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Haruchika thread
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Episode tomorrow. Who ready for mystery and unexplored love triangle?
Excited for double unrequited love, could not be less excited for cube mystery.
Casting interview partially TL'd

>Casting: the deciding factors

>- How was the cast chosen?

>Tsuji: We did it by holding auditions for the three main characters: Chika, Haruta and Kusakabe-sensei. We decided on the other characters by choosing from among those who participated in those auditions.

>- Please tell us the reason why you chose to appoint Sarah Emi Bridcutt for the role of Chika.

>Hashimoto: Chika is a girl who is able to react directly to people’s feelings. She’s a bit inattentive and not very good at reasoning, but her broad-mindedness does not lose out to anyone else’s. If she wasn’t there, the amount of members in the wind instrument music club probably wouldn’t have increased. Bridcutt-san’s voice has a pleasant brightness and is the closest to Chika-chan’s image.

>Tsuji: There are many voice actors who play main characters in the P.A. Works or Hashimoto’s works that were recorded so far. From Tari Tari three out of five people of the chorus club appeared: Asami Seto-san, Shimazaki Nobunaga-san, Hanae Natsuki-san. That might mean that Bridcutt-san is close to a challenge.

>– She plays her first starring role in HaruChika, there’s also some resemblance with Chika who is a beginner at playing a musical instrument.

>Hashimoto: Bridcutt-san studied by seeing the previous works I directed and requested to know how she should play the role. She’s working very hard and thinks about the series as well. Seeing her like that gives me peace of mind.

>Tsuji: I think it’s good to be able to see the new Bridcutt-san in HaruChika.

>Hashimoto: Isn’t it. It’s great to see her for sure.

>– How about Haruta who is played by Saito Soma?
>Hashimoto: I thought it was good to have a soft rather than a manly voice. Still, when it comes to mystery genre there are also cool reasoning scenes, so I wanted it to be compatible with the usual gentle feel. Saito-san was able to perform both aspects firmly and we pretty much unanimously decided on him at the audition.

>Kusakabe-sensei is a 26 years old troubled young man

>– Hanae-san who plays Kusakabe-sensei also auditioned.

>Hashimoto: Hanae-san participated in the auditions in the role of Haruta. I didn’t want to make Kusakabe-sensei too teacher-like, but at the auditions there were many people with reliable adult-like voices. Using that kind of voice makes the Kusakabe-sensei I imagined too strong. Because of that I asked Hanae-san “Could you let me hear your teacher’s voice too?”, and later on I decided after consulting with the staff.

>– What’s the reason for not wanting to depict him like a teacher?

>Hashimoto: Kusakabe-sensei was a conductor who was expected to have a great future, but now he has given up on it and appears as a new music teacher. Parts of his mystery will be touched upon in the second half, so I wanted him to feel a little out of the place as seen from the audience’s perspective. He’s not only a good advisor who can be relied upon by his students, but I also wanted to feel the humane parts that contain his own troubles.
>If so, isn’t Hanae-san’s boyish voice perfect Also, I already know that he’s an incredibly hardworking person in Tari Tari, so I trusted him to seriously tackle this.

>Tsuji: Personally I was a little concerned over Kusakabe-sensei being played by Hanae-san. In my head he had a young voice, so I couldn’t connect him to a teacher’s role at all. I thought he sounded way too young. During the post-recording we repeatedly adjusted his script with delicate lines and right now he’s completely become Kusakabe-sensei. I was really surprised.

>Hashimoto: He’s a handsome teacher and there were many who performed him with a rather low voice, so I understood the anxiety that he would sound young. However, Kusakabe-sensei is only 26 years old. In reality, wouldn’t someone around 26 years old have a phase in which they are worried about their future? P.A’s work progress is also around that age (lol).

>– If you think about it as a animations staff, he really is young (lol). Are there any other reasons?

>Tsuji: There’s nothing unpleasant about Hanae-san’s voice, so that’s also good.

>Hashimoto: In the story a love triangle is depicted between Chika, Haruta and the teacher, but HaruChika is not a story that has that relationship develop as the main plot. If Kusakabe-sensei had a dandy-like, suave voice, the love triangle would crumble (lol). If it’s Hanae-san’s neutral tone of voice, it’s possible to maintain an appropriate sense of distance as a teacher with both Haruta and Chika. To express that atmosphere carried by the voice is difficult in the story.

>– I see. It’s also to depict a youth story and not a romance, right?

>Hashimoto: Yes. If it were a work depicting a love relationship between the three, then it might have been better if the teacher had an adult atmosphere. The fact that this is not a story that depicts Haruta and Chika’s romance is a unique part of HaruChika.
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I'm ready for more fap fuel of the twins.
Man I didn't know Chika's seiyuu was a half. Dropped.
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I'm gonna try to watch it while it airs.
>not know she was half-Aussie
But we knew this a month ago
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A boy falls in love with a girl.

oh wait
She has a really nice voice, I liked her a lot as Yuki in Testament.
I wonder how she got into VA work despite looking like and having a name like a gaijin.
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I can tell these threads are gonna be ultra-comfy
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Why can't Chika have decent friends like Kumiko not this little loved up fag boy.
You know Kumiko wouldn't give her the time of day after she realizes Chika is learning music for things like sensei and being cute. Not to mention their first meeting would be like:

>"Haah? Kyuuto gaaru?"
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But she does, and my dick thanks her for it
Nozomifag, why do you like Nozomi?
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Hmmm. I'd say her personality, but mostly because she wears those RDG-inspired glasses.

Those 30-seconds were magical.
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Reposting for those that didn't see it the first time. Chika is love, Chika is life.

Comfy is a nice substitute for "dead".

Better dead than having fuccboiphobics shit all over fuccboi for being a literal fuccboi
what is this?
I hope the drummer guy is a cool dude.

He looks like a cool dude.
First manga volume. Has spoilers up to today's episode.
There's also the latest chapters available on the official manga page

>click 最新話を読む
Pretty sure that's just the first chapter. It even says so below the buttons.
But those official sites usually change them every few weeks.

The question is whether that schedule coincides with their tankoban releases.
The first volume has already been out for a long time though. The first chapter they put up is probably just a free sampler.
>not liking kyuuto gaaru
Of course, they're samplers. They only sample-out one chapter at a time

最新話を読む = "read the latest chapter"

Only reason why I'm watching.
Do you have a gif of Chika wrestling Haruta?

I cant tell what twin Omigawa Chiaki is voicing.

I bet he's gay too. The way he hold them drum sticks is lewd.
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He looks high as fuck
Was anyone else as displeased with Haruta's voice as I was?
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Sarah Emi Bridcutt.png
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>Chika's seiyuu
i feel like i need to be a chick to understand this anime
I thought it was girly at first, but then it sounded pretty generic
Okay this is cute, I'm getting on this train.
The shota is gay
I thought it was too deep. He's a blond fuckboy shota and that's what I expected him to sound like.
Chika will straighten Haruta's dick with the power of V.
Even better, me to
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>hiring Chaika's character designer
I wonder why they did this
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For the memes
Thread replies: 48
Thread images: 16
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