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Hidamari Sketch
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Hey, /a/, do you guys think we could discuss Hidamari Sketch?

I've just ended the fourth season and the episodes of Hiro and Sae's graduation, and I'm really surprised by how Hidamari Sketch grew on me. I was only watching it because I had been intending to watch it for so long and I had free time, but as it went on I was really surprised by how good it was as a show. The characters were really likable and the friendship of everyday relationships really came out almost without ever pandering to romantic relationships as a resort. Hidamari Sketch really gave that feel of the nice sparks of everyday life without becoming bored, and all the characters were really nice.

So what was your thoughts about Hidamari Sketch in the end, /a/?
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Also, the secondary characters were so nice, especially characters like Hatsume, the Principal and the Landlady. Despite being secondary and having very short roles over the four seasons, they were fleshed out enough to not seem like simple auxiliary characters to the story.

It's a nice SoL show, among the best in its genre. But there's not all that much to discuss, that hasn't already been over the years.
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I guess so. There's always the manga now, and maybe a new season with what is being made with the manga's material. I don't know if I would like a new season so much though, since the Graduation episodes had quite a conclusive, that's-the-end feel to them.
On some level, the finality of Graduation was because Hiro's actress was "we don't know if she's going to make it" levels of ill. Thankfully, she's recovering now.

Honestly, I kind of like the new meta of Sae and Hiro mostly out of the picture, and want to see Yuno truly blossom into a self-sufficient young woman over a season or two more. On the other hand, when Yuno graduates THAT'S a super-conclusive end.

I'm also not sure about the "not pandering to romantic relationships" part. IMO, part of the appeal of Hidamari's treatment is the amount of obvious couples who manage to be "these two care deeply about each other" rather than "lol she touched the other girl's tits, we can print that on a pillowcase". Not pandering, but not really not romantic.
I guess I just didn't get the feeling that the deep friendship that the girls of Hidamari-sou had, especially with their respective pair, were beyond friendship. I can see why it would be easy to see an implied romantic pairing for them but, with the exception of Natsume, I was amazed how focused and capable Hidamari Sketch was in not implying love in the characters' relationships.
Natsume was too grumpy throughout her high school years.
For me, looking back at art school, most of the relationships (Sae/Hiro and Nori/Nazuna in particular) are at this fun place where they're not ~officially dating~ yet but if it does continue to work out the day they'll mark as an anniversary has already happened.

This doesn't necessarily mean ~one true yuri pairing forever~, of course. With how Sae and Hiro are acting in the manga, I'd halfway expect that the first explicit acknowledgement that there's something going on will be Hiro dumping Sae because she's not ready for that level of neediness.
>Hiro dumping Sae
Why? Hiro, as well as Nazuna, always seemed to be the two most needy character of Hidamari, and was always the one that I thought would tend to romance if it ever happened.
There probably won't be anything like it for a while. Ume-sensei's writing is second to none.
Koufuku Graffiti already failed to live up to its expectation as a spiritual successor of HIdmari Sketch.
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Natsume is so wonderful
By my read, Hiro's the one likely to recognize where it's going/that they should come out and really consider it, but Sae... Sae's the one having pouty meltdowns about not getting included in the art program study group when she decided to major in lit instead.
Sae also has major hangups about having to be there for Hiro for her own self-image, look at how they act during that one argument ep.

So honestly, whether they're a couple or some kind of hetero life partner thing, the angle for any kind of movement in that relationship is Hiro getting sick of Sae's inability to take it easy, isn't it?
How wonder how many lewd thing she's done with that Longcat.
She's a great character.
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Which also, for me, throws into relief how much Sae is a lucky Natsume/Natsume is an unlucky Sae, rather than huge personality differences. It really makes come off as Natsume her own self that we don't happen to see rather than just "the stock tsundere".
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She's very relatable, if only because she never ended up winning. Also, her voice actresses did a wonderful job with the sparse lines she was given.
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She's just a nicely written character. She's one of the few tsun-type characters that are more charming.
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Nori is my favorite.
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Decent taste.
She grew on me a lot. Want to cuddle.
She's a refreshing character. Also she's got a pretty impressive body for a 10th grader.
She's lovely. D-don't talk about her body though. As much as I like lewd... well... I guess a little.
Of course, I'm not talking about anything lewd, just that she's well developed compared to Nazuna and Yuno.

I like how even Matsuri is sometimes taller than Yuno.
That's somewhat relieving and somewhat disappointing at the same time. Nori does have a wonderful body, yes. Good for cuddles. Maybe a bath together.
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That sounds sweet and dangerously lewd.
You're on thin ice, mister.
Yeah. I should probably shush. Baths are nice, that's all, wash each other's hair, that kind of thing.
I'm just taking the piss. It's fine as long as you don't post excessively lewd things.
Well, kissing too. Kisses and warm water and. I can get out of control pretty easy.
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Oh, go away. If there's room for 2 EVA threads and multiple Fate threads, there's room for some alcoholics who like wide grils.
I'm sorry. It's just fun to talk about, and Nori's... well, I like her enough that I want to be affectionate with her.
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I guess it's fine if she's your waifu.
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