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We're back after a 3 week break! Also more Imouto inbound
Need more Judo and Womi!
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Who's is going to win the Tsudabowl?
Good ova subs never
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High School Student Quiz King Victory Party
In the Shichijou house

"Tsuda, eat to your heart's content"

"No I can't.... my stomach's filled up"

"You can enjoy some quasi v*re play"
"Stop making me the uke!!"

There is none this week
The female Tsuda will win
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Comic 1

"Suzu-chan, is there something you want? I'll get it for you"

"Then something juicy..."

"Something juicy!?"

"Call a juicy actor"
"It seems something no good will happen!!"

Comic 2
Hand to the mouth

Photo shoot
"Kotomi, why're you hiding your mouth behind your hand?"

"When I hide my mouth, my face will look small.... Because the pose will look cute"

"It certainly will"

"It'll look as if you've tried hard at performing sw**low play huh"
"Conforming pressure!!"
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Comic 1

"Dejima-san, you drank too much"
"Izz faiin, izn inot?" [TN: She's drunk and slurred her speech so I slurred the translation]

"She's not speaking coherently"
"She's completely wasted huh"

"Suzu-senpai. are you sleepy?"
"Of coursh nyot" [TN: Same thing]

"She's not speaking coherently"
"She's calmed down huh"
"Don't treat me like a child"
She woke up

Comic 2

"The mansion's to big and cleaning's such a problem. Well, Milady's here and the pay's great, so I can't complain though"

"She became a salty drinker..."
"Seems so"

"She became quiet"
"Won't a needless misunderstanding break out?"

"Doesn't it look like she's making a silent appeal to put on a c*ndom since she doesn't want the raw d***?"
"No, that's wrong"
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Mistranslation on comic 2 panel 4
"Doesn't it look like she's making..." --> "Like seeming as if she's making..."

Comic 1
Surely dividing it

"By the way, what will you do with the 1 million yen prize?"

"I spoke about it with everyone, and we decided to use it for the school"

"And, we'll use 10000 yen for ourselves"

"That's 2000 per person"
"Why're you in it?"

Comic 2
The taste of bliss

They ordered (first class) sushi with that money

"This is great!"
I can still eat even though my tummy's full

"Yes, delicious"

"The meal I'm eating with everyone is delicious"
"When we least expect it, she [said] something beautiful!!"
Welp. We're waiting for typeset anon and edit anon so I'm gonna do some Imouto chapters. It's been a while anyways


Wind direction

Trip. Second day
"Ahhhh, the beach is nice"

"I love the smell of salt"

"Isn't the salt tasteless and bland?"

"Look here? We came to the beach right? Then it's normal when we speak about saly right? And yet why are you---"
Fidget fidget
"I'm gonna scold them"
Comic 1
>Something juicy then

Comic 2
>Hiding your mouth makes your face look small.
>So it's a cute pose.
>It certainly is.
>It looks as if she tried her best to perform sw**low play right?
Comic 1
Dangers of chastity

Watermelon breaking

"You can't see anything right?"

"Okay, turn me!"

"Wait wait"

Comic 2

"Will you drink this?"
"Oh. Th...thanks"

"What's wrong? Your face is all red"
"No. I....I haven't really spoken to boys before...."

"Hahaha I see"
"Oni-san, how is it? When you speak with the opposite gender?"

"Hmm... There are lots of moments when I become blue I guess"
"You have an anemic constitution? You should eat your meat"

Based edit anon. Have you worked on any Imouto comics over the 3 week break?
pls tell me there's more Kaede too
Comic 1
Beach shop

"There are various shops on the beach huh"

"Well, whatever it's whatever we need"
"Yes. And so I thought about it as well, and a shop that we need on the beach........"

"Is a shaving shop"

"Recently, the reactions have been half hearted. You're lazy, Aki-san"
"Think about being grateful that I'm even reacting to you"

Comic 2
Union II

Chocolate banana


Chocolate banana

"This chopstick is the point"
"Noooooooo!! Again with my chocolate banana!!"
Comic 1
>She's winding down huh
>Don't treat me like a child!

Comic 2
>So she becomes salty when drunk
>Won't this cause an unnecessary misunderstanding?
>Like how it seems she's making a silent appeal to put on a c*ndom since she doesn't want the raw d***?

Only up to 99.
Comic 1
Fire fighting water

"Let's light fireworks"

"I forgot the bucket to put water in"

"It can't be helped, so everyone should drink from this water bottle"

"Let's build up the urge to urinate"

Comic 2

"The trip was fun, but in the end there was no really special encounter"
crackle crackle

"Well, it's nothing really to sweat over right? The first time hurts anyways"
"The experienced one remains composed huh"

"But even I dislike the pain. I'm also bad with blood"

"So from this point on I want to become a shotacon"
If the size is small it'll be fine
"No!! I'm not gonna particularly stop you!!"
99's still impressive anon. Good job.
Comic 1
>But, we'll keep 10000 yen for ourselves.
>Why are you included?

