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Gate v3 summary
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Gate - Thus the JSDF fought there
"Volume 3: Upheaval" Summary
(light novel version is book 5 & 6)

Please bear in mind, there's no spellchecking and I'm not a writer. This will be split up in many parts.

The head of the Flame Dragon is mounted on the castle walls of the capital, and empire is in confusion as to whose deed the dragonslaying goes to.
During the ceremony, the Emperor is informed of the "green men" and his companions being responsible, and announces Lelei as the perpetrator for this great deed, trying to put a spotlight on the only human of the Empire involved.
In the ceremony, Emperor Malt is poisoned and collapses.

Meanwhile Itami & co heads to the academic city of Rondel.
Lelei plans to present her findings and earn the Professor* title.
There are ranks within the academy
Bachelor, Master, Doctor, and Professor*.
Only those who have finished the Bachelor degree may call themselves a Wizard.
Other girls are shocked when Lelei tells them Itami is a Bachelor.

*Professor is the closest translation, but if I was localizing I would choose "Arch Wizard".
Seeing from how a non-magician sage is called "researcher wizard", obviously wizardry is expected, and the highest wizards should be called an arch-wizard.
It fits the theme of the academy more. I'm leaving it as professor just to be general though.

There Lelei is reunited with her half-sister, Arpeggio who is jealous of her sister's success, and gets in an argument.
Arphe (Arpeggio's nickname) specializes in mineral alchemy, a field that is so costly in research, hardly anyone wants to study.
Due to this she is eternally in poverty. Upon learning that not only is Lelei successful as a wizard, but the man she chose to be with, Itami, is a noble with massive wealth (the human sized diamond Yao gave him).
Despite having sibling love for Lelei, she is overcome with jealousy.
The two sisters duke out in a mage duel under Rory's watch, and under oath to not trade lethal blows.

Their match is interrupted as Grey, Pina's right-hand man, kills an assassin who was waiting for a chance to kill Lelei.
Grey and Shandy joins the group, informing of the announcement made in the capital, celebrating Lelei & co's slaying of the flame dragon (much to Arpeggio's surprise).
And that certain someone (the prince) does not approve of this fame, and has sent assassins to kill Lelei.

Following Emperor Malt's fall, Prince Zorzal has assumed control of the capital in a coup.
He dismantled much of the administration and replaced them with his own faction.
The prince orders his men to arrest them and punish the peace talk supporters, without any hearing or trial.
The prince appoints Viscount Helm as his advisor. As they know a direct military conflict would be an unsuccessful campaign, they scheme to send troops disguised as "the green men" to pillage the villages, and place the blame on JSDF.
Zorzal adds his idea to have them rape women and burn houses to fuel hate for their enemey.

Princess Pina is overcomed with horror, and seeks out her other brother Diabo for help.
But Diabo has no intent to stay and oppose Zorzal, instead he is ready to pack up and flee the capital.
He plans to find allies outside of the Empire, as it would be impossible to find an ally in the capital at this state.
He leaves the capital, despite Pina's plea to stay and help.

Meanwhile Tuule starts to become close with Furuta, Zorzal's new chef in charge.
His honesty and kindness is a breeze of fresh air in her life, who knows nothing but hate, anger, and scheme.

Itami & co are attacked in the inn they were staying in.
The inn keeper was hospitable and welcomed the stay of Her Holiness Rory and co, and was in shock to find out his young employees schemed to kill his guests.
The young boys claim they were tricked, and was told they were told the guests were impersonators of Her Holiness, and actually were wanted murderers.
Upon hearing their testimony, it seems they were easily tricked into believing this nonsense.

Grey points out this is the workings of "The Piper".
The Piper is a famous assassin, and nobody knows his/her true identity.
He/she can appear as a human man, an elven woman, or a hag... always a different look.
The boys describe the man they met as an older, gentle looking obese man.

The Piper does not use his/her own hands to do the killing, he/she can turn an innocent girl into food poisoning assassin, or make a crippled old man jump at the target while going down the steps.
The Piper excels in convincing others to do the killing. The most dangerous thing about Piper is, there's no end to the assassination.
Unless the Piper is taken out himself/herself, the assassins will keep on coming indefinitely.

