ago, I just felt like doing this. It's a European namahage"

"Ah! It's a wind god!"
"Well it's certainly close to a wind god..."

Comic 2

"And I'm the reindeer"

"The red noise is just nasal inflammation"
"What a useless creation"

"Nose fire!! To light up the night road!!"
"Nasal inflammation flames!?"

"You can't play with fire"
"Give give"
"What's with this student & teacher"
Bump for time, just figuring things out
>triangle choke
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Reindeer 2

A reindeer

Why can they fly in the air?

Do they fly in the air?
"Well if they doesn't then they'd have to run on Japanese public roads and the present distribution won't make it"

That's not a reason
"Then, they possess the ability to fly"

"Well, that's acceptable"
"She accepted it!?"

"Nono, even though reindeer fly if they pull the sleigh this'll happen right?"

How does that work?
"Huh...? Hm...well, the reindeer fly the sleigh through the air with telekinesis"

Reindeer are amazing!
"More amazing than Santa-san!!"
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Nice smug
File: 080.png (847 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reindeer 3

"But you know, when you think about it"
"What is it now!?"

"Even if they've just flown into the sky, distributing presents to kids all over the world in one day is a pretty impossible speed right?"

No no, this reindeer is amazing so she can probably do it
"Don't directly set me up Kajiwara-san! It's scary!!"

So? How do you do it?
"W... well, the reindeer can already leave at the speed of light so there's no problem"

"But if the physical body moves at the speed of light, won't the townspeople die from the shock waves?"

"No, more importantly, the mass will become infinitely large so it'll generate a black hole and destroy the world"

"Th...the reindeer transform their own bodies to photons of zero mass and fly so neither shock waves nor black holes will be generated...?"

Reindeer are amazing!!
Amazing reindeer!!
"They have to keep Santa and the sleigh safe"
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436 KB, 581x715
The mangaka is pretty knowledgeable. That's rare.
File: 081.png (972 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comic 1

"What's all the reindeer thing about! Santa-san's amazing as well!"

"Wind God!"
"Knecht Ruprecht"

"This bag isn't one that awakens the winds but one to stuff bad kids in"
"Sensei got caught!?"

"Oh the Fine Arts Club is doing Halloween"
"That's probably wrong"

Comic 2

"More importantly, how'll the party turn out!"
"Oh, we're doing it"

"For the time being, let's take that bag sensei"

"Kasugano-sensei became Asakura-sensei!?"

"So while we were doing that, it's now the end of school. Lets get all the go home preparations ready"
"I guess so"
"And Kasugano-sensei!?"

Which is why I can see that this manga doesn't get too many scanlators working on it

Threadly reminder that you should stop posting that because it's a thing.

shame only 1 season. Comfy show
You're doing grand work anon.
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File: kuma_face.png (1 MB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1366x768
Hopefully we get more Kuma
File: 083.png (596 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kuroiwa Cicada
It's called this because it was reported by Kuroiwa Kouji. It's a small framed cicada and it's whole body is green. There is also a specimen whose body becomes orange. It cries 'Chi chi chi'

I hear [the old provinces] are Chikuzen, Chikugo, Hizen, Higo, Buzen, Bugo, Hyuuga, Oosumi, and Satsuma.

Fish that got water [TN: Expression for 'in one's element']
In Japanese that would be '水を得た魚' (mizu wo eta uo). The fish is originally read as 'uo' and the reading 'sakana' was supplemented later. Originally, when it became 'sakana', it was the appetizer for sake and thus 'sakana' [TN: Kanji: 酒菜. Coincidentally the kanji for appetizer 肴 is also pronounced 'sakana']. It's food that's brought out in a drinking party. 'The fish that got water' is a common expression so people don't read it as 'mizu wo eta sakana' but the day when that reading also soaks in and isn't misused seems to be getting close, so it may have already soaked in.

Eye Gnat
Gnats that fly around your eyes when you walk in the forest. Such troublesome things shouldn't even exist. They have carried parasites called Oriental Eye bugs before, so it would be troubling. They also go towards the camera lens above the eye. It seems to hate the smell of mint so it might be better to eat some mint candies. Until a place with good sun exposure, they won't chase you.
GA Anon I swear to god man
I think I'm done for the night. That last page took a lot out of me. But I'll probably try and continue it if the thread's alive tomorrow. Or else, see you people next week
He'll come back eventually. Or wherever he is
Bumping for TS. I've got to go to sleep once again.
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>Always wanted to visit that since 2007
>Never will get the chance
I'd go with if I had the chance, anon
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