Comic 2
>She unexpectedly said something beautiful!!
>condom panel
>muh dik
I'll finish to the end of the regular part


Simple is best.

"Thanks for waiting"
"You're slow"
You made me wait for a while

"Well there were no clothes I was interested in"
"You're fussing over it too much. There's charm even among the simple things right?"

"I see!! From the view point of men, even when there are the showy lucky panties which women choose, the simple underwear is better right!?"

"In other words, even as casual wear, one Y shirt turns people on!! I have opened my eyes!!"

"Don't open them! You have to go back to the room!!"
Comic 1
Sense of purpose

"It's hot so if we go with the flow and have a popsicle,"

"My stomach..."
"No good huh"

"I'm also hot so because of the popsicle..."

"That place got sunburned..."
"That's no good, you gotta use vegetables"
"My stomach hurts, but I have to say something!!"

Comic 2
The minimum sleeping figure

"It's hot everyday, but yesterday it was super hot! As you'd expect, I slept in a pair of short pants"

"I slept in a pair of panties"

"I slept in only my chastity belt"

"I slept with one sock..."
"It's gradually getting stranger..."
He never asked for this.
Comic 1

"Good afternoon"
"Oh? What's wrong, Imaoka-san?"

"Actually I wanted to ask about my independent research..."
"Let me see"

"Hmm, you're researching about angiosperm. What's this... stamen and stamen..."

"Stamens are pretty simple right?"
"Umm... I'm not gonna say anything"

Comic 2
A girl's chest

"Thank you very much for your advice"
"It's fine"

"Then I can stick my chest out and submit it!!"

"You can't!! Saying that you'll stick your chest out [is bad]!! If you're saying those sort of things... [They'll say] 'congrats' [and] 'you're pregnant?' "

"You'll get sexually harassed okay?"
"I got it for sure now"
I have
Comic 1
Pitiful Arai-kun

"I caught a head cold"

"Then even when you eat something you probably won't taste anything"
"Yeah... but more importantly"

"Not being able to smell only on this season... I can't smell the scent of women drenched in summer sweaaaat!!"

"The hell for all smell fetishists like meeeeee!!"
"I want to raise my voice, but I should stop"

Comic 2
My humanity

"This year I'm 25... the life of bachelorhood is so carefree..."

"Yet I suddenly feel the lonliness..."
"That may be true"

"So it's about time I should settle down... or so I think"

"But before that, I'll settle down the body of men so they can't get away!"
"First you should do something about that old man taste of yours"
96_1 comic 1

>Then this...for Onii-chan...
>Ummm, does she mean something like 'Be Onii-san's side dish? Or perhaps even his dessert!?
>Well, I am a two timer y'know.

96_2 comic 1
>I wouldn't do such a thing, how rude
>While they say it's an amateur performance, they cleverly use a porno actress.
>I'm sure they're having a clean conversation, but that aside, your explanation makes the way you see things clear.


>I often make this for my boyfriend, so I have confidence in it.
>Ummm...did you add in a secret ingredient...or something.
>Oh crap!! I automatically put in energy pills!!

96_3 comic 2
Putting in Translator's edit:
comic 2 panel 2 it's supposed to say 'I rushed it' not 'I burned it'

https://desustorage.org/a/thread/133659562/#133668162 - text
https://desustorage.org/a/thread/133659562/#133668193 - image
96_4 comic 1
>It's not good if I don't cool it down.
>You don't suck, you blow!
>Thank you very much for coming all the way up to the second floor to say that.

96_4 comic 2
>It seems your fever has gone down for the most part.
>What kind of erotic pose did you make?
>It wasn't that kind of side dish!! Wait a minute! You actually meant that from the start!?
Wait, I finished the anime and it was obvious that Suzu, Shino, and Judo Girl wanted his dick (maybe add Uomii to the list I couldn't quite read her).

Do literally ALL of them end up wanting his dick? I mean I know he's like 1 of 5 boys there but my God.
That's fan art. But you should seriously catch up to the manga. More people show up for the D
>It was Golden Week for us.
>But as far as high school students in poverty were concerned, there was nothing Golden about it.
>When all's said and done, for onii-chan it was White Week..... I guess....

>A woman who frequently shifts her legs-
>It's a sign of frustration, but is that really the case?
>It won't go back to its original shape.

Comic 2
>There are similar signs besides that one right?
>Like how the OK sign for women is to touch their own hair, you mean something like that right?
>The hair to touch when it's OK is down 'there' right...so check it in advance.

Comic 1
>They don't serve women on the menu.

Comic 2
>You can open your top. You don't need to hold back, since we're all girlfriends.
>Well, we're all girlfriends.