The inn keeper begs to Rory to forgive the boys, and she obliges.
Since the chance of the Piper using the same boys again is low now, they decide to stay in the same inn.
But in truth, Lelei and Rory figures the Piper likely looks for easy to manipulate targets to use as an assassin, and will likely come in contact with the boys again as they are exceptionally gullible.
That may give them the chance to catch the Piper.
Lelei mentions no one has seen Shandy's face yet, and she will be the perfect candidate to keep eye on the boys.
Next morning the group is met with huge crowd of fans who came to see the legendary dragon slayers.
The word of mouth has reached this far about the tale of the dragon slaying, although the story was changed by the Empire to make Lelei sound the main hero of the deed.
Fairies fly around Tuka bombarding her with questions, Lelei is regarded as a hero, and Rory is well, her Holiness Rory Mercury so it's expected regardless.

Meanwhile, a young beastman girl in her high teens named Norra speaks to the inn's boys.
She tells them they're idiots for missing the opportunity to catch the Piper, who much have shown up today to see if his operation was successful.
She claims she was contacted by Piper as well, but she wasn't fooled. She tells them she agreed to the assassination to fool the Piper, and tells the boys to let Lelei know to wear an armor to protect her waist, and pretend to die when she attacks.
The Piper will surely show himself to confirm the death, and that's when they can catch her.
The gullible boys believes Norra words and her scheme to "fake an assassination" on Lelei.

Shandy hears the conversation, and deduces that Norra must be the Piper.
She leaves the inn and follows Norra to track her down.
Shandi did not return that day, or the following day...

It's been 4 days since Shandy has gone missing.
Lelei was willing to postpone her visit to the Academy Society to help look for Shandy, but Shandy shows up just then.
Shandy reports that the girl named Norra was a pawn of the Piper, and not Piper himself. She lost the track of him, or so she claims...

As they head to the academy, Lelei explains the time when the academy reported their findings that the world is a sphere, not flat.
This led to angered civilians rising up in arms against the heresy. The academy had to tell them half-truths to convince them.
Even though the gods know the workings of this world, they leave it up to the mortals to find out on their own.
The story illustrates how dangerous publishing new findings could be to a world unwilling to accept new truths.

Lelei realizes that what she should be revealing in the academy is how explosives and gun powders work.
But the level of impact that could have to the world is huge, and she is cannot bring herself to do this, even though logic tells her that it's only a matter of time.
Rory agrees with Lelei's decision. Itami wonders what would happen if Lelei was to reveal this to the world, but he saw serious and dangerous look in Lelei's eyes, and in fear, he could not bring himself to ask the question.

They find Arpeggio waiting at the academy. Arphe's master reveals how Arphe was boasting about how great her little sister is to other wizards, and had sewn together new robe for Lelei in case she couldn't ready herself a formal robe.
Arphe is embarrassed and yells at her master for revealing this. It seems despite her jealousy, Arphe loves her sister more than she's willing to admit.
They are introduced to Arphe's friend, a young elven man named Flat El Coda.
The young man specializes in Astrology, which as Lelei explained earlier, is a very dangerous field of research to publish.
He plans to report his theory that the Sun is a the center of the world, not Earth, and that there is an invisible force between the Earth and the moon to maintain their distance.

His theory is not very popular with the academy, but today he says he's here to just report the newest observations. He observed some strange phenomenon happening in the skies.
I'll remove spoiler tags since we're far into the thread

Apparently Flat has proposed to Alphe, but Alphe has declined. She insists her interest is in research, and don't see him as a man.
Although being a certified tsundere, others may not be convinced at her excuse.

As they wait for the Academy Society meeting to begin, Itami apprehends a wizard standing right behind Lelei.
The man had a dagger in his hands. He screams and rambles on convinced that she must have stolen his research.
The man was obviously manipulated by the Piper into believing this nonsense, as his testimony revealed.

The Academy meeting started, and Flat reports his findings.
The council seemed uninterested in his solar system theory, but he was here to report something else.
Recently, the stars are not following a set pattern when it comes to a certain point of the sky.
It seems part of the sky is.... warped. Stars accelerate and heads to a certain point in the sky, and after passing that point, it goes back to normal course.
It's as if looking at the sky through a warped glass.

At this point, no one in the room realized how this distortion in the world will become an incredibly important point in the upcoming months...

It's Lelei's turn, and she walks up to report her findings, Norra jumps out of the crowd to attack.
Itami was expecting her, but was taken back at how unexpectedly fast Norra was.
However, this is a wizard academy, and they all were expecting an assassination on the life of the dragonslayer hero.
Norra is bombarded with countless spells, and falls to the ground in tatters.

