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Post them hype moments, /a/.
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Post them hype moments, /a/.
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Don't have the page, but holy fuck was Guy going ham on Madara's ass in the latter chapters of Naruto amazing.
What manga is that? Looks cool
Breaker New Waves. Read regular Breaker first.
Breaker New Waves. Just read the breaker and then pretend it ended there. New Waves a shit.
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hanayama vs speck.jpg
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I was erect for the next 10 chapters
fuck, excuse the name. had it on from another thread.

have some more fucking hype
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>New Waves a shit.
I don't know about that. New Waves had it's moments.
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holy fuck muay thai.jpg
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Yes it had like 4 moments across what almost 200 chapters?

Slower paced shit you would have to look pretty intensely to find. At least the girls were decent. I just think it really dipped in overall quality by going weekly.

New waves is shit until you hit chapter 100. Where you finally got the mc back to what he should have fucking been. Unless you are some kind of bitch who dropped it before that point.
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boner intensifies.png
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Such an intense fuck yeah moment.
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yugioh as fuck.jpg
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I read Gash Bell last year and I couldn't believe I'd let such an A-class shonen escape me for so long

I totally wrote it off as a kid because I thought it was a gay show about gay puppets
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Fuck you A-Team, I hope you all choke on a bag of dicks and die slow and excruciatingly painful deaths.
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Akira Hongo.jpg
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While the Muay Thai fight was hype as fuck, especially with the "I made a deal with Death" speech.

I prefer this scene. It's that kind of simmering hype when you there's massive hype under the surface and this is just the first step.
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>That whole fight
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then who was phone.jpg
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Junezard was so damn based. Hongo, too.

I actually really loved kenichi and it never stopped being entertaining to me, except in the final arc where things were rushed and we didn't even get decent fights, characters switched sides for no reason, Miu's dad had his backstory turned all around in a stupid way, and then the elder just OHKO'd a missile and lived. Why doesn't he just punch every missile? oh, and then the bad guys just sort of gave up and left, with every female stripped.

at least kenichi got with his waifu in the timeskip, but other than that the ending was a major disappointment after 12 fucking years.
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its heaven time.jpg
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tekken the manga.jpg
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never has a first chapter given such an accurate feeling for the entire manga.
Oh man, forgot about Tanaka. He too was a fucking badass.

>Punk ass killed my wife
>Be the first person on-screen to fuck up this Punk Ass
>Get fucking wasted for my efforts but end up with my family

Fuck I miss that guy.

That last arc was also completely 100% terrible. We never really got to see any of the cool shit, like Hongo got that one fight with Senzui and that was less than a chapter if I recall. Shiba never really got to do much even though he was supposed to be Akisame's rival in the way Takeda is to Kenichi.

Speaking of Takeda, him ending up with Freya, while not unexpected, was really forced. Like, basically all the end stuff felt really forced except for Sieg starting a band, Hermit making shit tons of money and Our Demon Lord also starting a business.
The only thing I liked about the final arc was Kii Kagerou sacrificing himself. That's what it should have been more like, people actually dropping (not necessarily dying but getting taken out of comission at least) as the sides dwindle until it's just a few key players left. I wanted to see Akisame vs Judo Milf, Ma vs his brother, Sakaki settling his rivalry with Hongo, etc. There were a lot of cool fights that could have been built up, but introducing 8 FUCKING NEW MASTERS was too much.

That wakizashi dude was legit, he showed up before and even the elder took notice of him. I liked how he didn't talk shit, he just did his business as efficiently as possible. And the archer chick had some cool moves. But the rest of them were completely pointless. Especially Shigure's "brother", where did that plotline go?
All the weapon division were generally fucking terrible and out of nowhere. Aside from the guy you said who I agree. He didn't fuck around, the rest of them we're terrible.

Shigure basically solo'd all of them and even she was basically left out of the last fight.

Also Mikumo was Elder-tier fighter, Akisame would have gotten wasted. Though watching people attempt to flip each-other in a tactical battle would have been nice.

Kagerou died like a boss. Even being put in the ground couldn't stop him, though its a shame he never got to see his Setsunamaru again.

Such potential in that final arc just completely wasted. the Yami's Kenichi had way more potential than he got to show. He was really the guy who should have been Kenichi's rival the entire series.
I guess I sort of wanted Akisame to actually get out-done for once. He always seemed so invincible, Sakaki and Apachai had to struggle for their wins, but mr. mustache just breezed through and made it look easy.

really, it was a story with a lot of fucking material to get through, and it took too long doing it, then added even more bosses to knock down in the final hours and couldn't complete any of it. Again, a pity, because I really loved reading the series every week.

I was reading it when we were still behind the japanese chapters, for chrissake. I think the only series that's still running, that I've been reading longer, is One Piece.
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Mob hasn't been posted yet.


The manga literally revolves around waiting for this kid to flip shit.
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Kenichi really did just try to do too much in too short a time.

I'm the opposite to you, I don't mind Akisame never really getting his ass-kicked. He was always a pretty solid mind and even by Sakaki's words "The person I would least like to fight".
My biggest regret is we never got to see Elder go full strength on someone.

For me, I can't say I went as consistently as you. I read it at the start, dropped it around the first Odin fight for the badge and then picked it back up again around the Aquarium fight.
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based duke hyou.jpg
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that panel is just so poorly drawn I can't take it seriously anymore. also houken is a faggot.

I prefer one of the "cutting a bloody swath through the rabble" pages for Kingdom hype
fuck reverse image search aint workin what the fuck are these?
It got cut short, I'm sure.

Dude should have fixed his pacing instead of filling every page with tits and ass, not that I mind tits and ass.
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the one with the car is Kongoh Banchou (from the same mangaka as Nanatsu no Taizai)

the other is Mob Psycho 100 (from the same mangaka as Onepunch Man)

pic related is Choujin Gakuen, because someone always asks.
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holyland had some serious hype scenes. You knew shit was gonna go down.
>mob psycho
>same guy as onepunch man
stop it man. this boner can get only so hard
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Mob Psycho.gif
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you'll ascend to the next level boner and the go far beyond
I was literally shaking when I read this chapter

I can only imagine how bad it will get when we reach the end of One Piece and Aokiji, Dragon, Shanks, Garp, Sengoku, and whoever else shows up to kick somebody's ass.
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I should perhaps clarify that it's the same mangaka as the original OPM, that is, the one with the shitty art.

but it's still excellent.
>moe moe kyun
Is he gay?
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Say what you will about Bleach, it had some serious hype scenes. First reveal of ichigo bankai against byakuya is still one of my favourite manga scenes.
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