>I'm running late for our meeting, so I have to take my bike.
>.....ah but this skirt is small so if I hurry, others will be able to see them.
>They're new clothes so I want to wear them.... but if I don't take a bike I'll be late....
>Bloomers and spats exist you know, so why did you go with boxers of all things?"
Considering how much I enjoyed the show I should.

Is this like Love Lab where I can just pick it up from where the anime ended or should I start from the beginning?

Comic 1
>Magazine models are so cool. I wish I had their stature.
>I hear if you can make a grain of rice stand with your chopsticks, you'll grow taller.
>"Hey hey, does it feel good? You feel it here don't you? Get it up quickly!"
>Stand O
>Erect X

Comic 2
>Parents always tell their boys "Stop sitting cross-legged, it isn't manly!"
>But I guess it's fine for a woman to sit cross-legged?

Comic 1
>Then let's get on with...ummmmm...
>Where did we leave off last time?
>Dear lord... you can identify porno actress from just their moans, so use that brain for class too!!
>Huh, who can do that?

Comic 2
>You're having idiotic delusions while staring at girls again aren't you?
>What? I'm not doing something so mild.
>Now I'm violating them.

Comic 1
>What should I do to make senpai notice me...
>Shouldn't you learn about women first? They say you should first know yourself to know your enemy right?
>Even if you say that...how would I learn about women?
>I will teach you all about girls, so you won't head out blindly into the world.
>I have no memory of what happened.

Comic 2
>Sitting in a weird position made my skirt wrinkled.
>Oh dear, I can't get rid of the wrinkle by my butt.
>If you want to get rid of anal wrinkles, I think inserting something should help.
>Even for you that's too much of a misunderstanding!!
Not him, but anywhere is fine, pal.
Best to start around volume 8 since the OVA and season material starts running thin then. But as >>136059366 says, anywhere. Probably anywhere before the anons took over though

Eko visits

Since Eko came to visit as per summer vacation custom, we came to pick her up"

"Who's she?"
"My friend Chika. She didn't seem to have any plans for summer vacation at all so I invited her"
Against her will
"Pardon my intrusion"

"It'll be fine!! Kana-chan's boobs are small, but her heart is huge!!"
Please treat me well
"Wha!? But I think my place there is small!!"
Just want to say thank you amigo.
Comic 1
The etiquette of tripping


"Woah, you okay?"
"Y, yes"


"You're pretty skilled at tripping huh...."

Comic 2
Fleeting love of summer

"Hey, your relative's wonderful Eko"

"Hmmmm, are your bowels okay Chika?"

"Shin-chan likes it anal. So having hemorrhoids is painful"
>If we're not using the kotatsu we should put it away. It's dangerous to leave it leaning.
>Is it?
>It is!! If I trip and it pokes me there--

Comic 1
>"This is just from researching, but here are some good tourist spots"
>"Thank you very much for teaching me. I should repay you, so I'll teach you some good spots as well"

Comic 2
>It seems like you hit your shin pretty hard, are you okay?
>Maybe it's because I've gotten hooked on abacus punishment recently?
>You've already crossed into that territory...

>10 times around the track is intense huh
>I feel like my body's made of lead.
>I feel like there are shackles all over my body.
>I feel like I've been tied up with rope0----"
>I feel like a vibrator was inserted and left on continually----"

Comic 1
>I had a scary dream last night.
>I was chased by a man holding a knife. Luckily, I woke up right before he was about to stab me....
>But the moment I stood up to wash my face, it happened!! For some reason blood started trickling down my leg!!

Comic 2
>And when I went through my boyfriend's phone, I saw the number of a girl I didn't know.
>Isn't that much okay? No one likes a possessive woman.
>It's much better to let him be free. Because if he really likes you he'll definitely return to your side.
>Why when I was young, I constantly indulged in promiscuous behavior with my couples friends.
>Is that really love?
Ignore the 0 after rope in 99_3
File: 358 1.jpg (715 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358 1.jpg
715 KB, 1120x1600
Chapter 358
Comic 1
Boke 2x

"Good afternoon"
"Oh, Eko-chan it's been a while"
Dropped by

"Umm, there was something I wanted to ask for a while now"
"What is it?"

"When big boobed people masturbate, do you inhale and bite your boobs? Please tell me!!"

"Even though your boobs are so big, your heart is so small...."
"Is your place there also oversized?"

"Retorting twice is a pain"

Comic 2
Gender discourse

"As a senpai in life, there's something I want to ask, what do you do if you have someone you like?"
I have no experience in it though

"First look at him with composure. If you poorly make your own ideals a priority, when you know that person in the future you'll be disillusioned"

"So instead fumble around for the heart's darkness!! For example your disposition!! What kind of play does this guy want to violate me with... and such!!"