Itami & co are relieved at preventing the assassination, and goes back to the crowd.
Just then Shandy raises her hand.... and thrusts a knife into Lelei's chest.
Going back two weeks earlier...
Kanou hears the report on prince Zorzal's coup and his draconian practice to weed out the opposition.
The prince have created a group called Ouprichinina, an inquisition faction to persecute the peace talk supporters.
Kanou advises against accepting asylum and shielding the peace talk faction, as that would give an excuse for the prince to execute those in the capital.
He says seizing the capital is out of question, as he does not want a Iraq/Afghanistan situation that US is struggling with.

However the situation in the Empire capital has become far worse than the report Kanou read.
Marquis Carzel was hiding at the House of Tueli, Sherry's family. The young lord of the house and his wife both supported the peace talk, and welcomed Carzel who had become close with their daughter as well.
But the hand of the Inquisition has reached their house, and started to use a battering ram on their gates.
Lord and Lady Tueli sends off their daughter to flee with Carzel through the hidden passage way. He promises to his daughter that they'll soon follow, but with no intention of keeping it.
The gates break down and the couple faces off against the Inquisitor. The couple pours alcohol on the intruders, and sets the house on fire.
As the house burns down, the couple smiles in flame, hoping their daughters chosen fiancé, Sugawara, will take care of her...

As Sherry and Carzel escapes through the tunnel, she becomes worried about her parents.
But Carzel forbids her to return. Upon seeing the smoke from the fire afar, she panicks and screams to get back to her parents.
Carzel, not knowing what to do, slaps her and takes her away to safety.
Praetor Rufulus of the Ouprichinina Inquisition arrives on the burned ground, and after half a day of searching finds the hidden escape passage.
Tuule warns Rufulus that failure is not an option, and the prince will not tolerate any.
In fear, Rufulus blames the inquisition officer in charge, forcing him to commit suicide.
He then hysterically demands ideas from the rest of the officers. In fear of their life, some comes up with useful plans.
A young officer named Gimlet proposes an effective way to search possible hideouts, while an older officer points out that the Jade Palace that belongs to Princess Pina is one of the locations. Rufulus tells him it's of no concern, as the authority of Ouprichinina is above that of the Rose Knights guarding the palace.
Meanwhile, Tuule secretly speaks to her right-hand man Boulo, to make the matters more "interesting". He laughs, and obliges.

While on run Carzel and Sherry needs food.
Sherry knocks on doors of peasants, asking for food. Most declined to get involved, but the man in 11th house asked what's in for him.
Sherry tries to trade with a few pearls on her necklace, but the man demands all of it.
She showcases her negotiating skills to convince the man it is best in his interest to settle for less.
The man is impressed, and gives her more than just food (which was JSDF rations).
He tells her the Japanese ambassadors are protected by the knights in the Jade Palace, and lets her in on the time the watch is the least effective.
As the Inquisitor's encirclement of the area gets smaller, Sherry proposes on asking for help from Sugawara at the Jade Palace.
Carzel warns her that her actions will have grave consequence, but she surprises him by being aware of it.
She claims she got close to Sugawara for selfish reason to empower her family, and blames her action for her parents' death.
Carzel tells her it was sheltering him that led to their death, but Sherry tells him those men would have come to their house regardless of Carzel as they had become too close with the Japanese.

Sherry seeks revenge on those men, and the best way to do so is to bring is power far more powerful than they can handle.
She says she has learned from history, that those who survive are not determined by righteousness, it is determined by the will to fight on.
At age of 12, Sherry already understands that her action will lead to a far bigger conflict, but does not hesitate to commit this "sin".
Carzel is impressed at the determination and understanding coming from such a young child, and vows to carry the weight together.

That night, the inquisitors sounded the drums, as if starting a hunt. The two sneaked out of the house they were staying.
Unbeknownst to them, the owner of the house who tried to inform the authority was stabbed to death by Boulo's men...
The Jade Palace

Bozes hears the sound of the drums, and Vifeeta sends scouts to find out what's going on.
Meanwhile Bozes surprise the girls with her possible pregnancy.
Bozes tells them she loves Tomita, and whatever happens she will not regret choosing to be with him.
A solder interrupts the girls talk, to report the Inquisition has surrounded the palace, and is after fugitives.
Bozes orders Nikolaschka to lead the Yellow Rose Knights, and have Vifeeta's White Rose Knights as backup.
This may lead to a long battle.

