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Hey guys, putting up an update now for Sketchbook. We're pushing through vol 11 now
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The cats?

Summary to this point

When they came to look for cats, it ended up as a conversation about fishing
It continued...

"Hey, could I...have a minute?"
"Oh? What's up?"

"The cats?"
"Ohh, you won't find 'em today. They ain't around?"

"No wait, they're probably just hiding!"
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Comic 1

"If you lure them with catlike fish, they'd probably come out of somewhere."

"Okay! Then I should lure out some fish as well huh"
"Oh? You got the tools?"

"I picked up some string and hooks... but I got no rod..."

"Okay, now we're okay"
"That's not okay"

Comic 2
Feed Bait

"That's right. I should have some sort of feed bait"
"You got some?"

"I got the leftovers and guts of the anahaze I prepared a while ago"


"The probems of a high school girl scattering fish innards into the sea has sprung forth"
"Am I acting suspicious!? But, it's within reason!!"
Oh boy, I always forget Sketchbook exists. Nice to see it every now and then.
Thanks anons, keep up the good work.
Where did you get your scans from, anon?
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Comic 1
Black Snappers

"Now the fish will approach us?"
"They may or may not"

"Oh, I'm sorry. there may not be any black snappers out there"
"Oh, well that much should be fine"

"Black snappers..."
Another way to say crocodile

"Is it a crocodile?"
"It;s not. Actually, what're you talking about all of a sudden?"

Comic 2

"Oh! A crowd of fish"
"Ohh, they're pilchards. Could I get some?"

"Oh! Got it!"


Reel reel
"Seems you oughta have the rod and reel as well..."

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Comic 1

"...!? H...heavy..."
"Hm? What's up?"

"Woah, what's that? Squid?"
"Woah! The squid's nibbling at the pilchard!"

"A squid's no good no good! Net! Net!"
"No good for squid, tee hee"

Comic 2
Squid 2

"Umm... where was the net?"
"Ya made it into a rod!"
"Oh! Right!"

"It's a pretty biig squid"
"An oval squid huh"
"Ya got a big one here..."

"Weell, in any case the bad pun a while ago was interesting. It made my chest pound"
"You're stretching it. Wait, you're making fun of me huh"
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Comic 1
"Okay then, shall we eat with everyone!"
"So we're eating it huh"

"Huh? Ueno-san, you're gonna eat? It's got a weird color like the anahaze"
"Hmmmmm, parasites are scary when eating raw products"

"P...parasites!? That might certainly be scary... it'll be alright right, Kurihara-senpai?"

"Oh yeah. If you take them out properly it'll be fine. Look"

Comic 2
"Ohhh, is that a parasite?"
"It's Annie-chan"

"Let me explain. Annie-chan is the anisakis"

The anisakis is a parasite in fish, and if a human eats it, they'll be plagued by a strong stomachache and vomiting. Since it'll die if you heat it, freeze it, or harm it, it will die without living for long in the human body. It's a relatively weak being

"Why Annie-chan?"
"Because it's cute that way"
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The title for comic 2 in previous one is 'Anasakis'

Comic 1
Anisakis 2

Even if the anisakis attaches to a squid, if you remove it you can eat it safely

"If this is the case then [the questions] will be 'will it really be okay?' and 'eating it is scary' right?"
"Oh, well..."

Even if Annie-chan sticks to the squid, if you remove it you can eat it

"Look if so you'll say 'Then it's safe huh!' "
"Ohh, then it's safe"
"Is it?"

Comic 2
Largescale blackfish

"Well in any case it'll be fine if it's plucked from your eyesight"
"The let's try eating it"

"Oh this works"
"Those guys are wild..."

"Oh? I've got something here as well"

"It's black!!"
"A largescale blackfish!"
"Which is it!?"
If there's even anything to QC this time, I'll be here.
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seal of approval.png
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God speed.
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Fix on comic 2 panel 4 "A kuro!!"

Comic 1

"Huh? So what's this fish's name?"
"The proper name is a largescale blackfish but fishermen call it a 'kuro'"

"Could it be that it's 'kuro' since it's black?"

"That's correct"
"Woah! The naming sense of fishermen is pretty straightfoward!"