"And thus, if you set up the framework with this unexpected direction, you won't be disillusioned!!"
"Kana-chan. impressive!"

Thanks based edit anon. Keep up the great work

Thanks based typeset anon.
File: 358 2.jpg (691 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358 2.jpg
691 KB, 1120x1600
Comic 1
Cheek stuffing

A barbecue since they're in the moment

"Onii-chan, didn't you cut the vegetables too big?"

"I wonder, is it fine, Chika-chan?"
"Y yes, I'm fine!!"

"Hey, good luck Chika!! Express your intentions as, 'I have to stuff your cheeks this much, I have no secret intentions' "
"Shut up and eat"

Comic 2
A faint summer question


"If you could have a lover onii-san, would it be with a senior or a junior?"

Junior --> Too much in puberty
Same year --> Strong
Senior --> Pervert

"My right hand is good enough"
i heard honk honk is a huge pervert. is this true?
File: drgr.jpg (52 KB, 180x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 180x311
Had to stop typesetting because this panel is just too good.
File: 358 3.jpg (652 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358 3.jpg
652 KB, 1120x1600
Last regular chapter then regular omake




"I finally finished my summer homework!"
"Onii-chan, you're always last minute"

"I'm the type that accumulates it and does it one go"

"The same as not masturbating for a week then letting it all go at once huh"
"Yeah... no. Your example is wrong"
Comic 1

Type type

"Wooah, you can type without looking at the keyboard. Amazing"
Type type

"Oh, I can do that much as well"

"I can walk from my boyfriend's house to the park while my eyes are shut"
"Rather than not seeing, you were having blindfolded play right?"

Comic 2
Still being the boke

"The morning's all about the natto huh"

"Oh, it got stuck on my hand"

"What's this? When it got stuck, it felt so erotic!!"

"Sigh.... there's no tsukkomi......"
The summer of being 25 when you really feel that bachelorhood is lonely...
File: 358 4.jpg (641 KB, 1120x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358 4.jpg
641 KB, 1120x1600
Comic 1

"The times I eat sweet things are the times of the most bliss huh"

"But more than cakes, there's something sweet I'd like to taste"

"That'd be a kiss"
"She entered pure mode again..."

Comic 2
Fairy tale

"Summer vacation's already ending huh. Going to school will be a bother huh. I wanna be an adult right away"

"Even when you just age you can't become an adult. Girls must first manage it"

"Huh? The rider's a man right?"

"On a white horse"
"Aki-san, am I corrupted?"
"You noticed just now?"
File: 95 1.jpg (267 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 1.jpg
267 KB, 843x1200
Dumping just 1 chapter of imouto.
File: 95 2.jpg (344 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 2.jpg
344 KB, 843x1200
File: 95 3.jpg (338 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 3.jpg
338 KB, 843x1200
File: 95 4.jpg (353 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 4.jpg
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Comic 1
Making [a call] and making [an erection]

When I went to Eko's cousin's house a whie ago, I exchanged numbers with Shinji-san whom I met there"

"And so you called Shin-chan"
"No, not yet..."
It's embarrassing

"That's no good, you can't take it slow!! The other side won't last right!?"

"Shin-chan seems as if he'll get off on even erotic images on his cellphone so there's a great possibility he'll break it!!"
"I don't really know what's going on but should I hurry it up?"

Comic 2
Expat big brother

"I was thinking this before, but isn't my sister... bothering you?"

"Not at all! In contrast I've been a bother to her before"
Is that so?

"For example, when I finish something important..."

"She'd let me consult your hiding spot of treasured products"
"Heeeeey, come here for a minute Kanami"
Omake then I'm done.

Summertime Blues

This is one more store from when everyone went to the sea for summer vacation

"That's... Aki-san"

"What's wrong, Aki-san?"
"Actually, the top of my bikini... floated away"
"You're guilty of what we promised huh"

"I understand. I'll bring the thing you're hiding"

"Huh? Manaka-chan, what's wrong?"

"Talking about this thing to a boy would be terrible for Aki-san huh"

"I.....it's nothing, it's nothing"
"Sorry to keep you waiting"

"What's that"

"Adhesive nipples"
"Something a little less exhibition-like"

"Sorry to keep you waiting"
"What's that"

"Kanami-chan's spare pads"
"Something that covers the whole body... hey, you're getting mad"

"You're so selfish"
"Just go!!"

"Is it possible that I can't move from here until the end of summer"

"Watching that exchange you guys were having, I got a grasp of the situation in general"

"You should get out quickly. If you're there the whole time, your body will probably get cold"

"Th........ thank you very much"

"What are those two doing over there....."
"A love comedy? Cold"

"I'm giving this back"
And the main story of vol 5 is done. Next week is more SYD and Imouto kindergarten version
As always, thanks anons.
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