As one of the highest noble Carzel is treated with respect, and the two are brought to Bozes.
The Japanese Ambassadors refuses to accept his visit, but Sherry, claiming to be Sugawara's wife, pleas to contact him.
Vifeeta is not convinced, and Bozes tells the girl you must be 16 to wed in Japanese law. Sherry insists.

Meanwhile the Japanese ambassadors led by Vice minister Shirayuri are debating what to do with Zorzal's new regime.
The peace talk has hit a brick wall, and all their work may be for nothing. Sugawara curses at the Japanese cabinet for not taking action.
The ambassadors have tried to contact the Japanese government for permissions to help peace talk supporters, but as we saw earlier, Kanou and the Prime Minister will not give permission.
They had refused helping Carzel, just as others who have come before him. But not out of their own choice.

Sherry yells from outside the palace, calling out Sugawara's name.
Vifeeta asks him if he really is her betrothed, but he denies.
She understands how children can stubbornly believe in something, as she herself had similar experience when she was a little girl.
But she begs him to man up and accept her plea for help.
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Inquisitor Gimlet arrived on the scene.
He threatens Bozes with Princess Pina's life, and demands they hand over the fugitives.
The inquisitor's soldiers take Carzel away but Sherry, still barred from entering embassy grounds, continues her cry for help.
Sugawara is greatly conflicted and irritated that he cannot take actions, and his associates tell him "don't do it". This is a very sensitive diplomatic matter.

Gimlet out of patience, grabs and carries Sherry away as she screams for help for the last time.
Sugawara cannot stand by any longer, and darts out.
Vice minister Shirayuri sighs and concludes that no matter what, their hands will be bloodied, might as well save those she befriended.
She declares to accept refugees, directly disobeying the government orders.


Sugawara arrives and demands Gimlet to take his dirty hands off of the girl.
The inquisitors tell him they have no obligation to listen to the enemy, and he this imperial business does not concern him.
Sugawara tells them Sherry's matter does concern him, but Vifeeta tells Sugawara that's not enough.

You need a convincing reason why.

Sugawara mans up, and declares Sherry as his future wife, and that they are betrothed to marry when she turns to age of 16.
Vifeeta, satisfied with his answer, orders the solders to retrieve the girl.

The same soldiers who barred Sherry's entrance earlier snags Sherry from Gimlet's hands, and allows her to run to Sugawara's arms.
The Inquisition officers run after her, but as soon as they stepped a foot in the embassy grounds, Vifeeta slays the man with her sword.
On her order, the knights quickly line up to bar the inquisitors.

Behind them Sugawara holds Sherry in her arms, and tells her not to worry about the pearls she lost, he'll get her another.
As a romantic scene that seems straight out of a storybook is happening right behind their defense line, the Rose Knights rile up to defend them with all their might.
Vifeeta declares that embassy is a sacred neutral ground, ordered by the Emperor himself. Any who wish to enter without permission face death.
The knights draw their sword on order, and clash with the onslaught of the Inquisitor army.

Sugawara attempts to shield Sherry from the bloodshed that's about to happen, but she insists to see it with her own eyes.
She knew what will happen, and still made the choice. Then she must be a witness to the consequence.
Deeply moved by her maturity, he realizes he himself is also responsible for this. He now understands why Kanou had told them to hold off.
The Japanese cabinet wasn't telling us to not do anything, they were telling us to wait for the right time of action, to minimize the casualty.

As the battle continues, the two and Carzel walk back to the embassy grounds.
In Japan, Kanou and the defense minister Natsume meet with Prime Minister Morita, seeking permission to rescue the ambassadors.
However, the PM feels if they make a big move right now, all their intel will be exposed to the international inspectors and the media currently in Alnus.
He is also worried that this operation would involve occupying part of the Empire capital, which would certainly result in public questioning why they haven't just taken over the capital already.
He feels explaining to the public on futility of occupying will fall on deaf ears, and rather wait out until the media and inspectors return before carrying out any military operation.
He shows more concern about the election than lives of the ambassadors. After exchanging arguments, the PM begrudgingly permits them to go with the operation, under condition that Kanou and Natsume take all consequences upon themselves.

Meanwhile in Alnus, Noriko had become a translator for the international media due to her status as neutral civilian rather than military personnel.
The journalists wanted a non-military translator, and getting locals who learned Japanese to cooperate had proven tougher than imagined.
She was chosen as a perfect candidate for translator being a civilian who could speak Japanese, English, and French.