"Kuro because it's black! A perception that captures [something] as they see it! Wonderful!"
"It's like you're indirectly making fun of them... Kuro"

Comic 2
Common name

"But somehow, I'm unfamiliar with the common names of fishing fish"
"That so?"

"Even though they're he same fish, what they're called is different according to size and region. There are also a lot of overlapping names as well"
[TN: Left list]
Black snapper
[TN: Right list]
Largescale blackfish

"Though if it's the proper name then it'll become easy to capture the traits of outward appearances and understand the categorization..."
"Ohh that's true, Like it's anahaze because they're guppies which live in holes" [TN: In Japanese 'ana ni sumu haze' --> anahaze]

"Oh sorry, Anahaze aren't guppies, but rather similar to sculpins..."
"Proper names are also confusing..."

In all likelihood it'll be some old chapters but hopefully typeset anon will give us something
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Comic 1
Fish print

"Anyways it's a pretty big kuro"
"Let me take a picture to commemorate it"

"Oh, is it okay to take a fish print?"
"It's fine, I didn't come with any sort of instrument anyways"

"I got my sketchbook"
"We have the ink sac from the squid a while ago"

Comic 2
Grill [TN: Japanese pun that also means 'despair']

"Umm a minute? The cats?"

"They ain't here today..."

"Will you eat... squid?"

"I will!"
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File: 047.png (456 KB, 1104x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Secluded Frog
A flat frog that is in the Amazon river. The eggs hatch on the female's back, are raised until they're little frogs and leave. Amazing.

Midwife frog
Frogs who twine their eggs around their legs and go around with them until they hatch. Seems hard to walk.

Mottled Spinefoot
The common name is Bari. There is poison in the filet and it smells of the sea. If you handle the big ones well, the kitchen will be filled with a bad smell. In the beginning I grilled a mottled spinefoot I caught and tried to eat it but it was bad. Anyways I despise this mottled spinefoot. I caught one again so when I processed it and boiled it in soy sauce this time it was good. This can work.

A fish which can often be caught on the coast. It has the name 'haze' in it but it's related to the sculpin. The mouth and the belly, pretty much up to part of the white body is colored blue. If you don't know about this fish, you need a little courage to eat it. Anyhow it's pretty good. It's not very big so it's not fulfilling.
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I got a hangnail.

You impudent hangnail. Let me cut you with a file

A file has bad cutting ability. It's not cutting. The hangnail is getting closer [to the skin] while it's not going away
Oh man, this mango has the cutest autism ever.
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Comic 1
Summer greeting card

"Onii, seems a summer greeting card came"
"What's with the 'seems'?"

"Hm? It's from Kate. I've already got one from her, so why's she doing it again..."

I say my summarily greetings. [TN: Pun between 'shochuu' - midsummer and 'shocchuu' - always]

"This girl... she wanted to boke this badly..."

Comic 2

The next day
"What is it! A summarily greeting!!"

"Ohh, as expected of Negishi-senpai. I need a faithful tsukkomi"
"Look you, since this sort of tsukkomi timing is difficult you should stop"

"Ohh, don't worry, I won't do this anymore in the end"

"There's no end to only 'summarily', just kidding"
"Well, what're you saying. I have no clue"
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There's an error in comic 2 panel 4, it should be 'after' not 'end'

Comic 1
"You're an idiot onii"

"The meaning of 'beginning-middle-after' is 'from beginning to end'. That 'after' is abbreviated as 'beginning-middle'. That is changed into an assimilated sound and it becomes 'summarily'. That's the explanation." [TN: Minamo's building an explanation off a pun between 暑中後 (shochuugo - after midsummer) and 初
中後 (shochuugo - beginning-middle-end). I can explain this if someone wants clarification but I have to get on with this translation]

"Why are you here?"

Comic 2
Late summer greeting

Ohh Minamo-chan, it's been a while
"Ah! Sora-san!"