The journalists find out that locals in Alnus were generally had positive feeling towards JSDF, but the Japanese journalist Komurazaki was skeptical.
He feels JSDF is restricting them to only see what they want them to see. (Nanami Kuribayashi, Shino's sister, is there as an assistant and disagrees with his view)
Noriko argues that journalist shouldn't be agenda driven, but he tells her there's no such thing as neutral journalism.
Komurazaki insults her, declaring that because Noriko was rescued by JSDF she is playing favoritism and defensive about them.
However, the international inspectors had only heard heroics Itami had done, and knew him as "the hero who saved countless lives at the battle in Tokyo, saved the refugees by fending off a dragon, and recently rescued kidnapped civilian from the imperial capital".
While none of what the inspectors said were untrue, it somehow did not fit Himeji's image of Itami, confusing her for a moment.
Each of the inspectors expressed opinions clearly reflecting their country's agenda.
For example, the American inspector was interested in the massive potential for trading with the Special Region, while the Chinese inspector showed interest in migration.

Upon visiting the PX, the inspectors came across several information Japan was trying to keep away from them.
One was a map of the world, which the JSDF had hidden from publishing due to strategic purpose.
Because the only way to purchase anything at the PX was using cash (in either local currency or Japanese yen), they scramble to pull together enough cash to buy the map.
The German inspector (with help from the EU & American inspectors) won the little competition.

Unbeknownth to the inspectors or JSDF, Prince Diabo was observing the ruckus, and decides to contact one of the international inspectors to negotiate.
He swaps clothes with his servant Metometh and sets him up as his double.
The duo sets their eyes on the Chinese inspector, who had lost the race to buy the map.
Meanwhile back in the Jade Palace, the place was drenched in blood.
The Inquisitor army had brought a thousand soldiers from the capital, and forced them to charge in.
Rufurus was driven mad by Tuule, who threatened him that the prince will accept no failures.
He executed the failed Gimlet without mercy and forced the rest of the surviving officers to kill one of their own.
The hysterical inquisitor army used the thousand imperial soldiers as meat-shields.

The Rose Knights, total of 600, had held off the inquisitors but suffered high casualty from the sheer overwhelming numbers.
They are low on rations, and Vifeeta tells Boses that they will have to start eating some of their horses.
Boses wants to lead the forces and charge out with the ambassadors and head to Itallica, but before that they will have to find a way to secure Princess Pina from the capital.

Meanwhile Pina was receiving condemnation from the Senate for the battle in Jade Palace.
The only Senate members left were warmonger hawks, as all the peace talk supporters were either arrested or fleeing.
Hamilton tries to defend the Princess, but she tells her it's no use, as they have no intention of heeding their words.
They threaten her to disband her knights, but she tells her do as they will, as this nation has no future regardless.
Outside the capital, a squadron of dragoons spots enemy "flying swords" and engage them.
The dragoon are hunted down by the fighter jets and gunned down.
The F4 Phantoms bombs the dragoon stables, destroying the capital's air forces.
On the West Gate, the soldiers observing the dragoons shot down and stable destroyed are swiftly assassinated by Oshino, a SFGp member code named "Assassin".

West side of the Empire is the Basoon Prison, which is now under the control of the Inquisition and jails peace talk supporting nobles and Senators.
Sgt Kuwabara takes out Inspector Rufurus, and leads Kuribayashi and Tomita to infiltrate the prison.
The squad is working with other troops such as 4th recon and SFGp.

They throw grenades in the facility and charge in, simultaneously soldiers drop down from five Kawasaki C-1 infiltrating the capital.
The soldiers in the capital will be preoccupied by them to send any reinforcements to the prison.
Zorzal sees the countless paratroopers descending, and thinks his palace is under attack.

The foolish prince panics, and orders all the soldiers on the walls to assemble to protect the palace.
Zorzal shakes in fear and gets up from his seat, only to have Tuule tell him he will lose everything if he runs now.
She laughs and convinces him to stay, but he is disturbed by Tuule's apparent enthusiasm with their situation as she laughs.
But as if to break any shred of courage he mustered, he sees a massive army of helicopters approaching.

The helicopters led by Kengun however were there to carry the rescued prisoners away.
Upon hearing the battle at the Jade Palace, Kengun asks Major General Sabae permission to head to the Jade Palace to assist.
In the forest adjacent to the Jade Palace, the 1200 inquisition army surrounding 300 Rose Knights were engaged by the JGSDF 1st Airborne Brigade.
Consumed by fear of their insane leaders, the inquisitor army would not retreat even when they die by the droves to the fires from type 89 rifles.
They return fire with arrows, which severely injures some of the paratroopers.
Even with superior fire power, they are overwhelming number of enemies who never stops advancing despite the heavy fire and grenades.
Once the paratroopers snipers succeeds in sniping the "Black robe" inquisitor leading however, the empire soldiers suddenly stop their advancements and flees.
Rule by fear goes down the moment the source of the fear is eliminated.

Meanwhile on the Rose Knights side, they observe the panic in part of the enemy encirclement, and charges in to take down the Black Robed inquisitor in charge.
As the knights calvary charges in opening path through the enemy formation, the paratroopers follows in to assist.
Together they take down the enemy forces.

Kengun leads his men into the Jade Palace to rescue the Japanese ambassadors, and is shocked to see vast majority of the injured knights were either women or elderly.
Bozes asks if he's criticizing them, and he apologizes and tells her there are female soldiers in his military too, but as a male he can't help but feel pain seeing so many injured young women in once place.
He shakes her hands, then Vifeeta. Unfortunately Vifeeta does not speak Japanese as she's never been to Alnus.
Being a tomboy girl whose interest lies in becoming a strong knight, she does not share the same fujoshi interest as the princess and Bozes.
Bozes is surprised to learn the JSDF is not here to conquer the capital.
She argues with Vifeeta that they will now by hunted by Zorzal's men, as he would not care that they acted upon Emperor's rule.
Bozes asks Kengun a favor, to let her knights accompany them to leave the capital. And to take the injured back to Alnus as her forces head to Itallica.
Vifeeta confirms (with Bozes translating) with Kengun that the injured will not be treated as prisoners of war, and he assures her they will be treated humanely as guests.
She is relieved and slaps Kengun on his back telling him he's an ok fella.
Meanwhile the paratroopers gleefully picks up the injured women and carry them to the vehicles. With enthusiasm.

Bozes leaves Vifeeta in charge and wants to head to the palace to find Pina.
She shrugs off Vifeeta's warning that that's a suicide mission and runs off on horseback.
Vifeeta jumps on a horse to chase after Bozes, and asks Kengun (in a language he can't understand) to wait until she brings her back.

As the JSDF depart with the captive senators rescued, Zorzal and his men realize how small the forces attacking the capital was. Enraged at being made a fool of, he orders 4000~5000 men to pursue the enemy.

The rescued peace-treaty supporting senators such as Kikero are amazed at the flying vehicle as they depart the capital.
Misery and others from the slums bids farewell to Kuribayashi, as they head out to gather food from the land before returning to the capital. They plan to sell them at high costs as they predict there will be shortage of food in the aftermath.
Meanwhile Bozes tries to force her way to the palace to find Princess Pina, but stopped by the soldiers. She takes arrow in her shoulder and thighs, but Vifeeta arrives just in time to save her. Vifeeta attempts to flee from the capital carrying Bozes, but her pursuers closes in.
Meanwhile, Kengun orders his men to stand down and wait. The VIPs at the Jade Palace have been evacuated, and only his CH47 Chinook is left. He could not understand Vifeeta's words, but he had the feeling she told him to "wait".

Just as they were about to give up and lift off, his men spot Vifeeta on horseback, being chased by the imperial cavalry. Vifeeta has been hit by some arrows, and it was only a matter of time before the army catches up to her. Kengun and his 30 men open fire on the cavalry, but they are only able to remove some of the closest threat, as the enemy completely outnumbers them.
In a fierce struggle Kengun manages to carry Vifeeta into the Chinook, but many of his solders are severely injured for the onslaught. It was only after the helicopter was far in the sky that Kengun noticed he was still carrying Vifeeta in his arms, and she asks him to put her down.
As the Chinook flies over the imperial palace, Bozes spots Pina on the roof looking sadly at the helicopter. She pleads them to rescue her, but they have no fuel for another landing, nor can they risk it. As the heli flies away Bozes collapse in tears.