"That's right. I wanted to give this to you. It's a late summer greeting card"

"You're directly giving it? How normal"
"Well it seems everyone in the fine arts club doesn't seem to mind it"
"Well that's..."
Write write

Then me too... here
"!? Big!?"
"Well there's various meanings to 'don't mind' "
[TN: Sora's card says the same thing 'Late summer greetings']
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Sama [TN: Proper kanji is 様]

Negishi Minamon-sama
Kajiwara Sora

"The name..."
Late summer greetings [TN: It's cut off. Pick the cut off point]

"Oh sensei"

"Huh? Was the character for 'sama' like that?"
"Huh? Is it wrong somewhere?"

"Huh? Th...then, try writing it down a bit everyone. 'Sama'"

Scribble scribble


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My mistake. The previous and this comic's pages are swapped/

Comic 1
Writing order

"What's wrong? What is bothering you?"
"Huh? No, am I wrong...?"

"I write it like this... like this..."

"This way"
"Oh the vertical line there can't be connected"

"It must be that. There is modern kanji and old kanji that people used before!"
"Minamon, could you not tell people as if they're from the olden days?"

Comic 2
Stroke count

" 'Sama' is a 14 stroke kanji right? Sensei, the way you write it will be 15, so breaking the vertical line through is correct isn't it?"

"Wait a minute. This is 14 strokes"

"Look." [TN: The rest are numbers]
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Comic 1

"No, that's at least 'mizu' isn't it? [TN: Japanese kanji 水] It has a two stroke punctuation right?"
"Ohh, that so?"

"Ugh... though one way or another there are many chances to write the kanji... was I always getting it wrong..."
"Well, to make sure we should hear it from a person who's knowledgeable in Japanese"

"If you're okay with it I'll explain"

"For some reason I can't explain it.... but go ahead"
"Yess it's time"

Comic 2
Variant characters

"Okay, the character 'sama' has 14 strokes. I'll write it so the right vertical line pierces through"
Scribble scribble
"I knew that was the case..."

"But the character 'sama' has another form which is written like this"
Scribble scribble

"What's this character..."
"I've never seen it before at all"
Weird character

"Even if I boke with this it'll just get complicated, so I won't boke. Just believe me"
"Okay, got it got it"
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Comic 1
Eizama [TN: Kanji transliteration is in title]

"And this character, is called 'eizama', it's the same thing and is the one used by far older people"

"That is the one sensei uses, but it's also incorrect!"

" I hear that there are people who use it as an abbreviation of 'eizama' "
"Was that so... Then I'm not necessarily wrong huh"

"As expected, there are many elders who use the abbreviated form of 'eizama' even though there's an older form huh"
"Recently everyone thinks there are too many frankly spoken remarks"

Comic 2
Mizusama [TN: Same as comic 1]

"Speaking of which, these are the results of my original research so anybody who's interested should look up each one later. The end!"
"Woow, I understand quite a bit..."

"By the way, if this is called 'eizama' is this 'tsugizama'?"

Then this one is 'mizusama'?
"That;s not 'mizu' is it"
"It is"

"Is that mizu!? That's wrong! It's rather forced... ...ummm, it's 'asterisk-zama'!!"
"Don't go 'woah'"
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Thanks man
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Comic 1
Black Japanese Cicada

"I wanna see a black Japanese cicada once huh"
"Black Japanese Cicada?"

"This cicada is black"
"It's really black"

"Look here it is"

"It's not black!!"
"The whole body is green"
"It's not black!!"
"Umm... yeah..."

Comic 2
With the ancient name

"For Shikoku, there are 4 provinces as the name suggests"

"Then how would Kyushu work?" [TN: Transliterated 'Nine provinces']

"Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Kagoshima..."

"......Okinawa, .....Sakurajima"
[TN: Okinawa's not part of Kyushu and Sakurajima doesn't exist, so she's pulling answers out of her ass]

Anyways, I'm done for now, if the thread's still up later I'll continue working on this

I'm dying a little knowing GA's done and Hidamari's coming to a close as well
File: 1283918583219.gif (50 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah but thankfully they lasted so long and had the pleasure of having anime adaptions, especially Hidamari with multiple seasons. I'd love at least another GA OVA.
Here's to hoping for more seasons and attention
TS here, whoops, nearly slept through an entire thread.
Hidamari should have another couple of years to it, though I assume it ends or is remodeled with Yuno's graduation.
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