As the helicopters arrive in Alnus and the injured or fallen Rose Knights are being carried in, Komurazaki, the journalist, takes the opportunity to turn the camera on the injured women and accuse the JSDF of excessive violence resulting in unnecessary casualty to the public eye.
Upon hearing the news of the Flame Dragon's defeat, the refugees of Koda village, including the mayor, return to find their homes destroyed and ravaged. Shocked, they search for any villages still intact, and comes across a horde of goblins and orcs led by imperial troops plundering a village. Two children runs to the mayor for help, and as he flees the scene with the children in his wagon, the imperial troop send centaurs and hellhounds after them. As his horse dies, the mayor prays to Emroy to bless him until his last breath as he readies his sword.
Rory arrives on the scene, blessing the old man and killing the hordes after him.

Scene goes back in time to switch to when Lelei announced her findings at the academy...

The academy was shocked at her findings. She most certainly deserved the rank of arch mage with this, but the consequence may be far more lives lost in warfare involving magic.
As for the assassination, Lelei wore a wyvern armor under her robe, protecting her form Shandy's blade.
They question her what the Piper told her to make her do such a thing.

Apparently she was told of the situation in the imperial palace. Even Prince Diabo had fled from the palace as his brother took over the Capital. Shandy's mistress, Princess Pina is held in captivity, and she was told to bring Lelei's head to show her loyalty to the throne.
Sandy said she even rushed to Elrond to confirm the reports true.

She pleads Grey to continue her mission to save Pina, but Grey tells her it would be far more realistic to simply ask Lelei's team to help them rescue the princess. Shandy cannot believe that option is feasible, as the palace is guarded by tens of thousands of men.
But Grey knows the might of Rory and others, he actually finds the feat to assassinate Lelei a much harder option than infiltration of the palace.
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Grey tells Itami that going after the Piper is likely futile, and to end this going after the source is a better option. Shandy cannot believe her ears, as he is suggesting treason to the throne and killing a royal. Grey tells her he is not of noble origin, and is not bothered by such action if it meant saving her highness.


After the initial chaos has subdued and Misery and others made off with selling food at inflated price, Tuwar (the young teen harpy girl prostitute that predicted the earthquake) is bidding farewell to Misery. Her young boyfriend, a good natured man named Prairie proposed to Tuwar and they are going back to his village to raise a family and tend to the farm.

Prairie was a grunt working under the Gonzola family, one of the powerful mafia running the slums. The young boss of the Family gave farewell along with Misery. After the couple left, he makes a move on Misery, perhaps wishing the same type of happiness his underling found. But Misery has no intention of quitting being a whore, and rejects him.
He forcefully grabs her hand, but is stopped as Rory arrives and puts her halberd on his neck.
Itami greets Misery, and she recognizes him as Kurokawa's boss.
Itami's girls reacts to their acquaintance, suspecting him of going to whores and begin questioning Itami.

Zorzal and the hawkish senators debate on how to fight against the enemy's firearms.
They assessed the armor would need to be triple layered to even stop these bullets, but Zorzal has a better idea. He orders to use powerful monsters as meatshieds. He shows them a prototype solder - a Giant Ogre wearing massive and thick plated armor. Using giant monsters have been a dangerous idea and has failed in the past, but he insists they have it under control.
Meanwhile the senate also discuss on what to do with Pina. Her knights have betrayed them, and surely Pina is involved in their uprise. He orders them to bring her to questioning.
Itami & co arrives at the palace, with the armored vehicle disguised as a wagon. Itami recalls his meeting with the JSDF leaders. They saw what the Empire was doing to the villages, destroying them and blaming the act on JSDF. They know something has to be done against this.
The leaders gives permission to Itami on operation to rescue the princess, but under the condition to not assassinate Zorzal. He is currently the enemy leader, and killing him outright would not be a good move at this point.
The two options is to make Zorzal fear for his life, that if he doesn't call off the assassins, his own life may be in danger. The other is to spread rumor around that Zorzal ordered assassination of Lelei, who is hailed a hero in the Empire right now by the Emperor himself.

Lelei and Rory are welcomed into the palace. One is a Dragonslayer hero, and other, the Apostle of Emroy. They are to be treated with highest regard. Itami accompanies them, and is thought to be a slave by Nei, the grand chamberlain.
Rory asks to see Malt, the Emperor she casually refers to by his first name, but Nei respectfully declines admission stating his majesty is ill, and cannot see anyone right now.
Itami reports as code name Avenger to the Spec Ops. The Spec Ops are in place to begin the diversion.

Pina is brought to the court, as the Senators mock her as a traitor and a foolish little girl.
She laughs at their face for calling this a fair trial, and refuses to give them any insight.
She mocks at the heavily armored Giant Ogre, as that would do nothing to stop JSDF, and only pose a threat to the Imperial troops. The reason why heavily armored monsters are never used in warfare, is because they become uncontrollable. The imperials use the monsters with fear. But giving unpenetrable powerful armor to a powerful monster such as a Giant Ogre, they become no longer fearful of their masters and turn on them.
Pina says whoever came up with this idea is a clueless moron. Zorzal enraged at his sister's words, orders the guard to make her shut up.

Tyuule laughs at this farce. She finds joy in seeing the royal princess brought down to her level.
She wishes misery and suffering on all of the Empire. But the farce is cut short as the door is blown open.
Rory had busted the door open, and tells Itami and Lelei that she'll secure the way out.
Itami and Lelei approach the throne.
Zorzal reels in fear at seeing Itami, as it was he that brought the nightmare that day.
Tuule laughs with even more joy seeing him cower in fear.

Pina clings to Itami, thanking him for coming to save her.
Zorzal orders the Armored Giant Ogre to kill the intruders. Itami is excited to see the visual of the armored ogre, almost resembling a full armored robot. He shoots the ogre, but his gun have no effect on the thick armor.
However his action bought enough time for Lelei to use her magic. She sends her funnels to the ogre, which sends explosive force funneled through Neumann effect right into its body, killing it instantly. The same spell she used to harm the Flame Dragon.

Lelei approaches Zorzal, who is shaking in fear. He tells her who she is, and demands he stop sending her his assassins.
Zorzal tries to claim innocence, but the Dragoslayer's words ring true.
Itami takes a golden goblet held in Tyuule's hands, and puts it in Zorzal's hands.
Itami calls out to "Archer", and the sniper shoots a hole through the goblet.
Zorzal drops the goblet in fear as Lelei tells him if he does not pull back his assassination orders, they will put a hole in your head just like this goblet. We will be watching you from afar always.
He nods repeatedly while shaking.
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hmm I see
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Itami and Lelei retreats as Rory slaughters the guards.
The three gets back to the armored vehicle and fends off the enemy while they wait for the rest of the team.
Kenzaki and rest of the group joins in along with the rescued Emperor, his loyal servant Count Marcus, and Hamilton.
Lelei drives the car through the streets of capital as the imperial guards pursue.

The Emperor wakes up and explains to others what he suspects Japan's intention is.
With both Pina and Malt at their side, they could claim Zorzal's succession to be an uprise, and his seat of power illegal. Pina is worried that this will split the empire into a civil war, but Malt tells his daughter a civil war is inevitable at this point.
He tells her he will appoint her the Crown Princess. It will be up to her whether she wants to split the empire and rule them separately, or take up arms and overthrow Zorzal.

Matoi ("Archer", the sniper) gets rid of the closest pursuers using claymore mines he set ahead of the operation, and the group make their way out of the capital.

Zozal flees the capital in fear of the sniper, and heads north to distance himself as far as possible from Alnus.
Furuta asks Tyuule if he could be of any help. She looked troubled, and he wanted her to talk to him of what's on her mind.
She mutter why anyone won't try to save her.

... When Itami nodded to her back in the palace, for a moment she thought perhaps he was going to save her, like he did Noriko. But in the end he just wanted to take the goblet out of her hands.
She thinks to her self, if he had said he came to save her and reached out his hands, she probably would have taken those hands without even giving it a thought..

End of volume 3
how many volumes are there, thanks for the summaries
Five total for what the author calls "season one".
(the light novel version split each novel volume into two books, so 10 total LN books)

Then you have 5 more volumes of gaiden, which is really not a gaiden but continuation of the story with each book focused on each of the heroine. (Pina, Rory, Tuka, Lelei, Yao in that order)

Hopefully we'll see start of "season two" with the 11th book this year.
damn a long volume, and im lurking btw
arrest this pedo the moment he steps a foot in japanese territory
Thanks op will you keep doing summerize other volume ? It would be pretty neat.
I'll start volume 4 in another forum sometime hopefully soon.
Once the whole volume is done I'll dump it on /a/ again.
Nice, thanks
Zorzal a shit
>Please bear in mind, there's no spellchecking and I'm not a writer. This will be split up in many parts.
Haven't I read all this from AS before?
Yeah, but the last portion didn't get posted till earlier today
And people say this isn't a good story.
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